Kristy Lee Cook Gears Up For New Single, Working With Jason Aldean?

Updates on Kristy Lee Cook point to her working with a very big name executive producer: Jason Aldean! Check out the latest on when she expects to release her new single.

In addition to filming and promoting her show Goin’ Country (now airing on the Pursuit Channel), Season 7 Idol’s 7th place finisher Kristy Lee Cook has been prepping new music since signing with Broken Bow Records in 2010. As she gears up to finally release a new single through that label, she’s participating in a Ram Trucks promotion called the Ram Summer Tour. As reprinted by Music Row mag, her bio reads:

Cook is currently in the studio working with executive producer and label mate Jason Aldean and a collection of his touring musicians called NV (New Voice Entertainment), the production team for Thompson Square. Cook’s debut single for Broken Bow will be released later in 2012.

Jason Aldean is probably the biggest current country act going these days and he’s built his career through a true indie label. Not a bad guy to have in your corner.

Now, here’s where things get spooky. We all know Kristy Lee decided at least 4 of the last 5 if not all 5 of the last Idol winners. But get this. While she was on Idol, Kristy Lee said Jason Aldean is her dream duet partner and favorite male country act. That’s not all, check out this video from 2008 where she gets a message from Jason about how he’d been rooting for her on AI and thought maybe one day they could collaborate!

And now they’re working together?! I see you, Kristy Lee Cook. You were just waiting for Jason Aldean to get as big as he did and now you have him executive producing your album.

But seriously, finding a place at country radio is a real battle, especially if you’re female. It won’t hurt Kristy Lee to have Jason’s name attached to her music. Her label Broken Bow has finally started having success with acts other than Jason Aldean (Thompson Square scored a #1 hit, followed by a t10 hit and now a t20 hit, and newcomer Dustin Lynch has his debut single currently sitting in the t20) so there’s some momentum there.

As far as when that new music will come out, Kristy Lee Cook did an interview with NBC affiliate KOBI out of Medford in her home state of Oregon and said she’ll be promoting her new single in the late summer and starting a radio tour after some early/mid August gigs in Oregon. She also said she has cowritten 9 of the songs that will be on her album (she doesn’t know when the album will be out). Check out that interview (which promotes a local charity race) here:

Check out previously posted live performance video of some of Kristy Lee’s new music and a list of songs she’s known to have cowritten for her new album HERE.

Kristy Lee previously had a t30 single “15 Minutes Of Shame” from her rush job Arista Nashville album Why Wait, but parted ways with the label a few months after the album was released (it sold only around 25k copies total). What do you think of her chances of making a mark in the country world this time?

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  • MDS

    Love this! She’ll always be my fave from Season 7, as crazy as that sounds. Haha

  • Anonymous

    If you extend the Idol curse to Jason, I’m coming after you Kristy Lee. /o

    I see you, Kristy Lee Cook. You were just waiting for Jason Aldean to get as big as he did and now you have him executive producing your album.

    Haha, just caught this. That KLC is a sly one.

    I actually didn’t mind her too terribly on S7 until she overstayed her welcome. I thought she deserved to make tour but hung on toooo long. Her USA song (can’t remember which one atm) was a smart move & bought her some time.

  • BonnieDee

    With Jason in her corner I think she’ll do pretty well.  

  • Enough already!

    Had a difficult time remembering this pretty blond, but do now.  Good for her getting Jason to help her along.   She actually fits the “current country girl” look to a T.  Wish her all the best.

  • waynocoaster

    See how bad she is here, and how much Idol misses Simon. 

  • Anonymous

    That was pretty much priceless. The arrangement the performance and all of the interactions.
    I am not a fan of Kristy’s voice nothing special in my opinion but that hasn’t stopped many an  artist from success. Goodluck to her and her fans.


  • Madred

    Her prophecy has been fulfilled. The curse has been lifted off AI!! 

  • RustySax

    Regardless of your opinion of KLC, give the girl props for hangin’ in there and keep on trying!

    Remember the old adage:  “It’s better to try and fail than to do nothing and succeed!”

  • bread71

     Nicely written article Windmills.  I hope Kristy is the next big thing in Country Music.  I really enjoy her unique voice and personality.  She’s also the best looking Idol contestant by far.  Haha…I sound so shallow.  Just trying to fit in with everyone else and the rest of today’s fans. lol  But seriously, I think Country Music needs someone different and unique artistically and personality wise with good down home American values, and Kristy definitely fits the bill.  Not sure about the whole Jason Aldean thing…it could be good so long as the focus is about Kristy and her music and not somebody else or something else.  Otherwise it could just end up helping Jason and/or people comparing the two (haha, she does mention the name Jason in her song “15 Minutes Of Shame” too…although it was about an ex (surprise surprise) lol).  Much like so many female Country Artists get compared to one another as well, which only helps the one that the comparison is made to begin with.

