Kelly Clarkson – “Tell Me A Lie” – Song Leak!

Listen to a FULL STREAM of a Kelly Clarkson song called “Tell Me a Lie”.

I have no idea where this tune came from, or if it’s going to be on Kelly’s upcoming album. It appears to be a demo of some kind. But heh, we’re in the middle of a Kelly drought! We’ll take whatever we can get.

I’m digging this upbeat tune. I can’t wait to get new Kelly in the fall.

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  • Eileen99

    Love this, sounds like a typical upbeat, fun Kelly song. Wish RCA would get a single out there for summer for her. This sounds really great.

  • songsungblue

    That is a GREAT song. Total hit! It’s why Kelly is so damn good – she can sell any song you give her. **love haze**

  • Mtlfan

    that’s very good :)

  • sr4mjc

    I like it! I don’t think it’s hooky enough for a single, but maybe a good album track. I wonder who wrote it. The Oh’s in it remind me a lot of Cookie’s ‘The Last Goodbye’

    Love me some Kelly!

  • musicality

    Kelly can do little wrong in my eyes. I don’t follow the contestants mostly the show. But out of every female that came out of the machine I think she’s crazy talented. I think vocally she sings circles around Underwood.

  • RockiDreams

    Love her and cannot wait for the new album. Kelly drought is right. September is too darn long.

  • moadms

    ITA, Musicality!

  • Esqt

    Kelly does have talent for making/finding ear-catching melody songs.

  • oza902

    Love this song! Too bad it didn’t make any albums. I tend to like a lot of the throwaway songs.. :)

  • dancin

    kelly is on twitter soundinpissed about these leaks

  • 1wildegirl

    She has every right to sound pissed. Once again, her music leaked. After the fiasco of last year where 18 songs leaked and ended up delaying the release of her album to this September. I love her music and I’m totally itching for new stuff, but if I were her I’d be livid.

    However, maybe someone in her camp or label is leaking them on purpose? It puts her name out there and gets people talking… stepping down from the grassy knoll now.