Kelly Clarkson – Tie it Up – CMA Fest 2013 (VIDEO)

When we learned that Kelly Clarkson would be debuting her new country single at LP Field last night at CMA Fest, I was prepared to hate it. I’m not a big fan of her country duets, if I’m being perfectly honest.

But this new tune, “Tie it Up” totally ROCKS and is more of a bluesy jam than country, so I am totally in.

Check it out. I am posting two versions, one is closer to the stage, but the sound is distorted. Also, Kelly sang “Ain’t Going Down” with Trisha Yearwood, so I’ll throw that into the post too.

“THANK YOU #CMAFest!!! I had so much fun tonight!” Kelly tweeted, “I sang with Trisha Yearwood!!! What an amazing night! Thanks for singing with me!”

Tie it Up

Closer to the stage

Cleaner sound

Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood – Ain’t Going Down

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  • Deon Oxivar

    CARRIE WHO? lol.

  • Amir Hazwan Abdul Rahim


  • Miss Blue

    Wow, really, really hate this song. And if I was Kelly, I’d find a way to have those videos burned because she looks awful. I truly love her and her weight has never bothered me a bit but she looks just terrible here. Hair is bedraggled with a color that does not suit her at all and I think her figure is badly distorted here because she looks huge. Trisha looked and sounded very good however.

  • vdawg

    Why are they releasing this to country radio. It sounds like all her pop hits. I like it, but not for country radio. If she wants to make a country album then ok but this is not country.

  • bridgette12

    There has to better material out there than this song. She can do better, it sounded like something they hastily through together to put out as a single.
    As for her fashion, some days, I wonder if her stylist actually hates her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “As for her fashion, some days, I wonder if her stylist actually hates her.”

    lol I love Kelly, but this has been an ongoing issue throughout her career. I actually don’t know if she has a stylist.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Not a fan of this song, and don’t get why it’s being released as a “country” song. lol

  • YankeeFan08

    Good grief, why are they releasing this song? It’s awful and there’s nothing country about it!!! And yikes at that dress. She is clueless about style.

  • justmefornow

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, this isn’t country at all. If you’re going to release a country single, it should at least sound a little country.

    Now this song, currently all over rock radio,by Halestorm (with a little help from guest appearances by Slash, Brent Smith, Myles Kennedy, James Michael, Tylor Connolly, Davis Drainman & Maria Brink), is actually more country than this, and they’re all metal/hard rockers!


  • mchcat

    Sorry Kelly – this song is not good and is not country

  • bridgette12

    I just don’t understand the whole look, her hair is too blonde, the dress ill fitting and the wrong color, she’s just don’t understand what fits her. If she has a stylist, that person is not earning their money.

  • g122y


  • guest

    I like it and it sounds country to me. And what she is wearing is not that bad. It’s better than the t-shirt/skirt combo she has been wearing lately at events.

  • dd999

    I love Kelly’s voice, but this song is an insult to country music, and has no business being called country. I wonder if it’ll replace Cassadee Pope’s song as #1 on the country charts? The blur of country music and everything else is becoming the norm, so that many can’t tell the difference any more.

  • girlygirl

    Well, Cassadee’s not #1 on the iTunes country chart any longer, so don’t have to worry about that, lol.

    As for this song? Sorry, Kelly, but I don’t hear anything particularly country about it. Even worse, it’s just a meh song overall, no matter what “genre” you want to put it in.

  • Pippygirl

    I love Kelly but I turned it off about halfway in. Terrible song.

  • Incipit

    Heh. I listened to the first video, sound isn’t that great – but generally, the song structure reminded me forcibly of “Walk This Way”. Which is cool. I’ll listen to the others to get a better audio.

    Is it Country Music? I wouldn’t know. I see country fans saying ‘yes it is’ and no it isn’t’ – and I’m no country fan – so I have no idea.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Actually, I’m not a country music fan either, but that didn’t stop my from questioning whether it was “country”. lol Your point, though, is a good one. I’ll leave it to those who regularly listen to country music to determine if this song fits the “country” genre.

