Kris Allen Car Crash Photo (YIKES) (UPDATED CRASH DETAILS)

YIKES. Ya’ll probably know by now that Kris Allen and his pregnant wife Katy were in a head on car collision yesterday.

Neil Allen, tweeted a photo of his son’s car post crash. “And they walked away. Well limped away but are alive and we are thankful for that. Crumple zones / Thank you Ford.”

Thank you Ford, indeed. The front end was totally wrecked, but the damage never reached the windshield. Obviously, Kris and Katy were wearing seat belts…

UPDATE: Details on the crash from FOX 16. Kris and Katy were hit by a driver that crossed the median. Kris is scheduled for surgery on his broken wrist on Friday.

Kim Allen says Kris and his wife Katy were leaving her home in Maumelle when another driver crossed the median into their lane and hit them head-on.

Kim Allen says both Kris and Katy were lucky to be wearing their seatbelts and that the airbags deployed.

Kris suffered a broken wrist and he’s expected to have surgery Friday.

Arkansas State Police tell FOX16 a driver hit Kris and Katy Allen head-on at the I40 Morgan/Maumelle exit Tuesday night around 6:20 p.m.

According to ASP, that other driver received a citation for careless driving.

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  • Eileen99

    That picture is frightening. Ugh, makes me sick to my stomach. Thank God they are all OK.

  • Robert Anton

    Terrible but glad to hear they’re Ok

  • Sassycatz

    Wow. I wonder what happened to the other “guy.” 

  • Bobbi

    So glad they are okay. Amazing that they walked away from that!

  • girlygirltoo

    Very very lucky they weren’t hurt more seriously. Their car was pretty much totaled.

  • Luz Mae Salvador

    Whoa!! scary! 

  • parsenip

    I hear you Eileen99.  It’s amazing how the front is completely demolished but the door panel doesn’t look like it has a scratch. 

  • MissMyEm

    That picture would have scared the bejeebers out of me had it been posted before we heard he was okay.  They were all so very lucky.   And I am so very grateful that only a broken wrist was sustained.  Ridgefield Playhouse tweeted that the show was still on.   What a trooper Kris is.   Sorry but have to say this…how can you not admire this guy?   For me, virtually impossible.    Love to Kris and his family.   I am waiting to hear about the surgery.   I have not seen anything as yet.

  • nyc57

    No wonder why Kris thanked Ford.It’s amazing that a broken wrist was the only injury.It makes me happy that I have a Ford.I’m not that religious,but I do think God was looking out for them.

  • mtlfan2

    scary! glad they made it without more injuries

  • Kirsten


    Thank goodness for crumple zones.

    Glad to hear that everybody is safe (if a little banged up).

  • Kirsten


    Thank goodness for crumple zones.

    Glad to hear that everybody is safe (if a little banged up).

  • Miz

    Those pictures are pretty scary. THey are so lucky to walk away from that.

     I’m surprised we have yet to see any police reports or details on the accident beyond what Kris and his family have tweeted.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris’ Management

    Lindsay @LindsayPGE
    some things: 1) the #outalive tour is very much happening and now we just need kris to stop taking the theme so literally.

    #2) our apologies for the lack in KAO updates but the site is currently being revamped and will be brand spanking new in the near future.

    #3) keep checking kris’ facebook for updates until the new site goes live.

  • tripp_ncwy

    AR Fox16 News:  

    Kris Allen in head-on wreck in Maumelle

    “MAUMELLE, AR – Season 8 American Idol winner Kris Allen has been involved in a car wreck according to family members.

    Kim Allen says Kris and his wife Katy were leaving her home in Maumelle when another driver crossed the median into their lane and hit them head-on.

    Kim Allen says both Kris and Katy are doing fine. They were lucky to be wearing their seatbelts and the airbags deployed.

    Allen’s mother is at the hospital with them now.

    Kris suffered a broken arm and he’s expected to have surgery Thursday.”

  • mtlfan2

    that split second when you see that another car is driving right into you … that must be so scary!!!

  • fantoo1

    Yikes that is scary. They are lucky that it wasn’t more serious and that they are alive!

    On another note…is this the Ford he got from idol?

  • Connie

    The “main drag” in Maumelle is Maumelle Blvd.  Speed limit is 30-40 mph depending on where you are but not everyone observes the limits.  Arkansas was hit by that big snowstorm Christmas Day and has had below freezing temps.  There are a lot of slick spots and black ice on that road when it gets nasty.  (I drove it daily for 7 years).  No telling what happened.  Glad Kris, Katy, Zorro and the baby are okay and hope the other vehicle’s occupants are, too.

  • Klaine

    was this the car he won on Idol?

  • mzbet

    The more I look at those pictures, the more I realize just how extremely lucky they all were to have survived that crash. Life is so precious and can be taken in the blink of an eye.

