Kris Allen Covers Prince’s “When Doves Cry” (VIDEO)

Kris Allen covered the Prince classic “When Doves Cry” last night in Annapolis, MD.

The American Idol season 8 winner has been performing a fan requested song every night on his “Out Alive” tour–hence, his need a for a cell phone lyric assist!

Check it out below. Dig the cool shades!

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  • girlygirltoo

    This was awesome, even with the improvised lyrics on the 2nd verse, haha. The guys are obviously having a blast on this tour…and so are the fans :)

  • Miss Chaos

    One of the strangest things I have seen, but for some weird reason, I watched and listened to it all the way thru.  I usually shut off a video when it starts, but this sucked me in lol.

  • dy

    That was fun! Going tonight, looking forward to it!

  • tierbee

    This is good stuff. I still think he’s so terribly underrated. He’s one of the few that I have liked more and more as time goes by after Idol :)

    Get to see his show tonight – FINALLY – will be the first time :) Looking forward to it. 

  • Linda Parish

    I woke up at 4 AM this morning and what a joy to watch this!  I was laughing and smiling so hard.  I love Kris and his band and can’t wait to go to his shows in Feb when they come to California.  Thank you, Kris for starting my day with this awesome and funny performance!

  • Jonins

    Gotta to say this. I always love that song but Kris gave me the fever watching this. His hips! His tight jeans! Ain’t gonna say more… so hot!!!

  • Miz

    So awesome! I know fans have wanted him to cover this for quite a while. Wish the sound was a bit better, but beggars can’t be choosers. I heard the video Nazi’s were out in force last night so I’m very very happy we got this.

    Kris has got some moves.
    LOL that Torres wouldn’t give up his sunglasses. :D

  • girlygirltoo

    Oh yay that you finally get to see him perform live. Hope you have fun! Let us know what you think

  • Sassycatz

    Very entertaining. Kris is such a little showman! Plus, I love Prince, so he gets points for having the good taste to cover him. Good job!

  • Linda Parish

    Here is the audio plus banter.

  • tierbee

    If you know anyone looking for a ticket, I have one extra. Person who was coming with me can’t go, hate for it to go to waste :) 

  • Eileen99

    The sunglasses are the perfect touch. Very Kris.

  • parsenip

    The sunglasses obviously ignite some mechanism in the hipbone.  LOL.  One song per show with sunglasses is now a requirement.

  • buffyloverlori

    Great that you get to go so awesome!!!!! Kris and his hip action and his moves are totally awesome. Of course his singing is just so freaking awesome, I laughed so hard watching that video. When we saw him Friday it was my kids first time seeing him and my 9 and 11 year old already liked Kris a lot, but my 15 year old only liked LLWD but after seeing him live she would love to see him again!!!!!!!!!!  They we’re so excited that when we got back to the hotel they couldn’t quit talking about the show. Kris is just so amazing live and his so funny that it’s really hard to have a bad time at his concert’s. 

  • nyc57

    Kris  just has so much fun in concert and it’s infectious.Love his voice on this and Kris really can dance.When his wrist heals,I hope he continues to put the guitar down for a few songs.he really moves well on stage.

  • nyc57

    By the way there were 2 girls with their mothers who could not get in last night because they were under 21.Kris’s manager tried but I guess state law prohibited it.They hung around and Kris had them backstage after the concert and sang for them.So sweet of Kris.

  • hoosiermama2

    Had me smiling and groovin’ in my seat! Great cover!

  • mzhallcat

    lmao Kris Allen you’re adorable! Kris’s vocals were A+ and he definitely amped up the sexy moves but seeing his personality & sense of humor front and center is priceless. So much fun watching his antics and watching the other band members unable to keep from laughing.  I am loving all these tour videos. Special thanks to all the fans for sharing their vids and thank you mj for posting.

  • rayni

    That was just so….GOOD! Fun, engaging, entertaining, sexy.  Like tierbee, I just like him more and more as time goes by. His voice owns me, love his band mates, and his personality is just icing on the cake.  I love so many idol alums but he’s become my favorite idol of all by far.