  • windmills

    To be honest, this sounds more like Janet Jackson meets Alanis Morissette to me :p

    I like this sound from Kelly and I’m happy she’s experimenting. I’ll reserve judgment on the song until I can make out more of the lyrics. It’s also the first performance of the song, and the studio version may have somewhat of a different feel.

    So happy Kelly sang with Trisha Yearwood last night!

  • Ronnie D

    Sounds sort of country rockish to me. It’s better tan the power pop “I will get over my BF im a strong woman” anthems she normally sings.

  • lovetheusa1776

    The studio version may be good – can’t really tell from these videos. But this particular performance with the constant jumping up and down is not.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Ugh, sounds just like “You Oughta Know” from Alainis. Way too much like it, this is not the first time one of her songs sounds too much like someone else’s,she needs to reign that in.Definitely should not be released as a single.

  • lollamape

    Holy capslock :)))

  • Incipit

    fuzzywuzzy, when the song structure immediately reminded me of a rock song from the ’70’s, (Unless you count the RUN DMC version from ’86) I have doubts that fans will regard it as country – but yeah – what do I know? Country music is a salad bowl, and I can’t identify the ingredients.

    I see other posters being reminded of other songs, the difference is, they are country songs. I would only find a ‘sounds like’ in music I know, and to me, this doesn’t sound like old school country, bluegrass or jazz or rhythm and blues or anything else but a taste of vintage rock. I would probably ‘like’ that! Heh.

  • YeP

    I’ve never liked blonde Kelly… And I hope this doesn’t mean that her entrance into a country music royal family doesn’t mean full country records. I miss my old Kelly.. But as usual, she sounds great. This song definitely sounds like it has cross over appeal although I couldn’t understand the words

  • Joob

    This would be true. :)

  • Joob

    Oh. Carrie is performing tonight. If you don’t know her, you will. ;) :p

  • YeP

    She needs one, but she’s never liked playing the Hollywood image game. Its a testament to her voice & fans that this hasn’t hampered her career more

  • YeP

    Like others say, most of her recent big hits all sound exactly the same. Sounds like she’s ready for another My December moment. Don’t mean a failure, but a “I’ve earned the right to do what I want despite whether it will be a #1 hit.” she obviously likes country music & she’s marrying a top country manager with Reba as her mom in law

  • YeP

    Seems everyone wants to go country these days. Those fans – at least in the US – are pretty loyal and still buy music

  • wonderings

    Well I like it! Quite a lot actually. I like the rhythm of the lyrics, the guitar, the vibe. It’s fun and fits well with where Kelly’s at in life now. It’s catchy and extremely well sung — she sounds good in the lower part of her register and soars in the chorus.

    I’ll be interested to see how the live version compares with the studio.

    (Dating myself, but the song that it reminds me of in terms of cadence is from, uh, Wayne’s World. Ballroom Blitz. *runs away*)

    Also, I think Kelly looks super-cute here!

  • breakdown

    Surprisingly, I don’t like this song at all.

  • songsungblue

    I love it. I’m not sure why Country is so sacred – I’ve always thought that Kelly goes from genre to genre without worrying so much about labels. She just, you know, sings. I have a strong feeling this will sound way different in the studio, and I’d be extremely surprised if it wasn’t a hit.

    The image is very distorted. I think she looks great, frankly.

  • mad1son

    I like it, it’s a fun summer song and a great alternative to the gettin’ drunk and chasing wimmin frat boy sound that’s all over country radio right now.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Tie It Up

    I was standin’ with my friend when I saw you walkin’ in, and my heart started skippin’ a beat
    I was tryin’ to play it cool but I knew it was true,
    that nobody would ever compete

    Well first comes love and then comes…

    First date, first kiss, we were checkin’ off the list
    Then you were gettin’ down on your knee
    And you didn’t have to guess, it was always a yes
    Now there’s two less fish in the sea

    Let’s set the date, let’s hire a band
    Let’s cut the cake, tie up the cans
    I love the ring of your name
    You’re the ying to my yang
    Oh baby let’s give it a shot
    Every wall needs a frame
    Every ball needs a chain
    I’m talkin’ about tying the knot
    Tie it up

    Something old, something new
    Something borrowed, something blue
    And the chairs lined up in the yard
    The I do’s and the kisses
    From a Miss to a Mrs
    Can’t wait for forever to start


    Tie it up, invite the town, let’s raise a glass and lock it down
    Tie it up, forever bound, yeah, I’m fit to be tied down
    When Mama’s kicked off her shoes and Daddy’s spinnin’ from the booze and the last song is finally sung
    We can run to the room, kickstart the honeymoon
    Don’t it sound like a whole lotta fun?


