Kris Allen and Jamar Rogers join Danny Gokey’s Sophia’s Heart Cruise

A few Season 8 Idol alums are joinging Danny Gokey on his 2013 Cruise for Sophia’s Heart. More detail at Sophia’s Heart.Org

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  • s k

    This cruise doesn’t even take place until next year and the fine print says tickets non-refundable and artists subject to change…. no thanks Danny.  In looking at Sophia’s Heart website this doesn’t even look like a legitimate charity.  They give zero details on where their money goes.  They didn’t even give out a scholarship in 2011 or 2012.

  • Anonymous

    If they are going in the Carnival Sensation, why do they show on the flyer the Regent’s Seven Seas Navigator.

  • too-cool-for-school

    Going on a cruise always sounds like hell on earth to me. I would need a vacation FROM that kind of vacation. 8)

    If for charity, I guess it’s cool that Kris is involved but it just makes me wish that he had more shows presently and nearer to me. I want to see him and the band again but his appearances keep moving farther and farther away.. even so far as the Bahamas! ;)

    @TeamIdol – Ha! Hopefully an oversight? What if everyone that buys tickets winds up on the wrong ship and can’t get their money back?

  • Anonymous

    nice that Kris and Jammar join Danny for this!

  • Tess

    Do either Kris or Danny perform outside of the charity circuit these days?  No argument with their good intentions but it has become, for me, something of a charity circuit or perish kind of thing and doesn’t say much, to me, of their ability to get enough for profit gigs to keep them viable. And yes, my cynicism is showing. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it lol.  Cruises are lots of fun.  Better food generally than resorts, a different port every day, lots of activities and entertainment which is also at a higher standard generally than at resorts.  That said, this charity cruise leaves me wondering … 

    Most cruises cancellations and refunds are available up to like 30 days before.  So Unless you are a big Danny, Kris or Jamar fan, without knowing how the charity operates, where the money goes and no refunds I can’t imagine ever booking.  Meh.

  • Indigobunting

    Please be accurate before stating something as fact-  What are your sources?  The charity is a registered 401C tax deductible charity and they have the same reporting requirements that any charity has.  Why would big donors like Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts (as well as some Idol alum you may know ;) ) donate?  And I’m sure Mr. Kris Allen is not involved in some scam-putting himself out there (admirably) to help the charity ;)

    And so not true about your scholarship claim- 

    Kevin Johnson from Iowa received a Scholarship for Biotechnical Medical Engineering-I was at a 2011 concert where they presented him-awesome young kid who has congenital heart disease and been through multiple surgeries.

    And here are pictures of two (they gave out FOUR this year) of the 2012 scholarship recipients- Espoire Habimana from Chicago  is a refugee from the Congo, where his mother as well as many family members were slaughtered. His goal is to work for the United Nations.

    The Nashville homeless shelter houses families (traditional, fractured, single mothers, etc) until they can ‘graduate’ after job skills, etc training.  I believe they have ‘graduated’ about 10 families the past year or two.  And the FBI has had talks about working with Danny to house victims of sex trafficking.

    All in all, a very worthy legitimate Charity-whether you are a Fan or Anti-fan of Mr. Gokey :)

  • too-cool-for-school

    Haha, I hate to shut something down so quickly but I’m sure about this one. Everyone I know that has been on one got really sick or had horror stories about other people on the cruise. xD And I don’t like boats very much. =D

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this would be more accurate if Kris didn’t perform at a show in New York this past Saturday.  He hasn’t had a lot of shows since his album was released, but most of the ones that he’s had, including the last one, and the one for the Red Sox charity, have all been radio related.  Another two were for Tanger.

  • s k

    Indigo – perhaps Sophia’s Heart should update THEIR website with more current information because according to that site they haven’t given a schalorship since 2010 and then they only have one listed recipent. 

    The charity seems very muddled to me.  Homeless kids, human trafficking, kids with medical problems, etc.

    As for the cruise I’d never strand myself in the middle of the ocean on a ship regardless of who the entertainment might be. 