  • B

    “Here is the audio plus banter.”
    That link you gave has better sound than the video: It’s good to listen to while watching the video.

    Kris sounds great on this – and looks hot as always.

  • nekola

    This was such an unexpected surprise! I was there last night and as soon as I heard the first few bars, I was like OMG! Prince! He sounded fantastic — made up lyrics and all.

  • HopeForMusic

    What an amazing video!!  As mentioned, Kris just gets better and better, and he blows me away!  I’m getting to see him for the first time on this tour in Toronto, April 24th.  It’s almost like a dream that he’s finally coming to Canada, and I cannot wait!  I hope he has some of those moves for us, too! ;)

  • luly

    This is such a fun performance and Kris sounds great :D.

  • Ratna12

    I listened to the audio last night before the video surfaced, and I was grinning the whole time and watching the video was just priceless.
    Was he panicking when he lost the lyric page ? Noooooo ! Too funny.

    Have fun for the people who will see tonight’s show, especially the first timers.

    Also, those two girls under 21 that couldn’t come in for Kris’ show, the venue let them in to see just 1 song, and it was When Dove Cry. :DD

  • jasmine1111

    His personality is almost as cute & hot as he is.  Almost.  ; )

  • Miz

    Does anyone know if Kris came out and talked to those girls after the show? The one who was tweeting had such a great attitude about it. THey were happy they could at least hear him from outside and snag a glimpse when people opened the door. I was glad that they let them in for at least one song.

    Most young people (and quite a few adults) would be bitching up a storm. It was so refreshing to see.

  • Linda

    I was there last night , and yeah, Kris was dancing like I’ve never seen before. Couldn’t keep my eyes of of him. The crowd really got into his set. When they put the sunglasses on people thought they were going to sing I wear my sunglasses at night. I was beyond thrilled when I heard the music start and realized what it was. I LOVE that song and he and the band did an awesome job on it. What fun it was!  The set went by so quickly even though they performed for about an hour and a half. I couldn’t hang around afterwards because we had a two and a half hour drive home plus my hubby and I both worked today. Three hours sleep doesn’t cut it for me so if I’m rambling, forgive me. I couldn’t gush too much today because most people at work don’t even know who Kris is:(. Sure wish that would change. Kris never hits a bad note, his voice was so clear and perfect last night. So thanks for letting me go on and on.

  • Linda

    Oh, and by btw,  congrats to anyone who could get video. This one woman was stalking the place. A young woman at my table was taping on her phone and the woman tapped her on the shoulder and told her no videos. I did get the The River but as soon as it was over the lady told me to stop also. I do think she saw me the whole time but let me finish because the minute it was over she was on me. But thanks lady for letting me get the whole thing first. I don’t have a you tube channel and I’m not sure how to share the video. It was four part Heaven. Beautiful.

  • MargieIdol

    Yes, they got an extra M&G after the show. Both she and her mom tweeted to thank Kris for doing that.

  • MissMyEm

    I’ve never seen Kris so happy as he is now.   Loved the video.  Love the song.  It was a good choice for Kris…adlibbed lyrics and all.

  • Elizabeth

    I love reading all the comments and couldn’t agree more with all of them.  Like Ratna, I heard the song and the banter last night and loved it, but seeing the video is just priceless.  Thanks to all who are capturing these amazing videos from all the shows and thanks to MJ for posting them. 

    Can’t wait to hear what you think Tierbee after seeing Kris for the first time live.  He is an amazing performer.     

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris performed WDC again at tonight’s show. This time he had the lyrics for the 2nd verse on his phone :)

  • wordnerdarchie

    Kris performed WDC again at tonight’s show. This time he had the lyrics for the 2nd verse on his phone :)

    He needs DCook’s handy dandy teleprompter unit – he should hit him up for it, lol.

