Kris Allen Discusses Co-Writing with Chris Daughtry, Mat Kearney and Jon Foreman

Sheryl Stewart of Nashville radio station 105.1 did her homework prior to her recent radio interview with Kris Allen.

She asked the good questions.   For instance, about co-writes?   She got Kris talking about what it was like to co-write with Chris Daughtry (Kris confirms the Daughtry co-write!), singer/songwriter Mat Kearney and Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman. Kris says he admired their mix of humility and confidence.

About his recent recording sessions in London–Kris only got 4 hours of sleep a night, never adjusting to the time change.   During his 6 day trip across the pond, he worked on his album, took some meetings, and played tourist a bit.   No, he was not invited to Simon Cowell’s big birthday bash.

Kris says he’s got a couple of songs that are done, other songs that still need some tweaks, and more recording to do. (Kris was in the studio, with producer, Kevin Rudolf, on Tuesday.)

Tour plans?   Kris says his tour will start around February…”and ending never,” he says.

Mute Math, Paramour and Justin Timberlake are who he’s been listening to on his Ipod lately…

Listen to the interview here:

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  • fanaround

    Okay, I’ll go first (or maybe not by the time I hit post…). This was a great interview! Speaking of confidence, I think his interview confidence is growing, especially with interviewers who have some background into who he is. I’m sure this makes it feel more personal and makes answering easier. It’s nice to get little stories about specific things he liked in his collaboration with those guys, rather than just “it was great, he’s cool”. And most of all, he sounds really excited about what he’s doing. That’s encouraging. And for us fans waiting for information from our favorites, I think he may have done a series of phone in interviews yesterday based on Slezak’s tweet. More to come?!? Yes, please! From all three of Kradison, soon I hope.

  • SarahP

    what a coincidence! i’m listening to switchfoot now and i see that kris will be talking abt jon foreman!!!

    ok will go listen n come back here for comments!

  • SarahP

    random tweet: why are kris’s feet hairy? pocket hobbit!

  • SarahP

    so i just finished listening to the interview. by the way am i the only one in this thread? helloooo??? anyone????

    oh well….loved the interviewer especially since she’s a big fan of switchfoot and jon foreman (yippeee) and yep, she has definitely done her research well.

    loved the fact that kris talks well about chris, mat and jon! and about them being humble but yet confident. and also how brilliant a lyricist is jon foreman (he is……) and how chris can write big hits (he does….)

  • dcmjfan127

    I hope the songs he did with these 3 guys make it on the album. As said before, when Kris is comfortable with who is interviewing him, he shines. So, maybe the same thing happens in his collaborations. He sounds like he has become buddies with Chris and Mat as well as thinks highly of Jon’s work. Hopefully, all of that makes for good songs!

    As for his touring, I can’t wait!! I have to believe he will have a stop somewhere in southern New England. I don’t care whether he is going solely at smaller venues or opening for another band, I just want to see him live.

  • SarahP

    me again!

    Kris was in the studio, with producer, Kevin Rudolf, on Tuesday.

    so i went to kevin rudolph’s twitter page and he has only 200 followers? n he has sung a hit with hiphop super star li’l wayne..wierd

  • SarahP

    i think i’m super excited cos jon foreman’s been mentioned in the heading. so i’m posting below lyrics to this obscure song of switchfoot and the lyrics. super stuff!

    “Faust, Midas, And Myself”

    This one’s about a dream
    I had last night
    How an old man tracked me home
    And stepped inside
    He put his foot inside the door
    And gave a crooked smile
    Something in his eyes
    Something in his laugh
    Something in his voice
    That made my skin crawl off

    He said, “I’ve seen you here before
    I know your name.
    You could have your pick
    Of pretty things.
    You could have it all
    Everything at once.
    Everything you’ve seen,
    Everything you’ll need,
    Everything you’ve ever had in fantasies.”

    “You’ve one life,
    You’ve one life.
    You’ve one life left to lead.”

    I woke up from my dream
    As a golden man
    With a girl I’ve never seen
    With golden skin
    I jumped up to my feet
    She asked me what was wrong
    I began to scream
    I don’t think this is me
    Is this just a dream
    Or really happening?

    What direction?
    What direction?
    I’m splitting up!
    I’m splitting up!
    This is my personal disaffection

    What direction? What direction?
    What direction now?

    I looked outside the glass
    At golden shores
    Golden ships and masts
    With golden cords
    As my reflection passed
    I hated what I saw
    My golden eyes were dead
    And a thought passed through my head
    A heart that is made of gold can’t really beat at all

    I wanted to wake up again
    Without a touch of gold

    What direction?
    Death or action!
    Life begins at the intersection.

    I woke up as before
    But the gold was gone
    My wife was at the door
    With her night robe on
    My heart beat once or twice
    And life flooded my veins
    Everything had changed
    My lungs had found their voice
    And what was once routine
    And what was once routine was now the perfect joy

    You’ve one life
    You’ve one life
    One life left to lead

    (p.s. MJ delete if you think its not relevant, but kris does talk about what a brilliant lyricist jon is)

  • CamelliaSin

    Loved this interview! Tour ! Yay!
    Kris sounded really happy ( despite occasional hair pulling) on how the album is progressing. I’m so stoked for November 17th. Good questions from a well prepared interviewer that actually listened. Kudos to Sheryl!

