Kree Harrison Makes Her Debut at the Grand Ole Opry (Audio) (UPDATED with VIDEO)

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When Kree Harrison made her debut at the Grand Ole Opry Tuesday night, she spent most of the time in between her 3 performances completely awestruck. At one point, the American Idol runner-up asked Keith Urban, who introduced her, if she could kiss the famed Opry circle.

But Kree wasn’t too nervous to give 3 gorgeous performances her first time out at the Opry. When the American Idol judge introduced her, he said that when he listened to Kree sing at the judges table, he would close his eyes and imagine what she would sound like at the Opry.

After performing her single “All Cried Out” she touchingly sang “In The Garden,” the hymn she promised her late father she would sing if she ever made it to the Opry.

Keith joined her for her final performance, a lovely duet of Kris Kristofferson’s “Help Me Make it Through the Night.”

I’m tellin’ ya, people. A gorgeous Opry debut from Kree. She’s the real deal. Listen below

Audio via Krees Krew and @kreepers

UPDATE: Check out good quality close up VIDEO from Kree’s set during the Opry’s 2nd show last night! Includes Keith Urban’s introduction, and features accompaniment by Misa Arriaga and John Osborne.

“All Cried Out”

“In The Garden”

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  • AlesheaDominique

    Ohh, yes ma’am.
    Kree you betta sang!

  • Elizabeth

    What an incredible Opry debut by Kree! Her voice is so pure and gorgeous.

  • Mahalo2

    I listened to both Opry shows live online tonight. I could tell she was overcome with gratitude and emotion, yet she still sang beautifully.
    Her duet with Keith, Help Me Make It Through The Night, was incredible. She received two standing O’s!
    Her sister, Laci, and younger brother, Cory,were also in the audience. Her pal, Kasey Musgrave was there, too.

  • 50Watts

    the purest Voice I have heard in a long time

  • Kariann Hart

    How wonderful to have your dream come true AND to share it with Keith Urban!

  • springboard2

    Yack. Can she avoid using her personal tragedy to make a name for herself? yack yack yack

  • Robert Henry Eller

    Almost unbearably beautiful.

  • FinalFantasy13

    she sounded flat on all cried out… but I think she might of been crying, hard to tell without seeing an actual video..

  • Mahalo2


  • Robert Henry Eller

    I’ll bet for Kree, her performance at the Opry was even better than if she had won AI.

  • Robert Henry Eller

    Don’t know much about Opry etiquette, do you.

    Not only was Kree’s singing, but also her manners, were flawless last night.

    Some people know how, and when, to say please, and thank you.

  • calathea

    And her dream finally comes true! So happy for her! I can’t but rejoice when wonderful things happen to genuinely nice people. Go Kree! You deserved it!

    Btw, she sounded great, as usual. Such a heavenly voice! <3

  • Anny_nanny

    I don’t like, but I’ll be glad if the fans of country will disagree with me. Check on the itunes tomorrow.

  • macfae

    Lovely. Just Lovely. I am so happy for her. I can’t imagine how thrilled she must have doubt she’ll be on cloud nine for awhile.
    Yes. I agree. Kree is the real deal.
    I hope video shows up but I am so happy this to listen to on repeat.
    : )

  • Wui Zhuan Lim

    Excuse me…

  • Bazzle

    Very special moment for Kree and her fans. Thanks Keith for being a supporter from day one you NZ born guitarist you.

  • Bazzle

    Not anything against All Cried Out. But her last two songs were just incredible. All Cried Out may be pretty good lyrically… but Kree’s voice deserves a better melody. It’s so evident in the other 2 songs.

  • AM

    I listened online to both shows & Kree sounded flawless, especially considering how emotional she was in between songs. Loved how supportive Keith was too. The audience loved her & gave her standing ovations at the end of both sets. I’ve never been more proud to be someone’s fan than I was tonight listening to Kree. She was simply amazing!!!!

  • voco_qara

    Stunning debut. Two standing ovations – it does not get much better than that. Her performances alone were spinetingly beautiful but the fact that she seemed truly overwhelmed and humbled to be on that stage, really touched the audience. You could tell the crowd really loved her. I honestly think she’s gonna be a legend

  • di1987

    Wow…I am speechless! Those last two songs in particular were absolute perfection. I don’t know much about Country music, but I know I have never heard a voice quite so beautiful. I’m just so happy for Kree and a really proud fan. Think I’m gonna have to listen to that a few more times – once is definitely not enough.

