Khloe Kardashian Not Asked to Return to X Factor

Sources have told the New York Post that Khloe Kardashian has not been asked to return as co-host to the X Factor. They are, however, reportedly asking Mario Lopez to come back.

Judge LA Reid has already bailed on the show. And you can either believe that she quit or was pushed, but Britney Spears won’t be returning to the struggling singing competition either. Reportedly, Demi Lovato is in talks to return to the panel.

The Post reports that, Cheryl Cole, who was dumped from the judges’ panel last year, is in talks to return to the show — possibly, “as part of a judging panel that would be comprised of Cowell and three younger women.” Can I just say EWWWW? The Post speculates that Cheryl’s return could be part of a settlement. She filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against the show last December, claiming they still owed her money. Hm.

Khloe leaving is pretty much a no brainer. But the return of Cheryl Cole? I kind of doubt it. At this point, FOX is probably unwilling to splash out big bucks for another pop star like Britney Spears, but I don’t think they’d gamble on Cheryl at this point.

What do you think?

Via The New York Post

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  • teekee

    I’m not surprised. She probably isn’t either.

  • blackberryharvest

    She was useless anyway. I don’t think the show’s ratings can be helped no matter who they hire. Britney was probably one of the biggest names they could have had and she didn’t help. Nobody in the US knows who Cheryl is. 

  • Peg

    Now that it’s Kardashian free again I might actually watch an episode or two.

  • Li Wright

    Cheryl Cole:  Possible, big possible.  Because they owe her money.

  • Leo Ridela

    I can’t stand Mario Lopez tbh. He always comes off as so disingenuous to me.

  • Mark Martinez

    People in the US do too know Cheryl Cole. She’s the judge who was fired from X-Factor

  • Jake W.

    There is a god. Yay, no more kardashian! As for Cheryl, they shouldn’t have sacked her. She would be a good judge.

  • Jake W.

    There is a god. Yay, no more kardashian! As for Cheryl, they shouldn’t have sacked her. She would be a good judge.

  • irockhard

    Finally Simon makes a move in the right direction! I dunno what he was thinking when he hired her in the first place.

    Mario is no Seacrest or Deely but I’m sure he’ll be 100% better on his own without someone incompetent to drag him down.

  • durbesque

    Oh dear, who’s going to ask the rejects how they feel?  It doesn’t fit Mario.

  • irockhard

    “as part of a judging panel that would be comprised of Cowell and three younger women.” Can I just say EWWWW?

    NO, NO, HELL NO AND F*CK NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simon if you want to save your show GTFO THE PANEL!!!!!!!!!

  • TackyZacky

    Oh, good. Now I don’t have to cringe every time Khloe suggestively sidles over to touch Simon as she flirtatiously nudges him to announce his next act.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “NO, NO, HELL NO AND F*CK NO!!!!!!!!!!!
    Simon if you want to save your show GTFO THE PANEL!!!!!!!!!”

    My thoughts exactly! lol

  • Incipit


    Oh dear, who’s going to ask the rejects how they feel?  It doesn’t fit Mario.

    Heh. Since Cowell is the one who wanted two hosts, he can just order up another person with an annoying shouty voice, wooden delivery and no practical experience or stage presence to take her place…that’s the criteria, right? Oh, and a tabloid fodder name too, I forgot that part.

     I’m sure XFUS can simply recycle the Cue Cards, durbesque. They just need more variations on “How does it feel to see your dreams die?”, and sensitive stuff like that. *snerk*

  • Jim Shields

    best news I’ve heard all day

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Khloe isn’t being asked back to host the show? Maybe Simon has a shred of sense after all. lol I’ll miss how Khloe used to aggressively ask contestants how they felt right after their dreams had been crushed, while obviously not giving a crap what any of them said. lol Khloe was a disaster as host and it was so icky the way that she couldn’t keep her hands of Simon and Mario. Yuck! Losing her won’t save the show, but it was a huge mistake to have hired her in the first place.

  • Raftrap

    I’d choose her over Mario Lopez, but I guess Simon likes to be connected to Extra or whatever.
    Simon and 3 young girls – NO
    Simon judging girls below the age of 16 – NO
    Cheryl Cole – Yes, please (There’s no secret there, I’d love it if it happened, maybe a Simon-Cheryl VS NeYo-Demi)…just give me Cheryl Cole and I’ll watch.

  • CB40

    I like Cheryl Cole.

  • chillj

    I’m not real fond of Mario, either.  A little smarmy.  Plastic. How about Maria Menounas in place of both of them?

    And I would like to see a fully developed female presence that would dominate the crap out of Simon.  I don’t like his entourage fetish.

  • kayd23

    Glad that they got rid of Khloe. She was awful. I like Cheryl Cole better than Demi. I would get rid of Demi too. I hope the Ne-Yo rumor is true as I think he would be good.

  • Jae

    They should grab Cat Deelie. She is great. But I am fine with Mario. He was pretty good.

  • dcglam

    Good news about Khloe!   I’m glad I won’t have to listen again to “So tell me, what is going through your head right now?”  ;-)

  • vdawg

    I’m glad Mario is returning.  I never understood why they wanted Khloe  in the first place.  Three female judges,  no no no.