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like boats and are prone to sea sickness, then no a cruise is not for you lol.  To those of us that don’t suffer those afflictions, cruises are a great alternative to days on end in the same resort :p

  • Anonymous

    Kris just headlined a show for one of the HAC stations in NYC on Saturday. There was easily more than 1,000 people at that show (I was one of them). He has actually done several non-charity-related shows since his single came out. 

    And didn’t Danny just do a show? I thought I saw something about it in the headlines thread last week. I don;t know whether that was for charity, though

  • gian

    “tickets non-refundable and artists subject to change”

    LOL at fans pointing out the fine print. #GokeyAllenfansunite.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been on both Danny Gokey cruises and I never got sick, although I heard that a few folks did on the first cruise.  And also there was a delay on the first cruise because of fog in the port of Tampa.  The second cruise had a better ship (IMO) and left from Miami (no fog, yay!).  I guess the third will leave from Port Canaveral.

    Cruises are not uncommon for artists nowadays.  For example, Blake Shelton and Montgomery Gentry are doing or have done cruises in the past.  It’s a great way to meet a lot of your fellow fans and interact with the artists.  You never know when you’ll run into the artists, either.  During the lifeboat drill on the second cruise, I ended up with Danny, his wife and her friend, and Danny’s keyboardist Brandon Fraley standing right next to me.  Danny’s wife got a reminder to turn off her smart phone so she could listen, lol.

    In addition to the concerts by the artists (and excursions when the ship docks in the destination port(s)), they will be offering such things as dinner with Danny or a room serenade, etc.  Although the ones I have done involved Danny, there were offerings from Matt Giraud, and I am certain there will be offerings from Kris Allen and Jamar Rogers as well.  In fact, it would be helpful if Kris or Jamar fans tweeted or blogged about what kinds of offerings they would like to see on the cruise.

    I think it is sweet of Kris and Jamar to join Danny on his cruise to benefit Sophia’s Heart.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see you set the record straight, Indigobunting!  Knew I could count on you to have the links!


  • Anonymous

    So much for the speculation that Kris hates Danny, eh?

  • Anonymous

    I can certainly understand if someone thinks the charity’s goals are
    muddled because the charity focuses on a number of different things, but
    please remember, it was designed to honor Danny’s late wife, Sophia, not to target one
    specific ill.  The charity maintains music and arts programs for
    disadvantaged students in both Milwaukee and Nashville; gives out
    scholarships every year to students who have overcome or risen above a
    problem (that varies — I’ve seen scholarship recipients in the past
    with medical problems, or someone like Espoire, who had some of his family members massacred in Burundi); takes in the homeless at its shelter in Nashville and provides respite and training for them.  I know several people who have toured the Nashville homeless facility, and I have seen the Sophia’s Heart Children’s Choir perform in Milwaukee.  The kids are great!  Don’t know anything about human trafficking victims, though.  So not sure where that stands.  Danny may throw in a thing or two as needed.  I know he set up a temporary facility to give out supplies to those recovering from the Nashville flood a while back.  Having been in a flood myself, I can attest that the supplies were very practical and needed.

    In sum, Sophia’s Heart may not be everyone’s cup of tea as far as charities go, but it most definitely is a legitimate charity.  

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I read on the other thread that Gary LeVox cancelled from last year’s cruise (after tons of advertising) and Matt Giraud replaced him. Does anyone know why Gary cancelled? What happened?

  • Anonymous

    I’m as sad about Kris on a Cruise as I was about Bo in Branson.  Two of my past favorites on the skids. 

    They’ll never get me on a ship.  I’m afraid of pirates.

  • Anonymous

    I’d feel better about this if Kris would announce a fall tour and a new single. Then it would be one of many events on his schedule going forward. I hope fans go, but I won’t (I don’t do cruises either!). 

  • Anonymous

    This sounds odd.  I could understand your post better if the topic was Kris being hired to perform on a cruise ship, but that isn’t the case.  Even then, he’d probably be getting paid more than some people make in a year, but in this situation he’s helping out a friend’s charity.

    Why don’t we a a while to see what he’s doing career wise. Or at least until we are a few days removed from his last concert.

  • steph6449

    s k,

    Sophia’s Heart has multiple online sites, as do most organizations these days.

    The more recent scholarship winners were announced on the SH Facebook, it’s as simple as that.

