Lady Gaga – Guest Judge on So You Think You Can Dance! (Ellen Might Come Back NOOO)

Nigel Lythgoe announced Wednesday morning at the “So You Think You Can Dance” live dance billboard reveal in Hollywood that Lady Gaga is slated to appear on Season 8 as a guest judge.

“Yes, I asked her when she performed on the ‘American Idol’ finale if she would come on and she said yes,” Lythgoe, executive producer and head judge told xfinitytv. “She is on tour so they said it would probably be later in the season. She is an amazing dancer and performer.”

Nigel also announced that Broadway and “Glee” star Kristin Chenoweth will also take seat at the judges’ table this season.

Megan Mullally of “Will & Grace,” will appear on the judges’ panel this week.

OMG DEAR GOD NIGEL NOOOOOOO: “I believe Ellen [DeGeneres] is coming back…”

This I can handle: …and Neil Patrick Harris wants to do it,” he added. “We have a lot of people who want to help the kids become unique. The biggest thing is standing out from the crowd. The kids have to find something that makes them unique and these performers know how to do that.”

Via XFinity

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  • Pam

    I don’t get it. Other than the usual panel of Nigel and Mary, why not continue to use choreographers as guest judges. The show’s ratings aren’t that good despite the talented top 20 that were revealed last week and now they want Ellen as a guest judge? I agree mj just……NO! I think the only one I could deal with on that list is NPH.

  • SajiNoKami

    Ellen… but she didn’t really bring anything.

    NPH… replace Randy please.

  • Tess

    Wonder if GaGa will think to wear anything. She’s seen so often now in essentially her birthday suit that most people don’t react anymore. Nekkid stops being a promotional tool once it becomes the norm.

    Lady Gaga…my advise….show up as Stefani Germanotto without all the show business trappings….bet you’d get more freaking interest from peeps then you have gotten for months and months.

  • Miss Blue

    Drama, much? It’s a friggen one-shot deal. Who cares if Ellen is a guest judge. The celebrity guest judges on this show have never decided the outcome – their presence is strictly for publicity.

    Cut Ellen some slack. She was hired under false pretenses in the first place for AI. Her discomfort was not wholly her fault.

    Further, since when are Megan Mullaly, NPH, or even Kristen Chenowith known for their dancing? Publicity gimmick, that’s it. And Ellen has millions of fans who will probably tune into the show when she’s on, so it’s all good.

  • Mike M

    Wonder if GaGa will think to wear anything.


  • mj

    Cut Ellen some slack.

    Why? LOL. If Ellen was bad on Idol, she was x1000000 worse as a judge on SYTYCD. Her stint was EXCRUCIATING. I can’t believe Nigel is bringing her back.

    Further, since when are Megan Mullaly, NPH, or even Kristen Chenowith known for their dancing?

    All 3 are Broadway stars. Although they aren’t known primarily for their dancing, they DO dance in performances and have worked closely with professional dancers. They would have something to tell the contestants, I think.

  • AI10fan

    I would believe that Gaga & Ellen are solely there to boost up ratings. It seems that the numbers are decreasing this year. As much as I would rather have a critically acclaimed dancer/choreographer guest judges, it makes sense that the producers will do whatever it takes to drum up viewers. I know Ellen does well in her talk show but will people tune in just for her?

  • Miss Chaos

    Ellen did a good job Hip Hopping with Twitch (IMO) lol, I dont mind her for one week, I like Ellen, NPH overrated, Megan, OMG her voice, just no to her, Kristen C, sick of her too, now Lady G, if she puts clothes on and doesnt dress like an ass, then I dont mind her, really there must be other stars that would like to be on to get them selves out there.

    Hey I have an idea, how about being judged or commented on by real professionals, even past contestants.

  • McCreerian

    Why? LOL. If Ellen was bad on Idol, she was x1000000 worse as a judge on SYTYCD. Her stint was EXCRUCIATING. I can’t believe Nigel is bringing her back.

    Ellen actually gave some criticism when she was on idol. She started the whole “Katie needs to be younger” movement.

  • cjinsd

    Are these celebrities going to be the third judge or the fouth judge? I don’t have a problem with them as long as they’re not replacing a choreographer (unless it’s that Pussycat gargoyle).

  • jordison

    Hey, it’s not like the judges get to assign points, like DWTS. Just as long as there’s not more than one guest judge at a time it really shouldn’t matter. The “real” judges’ opinions would I’m sure carry more weight with everyone. My only concern would be if the guest judge gets to participate in a vote for elimination from the bottom 3, and that vote determines the outcome. Somehow I doubt that Nigel would ever allow that to happen though.

    It’s a great show. If this helps the ratings and keeps the show on the air I’m all for it.

    ETA: My comments are based on the assumption that the guest would be a fourth judge. Two “regulars” plus Ellen…?

  • Montavilla

    Ellen as a guest judge will throw out a joke or two and that will be that. The others (MM, KC, and NPH) will probably have something more useful to say, since they have performed with professional dancers.

    Obviously, these people would bring name recognition (and eyeballs) to the show. It would be nice if they also brought in some names who’ve done a lot of dancing, like Bebe Neuwirth, Joel Grey, Hugh Jackman, Savon Glover, etc.

  • movin2thabeet

    As a long-time lover of this show, I have absolutely no problem with any of these rotating judges. They all add a bit of spice to the proceedings and bring in new viewers. As long as the focus is on the dancing and dancers, anything that helps the show to be more successful and stay on the air is ok with me. I have no problem at all with Ellen as an occasional judge. I’m really enjoying the decisions made so far on the show, and am excited to see the treats in store for us this season.

  • HotHotHot

    I’m so tired of Gaga!

  • dancingqueen

    Just read on Xfinity that Mitchell popped his shoulder and is out for this week – Robert Riordan will dance with Mitchell’s partner. It will automatically put him in the bottom 4.

    Not so concerned about guest jedges(tm Cat Deeley) – I watch for the dancers & have my own opinion, just like any other competition show.

  • Indigobunting

    Gaga is everywhere-does this mean they are worried about her ability to sell albums anymore??

    Ellen-a guest stint-ok. Regular- No way.

    I thought Ellen was just awful on AI. Worthless as a judge and not even funny (she was much better during Hollywood). I’ll never forget Casey J. and Mike L. awesome duet “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” and her only comment was the lame joke “Well, yes I have” or something to that effect. I could see the two guys mentally roll their eyes.