Kris Allen Undergoes 3rd Surgery, Gets Ready for Fatherhood, Thanks Fans with a Song

Kris Allen had the last surgery on his wrist Friday morning. The American Idol season 8 winner tweeted, “Goin in for the last surgery on the wrist today. Again I apologize in advance for anything I say and do afterwards today. Ya just never know.”

Along with the message, he tweeted a photo of his IV with the caption, “Needles are fun.”

DOES THAT LOOK LIKE FUN TO YOU? I rest my case. But fear not, Kris’s wife Katy tweeted a happy update, “Surgery went great! He is in recovery now.”

It’s been quite an ordeal for the Allen family since a serious car accident on January 1 of this year did some major damage to his wrist. An initial surgery after the accident didn’t heal correctly, and needed to be followed up by two more procedures. His wrist will probably not come back 100%, but it won’t keep him from playing guitar, or catch with his kid.

Yes, Kris’ wife Katy is due to deliver a baby boy, the couple will name Oliver, in the coming month! Hooray.

Before his surgery, Kris recorded a song to thank his street team, Little Pawns, for all the work the fans did helping to promote his recent Out Alive tour. “On Our Way” is from the singer’s pre-Idol album, Brand New Shoes. It’s the first time he’s performed the song to a post-Idol audience. Check it out.

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  • jan

    I like Kris. My admiration for him increases when I see his attitude towards life, his wife, his dog, his music, and his fans. I think he’s going to be a gread dad. You go Kris – I’m wishing you the best.

  • girlygirl

    Hopefully the wrist will heal well enough so he won’t need any more surgeries and he can continue to play guitar and piano/keyboards. He’s got a show next week and one the following week, but I’m guessing he won’t be playing any instruments at either of those. Still, it will be nice to see him out on the road again before the baby’s due :)

    This isn’t my favorite song off BNS, but it’s pretty. The fans are always urging him to perform songs off his pre-Idol album, so it’s nice that he indulged us here, lol

    I bet Kris & Katy are more than ready to have baby Allen arrive, since it sounds like it’s going to be a hot summer in Arkansas

  • tripp_ncwy

    It has been quite a year for the entire Allen family. His brother Daniel recently announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child due New Year’s Day 2014, which would happen to be the 1st anniversary of Kris’ wreck. It will be great the cousins will be close in age.

  • vamp111

    When is the due date? I know it will be in the coming month, but any exact date? It could be any time if its at the beginning of July.

  • girlygirl

    On a different note, I really love that snippet of “No,” the new/old co-write that popped up the other day. I really really want to hear the full version of that song.

  • girlygirl

    From what I’ve seen on twitter, the due date is July 21

  • nyc57

    Hopefully,this will be the last surgery for Kris and he will finally be pain free.I also love that snippet of No and hope someone records it.I wonder why someone else is singing it and that it just appeared now.

    On Our Way was not one of my favorites on BNS but I really enjoyed the live version.Kris puts so much emotion into it.
    Baby Oliver is going to be one loved baby.I hope Zorro won’t be too

  • snappp

    It’s the 22nd.

  • KelseyW

    After hearing that snippet recently it got me thinking…

    Wouldn’t it be great if Kris experimented more with his soul/R&B side? He has a really soulful side to his voice that I’d love to hear against those genres of music. I hope sounds like those end up on album 4/3!

  • Miz

    Glad surgery 3 is out of the way. I hope Kris has a speedy recovery.

    Very cool that he did a special song from Brand New Shoes.

  • krismicklin

    I have always loved this song from Brand New Shoes. This song is very spiritual to me.? Thank you Kris for singing this and good luck on your wrist surgery today. Hoping for a speedy recovery and looking forward to more of your AWESOME shows.

  • elliegrll

    In a way I think that ship has sailed I love the way “No” sounds, but at this point I think that it would be hard for Kris to get people to believe that r&b/pop or r&b/pop song is a true representation of who he is, or the music that he wants to make. I think that that is a path that some AI fans, including me, wanted him to take, and it may have been an easier image for him to sell back then, but not now.

    I’d like to be wrong about that, but I don’t think that it’s something that Kris wants to do either.

  • krismicklin

    That would be my daughter’s birthday. She will be 43 this year.

  • Ratna12

    Yes, hopefully this was the last surgery for Kris. And I hope that he won’t play an instrument on the July 5th show.  He needs to take it easy and rest the wrist. I like the snippet “No” much more than this old song from BNS, it sounded more interesting.