  • elliegrll

    This is a good move, except that Mario wasn’t any better.  In Khloe’s defense, he was a little condescending towards her, and at the beginning tried to act like she wasn’t there.  But, her reaction to all of that was more suited to how she would respond to her sisters, and not how she should have responded in a professional environment, especially in a situation where she was on a live television show.

  • Latin2

    I thought Khole was a little stiff, it could be because she is not really a professional host. Mario has had a lot of experience hosting several shows. 

  • ladymctech

    This show is doomed, no matter what you do. The Titanic of reality contests.

  • irockhard

    Oo former wrestler that can beat the crap out of him, nice suggestion, me likey!

  • Tinawina

    This show is dead and stinkin’, Kardashian or no Kardashian.

  • samuelgrant

    I think the most-likely judging panel for 2013 is Simon, Demi, Rihanna, Ne-Yo. However, I would love to see someone like Cheryl, Cher Lloyd (Demi would have to leave, though), Katy Perry, or (extremely unlikely) P!nk sitting next to Mr. Cowell. Best case scenario? Simon leaves altogether.

  • dcglam

    I can easily see Simon wanting to go with a panel of three female judges.
    This way he wouldn’t have to compete with another male for attention.   LA Reid posed no threat to Simon in the attention department, but another good male just may.   I think it is pretty much an ego thing with Simon.   JMHO

  • Mateja Praznik

     Rihanna is doing world tour this year, so no X Factor for her. Maybe they could get Lady Gaga since she had to cancel her tour because of her injury.

  • Kirsten

    If Simon hires another host to work with Mario, I just hope he has given up his aim of hiring somebody with no experience because as “Khloe” has shown, that is not a great idea.

    I almost think it is part of some feud he has with Ryan where he wants to prove that any old person off the street can do the job as well as Ryan. As the Voice and X-Factor have shown, what Ryan (and Ant & Dec in the UK) do is not as easy as they make it look (I’d add in Tom from DWTS and Cat from  SYTYCD as examples of good hosts, but I don’t think Simon pays any attention to dance shows).

  • Incipit

    New judges, even Cowell leaving the judges’ panel and staying behind the scenes wouldn’t help, IMO. He’s already set the mean-spirited tenor of the show – and all the meddling and OTT production would still continue from backstage…

    Anyway – it’s all about Cowell’s enormous ego – so I cannot imagine him not having a public platform on one of his shows. This one seems to have been his choice – since he thought he could go head to head with Simon Fuller. And win.

  • Chris

    1 host for this kind of format is plenty, no one missed Brian Dunkleman & the same for Khloe.  Her too tight outfits and silly questions didn’t add much.

  • Miz

    Well, that’s a move in the right direction, but I still won’t watch the show. 

    I used to like Mario, but I’ve lost those feelings for him. He now seems completely phony.

  • Tinawina

    Fox is not ponying up Rihanna money, this show cannot affford that. Dito Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. They are better off keeping Demi and getting 2 more people they can get in the 1-3 million dollar range. Maybe a music producer would do it, or maybe they can get NeYo that cheap. TPTB should probabaly try to get a behind the scenes person who is a bit of a character, someone Simon could make fun of like that Louis guy from the British shows.

  • pj

    I doubt it was a dig against Ryan to hire Khloe. Remember, Ryan is the one we can blame for Keeping up with the Kardashians! Simon prolly thought the name would help. 

    I didn’t watch it last season. I couldn’t get through the first season, so I can’t speak to her merits or lack therof.  And yes, by all accounts Mario is skeevy.

  • iani

    Khloe was not as bad as I had thought she would be in the first place, the tone of her voice is a little annoying and her “name” maybe to get a skin-rash only from thinking of it, but she had no choice I think to show she might be good host or something next to Mario. This guy should go to a “host” competition of how many properly articulate words per minute a host can get, like a secretary how many words per minute she can type to be named a good one. I got tired only from watching some videos to have an idea about the show.

  • breakdown

    Shocking, just shocking, haha.

  • Ria

    The best thing for this should would be a clean slate.  Get rid of all the hosts and judges. Maybr bring in a slate of less famous people who might see this as the launch of their careers if they make an impact.  I want contestants who are fighting to make this opportunity everything it can be.  It might be nice to have hosts and judges that feel the same and are not just coasting thru the episodes.

  • bestmusic

      Thank God!

  • irockhard

    Ant & Dec IMO are still the best of all the hosts. Perfect combo of professionalism, chemistry and humor. Ryan is good but he’s so dull compared to them and even Cat Deely.

  • harvestmoon

    Wow, the casting on this show has just been a mess since Day 1.

     I doubt it was a dig against Ryan to hire Khloe. Remember, Ryan is the one we can blame for Keeping up with the Kardashians!

    I had always figured that Simon and Ryan had had a fight, but then Simon’s hiring of Khloe was his way of saying “I’m sorry.”  No other explanation made as much sense to me.

