Kris Allen - Together For Care Telethon

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Kris Allen and Cale Mills performed “Live Like We’re Dying” at the Together For Care telethon to benefit Alzheimer’s research and services that aired on NBC tonight.

Check out the acoustic performance after the jump.

Updated: Added “Before We Come Undone”

Video after the JUMP…

Live Like We’re Dying

Before We Come UndoneDanse4Dance

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  • Falfor

    Thanks for posting. It did not seem to be on in my area, or it was on the upper channels, which I don’t have. I like the minor changes to the melody. Sounded good.

  • Elliegrll

    The bridge sounds incredible.

  • Eileen99

    This sounded fantastic – loved the change-up on the bridge for this performance. They really sounded great. I did my part & texted a donation!

    Thanks for recording this MJ!! You always come through! :D

  • girlygirl

    Kris and Cale did a great job. Really liked the way they changed up LLWD — the bridge was especially beautiful

  • Margie

    He’s been changing up some of his songs lately. He changed up both The Truth and Red Guitar last night. You can find the vids in that thread below.

  • sleepinin

    They really do sound great together.

  • luly

    Kris sounds great and I really like the little changes that he made- especially the bridge :D

  • peacegirl

    They did a great job with the song. I am glad they slowed it down a bit and I thought Kris was trying to give the song a bit of the Kris Allen ‘smooth’ touch.
    I am new to commenting but have been stalking this site since season 8.
    I have seen Kris 3 times (including last night in Wallingford) and I think he has grown so much as a performer!
    I am also grateful for all of the posts and comments by others and can’t thank you enough for posting the concerts.
    I watched every single one and read all of the comments. I enjoy reading what you all have to say and can’t wait to add my own thoughts now I am over my shyness.

  • Masieta

    Welcome, peacegirl. I don’t post a lot, but I’m usually here to read anything Kris-related. I love acoustic Kris as well as the #KrisAllenRockStar that we see with the band. Did I hear right that he said in an interview that an acoustic version of BWCU is going to be on the telethon website?

  • Ratna12

    Thanks MJ, it hasn’t aired in the West Coast yet.

    WOW, from the first line, it sounds to me that Kris voice and tone was more melancholy to me.
    And once it got to the bridge, so beautiful. Kris is just so impressive with his talent.
    One of the best rendition of LLWD for sure, and I thought that the radio one where he mistakenly squished a ladybug was great. This one was different.

  • http://MJO judes

    Really appreciate you posting this thread MJ.
    I have to wait for later to listen to the video [ we have a limit on broadband width so have to watch You Tubes in off peak] but sounds like this is another great acoustic performance. I love how he tweeks songs to make them interesting.
    Oh & welcome Peacegirl- glad you have started to join the conversation on here.

  • FaithfulFan

    Thanks for posting the video mj. My cable package only has one NBC station and Judge Judy was on it so I really appreciate being able to see the performance here.

    Kris’s voice sounds beautiful and I like the changes too.

  • mamacitabaja

    I am SO happy to see new Kris news here. I check in every day to see if there’s even a snippet of news on any of the links posted. The acoustic version of LLWD posted is so beautiful and creative, but then that’s Kris. I look forward to all the posts and videos from his upcoming gigs at the various Christmas shows. I hope they get to do at least one Christmas song too during one of the shows.
    Welcome, Peacegirl. We’re always happy to hear from new posters and fellow Kris fans:)

  • linsmile

    Thanks for capturing the video and posting, MJ!

    I love this version of LLWD – very nicely done. My understanding is that the quilt expresses meaning regarding the experience of Alzheimer’s. It tugs at my heart to think of the message of the song in the context of Alzheimer’s. It’s such a good message.

    Glad you got over your shyness, peacegirl. Good to hear from you. :)

  • girlygirl

    torrezriley JessTR
    Glad to hear @Krisallen fans enjoyed performance at the telethon tonight! He did preform an awesome BWCU – should be on soon!
    11 minutes ago

  • pineappletree

    That was really great! I love how Kris always changes things up. He looked presh too :)

  • mzbet

    Wow! This is gorgeous! It’s like falling in love with the song all over again. I just now had the opportunity to listen and now can’t wait for the acoustic BWCU. Kris and Cale are just so tuned in to each other and perform beautifully together at these acoustic shows.

  • peacegirl

    You are all so nice. Thank you for the welcome.
    I am so happy whenever I see a Kris related item
    on MJ’s blog or any other place. I feel that he has
    such a fine voice and he and the band have worked so
    hard to entertain us. I wish he was promoted more.

  • TwigLA

    I never thought I’d say this about ‘Live Like We’re Dying’, but that was beautiful! He brought a whole new feel and meaning to it.

    Aaaand, the telethon is just starting here on west coast. In Los Angeles it’s on both NBC stations. Yay that acoustic BWCU is going to be on the website.

    ETA – welcome, Peacegirl! I lurked here for years before having the guts to post. Season 8 and Kris Allen inspired me to go public. :)

  • girlygirl

    For anyone in L.A., the telethon is now on Channel 4 — it just started

  • girlygirl

    LOL — Elmo to lady reporter “did you know tht Kris Allen won American Idol?”

  • Ratna12

    That’s too bad for people who can not see this program on TV. It is aired in the Los Angeles area at 7:00 pm, so I guess it depends on your local stations/ cable.

    I just saw Elmo getting excited for Kris performance.
    Kris is next.

    And welcome peacegirl :)

  • Ratna12

    That was beautiful.
    Thanks Kris, and Cale.

