Kris Allen “Waiting For Christmas” Available on iTunes (VIDEO)

You’ve been “waiting” for it, and now it’s here! Kris Allen’s “Waiting For Christmas” EP!

Download Waiting for Christmas at iTunes

The five song EP includes:

1. O Holy Night
2. Holly Jolly Christmas
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
4. The Christmas Song
5. White Chrismas

The Holly Jolly Christmas arrangement is super fun!  Plus, beautiful versions of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “O Holy Night.”  I think you’ll like Kris’s jazzy interpretation of “The Christmas Song.”

And now for a bonus:  I took this video of Kris singing a folkier version of  “The Christmas Song” at Mechanics Hall in Worcester back in December 2009. Blast from the past y’all.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Citadel Tree Lighting


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  • girlygirltoo

    Thanks for posting this, MJ!

    I really like this EP. Kris sounds so good on all the songs and the arrangements are cool. Can definitely hear Andrew’s influence in some of them, and it’s great to hear his guitar playing again.

    Happy to see the EP in the Top 50 on the overall iTunes chart this morning, as well :)

  • Linda Parish

    I am so excited that Kris Allen’s Christmas EP is now available.  I played it through 10 full times before going to bed last night and another 5 this morning. I love all the songs, especially the fun way he sang Holly Jolly Christmas and his lower, lower voice on White Christmas.  Do yourself a favor and buy it on I-Tunes “Waiting for Christmas”.  You will not be disappointed.

  • Jonins

    “Happy to see the EP in the Top 50 on the overall iTunes chart this
    morning, as well :) (according to twitter, it is #7 on the album chart
    in the Philippines as well, but live Pop Bars isn’t letting me on the
    site to confirm that)”

    Well, as of now it’s #4 on the album chart for Holiday music in the Philippines. So it’s going strong. And I hope it will continue to sell well. I just bought mine. And it’s 1 am here in Manila. :-)

  • nyc57

    I was at the Mechanics Hall concert.What a beautiful venue.Love all the songs but White Christmas is my favorite.The way he sings it was so unexpected and intimate.It’s just gorgeous

  • Amy

    I always love Kris’s take on Christmas standards.  This is an excellent EP!

  • mtlfan2

    love the Christmas EP! :))
    I especially love his take on White Christmas :)

  • dy

    I love it all! I do think the new arrangement on the Christmas Song is my favorite, but MJ I do love the version that you saw done live. So great to finally have a Christmas album from Kris!

  • hellomusicgirl

    Excited to buy this when I get home from work tonight!

    Is this EP exclusive to iTunes?

  • nncw

    I love them all but I must say Holly Jolly Christmas has a great bluesy warm feeling to it, plus it reflects a past vibe to it – very nostalgic. 

  • girlygirltoo
  • girlygirltoo

    At the moment, yes, it is an iTunes exclusive.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Excited to announce that I’ll be hitting the road with @KrisAllen for the month of January!

  • Miz

    So so happy to finally have this. All the songs are so great. I keep changing which I like the most. I’m most surprised that I actually like Holly Jolly Christmas. It’s just fun.

    Thanks MJ, from the blast to the past video.

  • tomr

    Wish I could get it at some store.

  • buffyloverlori

     That’s great about Kris having her with him in January!!!!! I wonder if she’ll learn the song LMN and they sing the song while their on tour together. I might be going to see Kris the 11th of January, depending on if my daughter is out of the hospital. I bought the tickets already because we didn’t know about my daughter having to go to the hospital at the time!!! My other daughters favorite song is LMN so she would be in Seventh heaven if she got to here him sing the song live. Back onto the subject of this awesome Christmas EP!!!!!!! Favorites as of right now and in order, First I would have to say would be WC, than OHN, HJC which is so much fun, than TCS, and Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!!!!!!

  • David Facenfield

    £3.95… don’t mind if I do… :)

  • Ratna12

    Oh by golly…

    Love, love Holly Jolly Christmas, I was grinning listening to it last night, so fun and his accent :)
    O Holy Night is sooo good while White Christmas is sexy, like Kris whispering the song into my ears.