  • flog gnaw

    Bye girl.

  • steve2013

    Huh???? how is she using losing her parents to make a name for herself??? her voice is all she needs and uses

  • Deb Henricks

    We were @ the 7 p.m. show. She was indeed flawless…incredible performance.

  • Miz

    There are some issues with the melody in ‘All Cried Out’ that could easily be finessed. I think Kree will get to it down the road. But it is a good song and she can work with it.

  • tati83

    I listened live to the stream and was so incredibly happy and proud of Kree. What a magical night for her and she sounded amazing. So proud to be a fan. This girl has a bright career ahead of her. Kacey was there to support her as well :)

  • Miz

    I am so happy for Kree and her debut at the Opry. I listened to the soundcloud of her first performance last night and it was beautiful. She is exactly what country music is about: life experience story telling through song.

    I was glad that the announcer pointed out the standing ovation and that it was a sold out crowd. Also super cool that Keith was there to introduce her to the Opry and then did a duet with her on her last song. I would have loved to be in that audience.

    As I said in last night’s news thread, this girl deserves happiness. She also deserves success.

  • Made

    I’m absolutely happy for Kree and so, so proud of her amazing performances. Such a great way to debut at the Opry and start what IMO will be a long lasting, successful career! BTW, it was very nice from Keith to introduce her and perform with her!

    Here are some videos: – Part 1 – Part 2

  • windmills

    Kree can’t avoid being asked about her personal tragedy. She can control how she answers questions about her personal tragedy, and consistently, her reply has been a minimalist and forward-looking “this is the sweet after the bitter” and “happiness is a choice.”

    Last night at the Opry, at least during the 1st show (I didn’t stay up for the 2nd show) Kree did not mention her personal tragedy. Yes, she introduced ‘In The Garden’ as the hymn she had promised her father she would sing if she ever made it to the Opry. She did not mention that her father had passed away. True, the media and bloggers will connect the dots and make it known. But this was a simple introduction of a song, a fulfillment of a promise. Most of Kree’s comments were about how thrilled and happy she was to be on the Opry stage. It was a joyous moment, far from anything that milks “her personal tragedy to make a name for herself.”

    I said several times in the last few weeks of AI that I thought the show was overplaying the personal tragedy angle when it came to Kree’s song assignments. But I think Kree has handled it all with incredible grace. She is not going to deny what she has been through, but she has kept her comments on the subject to a minimum and at no point have I seen or heard anything from her that reads as her trying to drum up attention or a pity party for herself.

    Just in case it seems like I’ve lost the ability to be cynical, I’m not saying Kree’s above playing the game. The girl is going to have to hustle now for a record deal, I think she knows it, and I think in her own way she is emphasizing the positives of her Idol experience, making it known that she would love to record outside cuts and continue cowriting in Nashville, and conveying how great she would be to work with by expressing her gratitude at every turn. I just don’t think her personal tragedy is one of the things she has been using as she tries to build on the platform AI gave her.

  • Tinawina

    YAY KREE!!!! I’m so happy for her :)

  • Black Rose Films

    Kree’s voice was made for the Opry. She sounded divine. I am so proud of her and can’t wait to witness her career.

  • Kirsten

    I just love it when these artists get to fulfill life-long dreams like playing on the Opry stage. It’s clear the opportunity meant a lot to Kree.

    She has such an amazing voice and I hope she does well.

  • ellen8

    Maybe Keith will include Kree in his concert tour.

  • Miz

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. They are a good fit.

  • Miz

    THank you for this. I wish the person had a better seat and camera so it wasn’t blurry zoom. But beggars can’t be choosers. :)

  • SaSa8

    I think Idol did play up her tragic story. I believe the hometown package on Kree really helped get her to the Final 2. In some past seasons, it was shown on the results night. This season it was shown on voting night so I do believe people felt more emotional when watching her package than Angie and pushed Kree on to the Finale. That was not really Kree’s fault. It was a hometown visit but it sure did tug at your heartstrings.
    Now her job is to not rely on that tragedy and focus on her music and where she is today.

  • cerise

    I’m so happy for Kree! Her voice is so pure, so gorgeous!! I just can’t wait for her debut album!

  • girlygirl

    An amazing night for Kree. Very happy for her.

  • windmills

    I expect at least one performance, and hopefully more, from Kree’s set will eventually be uploaded in HQ to the Opry’s youtube channel:

    If it is uploaded then it’ll surely be featured here at MJ’s :)

  • dd999

    Tears! The voice country music has been missing! The tone in Kree’s voice is, absolutely beautiful. and I loved the soft background music that accompanied her. So happy for her, and looking forward to getting her album when its released!!!