  • TwigLA

    They are also broadcasting it online on their website at 9 PM Pacific time.

  • Ratna12

    Now I know why Kris, Cale and Bigdaddy had big smiles when they were posing with Elmo.
    Elmo just showed the audience how to smile.

  • ross

    Elmo: “Plus, I’m so excited that Kris Allen is going to sing. Did you know that he won American Idol?”

    Amy Scott: “I do. I love him!”

    Wow, Kris sounded so great on TV. (I was out, but I taped it. I just saw it.)

  • tierbee

    Wow, that was awesome – and I really must go catch him live one of these days.

  • Mtlfan

    that was really awesome!! he sounds so great :D

    ETA: welcome peacegirl :D

  • hoosiermama

    Stands up. Applauds. Loved it! Whoa, that bridge change! Well done guys and so fitting for the occasion. I’m sorry that I missed it on tv so thank you mj for posting the video.

    That’s a really pretty guitar strap, too. Is it new?

    Welcome peacegirl–love your name!

  • RarelyComment

    I rarely comment here either, or actually even read this site because it’s got so much negative stuff. But I was linked to this performance and need to comment on how nice this version is. That’s the thing about Kris Allen. He is so focused on the music and so genuine as a performer. Well done and thanks for posting.

  • JoCeeisme

    Really enjoyed that, can’t wait for BWCU, that was always my first favourite from his album.

  • Elliegrll

    BWCU has been posted to the Foundation’s website.

    It took months for the studio version of BWCU to grow on me, there is just something about it that’s always reminded me of The Truth, but not in a good way. But, I’ve always loved the acoustic versions of the songs, especially the first one that Kris and Cale ever did, I think it was for a station in Detroit, or some station in the midwest. I remember Cale said that they had just figured out the arrangement that day, which is amazing, but not surprising, and they sounded incredible. The acoustic versions showcase the songs lyrics.

  • JMatt

    mj, if you have the Elmo part, can you post that too? Looks like we can’t see the whole show on the website, it just has segments to click on, and I don’t see Elmo in any of those! (lol, I know, desperate to see Elmo, but I was waiting for it!)

    Both songs are gorgeous, good idea to let us have BWCU. I wonder if this is one of those Cale was talking about ending up different on the album, less “Kris” than the original.

  • cookcricket

    LLWD, beautiful! Thanks mj! Also, BWCU is breathtaking! Love it!

    Welcome peacegirl!

  • girlygirl

    I love BWCU when it’s done acoustically and this version is just gorgeous. IThe version on the album is overproduced, but stripped down the song really shines.

  • Eileen99

    Ahh, love this BWCU. It’s always been my favorite on the album from the beginning – I love it both ways, studio version & acoustic; it’s definitely the most played song of his on my iPod.

    It’s so random he played it for this telethon, though, when I think the last time he played it was in State College back in early September. Pretty sure he hasn’t played it since then, but I love that he knows it’s a fan favorite.

  • Mtlfan

    love BWCU! that was really pretty!

  • justapixy

    Love both songs!!! Excel1ant! Did anyone notice the highlight on Kris’ hair esp. in the BWCU vid? :)

  • lifeisgood

    LLWD was great – I like BWCU even more -I always liked that song better. He sounds so smooth and rich – love his voice.

  • opalruby

    Both of those performances are lovely. LLWD sung like that is amazingly appropriate for the occasion.

    As for BWCU, Kris didn’t keep the downward inflection on the line “Can we put our weapons down” that I love from previous acoustic versions (first time I heard it I nearly gave myself whiplash from my double-take, then listened to that one line about ten times). But it still has one of my favourite moments on his whole album: the exquisite diction of the very last word; it strikes me every time.

  • tripp_ncwy

    ZorroPup I have a stocking now :D

  • tripp_ncwy

    Video: dance4danse

    Elmo introduces @KrisAllen LLWD

    Acoustic BWCU @krisallen on YT

  • madeformusic

    It’s nice to wake up on Sunday and find such gems as these acoustic performances.

    BWCU is also my fave from the album. Kris voice is really beautiful in it and I agree with this as I have especially loved that moment from the day I first heard BWCU:

    the exquisite diction of the very last word; it strikes me every time.

  • luly

    I love this version of BWCU. He sounds great.

  • TwigLA

    Thanks for posting the acoustic ‘Before We Come Undone’. That is possibly my favorite song on Kris’ album and what I thought should be second single IF their intent was to go with a ballad.

    I’m thrilled that Kris is going to release an acoustic version. I would pay for it easily, however if he does it as a free track on iTunes it can be very good PR. I’ve been taking advantage of their free music Tuesdays for years and it has introduced me to music and acts I otherwise wouldn’t have found on my own.

    One line in this song makes it very poignant for this and many other causes:
    ‘Can we put our weapons down just to figure this out now?’

  • peacegirl

    Oh! I just finished watching/listening to BWCU. A lovely moment for me
    on this Sunday morn:) Kris has an amazing voice full of emotion and soul. This, along with a generous heart and a great work ethic, hopefully will help his music reach out to many people and keep his career going strong. It’s a good thing.

  • luly

    lizbiz8 – Miami Dolphins Tailgate sound check…

  • Mtlfan

    lizbiz8 – Miami Dolphins Tailgate sound check…

    can’t wait for Kris-Cale-Chris acoustic performance!

  • http://MJO judes

    Just able to listen to both videos – thanks so much for posting them. Whilst LLWD was good I really loved BWCU possibly because its always been my favourite song on the album. It really is best when sung acoustically & Kris & Cale do it great justice here.