    It will all come down to whether Kristy can differentiate herself from the current (and past) female Country Artists and offer something fresh and different artistically, and whether her label and management focus remains on Kristy’s artistry and music or personality and interests outside of music to begin with.  That’s the biggest reason I think so many female Country Artists are having a hard time getting radio play…they try to differentiate themselves as a person and all end up sounding the same as an artist at the same time as a result, releasing one carbon copy song after another.  Which makes it hard to be a fan of Country Music at the moment as well, since it’s more about who’s dating who or something else besides music, and the pop media talking about that and other gossip rather than the actual music, which ends up being just as shallow and boring because of it. lol  Or is the music shallow and gossipy to begin with and the pop media is because of it?  Either way, they’re somehow related and go hand in hand.

    But best of luck to Kristy!  She has definitely had to work hard to earn all of her success, and has more than enough talent, personality, and good values as a person to make it in Country Music on her own accord.  Even if the focus should remain on her music in the beginning so more people will find that out in the end.  :)  Thanks for letting me share my opinion. 

  • windmills

    Appreciate you posting but about this:

    bread71:That’s the biggest reason I think so many female Country Artists are having a hard time getting radio play…they try to differentiate themselves as a person and all end up sounding the same as an artist at the same time as a result, releasing one carbon copy song after another.

    I don’t think I could disagree more with this if I tried. 

    First of all the guys are the ones releasing carbon copy songs, all the ones about beers, trucks, and hot girls. Second of all when you listen to the songs Carrie, Miranda, Ashton Shepherd, Sunny Sweeney, Kristen Kelly, Jana Kramer, Kellie Pickler, Lauren, Laura Bell Bundy, and Kelleigh Bannen have been releasing (just covering the major releases from the younger females on major labels the past few years), they don’t sound much like each other’s. There’s a lot more differentiation among the women in country than the men. If anything the problem is the women aren’t following a set formula like most of the guys do and that’s why country radio play is more of a struggle for the women.

    Based on the songs Kristy Lee performed at the Cystic Fibrosis benefit, I’m not sold on the uniqueness of her music. None of the songs are bad, but none of them left me thinking about how I’d never heard anything like them in country music before. The country/rock thing’s been done, and Miranda and Carrie have pretty much cornered different sections of that market as females while also exploring other sounds. Lauren already released a rock/country production with Georgia Peaches, it did OK making the t30 but wasn’t a smash (and tbh, I think it has a better hook than any of the 3 songs I’ve heard from Kristy Lee). Maybe New Voice’s production will give Kristy Lee’s songs a different feel, I’ll reserve final judgment. She does have a nice voice. 

    RustySax: Regardless of your opinion of KLC, give the girl props for hangin’ in there and keep on trying!

    I agree with this.

  • bread71

    Windmills…OK we’ll just agree to disagree.  I cannot write in this space what I’ve been researching and typing about for the past four years.  Basically, all Country Music is today is one big popularity contest just like American Idol that only favors 3 female Country Artists because it’s more about the person that artist is rather than the artist that person is. I find myself talking more about everything but music when it comes to today’s music and artists. Does anybody seriously give a hoot if Taylor Swift is dating some dude that just turned 18 this past week?

    But you’re right…the guys can sing about anything and get away with it.  I don’t think a Country Female Artist could get away with singing about a Big Green Tractor or Somethin’ About A Truck or Springsteen and have a hit with it.  They’re too busy singing about thinking before he cheats or dying young or warning the rest of the girls out there to stay away from Mr. Wrong…and if you really want to look at it from an objective perspective, how many guys can actually relate to anything the female Country Artists are singing and releasing to radio, let alone would want to listen to it? 

    Really, all Country Music did was turn it’s genre into nothing more than a popularity contest and music for young girls and their mothers when they handed over the reigns to Taylor and Carrie (try to look at that comment objectively…I am not being sexist, and I have plenty of articles to back it up, and personal experience and observations as well).  And the male artists are the ones building their fan bases based off of the fans Country Music is catering to at the moment because of those fans Carrie and Taylor “brought” with them.  Since the male artists get at least 5 times more radio play.  And the female artists just end up being compared to one another and try to appease that same audience while that same audience only sees them as competition to their “favorite”, and Taylor and Carrie fans end up arguing about which one is better between the two.  Have you ever read comments from the fans that watch Carrie and Taylor videos on Youtube, or pretty much any female Country artist from today?  It’s actually more fun to read the comments and write about it than it is listening to the music or all the gossip for me. 