  • Incipit

    “…the song that it reminds me of in terms of cadence is from, uh, Wayne’s World. Ballroom Blitz.”

    Okay, I can hear that too, wonderings. Another 70’s – 80’s Rock Song Revisited. Interesting.

  • Gina

    LOVE the new song. Get that Country #1 Kelly. Fantastic!

  • Johnny

    I’d like to order a whole album like this, please!

  • Gina

    Imo, Carrie Underwood’s fans need to calm down. This song is just as country as Carrie’s upbeat country songs. Kelly isn’t going to steal Carrie’s “crown”. There is plenty of room in country music for one more female artist. Plus Kelly brings additional clout to the country world that may also bring additional listeners. That’s a good thing.

  • Madilo

    She looks better with another hair color, this is not in her advantage imo
    And i think i’ll wait to hear the studio version but this performance does not sound like country at all. Hope she sticks in the POP genre because that’s where she belongs and excelles

  • catherine19

    I don’t know why some of you guys are harping on her weight. As long as she’s happy with who she is, you should be happy too if you’re her fan (which obviously some of you guys aren’t). Also, she grew up listening to country and was born in Texas, so why can’t she sing country songs? Does she have to sing pop-rock forever? She said herself that she loves singing all genres and she doesn’t like to limit herself to one genre.

  • windmills

    There are very, very few Carrie Underwood fans here at MJ’s and the lion’s share of comments in this thread are neither from Carrie fans nor in need of calming down ;)

    I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve heard the studio version of Tie It Up but to be honest, it doesn’t sound country at all to me based on the live performance. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though : It’s fun, it’s rock, and it’s Kelly and that’s just fine with me :)

  • windmills

    Thanks! Hm, I kind of had higher expectations for the lyrics. It’s fun though, and I agree it’d be different for country radio.

    I have this sound in my head of the kind of country (like, actual country) that Kelly could slay and I have to get that out of my head. It’s fun that she keeps surprising me!

  • J3$$!C@

    Kelly is not an ugly girl, so I am stunned at how she tries to be. The blond has to go and the dress does nothing for her figure. The song is not my cuppa. The POP World still loves you, Kelly.

  • guest

    She is sticking with pop. She has said that many times.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I country song that I’ve heard Kelly sing recently that I just loved was “I Know You Won’t”. Just loved her rendition of that song.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “to be honest, it doesn’t sound country at all to me based on the live performance.”

    I thought so too, but because I’m not a regular listener of country music, my opinion was based on not a lot of listening. lol

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that it’s appropriate to post Kelly’s response to an insulting tweet here:

    T——- ?@H—-T—– 8 Jun
    @kelly_clarkson your fatt

    Kelly Clarkson ?@kelly_clarkson 8 Jun
    @h—-t—— maybe ….but at least I can spell “you’re” and “fat” properly #chunkygirlsunitehaha


  • bestmusic

    I really don`t mind the song. It sounds more pop too me but then a lot of country does now. Truly Kelly if you have a stylist fire them. The dress does not look as bad in the second video but because she is short and a little heavy the belt needs to be higher. I have never been a fan of blond Kelly.

  • J3$$!C@

    Shame to anyone who calls themselves Kelly’s friends and lets her go on stage like that. FOR SHAME. I give Brandon a pass because hes in love and everything must look lovely on her. But her friends, HELP HER OUT.

  • bridgette12

    You would think someone would tell her to grab a brush and then change into some jeans and a t shirt, it would have to be an improvement over that dress.

  • Mikas

    This is just as country as Cassedee’s single! lol
    I’m into country-pop as long as your name isn’t Taylor Swift. Not a fan of her as a live performer.

  • Mikas

    The video with Trisha gives us a clear idea of how she really looked in that dress. It’s not the worst thing ever.. but it doesn’t look good on the eyes either. She should fire her stylish peps!