    Hannah W

    Jasmine B.

  • Pam G.

    Fuzzy Wuzzy-
    I believe Rascal Flatts booked their own cruise later that same month, so it was either just too much cruising for Gary or a conflict re his management. But speculation, of course.

    Durbesque- I think Kris and Jamar are doing this because they are friends of Danny’s (just like Matt Giraud did for Danny last year), they know how much he cares about Sophia’s Heart (and perhaps they admire/support the cause itself) -not because it is any kind of career move for either of them.  And maybe because they will have fun doing a cruise for free in February with friends :)

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of artists who are doing performances on cruises these days, including some pretty big names. It seems to be a new promotional/marketing tool and another way to interact with fans. It isn’t like they have been hired as lounge singers on the Love Boat, or something. 

    And this is for charity, anyway — has nothing to do with the state of anyone’s career.

  • newinNM

    Love cruising, going on my 13th in two weeks, celebrating the 30th anniversary of our 1st date, can’t wait.  One thing many cruise line do not have is good entertainment, Kris would be a HUGE step up from most ship board singers.  If I was looking for a Bahama cruise in February I would look into this one.

  • steph6449

    Danny has mostly been focused on song-writing the past month or two and with his process to get a new label worked out.  Before that, he seems to have spent most of this year on extended honeymoon and fundraising, developing programs for his non-profit.

    He did have a date this weekend, playing with full band about a 90-minute set at an outdoor event. It wasn’t a charity event per se, although there was a charity tie-in (breast cancer cause).

    It will be nice to see Danny back out touring more regularly, hopefully with new songs and a new label behind him. He said something this weekend about aiming at spring 2013 for a new album. How likely that is, no idea.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t follow Kris but I never heard some speculation that he HATED Danny. Or was there any?

  • hillstreetblooz

     It doesn’t feel or seem like he’s still signed to a major label… Kris is practically invisible to the music public… if he’s still able to tread water doing cruises and whatnot to make a living, more power to him. Bigger names than he are practically in the same boat – no pun intended.

  • Miz

    Kris is still signed to RCA. He just did a private gig for Yahoo last week and Lyndsey Parker did a 4 part interview with him that will begin on Sept. 4th. 

    The week before he did a concert with the Berklee School of Music in Boston. It must have been a big deal. There was a HUGE billboard (may have been a video billboard) in Times Square with him on it.

    Kris isn’t ‘treading water’ doing cruises. He is helping a friend/associate with their charity. I think that is admirable. One thing Kris has said repeatedly was that he wanted to be able to help others through his music. He is doing that rather admirably.

  • Anonymous

    Like any young Non-Profit, Sophia’s Heart has some growing pains— like keeping it’s webpages updated, etc.  But it is a very active and honorable charity. 

    In Milwaukee, the Music and Dance program, which instructs 25 to 30 urban youth in each of 3 sessions a year, is supported by corporations like the Brewers, the Forest County Potawatomi Tribe, the NW Mutual, WaterStone Bank and others.  In Nashville they have had a completely different set of supporters and an active family program for homeless families trying to get back on their feet. Plus a youth Music and Arts program. So far, SHF has granted eight scholarships.

    The use of the SHF funds have been independently audited since 2009 and reported and posted on the States of WI and TN Charitable License websites and to the IRS.

    Very legit and Danny spends an amazing amount of time supporting his foundation (for no compensation and he commonly donates performance fees). In fact some of his fans aren’t sure which is dearer to his heart: his music or his work with those less fortunate. 

  • Anonymous

    If nothing else, Kris will always have the title going for him. 

    Phil Stacey (I think) said…if you’ve been on Idol, there will always be people who want to see you.  If that’s true, how much more-so if you’re a winner! 

  • Anonymous

    I had a great time on Danny’s first cruise.  One of the items up for auction was a spot at his dinner table and I did that – he was a sweetheart and it was a blast, I loved getting to just sit and chat with him a bit.  I bought a ticket to the second cruise but wasn’t able to go due to work, luckily I was able to give my cabin to another fan.  I’d love to make this one, hope it works out.  It would be fun to see Kris.  I’m happy for his fans that they’ll have this opportunity to see him in this more casual, relaxed atmosphere.  I found it to be a lot of fun and definitely worth the trip.