    So you brought up Lauren Alaina, Jana Kramer, Taylor, and Carrie, Ashton Sheperd, Kristen Kelly, and Kellie Pickler.  None of which has a clue how to connect with a song and make it real, honest, heartfelt or believable (which is the reason I became a fan of Kristy’s in the first place by the way, because she does).  Thanks, but based off of the songs they sing and their voices I’d rather listen to Olivia Newton John, Juice Newton, Anne Murray, Shania Twain and Faith Hill (pre Carrie and Taylor), Rita Coolidge, and Crystal Gayle.  Back when it was about talent and not popularity, and not every female Country artist had a song out about bashing the opposite sex or singing about an ex.  Maybe if the female Country artists tried to appease a wider audience than just Carrie and Taylor fans through their music?  Just a thought.  But I don’t have the time or space to write about something I’ve been writing about for the past four years.

    Final thought…it’s the singer not the song.  Meaning, it’s not what you say and do, it’s how you say and do it.  Just waiting patiently for the rest of the world and the music industry to figure that out.

    Hope y’all enjoy your Georgia Peaches just Like My Mother Does.  lol

  • windmills

    bread31: I find myself talking more about everything but music when it comes to today’s music and artists.

    That’s too bad, because I find myself talking mostly about the music.

    bread31: So you brought up Lauren Alaina, Jana Kramer, Taylor, and Carrie, Ashton Sheperd, Kristen Kelly, and Kellie Pickler.  None of which has a clue how to connect with a song and make it real, honest, heartfelt or believable

    I didn’t bring up Taylor. 

    There is a reason Carrie is considered by the likes of Vince Gill, Randy Travis, and Brad Paisley to be one of country music’s finest vocalists and interpretive singers of all time. There is a reason that Dolly Parton named Carrie one of her top 5 favorite duet partners of all time. There is a reason that when Loretta Lynn asked about her favorite current country act, she answered Carrie. Maybe you’ve come across those quotes from those country music greats in your extensive research. If not, I can provide you with links :)

    There is a reason Ashton Shepherd’s debut album got the attention of mainstream critics and was hailed as one of 2008’s best albums by several major publications that aren’t likely to give country music, let alone traditional country music, much attention. Ashton oozes authenticity, she is pretty much the only act out there, male or female, who can get away with all the songs about living in the backwoods because it’s obvious she is writing and singing what she knows. There is a reason Kellie Pickler’s current album 100 Proof has gotten such excellent reviews – because it too oozes honesty and believability, and it’s the 1st album where people see how Kellie’s figured out who she is and the kind of songs she’s meant to do. 

    Miranda sounds plenty believable whether she’s singing Gunpowder & Lead or a moving ballad like More Like Her (which is an incredibly honest song) or The House That Built Me. She’s a really sharp songwriter too with a very distinctive perspective. Kristen Kelly and Lauren are new and they both have some really great moments with some of their new songs. I didn’t even mention Emily West and Ashley Monroe who are 2 of the finest voices in country music today, and amazing songwriters in their own right. You should check out their solo material, it’s better than 99% of mainstream country today.

    I could go on but the bottom line is there’s no shortage of incredible talent among the women of country music, and there’s no shortage of superior singing and songs from the women of country music either. If you were really paying attention you’d see there’s a much wider range of topics the women are singing about. About as wide a range of topics as the women of 1990s country music were singing about, and the women of country were getting a lot more airplay in the 1990s.

    It’s nice that you find Kristy Lee Cook’s singing so honest and believable. I heard her debut album with Arista Nashville and came away thinking she’s a solid singer, pretty much a Leann Rimes-lite. I won’t judge her by the material on that album since it was such a rush job. I’m sure she’s grown as a singer and artist since then so I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the studio versions of the songs. The live versions didn’t really blow me away.

  • bread71

    OK…good discussion Windmills.  But if you were really following what has happened to Country Music the last 6 years since Carrie and Taylor hit the scene, you’d realize it has nothing to do with what the critics say or the talent as to why female Country artists are struggling in Country Music to get their songs on the radio, and to sell music and get their voices heard. 

    The same time that Kellie Pickler’s album came out there was an article about what she keeps in her purse and her refrigerator.  Whitney Duncan went on of all shows Survivor (yeah, that’s about what today’s Reality TV entertainment music has become).  There was an article that came out in 2010 about what to look forward to in 2011, and the only thing it said about Ashton Sheperd was something about the fact she lives in Alabama (or wherever)…yeah, let me go out and buy her music because of where she lives. lol

    As far as the believability of the artists goes…that’s probably pretty subjective, unless you’ve actually listened to artists of the past and compare them with today’s artists.  And yeah, if Miranda Lambert’s song “Gunpowder and Lead” is believable because of the way she sings it then I’m Willie Wonka and my chocolate factory is in the land of Oz.

