Lee DeWyze – Chris-Mix Warm Up Party – Santa Rosa CA

Lee DeWyze performed an acoustic set last night at the Mix 104.9 Chris-Mix warm up party at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, CA. Check out a few of his performances after the jump.

Tonight, Lee performs at the Very Merry Mixxer 2010 for Mix 106.5 at Campbell Heritage Theater in San Jose, CA.

Video: GrUmPiTa

Video after the JUMP…

Sweet Serendipity


Beautiful Like You


Dear Isabelle




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  • anniem47

    Beautiful, as always! I can’t wait for the privilege of seeing Lee perform in person!

  • artemis

    Lee sounds gorgeous. I love the acoustic versions he’s worked out for his songs.It makes me happy to watch him doing what he loves.

    I’m glad RCA has scheduled so many of these radio concerts for him; he should be earning lots of radio love.Glad to see him moving up the HAC chart and getting a good number of ads even during the holiday freeze.

  • rivermaya

    Those were short but definitely SWEET performances!
    Love how he changed up BLY yet again.

  • poster

    Beautiful Like You should be Lee’s next single – for sure. Love it.

  • kvwicks13

    Lee sounded amazing as usual, loveed Beautiful Like You and Dear Isabelle! Love all these Lee acoustic concerts!

  • jennyl

    Love it. :)

  • Ever_wonder_why

    WOW, Lee has really been churning out these radio concerts! So glad to see him in his element! I love how he is changing things up on the fly, yet still blends with Lincoln on keys. :)

  • Katya

    I’m glad we got videos even if they’re snippets of the songs. Lee & Lincoln work well together, I’m really loving all these acoustic radio shows.

  • tigervixxxen

    Here is another one from this concert, Brooklyn Bridge. It is audio only but pretty good quality and of course worth a listen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfl1Le13jh4

    I’m also really enjoying all these radio shows Lee is doing. It is like a little preview of tour and it is so much fun witnessing the evolution of these songs. I really like it when Lee gets a bit more bluesy with SS, it is a good song.

  • Landmd

    These radio shows are great! Lee did a beautiful job yet again, love acoustic Lee!! Tigervixxen I really like when he goes more bluesy..hope we get more of that in the future!

  • girlygirl
  • poster

    I’m definitely a Lee fan, but I agree with just about everything in that review. With the exception that if she/he had ever seen him with the full band, she’d realize he changes things up differently for that style. Which I think is one of Lee’s biggest attributes, he can change things up to fit the situation. But I do think Lee needs to embrace his Idol roots instead of trying to distance from them. And I’d like to hear some more of his Idol songs (not the ones the reviewer mentioned, however) other than just Halleluia.

    I totally, totally agree about having the CD available for sale at these events. WTF-why not? He should hire someone to do that for him, if RCA isn’t going to get on that bandwagon.

  • Brook52

    I wondered about having the CD available as well. I almost wished that at the Worcester concert that I had some to just give away! It was obvious that people who loved him there had not heard the album and the people sitting next to us would have bought one right then. Train had shirts for sale- maybe CDs? not sure- and in that case it seemed to actually be the radio people selling them. And in terms of the full band, I think he does sound great with Lincoln and the full band will come later with the tour. I did however love him standing up at the Acoustic Christmas concert, walking over to play with Lincoln and interacting with the audience. The choice of songs is interesting. I think that he is probably trying to get the songs from the album out there so that people will say, I need to buy that album! In at least one or two post Idol concerts he did sing Simple Man and I think The Boxer. I also know that long time fans love hearing some of his pre-Idol songs. So I just hope in the tour that he can sing Many songs. So someone from his management team listen and start selling CDs at these events!!

  • tripp_ncwy

    he quits worrying about having his own national tour and maybe latches on to being an opening act for another star band much like Danny Gokey and Kris Allen have done;

    Does Lee talk as if he will be doing his own headlining tour?

  • Yvonne13

    Where did that quote come from? Lee isn’t worried, he’s too busy enjoying the moment!

  • cristististi

    Lee has only said there will be a tour in the new year. Very specific, I know lol. I don’t think the writer’s putting words in his mouth, just giving advice with that snippet.

    Thanks girlygirl for the article! It’s filled with good, common sense advice. I hope they get their act together soon.

  • Landmd

    The blog writer has some good points and some odd ones! I think he should be promoting his album and not AI, which is what he is doing. Throwing in a few songs from Idol is fine, and so is anything he did before idol.

    Lee does great with a full band but I still prefer acoustic Lee.

    I do agree that its a shame that his cd’s are not sold at the venues, I have read in the numbers thread that can be a nightmare of paper work if you want them counted as sells.

    I also did not care for the way he is rushed out of those concerts with no meet and greets, he seems to enjoy them as much as his fans!

    Over all it was a good review with good and bad advise.

    ETA: I also prefer when lee is singing while standing up, but then we miss some funny moments. Like the undies showing and the cute foot stomping!