LA Reid Will Not Return to X Factor for Season 3

Access Hollywood has the exclusive. LA Reid will NOT return to X Factor for Season 3! He claims that the show pulled him away from his duties as a record label executive. Time to focus on his musical performers, says LA.

via Access Hollywood

“I have decided that I will not return to ‘The X Factor’ next year,” he told Access’ Shaun Robinson in an exclusive interview. “I have to go back and I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected and it saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit.”

L.A. said he needs to get back to business as the chairman and CEO of Epic Records.

“It was a nice break, it was a nice departure from what I’ve done for the past 20 years, but now I gotta go back to work,” he said.

The exiting reality show judge said he needs to focus on his musical performers.

“I have a huge responsibility to a roster of artists and it’s kind of time for me to stop doing the ‘me’ show,” he said.

L.A. insisted he is not leaving the show on anything but good terms with boss (and fellow judge this season) Simon Cowell.

“I love Simon. We have a great relationship, we have fun together, we talk, we laugh, we do bad things, we’re friends. I owe so much to Simon,” L.A. said. “I really have a lot [of] respect for him and I always will. I support him, I support the show and I’ll always be in business with him.”

Is LA merely jumping off a sinking ship? Or perhaps is uncomfortable with the machinations of reality TV? Or perhaps he’s jumping before he’s pushed. Hm….

Who would you like to see take LA’s place? Any suggestions?

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  • WestiesRule

    Ha Ha ha… LA is pissed he got stuck with the pervervial over’s that always sink…. Tate was lucky but not his cuppa. No one on the panel knows what to do with country music. The show stinks!

  • Wally.

    Bring in Jay Z!

  • Danny Latham

    I say LA is getting out while the proverbial getting’s good. Ratings are horrible and the talent pool is not better than last season. I think XF3 will be the last. Then, Simon can take his ball back home to the UK. 

  • No Thanks

    Make way for Louis Walsh next season.

  • fantoo1

    Wow didn’t see that coming so quick! Usually they announce all this after the season is over. Can’t say I will miss him too much. I wonder if Britney, Demi, Mario, or Khloe will soon follow…

  • Eric Ascher

    Sad to see him go, hopefully the show still lasts…

  • Eric Ascher

    God I hope not.

  • Jordan Seltzer

    He is leaving before he is fired. Plain and simple. The audience never connected with him. Personally, he doesnt bother me – but I knew he was going to be out at the end of the season. He probably was told he wasnt coming back and they allowed him to say he was leaving.

    Oddly, most judges dont announce they are not returning a week before the finale. Thats strange to me.

    The ship is sinking compared to Idol, but Fox would never get these numbers for any show in the Fall so I am sure while they would prefer higher numbers, they are thrileed to have a show that consistently does pretty good compared to all of the other scheduled shows on the network.

  • Garrett Clayman

    I was so impressed by him for the beginning half of Last season and was kind of hoping Idol would snatch him up to replace Randy, but he has really fallen apart and this news does not phase me at all

  • irockhard

    I will laugh my ass off if the rest of the cast jumps ship too. Britney already said she’s coming back but you never know, she could change her mind.

  • No Thanks

     The ultimate dream.  But both he and Simon can’t be on the same panel.

  • Aakash Mansukhani

    Louis Walsh HAS ARRIVED, “no autographs please” *cricket* *cricket* 

  • BigNLiddle

    Season 3 will definitely be Simon’s final chance of making the show work. Sad that LA is leaving, but quite frankly, Simon needs to do one last sweep of the Judges panel and try again.

  • Jon Glass

    I blame the fanbases for how this show is turning out. Simple as that. 

  • fantoo1

    Does this also mean a new label for the show?

  • Leandro

    LA couldn’t care less about the category he’s mentoring. He’s signing all the acts. He cares about the money those acts could give him and he hasn’t seen any since the show began.

  • irockhard

    I’d say the panel would improve immensly if Simon’s not on it.

  • Nedsdag

    Simon’s the only reason why this show is even on the air.

    With the ratings so low, I don’t see any other legitimate record executive sitting on the panel.

  • irockhard

    Even if he never fell apart there’s no way Idol could snatch him away. Idol’s contract is with UMG, LA works for one of their competitors – Sony.

  • Bazzle

    Bye LA I’m gonna miss your chair dancing. He was always into de music. 

  • Klaine

    Only Britt and ideally Simon to go.. Demi s been OK… but the voice and idol have better. Ricky Martin signed on for voice Australia.. Based on timing, he’d be great… And I still would die for someone to convince Cher to do it

  • Klaine

    Tate has done well, his contact probably was not renewed. No celeb admits to bring fired

  • Karen C


    Who would you like to see take LA’s place? Any suggestions?

    Randy Jackson??


    Maybe Lenny Kravitz? 

  • Li Wright

    One of the reason some of these reality shows like DWTS have a long life and keep their audience is the judges.  If it aint broke….don’t break it.  XF has been like a revolving chair, this season this judge, next season that judge, the only constant is Simon, and he’s not as GREAT as he claims he is.  I don’t think Britney will return.  I think it’s another round of new judges and maybe even new decor and stuff like that.
    I like “comfort”…I like to know at least ONE person is a constant (like Randy) and maybe AI should have brought Paula Back.  Honest.  The TV audience doesn’t like a lot of change to their fave shows.