  • HopeForMusic

    That is unbelievable that there were no serious injuries.  I feel such a profound sense of relief that they will be okay.  I can’t imagine what it was like for them, as I feel a little shook just hearing about it and then seeing that photo.

  • fantoo1

    I wonder what happened to the other car and the person in there.

  • Eileen99

    No, he won a Focus Hybrid on Idol. I think this was the Escape which I *think* he got for doing the Ford commercials.

  • hoosiermama2

    Scary images of the car! It doesn’t look like the car he won on Idol. If I remember correctly, he opted for a black Ford Fusion (4-door sedan) and this silver one looks more like an SUV (Escape?).

  • Ratna12

    So grateful that Kris and family came out alive from that accident.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Update: KARK 4 News (Police Report)

    Update: Other Driver Cited in Pulaski Co. Accident That Injured Kris Allen & His Wife

    “As Poynter crossed over I-40 she collided with a vehicle driven by Kris Allen, who was attempting to merge from the Maumelle/Highway 365 interchange onto I-40 (west).”

  • girlygirltoo

    Other driver cited for “careless driving”. I guess the charges must depend on the severity of the injuries as well as the cause of the accident?

  • smiller2851

    I am so happy that Kris and his “family” survived this horrendous looking car crash.  Thank you, Car–so glad you held up for the Allens.

  • tripp_ncwy

    AR Local Fox 16 News will have a special report tonight.

    @kellykdudzik: Tonight at 5 I’m live with an update on how @KrisAllen is doing after his car crash in Maumelle. #ai #idol

  • Loretta

    Seeing those pictures has me feeling ill.  So so thankful that Kris, Katy, Zorro pup and baby Allen are all alive.

    Praise be.

  • JudyOhio

    That looks like a serious, SERIOUS collition.  Thank God they are alive.  Hope no further internal injuries crop up and they heal as soon as possible.  My thoughts and prayers are with them. 

  • tripp_ncwy

    Update AR Fox 16:  
    Kris Allen in head-on wreck in Maumelle

    “Kris suffered a broken wrist and he’s expected to have surgery Friday.”

    “The Allen family wants fans to know both Kris and Katy are resting and are thankful for your thoughts and prayers.’

    ETA: Conflicting days for Kris’ surgery.

  • blackberryharvest

    Is he going to stay at the hospital up until the surgery? Or is he home now?

  • Axxxel

    I think it is better for him to stay at the hospital… they need to do some preparations for the surgery and he can rest also.

  • Pippygirl

    Kris and Katy are very lucky to be alive (so is the person who hit them). I hope his surgery goes well with no complications.

    ETA: I forgot Zorro! He’s lucky too.

  • Happyhexer

    All depends on the state.  But usually careless driving vs. reckless driving depends on the mens rea (state of mind) element of the person who was cited/charged.  Ditto, if there had been a fatality, criminally negligent homicide vs. manslaughter.  Yes, severity of injuries & cause of accident factor in.  In some cases, there might be no charges.  But if the driver was under the influence of intoxicants (DUI/DWI), the driver could be charged with assault as well as DUI/DWI.

    (P.S.) I am SO glad Kris wasn’t seriously injured, and I am praying for his speedy recovery. I take it Katy and the baby are fine? What a near miss (in terms of the potential harm from that accident). So scary!

  • Shoria

    Wow, this looks horrific.  So thankful that they walked away from that, although the effects may develop later if there are small impact fractures/tears of bones, muscles and nerves.  They are young, so they should be OK.  Psychologically, it maybe very traumatic, too.  Good luck to them!

  • Celeste

    The side and front glass weren´t destrpyed thanks tothe collapsable motor  system that know is part of almost every car, and they were lucky to be wearing the seatbell, if you don´t use it the safety bags wpuldnpt have activated. From my experience, I used to work  with car marketing departmaent and we study the safety of the models, Kris arm injury should have come from the strength Kris aply to keep the car on route….

  • Miz

    I’m more inclined to think the injury to his arm was from the impact of the airbag and the position of his hands on the steering wheel.

    I wonder why they keep moving the surgery date, or if it’s just miscommunication. That’s not giving him a lot of time before he goes out on the road.

  • Celeste

    Maybe the muscle is to swollen to operate, of he has something like a flue, I think they can´t operate under those circumstances

  • Karen C

    I don’t know, but I wonder if they are waiting for a hand specialist, there are even some that work specifically on musicians.

  • flactyguy

    The airbag will always deploy regardless of whether the seatbelts are fastened or not with some rare exceptions that involve child seats in the front…where they should never be.

  • dy

    That is my thought, they are (hopefully) looking for the best possible hand specialist they can get. 

    From personal experience (near head-on where I had a bad hand injury) – he’s probably on pain meds now, and will have a bit of rehab type exercises to go with the surgery. I remember being instructed to keep my hand up and above my heart – obviously if he gets similar instructions, that will make doing a show interesting at best.

