Lakisha Jones has a Baby Girl

Season 6 Idol Lakisha Jones, who was expecting her second child, twittered some great news:

Baby Ava LaRynn has been born !! She was late but so worth the wait. At home getting back into baby mode, it’s been 6yrs.

Congratulations Lakisha!

  • iluvai

    Congratulations to Lakisha! I love the name Ava! It’s such a beautiful name.

    P.S. To Lakisha: my oldest two are five years apart, and don’t worry, you will go right back to baby mode!!!

    MJ: I feel bad mentioning this here– but is there a thread for America’s Got Talent for tonight’s finale???

  • jack5791

    Congratulations LaKisha!

  • cher

    Wonderful news about Lakisha. Congrats! Loved when she did Bon Jovi on season 6. Will never forget that. Wishing her and her family a wonderful life together.

  • gingerly

    Congratulations! Babies are amazing things…

  • bridgette12

    Congradulations, hope you and the baby Ava are doing well.