  • windmills

    That’s a good question. I feel like it’s more of a torchy pop ballad that Carrie sang country/pop, but Kelly sang as a soulful R&B ballad. Their interpretations were totally different, different moods, different feels, and both brilliant in their own ways. So I guess I’d say Kelly’s version wasn’t country?

    As far as the kind of country I’ve always imagined Kelly singing, the prototype is Reba’s Why Haven’t I Heard From You and Trisha Yearwood’s Wrong Side Of Memphis, which is bluesy/soulful country.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “So I guess I’d say Kelly’s version wasn’t country?”

    Oh, OK. Maybe, that’s why I liked it? lol I looked up WSOM, and understand why you could see Kelly singing this kind of country song. I’ve read Kelly say in interviews that she thinks that some country songs allow her to sing in a more soulful way than her pop songs, so personally, I would be in favor of her singing those kind of country songs.

  • taylor

    Just another reason why Kelly rocks and why she is still popular with young girls. A confident women is attractive, and that’s exactly what Kelly is!

  • heartly

    I guess I’ll be different, I liked the dress and I like her with the blonde hair.

    I dig the new song. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it besides having a good feeling that it was going to be upbeat. I really want to hear the studio version though as her live performances tend to be rockier than the recordings. The song was tailor-made for her with her story, but is still universal enough, I think. It’s fun and playful.

    I was elated when I heard Trisha was going to join her last night and I know Kelly was over the moon about it. For as long as I can remember, she’s named Trisha as one of her influences and one of her favorite voices ever. Just wish they sang a different song so that they could both shine but they were having fun with it, so I can’t complain. Actually, from all the videos that I’ve watched, she was having a ball the whole set. Well, almost the whole set. She realized just before she started the new song that she was missing both of her rings and was slightly freaking out about it.

    On the production list for the show last night they had Kelly possibly coming out to join Keith during his set. I guess with the “surprise” set by Lenny Kravitz, that didn’t go over so well, it probably got bumped for time. Wonder what song they would’ve done? She used to do a great cover of “Tonight I Wanna Cry” on tour a few years back.

  • Gina

    Interesting. I loved the jumping up and down. And the spinning too. Ah, they joy of music. The twitter peeps that were watching it live commented that Kelly appeared to be having the time of her life. That’s good. For both her and the audience. :)

  • suenigma

    Yep. Call me crazy, I think the dress is lovely on her, and while I prefer her as a brunette, she still looks great blonde.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    The problem is they photoshop the hell out of her video and pictures and then she comes out live and we see she doesn’t really look like that, and then what she wears just makes it all the more obvious. I have seen her in things that make her look better, this is a constant complaint of people, why doesn’t she hire a stylist? She has the money.

  • bestmusic

    Do you think we can get Kelly on What Not Too Wear?

  • Sammy

    I’m still on the fence about this song, but really, you guys are commenting on her appearance? It’s one of the things that make her appealing! Her lack of regard for fashion and her all-around normality.

  • DragonFly

    Don’t know where else I would put it–sounded every bit Country to me. I like her spirit. She has her own party when she sings & it’s catching. Great voice!

  • WestiesRule

    I can’t believe that ppl are worried about what Kelly looks like in grainy you tube videos. Really? Does she use a stylist? Who knows, because she has never been a fashionista. That’s fine with me. I have loved everything about Kelly since she walked on stage Season 1 of Idol. She is a strong woman who stays true to herself and I admire her for that. She is a southern girl with country roots. I am not much of a country music fan, yet I have bought her collabs. She is marrying into a country music family so I expect we will see more of this from her. That song does sound familiar so I wonder who wrote it. I kind of liked it but I’ll have to wait for the studio version to make up my mind. Either way Kelly, “Do You” as the kids say and continue to enjoy life and this journey you are on.

  • waitingforthe1

    This song is just as country as Miranda Lambert’s Mama’s Broken Heart, Carrie’s Good Girl, and any number of other current country songs. Country is no longer just the twang and the steel guitar.

    It’s so funny to see people say she looks horrible as a blond consider she was blond throughout the Breakaway era and that was when she was arguably at her hottest. Kelly is a natural blond and when she has her hair dark it’s because she’s coloring it dark.