    And btw, the range of topics the Country Women are singing about today are a personal feeling that leads to a thought…rather than a thought that leads to a personal feeling.  So pretty much everything they sing are taking something universal (such as love) and making it personal to themselves.  Rather than taking something universal (such as love) and making it universal to anybody listening.  Then again, so are the male artists as well. 

    Let’s just say there is a direct correlation between when the music industry started losing money and Reality TV came around.  And people blame it on illegal downloads and file sharing instead, when that’s probably helped more people want to actually go out and buy it in the first place.

  • bread71

    Anyway, being a fan of Kristy’s I just wish her the best and hope Country Music embraces her music…I got a little off topic.  lol  And hopefully Country Music does start recognizing more female artists and their talents as well.  But it won’t happen until the female artists realize why their songs aren’t getting played on the radio to begin with (most of it is more about the Industry itself and the way it does business than the artists). Now that would take a book to write, which I already have elsewhere based on my research, experience, observations, and opinions (and I don’t have the space here).  lol  Thanks again for posting the article.  :)

  • Anonymous

    You talk about researching and typing about this for the past 4 years, fair enough. I find it peculiar though that you did not mention or quote even 1 article/material of what you’ve researched. All I read are your opinions. Opinions you are entitled to, don’t get me wrong, but please don’t try to pass it off as research. 

    You say you don’t have the time or space to type about what you’ve been writing for the past years. Looks to me like you had ample time to type those long posts you had here so far. 

  • Anonymous

    You must not stop by this place often, Windmills is a pro when it comes to critiquing, analyzing, and discussing the country music scene. You are talking personalities, your personal observations and you tube commentary, she dispenses dead eye commentary devoid of too much fan girling and superficiality. In laymen’s terms she knows her shit!

  • bread71

    First off, I’m not a Kristy Lee Cook stan.  lol  I’m a fan of music first and foremost, and that’s why I became a fan of Kristy’s.  And probably why I don’t post here.  If you want the articles and everything I’ve researched I’ll post them.

    Nothing against Windmills, but seriously, I do have a mind of my own as well to be able to figure things out and form my own opinions based off of my thoughts and observations and research.  Rather than sitting here reading others thoughts based off of their own opinions.  lol  

  • bread71

    Here’s one article out of a dozen from 3 years ago…notice how none of the new female Country Artists mentioned are getting their songs on the radio?  And Carrie and Taylor have only gotten bigger since.  That’s exactly what I said would happen when I read this article because you don’t sign other artists based off of somebody else’s success.  Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.  And there are plenty more I could post as well.  But why make it about me when it’s obviously not?  And it isn’t about the music either from what I’ve gathered over the past 4 years either.

  • Anonymous

    Not a huge Country Music aficionado or anything, and I’m a little confused about what’s going on here, but is someone actually suggesting that KLC is a superior artist and/or singer to Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood? That is so weird to me, because when I heard her new songs about a month ago, all I could think was that she was a second-rate cross between Miranda and Carrie. Not trying to be mean, and I do wish KLC the best (she’s not untalented by any stretch), but that is sincerely what I thought.

  • Anonymous

    “She actually fits the “current country girl” look to a T. ”

    Well, this is what it’s about, isn’t it? So what if somebody’s just a fair-to-middling artist. She’s got that “look” so they figure they can sell her. (and they may be right, unfortunately.) …. She’s not bad; but she’s not great either. And it’s perfectly clear that somebody with a *different* “look” and the exact same musical abilities and persona wouldn’t get a second glance from the people trying to make singers. I could live without this phenomenon.

  • Anonymous

    I don”t think you really have a good handle on todays young female artist.
    You may not care for them and Kristy may be more to your liking but there are some good and very different to each other interesting sounds out there today.  To lump then into one pot with Kristy being set aside as the original one is not reality based IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Long winded self righteous comments siting years of research and numerous aritcles to back up vacant arguments what does that remind me of … oh ya graduate school. LOL

  • bread71

    I should have just said after four years of reading comments on this site….that’s the only research I really needed.  lol 

    And I never said Kristy was superior to Miranda or Carrie.  But it’s no wonder people just end up comparing her to them when they are nothing alike.  So I’m not doing the comparisons between the other female country artists and lumping them all together to begin with…everyone else is.

  • vdawg

    I never cared for her on Idol, but I wish her luck on finding her dream.  IMO however, she is  the weakest country singer Idol has had on female or male. I like Lauren and Skylar much better than KLC. She always comes across as if she is owed something. Anyway I like Jason so good luck to him and KLC.