  • tierbee

    I had a great time – so glad I got to go! He puts on a great show – talented guy, talented band. I have both of his albums but I love what he does to the songs live. Was impressed, for sure, and will certainly catch him again if he comes back through town. And that a cappella “The River” = goosebumps. Was impressed with his presence, too. And don’t see how you can resist him, he just looks so darn *happy* to be performing. I liked him on Idol, and he was one of my favorites, but I’ve liked him more and more since then. He’s moved himself up towards the top of my “Favorite Idols Ever” leaderboard lol.

  • mtlfan2

    that was a fun cover :)

  • girlygirltoo


  • nyc57

    i did not realize kris was finally going to do a concert in Canada.So happy for you.

  • Ratna12

    Thanks tierbee for the show review. I was watching some of the Livestream and Kris and the band was on fire and the audience was great.

    nyc57: you missed all the flailings on twitter with the announcement that Kris is coming to Toronto. We are so happy for the Kris fans up north. I hope the show is a success so that Kris will come back next time.

  • Ratna12

    Here’s the video of When Doves Cry from Jammin’ Java, Vienna.

  • Happyhexer

    Delightful, absolutely delightful! Kris ought to lose the guitar more often!  ;-D

    Seriously, Kris looks so happy, comfortable, and confident.  He’s commanding the stage.  And humor is front and center. Definitely very different for Era #2.  He looks like he’s busted out of prison.  Hope the right label snaps him up ASAP.

  • Elizabeth

    So glad you had a great time – I knew you would.-:)  He is so much fun to watch perform live!!   

  • opalruby

    I’ve spent so much time in the last week watching Kris concert videos. Without the guitar you never know what he’s going to do next; it’s amazing how the cast doesn’t seem to hamper him at all.

    I love that Kris doesn’t take himself too seriously even while he’s being kind of awesome. This is hilarious but not in a mean way; more of an homage than a parody.

    And the shades are inspired. Reminds me of the ugly Christmas sweaters when he played LLWD on Letterman (I think). I wonder who comes up with these ideas?

  • dy

    Hey Miz, about the girls and the Annapolis show, Big Daddy arranged for a nice meet and greet with them and their moms and Kris after the show!

    Last night’s show in the Vienna was off the hook! The crowd was diverse age and gender-wise, with a ton of men, maybe 50/50 split! And people knew all the words to Paul Simon, that surprised me in a great way! Kris fed bigtime off the crowd energy. I agree with the comment that having to not use a guitar has actually freed him up and improved his performance skills. At the meet and greet by the way, he mentioned he is getting a smaller cast Friday and he is feeling better. My videos are up at if you want to check them out.

  • tierbee

    That whole cover made me smile. First of all, because it sounded great. But also they don’t take themselves seriously… and just were having a whole lot of fun with it. Good stuff. 

  • tierbee

    I’ve been to shows where the artist has crowd, and shows where they don’t… he had that one, for sure. I love shows with energy like that :)

  • girlygirltoo

    After eight straight shows, they have a day off today. Hope they get some rest & get to enjoy wherever they are staying. They’ll be in NC for a show tomorrow

  • Shoriagirl

    Kris booking agent should realize that they need to book shows at the venues that allow young people.  Kris has a lot of young fans.

  • girlygirltoo

    I think it had to do with Maryland liquor laws. Last night’s show in Virginia was also  21+, but people under 21 were allowed to attend the show — they just got wristbands or something to indicate to the bartenders and servers not to give them any alcohol.

    At many 21+ venues, underaged people can get in, either alone or if accompanied by an adult. That’s why everyone has to show their ids, so the venue staff can identify the people who are too young to buy/drink alcohol.

  • nyc57

    I missed a lot because I went to 3 Kris concerts and then went to see Al Pacino on B’way (Christmas gift}.The train schedule is so bad that i got home after 4 in the morning after All in less then a week.Worth it though.

  • siennalily

    Yay! I’m finally able to post. I’ve been having issues in that department lately. I have been following Kris and band on this tour and I’ve been so impressed with him and his perseverance despite his injury. The last videos of the show in Vienna VA were so great. That crowd was really rocking and it seemed like Kris was feeding off of their energy. Thanks to MJ and to everyone who keep us updated on Kris. He is amazing!