    I like the song. It’s catchy and fun. No, it’s not ground breaking or even lyrically impressive but it’s a good summer song and is right on target for where Kelly is at in her life so that makes it even more entertaining to listen to.

  • guest

    Great post. Also, the song was written by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Ashley Arrison (who is friends with Kelly) and maybe Kelly too, not sure. :)

  • matt89

    looked just fine

  • matt89

    Apparently everyone is a pretend stylist on here, lol

  • bridgette12

    You don’t need to be a stylist to plainly see when someone should have chosen something else to wear that would make them look better.

  • matt89

    all these comments from a grainy video. can’t we just enjoy the music and stop being so superficial?

  • Gina

    I see quite a few Carrie Underwood fans voicing their negative opinion, right here, right now.

  • Gina

    I do listen to country music and this song and the way Kelly sings it is not out of line at all.

  • windmills

    You’re seeing wrong, promise ;) My point is you should probably wrap your mind around the idea that people may not like this for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not they like Carrie. That seems to be the case here at MJ’s because the lion’s share of the people posting in this thread aren’t Carrie fans, which I know from being a regular poster here and also looking at their past activity :)

  • Gina

    I enjoyed that post. I think you’re right on.

  • Chris

    Kelly is amazing but this is a pop/rock song and I can’t imagine the studio version being much different or country. Just like Cassadee, Kelly is a pop/rock singer and they don’t sound country at all. Their vocal styles/what makes them great pop singers also makes them not good country singers and that’s a compliment. Sending this to country radio is like if Jamey Johnson sent In Color to pop radio. It’s terrible that labels send pop to country radio, especially females since country wrongly barely plays most actual country females. Sadly there’s little room for them and just like the “country” remix of Mr. Know It All these 2 pop songs will take up 2 more slots better country songs deserve. Also Kelly is so successful in pop she doesn’t need the money. Don’t anyone say this isn’t about money unless she and her label aren’t making a penny from this.

  • dd999

    Well said! The country music genre , needs to be protected or we’ll lose it, and pop/rock/rap will be identified as country music. And like you said, I think that money and politics too, has a lot to do with what TPTB promote, rather than, genuinely supporting the best in traditional country music.

  • Chris

    Yes and I’ve seen Sony and other labels push many pop songs past better country songs (even songs from their own country artists) on country radio. They even pushed Jessica Simpson’s weak “country” single past others when she went “country.” How would pop artists feel if they lost all of their pop airplay and sales because pop radio played Jamey Johnson and George Strait instead of their songs. How would pop fans feel if pop radio played pure country songs. Country fans should be raising hell about the pop being pushed on us. This petition to Billboard about changing the Hot Country chart to include pop airplay was a good start:

  • Gina

    I’m still trying to understand why so many people say this shouldn’t be released to country radio and how it isn’t the least bit country. How is this so much different than “Mama’s Broken Heart” or “Better Dig Two” or “1994” or “My Kinda Party” or “Fancy” or even the wordy “Ain’t Going Down” ? Is it just because it’s Kelly singing “Tie It Up”? Because I don’t see how hugley different and un-country her song is than any of the others I listed.

  • windmills

    TBH, I’m reserving judgment until we hear the studio version, which may and almost definitely will sound more country.

    But to answer your question with regards to the live version, Kelly sounds like an awesome rock wailer on the song whereas on the songs you mentioned the singers sound country, and the lyrics on the songs you mentioned seem more country-oriented too. The melody of Tie It Up seems very beat-oriented, and there’s that one part of the song that sounds so much like Alanis’s You Oughta Know. The verses remind me a little of Miss Independent. But that just means the song fits Kelly perfectly! That all being said I’m definitely waiting to hear the studio version before really judging whether the song’s country or not. If Shane McAnally’s producing then it’ll probably fit country radio fine.

  • Gina

    Still not sold on that reasoning. To me this sounds just as country as some of the beat driven country songs I mentioned. And there have always been wailers in country music, so that shouldn’t rule out Kelly as a potential country singer.
    I’ll end it there for my part. Thanks for your input windmills. I enjoyed reading it even though I can’t get behind it.