Kelly Clarkson Talks Puking, Babies – Ellen DeGeneres Show


Kelly Clarkson was a total chatterbox when she appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show this week to talk about her marriage, pregnancy and new holiday album.

The American Idol winner is hilarious as she describes puking 12 times a day during her 11 week pregnancy, and how she cried so hard during her wedding, the videographer hasn’t shown her the film yet.

She and  new husband, Brandon Blackstock,  have picked ONE baby name, that will do whether it’s a boy or a girl.  Kelly doesn’t know the sex of the baby yet, but she can’t wait to find out.

Kelly plans to get her pilot license. She flew back (with their instructor Randy) from their Tennessee wedding. She was so scared the first time she flew but, “I did it again,” she said, “because I’m awesome.”

Because Kelly loves them, Ellen gifted her and the baby two really hideous red Christmas sweaters.

Kelly performs “Underneath The Tree”

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    A nice long, hilarious interview, great performance, and everyone got a copy of WiR, Very nice promotion.

  • Jason Gorny

    Nice! Kelly is just so lovable.

  • heartly

    There are 3 people that I will always make sure that I’ll never miss when they are on Ellen’s show: Kellie Pickler, Lauren Graham and Kelly. They never disappoint me and this was no different. All 3 have a great rapport with Ellen that makes for fun interviews. Kelly’s been a guest many times, but this one tops them all, by far. haha

    There was another clip of her singing part of a song* that didn’t make the cut for the album, complete with a bell solo. ;) haha

    *not real song

  • september21

    Haahahaha! I love Kelly on Ellen!! She was in high chatter gear for sure! Won’t that be funny if she has the baby on next year in that hideously funny sweater!

  • breakdown

    Good thing I like Kelly because she couldn’t shut up, haha!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    She may not have the baby on the show, but I’ll bet that she has pics of herself and the baby wearing those sweaters. lol

  • Anna106


  • Anna106

    Wow! She’s a talk-show’s dream…lol

  • iluvai

    I’m happy for Kelly. She will be a great mom.

  • pj

    Thanks for posting. I loved it. Wonder what the name is. Taylor? LOL @ Pat and Chris.

  • wonderings

    So stream-of-conscious funny! Yes, she made it easy for Ellen – not need to pry info out of Kelly! Ellen just had to wait for the right time for the reaction shots. :)

  • wonderings

    I’d put a little pretend money on the name Blake. The obvious connections to BS, plus it works for a girl or a boy….

  • Jason Gorny

    oh my gosh. i could see that happening! that would be crazy

  • september21

    Yeah, I was thinkin both Taylor or Blake. Blake Blackstock though? Say that 5 times! LOL :)

  • Incipit

    “Kelly Clarkson Talks Puking, Babies”

    Just wait til she comes back to talk about puking babies – no comma. As in projectile vomiting…ewww.

    I do feel sorry to read she’s having one of ‘those’ pregnancies – even though they’re not the majority experience – they happen to plenty of women. And I don’t blame her for feeling deceived with all that ‘Expectant Mommy Glow’ talk – hope she’s since found a source that’s a little more straight talk for the full range of what can be expected.

    She cracked me up though – “I want to hit them with my car!” Hormonal much?

    Good fortune there, Kelly – the fun’s just begun. Heh.

  • Miz

    I’m betting on Jessie or Jess. Though I loved that Ellen suggested Pat and Chris … my sister and I have enjoyed years of gender confusion with our names.

  • Miz

    I always love the fake outs on Ellen’s holiday shows.

  • Miz

    Kelly was hilarious. Love that the girl has no filter, even if it does sometimes get her in trouble.

  • jobeob987

    Kelly is hilarious. Love her.

  • b_james

    BEAUTIFUL BELLS. Bell solo! This is hilarious.

  • heartly

    Oh gosh, if that were to happen, we’d never hear the end of that from BS. haha

    I’ve always been partial to Ryan with a variation on the spelling for girl, for a unisex name. I grew up with a girl named that and always loved it. It’s sort of an uncommon common name.