  • vanjess38

    I love everything of Daughtry’s, love Matt Kearney, oh Lord! and Switchfoot, don’t even go there. What a selection, Kris?
    Switchfoot’s THIS IS HOME, WE ARE ONE TONIGHT, and DARE YOU TO MOVE are my favourites. I hope at least their colaborations make it to the album.
    On another note, it seems Kris’ single has started playing on radio in the Phillipines yesterday and fans are tweeting him like crazy.

  • cilady

    Kris mentioned that the being able to write with Jon Foreman was something made possible by a “mutual producer friend”. Kris doesn’t mention who this producer is but I am going to guess that it’s Mike Elizondo. MJ posted the picture with Kris and Chris in the studio and Mike Elizondo was in that picture as well so they have met.

    Has Mike Elizondo ever done anything with Switchfoot?

    I think it’s pretty great that Chris Daughtry reached out to him as well. He should know better than anyone else what Kris is going through in this mad rush to put a CD out.

    I don’t want to get my hopes up about the rest of the album because it sounds like other than the single, the other songs have not been picked yet, but I can’t help but raise my expectations a little bit.

    To sum up: Love the interview! Hope to hear more interviews along this vein now that the Nov. 17th is getting closer.

    SarahP– Thanks for linking to the song and posting those lyrics. It sounds and reads great.

    Oh and MJ, The band’s name is Paramore. And Mutemath is also one word.

  • cookcricket

    I listened to this last night and was thrilled with it! He sounds pleased with the album so far so I’m happy about that. :)

    I like the lyrics you posted SarahP. I’ll have to listen to the song when I get a chance.

    It would be awesome if these songs found their way onto the album.

    Yay, to the truck driver who helped him out in London. I wonder if that’s common? :D

  • MissyMusic

    I think the collaborations Kris talks about with Daughtry, Kearney and Foreman were perfect for him. He is impressed with their confidence and humility. THAT is exactly what impressed me about Kris during his idol run. His quiet confidence, his humility and the ability to stay true to himself drew me to him. It appears Kris fits in nicely with these guys. I have a feeling these collaborations will showcase the Kris we’ve come to know and expect. This interview makes me even MORE excited for his album.

  • vanjess38

    I think it’s the Kris charm that hit the truck driver in London. It was at work again but this time, across the pond. Krim and Krezak! Anyone? Haha

  • lucy

    tour ending “never” is adorable. …

    Nice to hear Kris sounding all focused and positive. I empathize with that “no sleep in England” thing. Some of us have a tough time adjusting to new time zones.

  • savgal

    Sarah P, thanks for posting those lyrics. Very deep.
    It struck me that Kearney, Foreman, and Daughtry are all known as Christians who work in the pop/rock world. Good people for Kris to be starting with, as that is what he is also aiming to be.
    That interviewer has skills. She did her homework, yet did not ask the same lame questions.

  • jmom376

    This was an awesome interview. You can really tell when Kris feels comfortable with an interviewer. I love to hear how excited he is to work with everyone he has been working with. I also like the fact that he is still being mysterious about some of his collaborations.

    I really hope his songs that he collaborated with Daughtry, Kearney and Foreman all make his album! I can not wait until November 17…

  • mzbet

    Loved this interview almost as much as the ones with Slezak and Cantiello!

  • LaurelG

    Great, great interview. Ryan Seacrest should take notes. This is how it’s done.

  • TwigLA

    THis is one of my favourite interviews with Kris. (Thanks girlygirl for originally posting the link.)

    Kris sounded very tired and blase when he called in, which Sheryl picked up on and asked about. He immediately ‘woke up’ and it was gold from that point on.

    Having done so many interviews with people asking the same lame questions over and over, he (and the other idols) must be very weary of it and anticipating the direction the interviewer is leading him in.

    Sheryl got lots of new info from him, fun stories, and definitely knows her stuff. She even asked about something Kris just found out about minutes before the interview.

    I’m loving who he’s been writing with and hope Kearney, Foreman, and Daughtry make the cut. I’m not so sure how I like Kevin Rudolph producing. I really don’t want Kris to end up being over processed techno-pop mixed in with pseudo street.

  • sunny2

    Ryan Seacrest should take notes. This is how it’s done.

    My thoughts exactly. An interview without the proverbial “how do feel about Paula leaving?”.

    This interview has got me so psyched. Hurry-up Nov. 17!!!

  • babybelle32

    That was a great interviewer, I love when an interviewer is knowledgeable about her subject. And Kris, he’s just gotten better and better at these interviews, he sounded great, even though I do have to wonder if he was putting on a brave face when he said that he’s not tired. The story about the guy who helped him take the picture in London was great. I wonder if motorists do that all the time for tourists, who want to re-enact that picture. But, my favorite part was the quote about being humble as well as confident, because that’s what Kris is, too.