    I can not wait for Kris’ StageIt show on Dec 20, it should be fun.

  • girlygirltoo

    Some the CBS radio stations have posted story about this EP, including a couple of brief vids of Kris talking about the songs on it.

  • Happyhexer

    Does anyone know whether “Waiting for Christmas” by Kris Allen will be available anywhere other than iTunes?

    Normally I am not much of a fan of X-mas albums.  (The one exception is Paris Bennett’s jazzy Christmas CD, “A Royal Christmas.”)  But this is an EP, and I like Kris’ voice well enough.  So I’m a ? ? ?

    But I don’t do iTunes.

  • Happyhexer

     Okay, I listened to the snippets.  Not bad . . .

  • jasmine1111

    I never liked Holly Jolly Christmas until now.  The jazzy, breezy version of The Christmas Song is my favorite, though. 

  • Latin2

    I looked at itunes holiday music and Kris’s ep is #11. I bought my copy. :)

  • girlygirltoo

    I think Kris said it might be available on Amazon eventually. I believe iTunes  has it exclusively for the first couple weeks, though.

  • almondean88

    At last, home from work and I can download “Waiting for Christmas”! Wonderful!!

  • mzhallcat

    Bought it! Love it! Excellent Christmas ep! Waited a long time for this Kris Allen Christmas ep and he did not disappoint. 

  • hoosiermama2

    Downloaded my copy this afternoon and promptly burned a cd for my car. I had so much fun cranking it up on HJC! I really love what Kris and Andrew did with that song (and like others, it wasn’t one of my favs–I liked it well enough when Burl Ives sang it, but you know, it’s ok). But this version is really fun–the hand slaps, acoustic guitar and his accent! Yatda yatda da da! Love it! :-)

    Ratna: “White Christmas is sexy, like Kris whispering the song into my ears.” I’m listening on headphones now and this is so true!! Gah!

    I think I’m obsessed with these two now because they’re new, but I’m enjoying the other songs, too. A very special little EP! Thanks Kris–it was worth the wait!

  • Angela Lim ???

    Waiting for Christmas is currently at #3 on the Philippine iTunes album charts as of this post :)

  • Ratna12

    Isn’t ? White Christmas and Holly Jolly Christmas are so different and yet so Kris. I can not wait to SEE him sing those at StageIt .

    HJC is the most repeated for me though, so much fun.

  • buffyloverlori

     My favorite so far is still White Christmas, but yet it is HJC that I usually turn on first because its so much fun to hear Kris sing it, as well as to sing along to it!!!!!!!! The Christmas sounds really sexy how it starts out before he starts singing it!!!!! I just got up like 30 minutes ago and have listen to it twice already, Kris voice is just so sexy that it makes you want to melt!!!! I love how he sings the goodies part, on TCS!!!!! The way he sings that part is so sexy!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Downloaded Kris’s Xmas EP late last night and fell asleep listening to it. It’s been on repeat this morning.  Love all the songs and must say HJC put a smile on my face.  Having Kris’s EP to listen to will certainly make the holidays a lot brighter. 

    Thanks MJ for the link to Itunes – took me right to Kris’ EP. 

  • opalruby

    I really don’t like Christmas music much, except for O Holy Night. I’m not sure why – maybe because I only hear it

  • linsmile

    I agree that Kris makes these songs fresh and interesting – which is exactly what I was expecting so I’m not at all surprised.  Love the EP and so far I like each one for different reasons – haven’t picked a favorite yet. 

  • isb77

    I just love this EP, from the way Kris changes up the melody, the harmonies with Andrew, and Andrew’s instrumentals and their arrangements.

    Great job, Kris & Andrew!

  • Eileen99

    Love the EP; the arrangements, his voice. Everything is just perfect like I thought it would be.  Great job.

  • Happyhexer

     I will wait until it’s available on Amazon then.  The nice thing about Christmas music is that Christmas comes around every year . . .  :-D

  • ?????? ????????

    Hey guys, if you want to hear all the songs from “Waiting For Christmas” I’ve uploaded them on my youtube channel
    Big fan right here!!