Kris Allen Covers Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” (VIDEO)

Kris Allen covered Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” last night in a hometown concert stop in Little Rock Arkansas.

Check it out below.

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  • BigNLiddle

    Love it!!

  • girlygirltoo

    Very nice job. I especially like it when Kris uses his lower register. 

  • vtu

    This is definitely one of my favorites of all the covers Kris has done.

  • nncw

    I really think his voice is unique as well as the way he interprets a song. I am really enjoying the acoustic nature of his performances on this tour because I think the harmonies are emphasized. 

  • luly

    I think that Kris sounds amazing!

  • Miz

    Love love love it! Very cool that he did the Timbaland part too.

  • Elizabeth

    Loving this – and especially loving the way Kris continues to entertain us.  His moves and his vocals just keep getting better and better. :)

    Thanks for posting MJ.

  • mtlfan2

    aw love that cover!!

  • lovetheusa1776

    Love this cover – great performance.

  • Linda

    I just loved this! The ease with which Kris goes from his upper register to normal and then the lower register is amazing. I’ve always adored hearing him sing in a lower voice. I think back to when he did the Johnny Cash song I walk the Line at some event.  Great job Kris!

  • almondean88

    I love this cover!!  When Kris drops into his lower register it made me think of his cover of Johnny Cash’s “I Walk the Line”.  He sang it last Father’s Day in his church.  Never guessed then how soon Kris would be “Dad” on Father’s Day

  • tripp_ncwy
  • Sam

    I love this cover! I don’t even like Justin Timberlake’s songs but Kris made it so wonderful. I wish I could have been there to hear it live!

  • girlygirltoo

    If you are interested in seeing some fantastic photos from last night, check out (@)juliedawnivy ‘s twitter page. She’s a really talented photographer.

  • zaclona77

    THAT… was AWESOME, AMAZING and ASTONISHING!!! *applauds*

    (for the sake of full disclosure I would like to add that Mr. Allen’s qualities otherwise tend to let me quite cold, though Mr. Timberlake does it for me every time)

  • Ratna12

    Kris is just amazing, so much fun to hear all these songs covered by him.

  • hellomusicgirl

    I am a big JT fan, love the original version and LOVE this cover! Wow, Kris. Super well done. And love the crowd singing along. 

    Looks like a great crowd for his “hometown” show. Seems like the tour is going really well!

  • MissMyEm

    I’m not a JT fan at all so I never heard this song and had to play it on YouTube before I listened to Kris’ version.  I’m still not a JT fan but I think Kris did a really nice interpretation.   The close up youtube is even better than the first one and it was the gal’s first video.

  • Triskel4

    Bravo Mr. Allen.  Bravo.

  • mzhallcat

    Well, I am beyond impressed! Seriously, how does Kris and the guys choose a request in the afternoon and a few hours later perform it so well live. Love this cover!

    You know, as more Kris interviews are surfacing, it seems the damage to Kris’s wrist was more extensive than his upbeat attitude led us to believe.

  • mzbet

    Love that lower register! It’s a pleasant surprise when he pulls that out since he doesn’t do it often.  The request songs adds such a fun element of anticipation to his show of what will he chose to cover that night. 

  • milwlovesadam

    Kris is really showing his versatility lately. Guess having to focus on vocals and performance style is a good side effect of his wrist injury. I am not being snarky here, he just has to put his focus on not using his guitar, and it is having a great bonus effect.

  • nyc57

    Another incredible cover by Kris and his band,but now I’m hoping he does an original song on this tour.

  • parsenip

    Just going to write something similar.  I’m diggin frontman Kris.  I love guitar and piano Kris too and wouldn’t want that to go away, but this set-up really works.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Came back to listen to the closer-up version – even better.  (Who cares about the guitar – just keep performing like this.)

  • Miz

    Wow! Julie’s photos are gorgeous.

  • mmmtx

    I’m not even a Kris Allen fan and this was fantastic! Needs an original song like this to hit the radio and he’d be in the big time.

  • HappyDaisy_2

    This is sooo good!
    Kris’ Thank You Camillia album deserves more attention.  Wish I could see him on tour.  I’ve come to appreciate Kris and his music more and more over time. 

    GO KRIS!

  • MissMyEm

    They’re beautiful.  I especially love the one where she says he’s channeling his inner Elvis.  LOL

  • Indigobunting

    I bought a little of Kris’s music before, but wouldn’t have attended a concert.

    But that has changed-because of the Christmas Amazon digital sale and a credit, I basically received Thank You Camellia free.  But it certainly was worth full price; I think it is a very good album. So I think I would be interested in a concert if he comes my way (he’s been here a couple times before at nice smaller venues).

    And he certainly seems like a very nice guy-donating his time for Danny Gokey’s charity cruise, and the whole request thing for fans-I am impressed how he learns a song in a day and does a pretty decent job of it.

  • Shoriagirl

    Kris’ range is unbelievable, he and the band did a great job with this song! 

  • Elizabeth

    When I watched the videos from the Orlando show this past week, I couldn’t get over how much Kris reminded me of Elvis when he did Shut That Door.  Looks like someone else thinks so too – must be those swivel hips. 