    Another thought to add to the questions about the charges. I’m not a lawyer, but in my case, a drunk driver was at fault. That driver obviously faced those criminal DUI charges, but I also sued her successfully in a civil court for damages. So it is possible that a civil suit may be another result of this crash as well.

  • mtlfan2

    they should be waiting for a specialist. Got to be an orthopedic surgeon specialized in that field. My mom has a problem subsequent to a broken wrist and when i was looking for an orthopedic surgeon, I realized they were splitted into sub fields

  • Karen C

    Right. I knew a musician once that had hand surgery, and the dr was a local one, not a specialist with experience with musicians, and he had some damage.  He later found out that he should have gone to a hand surgeon that had experience with musicians.

  • durbesque

    I would worry about Kris on the road before he’s completely healed.  It’s rough, hard work, always subject to accidents, and tiring even when you’re 100%.  I won’t be surprised to hear of cancellations/postponements.

  • tripp_ncwy

    In AR the driver that is determined to be “at-fault” bear the the financial responsibility for all injuries to all persons involved and property damage stemming from the accident. You file a claim whether through your own insurance co. or directly to the at-fault person’s insurance co. or file a civil suit.

  • Karen C

    Yeah, I hope he does the best thing for himself. 

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, after seeing the picture of the car, I’m just thankful Kris, Katy and Zorro, weren’t hurt any worse than what was reported.  Hoping his surgery goes well and he’s feeling better really soon. 

  • mzhallcat

    Late to the party and there is a lot of Kris news to absorb at one time but Holy Crap that photo clearly shows the potential for serious bodily harm. Surely an angel was in that car with his wings wrapped protectively around Kris and Katy. Sooooo relieved the injuries were not life threatening. Praying for a quick recovery for Kris, Katy, and the passengers in the other auto.

    On a happier note, I can’t wait to see a little Kris mini-me (or Katy mini-me). Congrats to Kris and Katy!!

  • Don

    just imaging if either one was going just another 10 miles a hour faster.  OUCH

  • Happyhexer

    I’m thinking they are trying to schedule Kris’ surgery with an orthopedist specializing in hands/wrists.  It can make a huge difference. 

    For example, Casey James was seriously injured in an accident, pre-Idol. I think his docs were aware that he was musician who played guitar, and that made a difference in how he was treated.  In any event, Casey was very lucky, made a miraculous recovery, and thanked his doctors on his Top 3 visit to his hometown.

    I certainly hope that Kris is making sure he gets the best possible medical care.  And that he makes a full and speedy recovery!  And yes, as far as the tour is concerned, I want Kris to make the decision that is best for his long-term health.  

  • fuzzywuzzy

    So glad to hear that Kris and Katy survived this horrific accident. The images of Kris’ demolished car really tell the story of how lucky they were to escape this accident with injuries that were not more life-threatening. The way that they design and manufacture cars these days to absorb most of the impact of such collisions really saved their lives.

    Also, congrats to Kris and Katy on their pregnancy!

  • shell29

    Happy to see that Kris, Katy, Zorro (and baby Allen) were not seriously injured as a result of this collision.  Scary stuff.

  • girlygirltoo

    I saw a tweet this morning that news of the accident and baby made the newspaper in Sweden.

    And in the Netherlands, too:

    It is always interesting to see how news about American Idol alums gets reported outside of the US

  • Miz

    That makes sense. When I was injured my orthopedic surgeon also called in a neurologist. It probably is an issue of getting all the right specialists scheduled.

  • girlygirltoo

    His tour starts next Tuesday, so they are working on a very tight schedule in terms of doing the surgery and allowing him to recover a bit before hitting the road. Hopefully that won’t negatively affect anything.

  • too-cool-for-school

    That is so awful and scary. Thank God they made it and hopefully without any longterm injuries and pain that will plague them going forward or creep back up on them later on. And my goodness, they’re having a baby. This is a lot to process!

    Well wishes to all of the Allen’s! I can only imagine how difficult this has been. Still so glad they are ok, and hoping the same for those that were in the other car.

  • Jonins

    Here in the Philippines, one TV news channel reported the accident on air (unfortunately wasn’t able to see it coz some idiot distracted me). Now it’s on a major broadsheet paper. So yah, Idol news is so in here. And am happy that Kris is still relevant here (enough Jessica Sanchez hehehe) :-)

  • girlygirltoo

    Several Ford-related twitters (dealerships, etc) have retweeted Kris’ tweet thanking the car company for protecting his family.

  • lexa

    They should give him a new car for the press!

  • MissMyEm

     It’s Friday, so if the surgery is happening today, we should hear.  I’m kind of biting my nails about this.  I’m hoping everything goes okay.  Regarding postponing the tour…I guess as long as he can sing, he’ll do it.  Kris has always been a trooper with a “show must go on” attitude.   Good, bad or indifferent, that’s Kris.   He probably doesn’t want to disappoint the fans more than anything.  All I care about is his recovery.   But as someone said…Kris probably already discussed this with his doctors and it’s most likely okay for him to do.