  • Anonymous

    Besides changing the story to fit the meme that Kris isn’t doing anything or has been dropped, I think that people are mixing up what a label does, and what management does.  RCA has had a few appearances lined up for Kris over the last two months, for example this past Saturday’s concert was for a radio station, and the Red Sox charity event was in support of the local Hot AC station.  Kris was accompanied by someone from RCA’s radio promotions department at those events.

    What Kris hasn’t had is a lot of appearances that would be arranged by his management.  This may be due to Kris no longer being with 19, but who can tell since 19 has been so incompetent over the last three years.

    Even with the radio events that Kris has been doing for 19, he still may be dropped.  But I don’t think that we have to misrepresent this charity event, or Kris’ schedule in order to support that opinion.

  • Anonymous

    From what I understand, Kris’ contract with 19 was up at the end of May. IF he’s no longer repped by them (and we haven’t heard one way or the other if he is), it’s possible that it was his decision not to re-sign with them, rather than them deciding not to re-sign him. 

    Hopefully we will get some sort of official word on the status of his mgmt. Maybe we will hear something when Lyndsey Parker posts the 4-part interview she just did with him.

  • hoosiermama2

    Thanks (multiple posters) for all the information on Sophia’s Heart. It sounds like a legitimate and worthwhile charity to me! And it does include music programs, which we all know is near and dear to Kris’ heart. So, I’ve changed my mind—good for him helping Danny out with this.

  • Happyhexer

    It feels weird that this thread seems to have devolved into a discussion on the state of Kris Allen’s career.  But you sum it up perfectly here:

    “And this is for charity, anyway — has nothing to do with the state of anyone’s career.”

    It’s a charity cruise, nothing more, nothing less.  As a matter of fact, during the second cruise, Danny asked his fans who they would like to see as guests on the next cruise.  Danny’s fans mentioned Kris and Jamar, along with several other former Idols (including Allison).  Danny likely was trying to please his fans by inviting Kris and Jamar on the cruise, and it was very kind of them both to accept.  I doubt that they are getting much out of it except perhaps for a free cruise and the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping Danny’s charity.

    The cruise does nothing to advance anyone’s career.  The people most likely to go on the cruise are those who are strong fans of one or more of the performers, and who also have the time and money to do so.  The only people who get to attend the concerts/events are those that book Danny’s SH cruise.  Others onboard ship don’t get to attend.  (In fact, during the first cruise, a number of people onboard were disappointed when they discovered that Danny was onboard and would be performing, but that they could not attend.)  Accordingly, the cruise audience will primarily be made up of existing fans, with not a lot of opportunity for any of the performers to expand their fanbases.

    (P.S.) Danny had a blast with Matt Giraud on the last cruise, so I suspect that when fans suggested Kris and Jamar, Danny was happy to oblige! :-D

  • Happyhexer

    I’ve said before that I’ve never been a fan of Kris, and that was true . . . until he released his second album, which I really, really like.  A lot.  :-P

    I have no idea what may be in store for Kris in the short term, but I have to believe that things will work out in the long run, because he is a talented musician and songwriter, who deserves to be heard.  I wish Kris the very best.  And I respect that he is willing to be so generous with his time.

  • steph6449

    I agree with those commending Kris for putting his time and talent to supporting charities, like this and many others, as has Danny and most or all of the more visible AI8 alums. And same kudos to Jamar, who may have more personal reasons to support it coming out of Milwaukee with an appreciation for the needs of the kids Danny is trying to help there. Jamar presumably also knew Danny’s first wife Sophia, in whose remembrance the non-profit was founded.

    For those interested, this pic has the Milwaukee SH choir kids who were performing publicly last night at a community event in response to the shootings at the Sikh temple. Danny was one of the featured singers, and reportedly performed I Will Not Say Goodbye.

    A couple of videos from the two earlier cruises

    Danny and Matt with Brandon on Hard to Handle

    Danny and Matt with Brandon on Don’t Stop Believing

    Danny and band + Jamie from cruise #1, Don’t Take the Girl (with a somewhat ~unconventional ending, pretty funny)