  • mtlfan2

    great that the last surgery went well!! let’s hope it’s really over.
    Not my favorite from BNS but enjoyed neverthless the live; tere are some beautiful lines in this!

  • KelseyW

    I hope this is the last surgery he will ever need! Feel better soon Kris! <3

    I'm happy to hear that his surgery went well. Also glad that he performed yet another "Brand New Shoes" song for the fans. I love "On Our Way". It's a really pretty song. I still need to listen to all of his first time BNS song performances though. Once I finally get a YouTube account I'm going to catch up on videos I should've watched months ago. lol

    I know most of these performances have been fan requests, but…This makes me think that Kris is willing to finally give "Brand New Shoes" some love. Instead of denying it's existence or disowning it. :P Perhaps I'm not crazy in hoping that he could re-release a physical(and digital)copy of it on his new official site for us to buy. Oh, and I think somewhere down the line he might remake that album. I'd defintely buy both!

  • Incipit

    Good to know the operation went well!

    Halfway through the year that started with that scary accident, and things are really looking up, at last. Sweet news about Kris’s brother – Kris will be a Dad and an uncle in very quick succession. Also, nice of him to do that song for his fans.

    I wish him the best, professionally and personally.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Hoping for the recovery that will enable him to continue the career he loves so much. An admirable man in every way.

  • girlygirl

    He can still write songs like that for other artists, though. Since he’s not singing on that demo, it seems like they may be (or had been) shopping that demo around to other artists.

  • Jonins

    Late here, but am wishing speedy recovery for Kris. And a great baby delivery for Katy soon. I believe they will be great parents. And hopefully Zorro will be more open to the kid. :)

  • MissMyEm

    I’m very happy that Kris’ surgery went well and it was extremely nice of Katy to take the time away from all she’s going through between the baby almost being here and Kris in surgery, to tweet the fans that it went well and he was in recovery. I sincerely hope that this IS the last surgery Kris will need. I also like the snippet of “No” that we heard but I would also like to hear what it sounds like with Kris singing it. I remember the first time Blindfolded was heard was by (I believe) the winner of South African Idol (please don’t quote me on the country) and then later from Kris when it appeared on Thank You Camellia.

    I think it was awfully nice of Kris to thank his street team for the work they did and I wouldn’t mind it if Kris revamped his songs from BNS.

  • Christopher Auyeung

    Oliver Allen is such a cute name.

  • Larc

    Has there been anything about a middle name yet?

  • Larc

    Zorro will probably be on constant guard duty.

  • nekola

    Glad that Kris is doing OK after the surgery. Hopefully, that will the last and his wrist is able to heal properly.

    He sounds good here. I haven’t listened to BNS in a long time, hmm I think I take another listen this afternoon. :)

  • nekola

    Oh, I haven’t heard this yet. Does anyone have link to the “No” snippet?

  • nekola

    Agree with all of this. The opportune time for Kris to go the R&B route would have been in 2009 as it would be damn near impossible now.

    That said, I’m all for Kris gaining traction as a songwriter in any genre, so hopefully someone will record the “No” demo.

  • girlygirl
  • Axxxel

    I would propose “Keith”, because Kris performed with Keith Urban on the Idol finale… LOL…

  • nekola

    Thanks! I liked this snippet. Would love to hear the entire song.

  • Kariann Hart

    There is a rehab program Kris will be given. I am sure guitar playing will be included. Hoping for a fast recovery and the ability to lift an 8 pound baby!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris Allen @KrisAllen 7h
    Update: feelin ok. Finding stuff on TV to watch all day is tough.

  • Jonins

    He seems to be getting pretty bored hahaha! After being up and about doing shows and writing songs in different places, being cooped up at home or in a hospital is getting him antsy. :)

  • hoosiermama

    Glad to hear the surgery went well and he’s getting bored. You go Kris! Get back to doing whatcha you do best–being an awesome singer, songwriter, husband, father-to-be, and all round good guy!

  • tripp_ncwy

    Somebody is excited; lol

    katyallen @katyallen
    Went grocery shopping today and noticed something special about the date on my milk. :D

  • Incipit

    Aww. That’s sweet.

  • Happyhexer

    My best wishes and prayers for a speedy, full, permanent recovery for Kris. And yes, no more surgeries! (And a speedy, easy delivery for Katy, ending with a happy and healthy mother and baby.)

  • girlygirl

    Today’s update:

    #Update: sleep schedule…what sleep schedule?

    Hopefully he isn’t in too much pain. :(

    Silver lining though: no sleep schedule is good practice for after the baby comes?