Kids Choice Awards: One Direction Performs, Chris Colfer Gets Slimed (VIDEO)

One Direction thrilled the kiddos in attendance at Saturday night’s 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as they performed their big hit, “What Makes You Beautiful”.  I was REALLY hoping they’d get slimed when they finished. But NO.

Totally slimed were: Glee star Chris Colfer,  Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, Halle Berry and Justin Bieber-who was met with a massive wall of the green stuff at the end of the night.  Ew.

Check out One Direction’s performance below.  Chris Colfer is “tricked” into a sliming by Heidi Klum.  Also, Cee Lo Green is…the creepy hater voice.

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

KCA 2012: One Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful”
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Chris Colfer gets Slimed

Watch Glee star, Chris Colfer get slimed. Heidi Klum ends up as collateral damage. It can’t be any worse than getting hit with a slushie.

KCA 2012: Heidi Klum & Chris Colfer Present
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Cee Lo Green is Creepy Hater Voice.

I have no idea what’s going on here.  The bit ends with Cee Lo covered in fake ice cream.

KCA 2012: Creepy Hater Voice Revealed
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  • David I-Chen Lin

    What…is going on here?! Why are they sliming people…? Is that the theme? It seems extremely uncomfortable! Poor Chris~.~ And the Cee Lo bit is just…WHAAA?

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s kind of the trademark of the KCA, they throw that on everybody. I for sure, wouldn’t appreciate being in the front row in that show LOL.

  • Anonymous

    O poor Chris. Hahahaha!

  • stargazed

    Love the new boy band, One Direction.  How refreshing not to have nasty half-dressed dancers and nasty lyrics, just a great group of young boys singing to all the little girls.  How cute is that!  

    I think Simon has hit a home run.

  • Anonymous

    Did Rachael Crow not make it?  Glad the kiddos have a new boy band to love.  I think they are really cute and their album is solid. I just realized the kid with the big hair (don’t know the boys individually) seems to have lost his breath near the end of the song. These kids are so green. lol. I’m sure they will improve. :)

  • Axxxel

    Poor Chris… He seemed awkward and tense… in full anticipation be slimed..
    . On a different note… I do not really follow the Kids Choice Awards but besides Chris, were there other openly gay artists who were presenters at previous Kidss Choice Awards shows ?

    Edit: Jane Lynch was a presenter last year and Heidi Klum’s slimy fate last year was almost the same as Chris Colfer’s this year.

  • Mateja Praznik

     1D are so perfect and beautiful, too beautiful to get slimed.

    I wonder, do they have showers backstage and KCA? What is this slime made of?

  • Axxxel

    Maybe when they get as famous as Justin Bieber, they will get slimed … beautiful or not…

  • Axxxel

    I can’t see the video but I can already imagine a “slimy” Chris hugging Selena Gomez…poor dress…

  • Anonymous

    1D are all darling, they seem to be able to actually sing, and that song is damn infectious. What’s not to love?

    I know there’s hate for Simon around here, but the guy has cobbled together a selling machine. At least, for the next few years. Kuddos to Simon for spotting a hit and running with it.

  • Anonymous

    Rachel was there. I saw her red carpet pictures.

  • revcat

    Except for Michelle Obama, who looked beautiful btw, the show was excruciating to watch. I must admit the kids seemed to be enjoying it, but all the shouting? Is that really necessary? Most kids aren’t deaf. I just wanted to see Rachel Crow, but finally gave up and turned it off.

  • Anonymous

     I think 1D are adorable too. I like them better than Bieber because they can actually sing and are talented. I hope they have huge success.

  • revcat

    Cute pic of Rachel, but I thought she was going to present or perform, did she???

    Rachel Crow walked the orange carpet at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards on March 31, held at USC’s Galen Center in…
    (Copied from Twitter)

  • Anonymous

    yes 1D is very cute. i loved watching Taylor and Selena in the audience dancing  to them, acting like the young girls that they are instead of having to act so grown up and polished all the time for the sake of their image.

  • Anonymous

    They never tell what it’s made of. But it’s kept warm to keep it liquidy and it’s edible in case it gets in your mouth. David Archuleta was there a couple of years ago and he found a tub of it backstage. It was one of his video blogs and he was playing with it. Chris looked pissed but that may have been an act. He had to know it was coming.

  • Axxxel

    Thank goodness it is edible. Chris Colfer unfortunately got a mouthful of it.. ew.

    Strange but from the moment I heard Chris Colfer was a presenter I knew that he will be slimed. Maybe because his Glee co-actors were not slimed in previous years ? Maybe because Glee is on hiatus and needs some sensational news ?
    He stayed away from Heidi Klum but she pulled him back. And Heidi Klum was terribly slimed last year….