  • Klaine

    We can hope . Simon had one more chance to get out right and save the show. The energy and chemistry and excitement of the UK has never translated. I wonder if hell ode yet another $5 mil deal. After all that’s all they talk about.. It’s a 5 mil show not singing…and hard to see him getting that back. The judges, hosts, final 12 were all bad. And not sure we need 13 yo. Is to much pressure & hard to market a young girl singing ballads that middle aged peoople sing

  • Kesia Monteith

    Yeah, ratings are crummy as hell, but so is all of FOX programming right now, and this show is their “better” show in terms of ratings. Curious to know what will happen next season. I personally would like the whole judges table to be swiped clean, including Simon.

  • Klaine

    She’s been an awful job but they were shi desperate for a name they might have made a mistake and given her a play or pay 2 year deal. Heck at this point try Cheryl Cole except she’s suing u

  • Jake Williams

    Good. He was as boring as Randy. Give his spot to someone more famous.

  • Jake Williams

    I would keep Simon and Demi. I would get rid of Britney and the hosts.

  • Klaine

    Yep… But do any of then really care? Unless they got a bonus if their category wins. Not like Blake who has brought contestants on tour, Adam who signed tiny to his label, cee lo did a duet with Vic ci, and even Christina did a duet with Chris Mann & offered the guy who got kicked off a chance to go on her tour…

  • Montavilla

    Who would you like to see take LA’s place? Any suggestions?

    At this point, who would take it?

  • SullyD

    “If it aint broke….don’t break it”

    Yeah, but the show was kind of broken before, lol.

    Anyways… I won’t miss him. Sure, the contestants will probably lose a chance to impress a very sucessful music producer, but as a judge, he was pretty invisible.

  • irockhard

    There’s only 2 possiblities that will ever happen:

    1. Hell freezes over
    2. Jay Z buys put XFUS and fires Cowell

  • tripp_ncwy

    No, the contract is with Sony Music so any label under their umbrella can sign one of the contestants.

  • ladymctech

    2. Jay Z buys out XFUS and fires Cowell — one can only hope!

  • Tyson

    Have you seen Fox’s fall ratings?  X Factor is low on the list of problems.  Finding sitcoms and dramas that draw more than flies is Fox’s biggest concern.

    Simon gets another reboot in 2013.  Plenty of people will want LA’s chair.  The problem is none of them would boost ratings.

    If Britney Spears couldn’t do it on name alone, no one can do it.  Simon will have to find competent mentor/judges without big names who the audience will grow to appreciate during the season.

  • Seth McHale

    If Fox wants to succeed, they need to go back to their roots. Being edgy and raw with their shows. People I know won’t watch any Fox programming because of their heavily conservative views, which is funny for a network that came to be thanks to Married With Children. 

  • Kirsten

    At this point, who would take it?

    Randy would.

    I’m glad LA is leaving. He may be a good Label exec, but he’s a terrible reality show personality. He just can’t think up quips on his feet and can’t click with a television audience.

  • Larc

    LA leaving is no big loss.  He should take Simon with him.

  • shell29

    I don’t think Simon was planning to push LA out. I think the judges seat was his for as long as he wanted it so IMO LA is leaving on his own accord.

    I’m not sure what Simon is going to do in the off season but he can’t be happy with this season’s ratings.  I think he’s going to blow up both US and UK shows and start from scratch (or close to it). 

  • tripp_ncwy
  • ZsusK

    I think this is a good decision on LA’s part. This show is NOT conducive to maintaining respect in the executive end of the recording industry. I will guess that, in the beginning, he thought it would be exciting to raise his celebrity profile while finding unsigned acts. He, like so many viewers, didn’t realize it’s really just a game show and that his job would be to entertain a television audience.

  • blackberryharvest

    The statistics with the contestants on that article show what a failure the contestants on X Factor have been post-season. Some of this I blame on LA.

    It will be interesting to see what happens. 

  • Christopher Auyeung

    So. Glad.

    LA spews a lot of bull. He can be the best record exec in the world, but he is an absolutely terrible reality show judge.

  • EvenMoreron

    Randy has his many drawbacks, but at least he seems more comfortable in front of a camera than LA does.  I always laughed when LA would say, “This … is Marrccccus Cantyyyyy!” awkwardly every week.  LA always looked like WTF am I doing here?   

    I can’t hate on him too much since he a hand in two of my favorite albums (Crazy, Sexy, Cool and Speakerboxx/The Love Below).  His first project post-X Factor could be the release of Avril Lavigne’s new album.  He developed her and she is back under his tutelage.    

  • kmd23

    LA made a smart move to leave the show now. I actually liked him. I think Mario should stay and Khloe should go. I would get rid of both Britney and Demi. Britney is so bad that it is ridiculous. Simon does need to do a change over on the judges again.

  • CB40

    I agree with keeping Simon and Demi, plus Demi is the cheapest option (making 1 million I believe to Britney’s 15 million). Also agree with dumping Khloe and keeping Mario. 

    Host: Mario
    Judges: Simon, Demi, and …….. not sure actually. How about Darius Rucker?

  • chillj

    The bad news is that this Cowell undoubtedly see this as an opportunity for cheap and easy press for the next six months.  Yawn.

  • whatzhip

    I have to hand it to him for leaving before the show gets cancelled.  It’s a bad show finding negligible talent.  The best replacement?  Nikki Minaj, she has littel to no talent and deserves the show.  Plus it would benefit American Idol to not have her idiocy on the judges panel. 

  • Jordana33

    None of the four judges are particularly that good. At least LA was in a better position to help these guys with their careers.  

  • Kariann Hart

    Simon should walk out the door with LA Reid.  He adds nothing to the show.