  • Miz

    Indigobunting, there’s a good chance he’ll be in your area. Check out his facebook events page or events.

    He appears to add new dates almost daily.

    He is mindblowingly good live. The videos are great but don’t even come close to how fantastic he sounds. I hope you get a chance to see him. He’s also keeping the price very affordable.

  • Incipit

    So I don’t know Timberlake, and I didn’t know someone had done a song using the title of the 1955 Classic jazzy blues ballad, “Cry Me A River”. It did seem a bit odd for Kris to be singing the one that I knew, even if it had been covered by thirty or forty well-known artists since ’55….and even used in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  Heh. 

    So, I see he didn’t, somebody is just using the title…I guess I’ll drop by youtube and listen to what this other song sounds like before I listen to what Kris sounds like, singing this other song…


  • Eileen99

    Loved this cover.  JT songs are a great vibe for him, he can really pull off the R&B-type stuff well.

  • Axxxel

    yeah… if I am not mistaken, in an interview posted on this blog, Kris said that it will take at least 5 months for his wrist to heal  :-(

  • B

    Sounds great! I’m going to see him in Seattle – yea!

  • Indigobunting

    Thanks so much for the link :) None in my area though :(
    Perhaps he will expand the tour, I noticed it just runs into June and is lighter on the Midwest to East area so maybe he will hit those areas later. Perhaps after the birth of his child…..

    I actually considered the cruise, but since I attended the first year of the cruise-my family would rebel if I took off again on my own vacation! 

    But I’ll definitely keep an eye out. 

  • lovetheusa1776

     Agree – absolutely great live (saw in Annapolis).

  • roarpen

    Cover of song: B+
    Kris’ lower register on the song: A
    Effect of tight pants: A+
    Overall effect: A++ (damn sexy – and this from one who has not been an active fan – go Kris go – whew) *fans self

  • girlygirltoo

    you should also check out his tour schedule on his booking agent’s site, because some of those dates haven’t been added to his FB or to the street team site yet.

  • girlygirltoo

    bunch of pictures from last night’s concert:

  • Linda Parish

    “Oh, the damage is done, so I guess I’ll be leaving” gave me goosebumps!  I love when Kris sings in his lower register and also love his falsettos!

  • AlissaSouk

    I love it.  Kris is awesome as always

  • Elizabeth

    Kris is so photogenic.  From the pictures it looked like a fun crowd.  Sure hope some more videos from last night’s show surface.    

  • tripp_ncwy
  • Ratna12

    I love to hear Kris sings a cover, but why does he not include My Weakness in his set ? I need to ask him that. I want to hear that one, live.

  • girlygirltoo

    Could be lots of reasons. He’s not doing TVOL either, and that was his single.

  • snappp

    I remember when Kris first performed “Shut That Door” at the Viper Room in LA, it became more obvious to me than before that he had an Elvis energy about him that he started to even look like him. Even without swivel hips lol

  • linsmile

    Finally got to listen!  Of course, I love it.  Good to know JT fans approve.  Love the falsetto and the lower range – it’s all good!   

  • hoosiermama2

    Ditto what linsmile said!

    Glad Kris had a few days at home to relax before he heads to the southwest.

  • nekola

    I have listened to this so many times already. Love, love, love the lower register and falsetto.

  • lovetheusa1776

    Such a sweet, quiet, lovely performance – don’t know why people have to shriek in the middle of it.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • YaminaC

    I am so impressed with the versatility of Kris’ band. Kris has got to be the most underrated Idol winner – he has astounding musicality, a joyful aura and an impressive familiarity of the full pop spectrum.

  • Elizabeth

    Great videos.  I sure hope there’s more.  You can tell Kris is just itching to be playing the guitar again the way he was helping Cale out. 

  • seldomused

    I really liked this.

    I don’t watch many of Kris’s videos but since this one had a lot of comments, I figured it must be good and it was. 

  • durbesque

    I can think of a good reason to leave MW and TVOL out of a live concert.  They suck.

  • siennalily

    I’m so sad that I had to work and miss Kris at the Rev Room. I’ve been wanting to see him play there forever because it’s such a fun venue. I know people get loud and rowdy there but it’s all part of the fun. I’m not a big JT fan but this is a nice cover. I’m so glad that Arkansas came out for Kris.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Sorry to hear that but you have two more chances.  He has AR shows in Fayetteville 3/7 George’s Majestic Lounge and Russellville 4/12 Russellville Performing Arts Center.

  • siennalily

    I know! I saw the dates in Fayetteville and Russelville and I’m hoping to make at least one of them. I just love the Rev Room though. It’s kind of divey and rowdy but its a blast to see a show in. I saw on twitter that Kris is checking in with the Dr. Today about his wrist. Hoping for good news!

  • Valarie

    I am so glad that Kris is using his lower register. His speaking voice is as deep as Scotty’s, so we knew those notes were possible.

  • tripp_ncwy
  • Susie Evans

    Incredible. What more could u say?