  • Sunny Mc

    Kree’s parents moved the the family to Nashville from Texas so Kree could persue her dreams of a career in country music. So of course they would be top of mind when she achieved her dream of singing at the Opry.

  • artemis112

    I listened online last night and I’m listening now to one of the most pure and beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. I’m so happy to hear Kree’s Opry dreams come true.

  • Miz

    Yes, when I was looking for the live broadcast last night, I noticed that the Opry posts featured singers. I also saw in that youtube that there was a videographer on stage during her set.

    It was also cool that Kree and Keith were the last two acts. That’s beyond cool.

  • CRB

    I really don’t like how the Idol debut singles alway test the limits of the singers voices. Having to sing that on tour will be taxing. Kree sounds like Kree: awesome.

  • Deb Henricks

    Standing ovation for the 7 p.m show too.. huge audience support.. you could tell she was overcome with emotion.. even from our seats which were very far away. :-) Her voice was amazing… she did not miss one note in all 3 songs. Truly flawless. Much louder than I expected as on Idol it seemed her voice was often so soft — but now I wonder if the mic was turned down too much during her AI performances – or at least some of them.

    I was secretly hoping she would sing Stars or Up To The Mountain because both have parts that allow her voice to just soar.

  • lollamape

    I’m so freaking happy for her. I always have a soft spot over Kree, she’s very genuine person and she deserves the best for her career.

    two questions for Kree fans.. Do you know when will they release her single to radio? Is All Cried Out really her debut single or it’s just a tester? I do think she need a better single for radio, i love All Cried Out but i don’t know if it will be great single for radio. She needs a catchy and energetic tune for debut single.

  • Wfish88

    What a class act- Her voice is heavenly, “Into the Garden” showcased her voice so well. Which is why I think Whiter Shade of Pale was her most under rated performance on IDOL. Do we know if she got signed to Mercury Records?

  • windmills

    Kree’s label situation has to be sorted out first before there’s any consideration given to All Cried Out being a single.

  • kansasfemale

    It’s like a new version of a combination of Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. So happy to hear someone embrace the traditional country inflection in a song – so full of emotion, and so clean and pure. Thank you to Keith for paving the way for this magical moment for such a wonderful voice.

  • dd999

    Do you have any idea the shocking blow its been for her to lose both parents, one just a few years ago, and how hard it is to find a happy place in your heart again? I don’t think you do, and sometimes a big part of healing is talking about it or in her case singing. which she did at different venues in Nashville.with likely a very heavy heart. One thing I really like about her new song ‘All Cried Out’ which I thought sounded really good at the Opry, that its maybe a moving on song for her. I hope so! Her parents would be so proud!

  • tati83

    Any indication on her being signed by Mercury Nashville? I saw that she has an official interscope page but I am not sure that means anything. FYI I follow you on twitter now, Thanks for the awesome updates always!!!!!

  • Reflects On Life

    Kree and the band’s performance of the hymn was sublime.

  • windmills

    Hi tati83!

    Any indication on her being signed by Mercury Nashville? I saw that she has an official interscope page but I am not sure that means anything. FYI I follow you on twitter now, Thanks for the awesome updates always!!!!!

    None yet. To be honest, I don’t know if there’s room there. I’ve actually started wondering if one possible place for Kree to land would be at Keith’s own label Hit Red Records (which doesn’t have any acts and basically exists as a vehicle for Keith to have control over his music and then license it out to Capitol Nashville), and then hopefully get marketing/promo/distribution through Capitol Nashville.

    Capitol/EMI Nashville seem like they may have a little more room, they only have newbies Kelleigh Bannen and Mickey Guyton (who got a standing ovation at UMG Nashville’s showcase at the Ryman during CRS this year), and neither of them is promoting a single right now.

    I’d guess Kree has probably been in meetings this week among other things, maybe pitching her songs. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard of a publishing deal for her before we heard of a label deal.

  • mtlfan2

    exquisite singing!! <3

  • g122y

    The winner,so much appearances

  • LeahKittyS

    I waited too long and they took down the videos. But I listened to the audio and WOW how is this possible?! She’s clearly overwhelmed with emotion and she still sounds this‚Ķbeautiful, gorgeous, lovely, none of them cut it. When’s the album coming out?