  • Seth McHale

    The panel will eventually be Simon, Demi, A Country Singer and a pop icon that hasn’t had a hit in a decade. That will bring them on par with Idol. 

  • kayd23

    I wish Katie or Pink would do the show too but agree it is unlikely. I would like to see Simon ,Ne-Yo, Cheryl, and some other big name star. I wonder if Lady Gaga would ever do it?

  • irockhard

    Katy and P!nk no way in hell, both have turned down offers to judge AI (Katy), XF & TV (P!nk). Gaga I think would do it but not XF, she’s with Interscope and too cosy with Iovine. If she’s not busy next year AI could get her for the S13 panel.

  • hcpoirot

    If Simon wise, (I do not think he is), he should find judges who can actually judges and care his/her finalists (or at least they pretend that they care in the camera) Give good comments and critics in top 12.

    Big names will not help. Britney, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are the best example. None of them help the boost rating of X factor and Idol.

    Viewers want to see the chemistry between judges and the judges care about the contestants. They also want quality singers and not so so singers or bad singers .

  • Jon Glass


  • girlygirltoo

    This is probably the least surprising development in the history of XFUSA. She was awful. Hopefully this signals the beginning of the end of seeing the Kardashians are over the media.
    I didn’t think Mario was all that good , either. But maybe he will improve if he doesn’t have a co-host. That was just a dumb idea.

  • iani

    Viewers want to see the chemistry between judges and the judges care
    about the contestants. They also want quality singers and not so so
    singers or bad singers .

    I think the viewers like to see that chemistry voice-persona in any idol taken in consideration as contenders for American Idol-winners. The show is not “American-Voice” or “America Got Talent” with wonder voices, it’s about talent as a whole: voice, personality, talent, artistry, smart contender as show strategist to carry you further to the end. It’s easy to find “the voice” it’s harder to find “the idol” though, or at least is what I personally think. The Voice is on NBC, the it-Factor on Fox as well AI on Fox as “voice” and “it” combined, lol.

  • Leandro

    X-Factor now is like a McDonalds restaurant, with new employees every month.

  • shell29

    This show doesn’t need two hosts. Sacking Khloe (as MJ posted earlier) was a no brainer. Mario wasn’t great either but I’ll cut him some slack because I think being saddled with Khloe hampered him. I think he’ll be much improved as a solo host.

    I don’t think X Factor is “dead”. I mean if SYTYCD can get renewed with its lousy ratings I don’t think FOX is even thinking about pulling the plug on X Factor after season three-not yet anyway.

  • mshepnj

    “I doubt it was a dig against Ryan to hire Khloe. Remember, Ryan is the
    one we can blame for Keeping up with the Kardashians! Simon prolly
    thought the name would help. ”

    Exactly. Maybe Simon will try to sign Snooki or Honey Boo Boo to host.

    Honestly, I think Simon thinks:  “We need someone whose name and face are on the covers of the tabloids” because that will bring viewers. The Khardashians have nothing to do with the music business and aren’t professional performers or TV hosts (like Mario) but are just famous for … well, being rich socialites with a reality TV show, but Simon seems to think all these forms of entertainment are interchangable. 

    I don’t think Simon really understands the American music consumers, but got lucky with Idol for many years. He doesn’t get country music at all or really any kind of “rootsy” American music, and he’s all about the “packaging” which is why he wants acts that he can mold or that fit into a particular box with an easily defined – and profitable label. Sometimes he gets a hit but more often not.

  • Joystickenvy

    I don’t think anything will save this stinking pile of a show.  Even when shows get better, the ratings seldom improve much, because once people quit watching a show, most don’t keep checking back to see if it got any better.  Plus, the chances of the show actually getting better are slim to none.

    Mario was just as bad as Khloe, maybe worse, but at least he’s cute.  Demi is super annoying.  I actually liked Cheryl Cole in the brief amount of time she was on the show.  They’d be idiots to shell out big bucks for another “star” so she’s as good as any if she wants to do it I reckon.  They might as well just round up some of the D listers who have been on the reality show circuit like Carnie Wilson and Taylor Dayne and call it a day.

  • buffynut2001

    I think the judges panel of one diva and 3 guys works well on XF. Plus, if the demographice is mostly women, having 3 guys (as eye candy) as judges makes way sense than having 2 or 3 females. Yes, I am being shallow!

  • jpfan2

    This show is such a mess what can really save it? It would be cool though if an attractive man and an older female were added to the panel. Simon is kind of stomach churning at this point with his “flirtations” with the younger females.

  • HighOnElliott

    Two things popped into my head with your headline…..”There is a God”, and “Best thing I’ve heard all day”……

    After Downton’s finale last night, I needed a small morsel of happy news to brighten my day. Yeah, that’ll do…..

  • Kellen

    Good. She was horrible. 

  • Michael Bishop

    Stick a fork in the show, it’s done.  It really has no buzz, or tradition to build off of.  Melanie’s album isn’t out, and I get the feeling it won’t be out anytime soon (March 2013…we shall see).  Tate…meh.  Revolving door at judges table, and host.  The show has made no impact.  No one associated with the show walks away better than when they started except Demi Lovato.