  • auntieaimee

    I’ll join the chorus and say that this was a very nice interview and Sheryl did an excellent job. On a shallow note, Kris has a great voice for radio.

  • dhunken

    Now this is the way to do an interview. Kris was very relaxed and Sheryl did not ask the same boring questions. Good job.

  • Q3

    What a great Kris interview! Nice to hear him talk about the album with some specifics and to also talk about touring. Maybe Kris should do all his interviews in Nashville — LOL!

  • SarahP

    Has Mike Elizondo ever done anything with Switchfoot?

    yes. he’s worked with them on their latest album Hello Hurricane, which coincidently is also out on November but on the 10th instead of the 17th

    check it out at

  • girlygirl

    I really enjoyed this interview as Sheryl obviously did some research and didn’t ask the same old tired questions — which in turn led Kris to open up a bit more than he tends to do.

    But isn’t this station in Portland, not Nashville? I could swear she says something about how hopefully Kris could come to Portland on his tour. Unless I’m imagining things…

  • SarahP

    i also love the part when kris talks about Abbey road and how that truck driver stopped his truck so kris can have his picture! i watched a documentary on abbey road sometime back and this cab driver was saying its very annoying cos people keep walking back and forth and it disturbs the cabbies there. funny stuff…

  • SarahP

    i thought nashville was the place where kris met mat! unless i’m mistaken…

  • Mtlfan

    Thanks SarahP for the lyrics… very nice and meaningful… got to listen to the song

  • washpd

    This was a great interview! Kris sounded happy and confident about how the album is going, even if he is a bit stressed about the deadline. It sounds like his time in London was really productive.

    But, this woman is from 105.1 in Portland, OR, not Nashville.

    i thought nashville was the place where kris met mat! unless i’m mistaken’ ¦

    He did. And they talk about Nashville in the interview, but this interview is with a Portland radio station.

  • smartcookie

    I guess the fact that the Portland radio lady knew lots of things about Nashville just means she REALLY did her homework. Or used to live in Nashville. Or stalked Mat Kearney at some point in her life. (Just kidding!)

    Excellent interview. Kris just needs to a) have a connection to the interviewer or b) become a better actor so he can pretend it’s the first time hearing all the questions from the uninvolved, lazy interviewers or c) have his people prepare canned answers to the all the questions they think people might ask him so that he can be prepared for the uninvolved, lazy interviewers. (Kind of like trial prep, only it’s interview prep.) When he is relaxed enough to be himself, the interviewers seem to fall in love.

    Or maybe he’s just getting a lot better at it, and lack of sleep is starting to lose its effect on him. (No sleep at all in London? I’d be a bitch AND a basket case!)

  • Michelle

    Thanks for giving this interview its own post, MJ! Very informative, lots of great questions about Kris’ music and the work being done for the album. And TOUR!!! Yesssss!!!

  • Mtlfan

    Very good interview where we learn new stuff. It’s a rush album, so i’m not surprised he may pull his hair at times, but he seems quite happy though with the results which makes me happy :D
    in 2 weeks in cincinnati with The script… hell yes!

  • suebrody

    Great interview. Clearly the djay was informed and Kris was relaxed (and maybe not tired!). This was the best interview he has had since Idolatry, IMO.

  • colette

    Hmmm… did I say something wrong? Can’t find my last comment, in which I just wondered about Kris getting more TV coverage, and recalling that Taylor performed his first Post-Idol single on the usual rounds of TV chat shows — not that it helped so much, but might it help Kris?

  • yeahyeahsure

    EW interview with Kris:

    I love the Chris/Kris friendship! This fangirl is happy!

  • windmills

    What a great interview, Slezak comes through with great questions again!

    Red Guitar sounds intriguing and I hope Kris gets his way on that one.

    It’s great hearing him be excited and confident in the material he’s got. I really believe he’s working with the right people and whatever the album sells or doesn’t sell, I think it could turn out to be very good after all. I still he would’ve benefited from more time but it is what it is. It seems like he’s absorbed a lot from Chris, Mat, and Jon.

    Great job by Sheryl Stewart too with the questions. How cute that a truck driver helped him out with his Abbey Road picture!!

  • colette

    Man, Kris owes Slezak a classy dinner — at least! He’s been so loyal a supporter. And Kris is always witty in his presence: “Thanks for my nine cents” — love it!

    Tho I really have not a clue what this album will be like, especially given the surprising sound of the single. Chris Daughtry? I imagine they both have things in common (married, down-home boys) but musically?

  • cookcricket

    I was thinking Mat Kearney was originally from Portland? No?

  • sheryl_stewart

    Thanks for the comments! I’m glad you all enjoyed the interview. I did want to point out that 105.1 The Buzz is in Portland, OR. Kris talked about Nashville because that’s where he wrote with Mat and they went to dinner. I’ve been to Nashville a few times, so I knew the place Kris mentioned. Can’t wait to hear the music he and Mat, Chris, and Jon wrote together!
    Thanks again for the compliments! There are a few other interviews with American Idols on the Buzz website in the audioplayer on the front page.