Kelly Clarkson – Saturday Night Live – VIDEO

Kelly Clarkson was in fine, fine voice as she hit the stage at Saturday Night Live on January 7.  Watch her perform “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” and “Mr. Know It All”.

In his opening monologue, host Charles Barkley joked that the Weight Watchers diet he was on left him so hungry, he might cover Kelly in butter and gobble her up. Ha.

What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)

Mr. Know It All

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  • Anonymous

    Whatever stylist that put Kelly in that atrocious black outfit, need to get some new glasses. That was a head to toe collection of what not to wear when on National television. 

  • pmreyn2010

    What a voice! She sounded awesome on “Stronger.” Maybe it’s just me but her voice came across a bit more tired on “Mr. Know It All.” Still great though.

  • Anonymous

    Her voice is so unique its golden :)…after all these years still “stronger”

  • Anonymous

    she looks and sounds FANTASTIC! I love this hairstyle on her!

  • John Williams

    Ha ha.  I need to book an eye appointment too.  I liked the black outfit far better than the dress she wore for Mr. Know It All.

  • Latin2

    Wow, Kelly was really strong in her performances. Excellent singing.

  • Anonymous

    Neither outfit was doing her any favors, but that black outfit was the worst of the two. It showed every lump and bump she had and not in a good way. She had on spanz and even that didn’t help. 

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what she’s wearing, she kills it every single time. Love it.

  • cwm

    Kelly sounded great! I wish she hadn’t been in those super-high stiletto heels so she could have moved more freely because she looked like she wanted to move around more. Great performances nonetheless.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, read the comments first and expected serious fashion crimes, the only thing she is guilty of is having an ass. From my viewpoint the ass is a wonderful asset for a woman. No lumps just ass! Sexy and fierce!

  • RockiDreams

    Thanks for the videos!  Kelly looked and sounded fantastic.  Nothing wrong at all with her outfits.  From what I have read, she doesn’t give two cents what someone thinks about her weight or her clothes.  I admire that about her big time.  I buy Kelly’s music because of that amazing voice, not what she is wearing or what she currently weighs.  That stuff is none of my damn business.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Terrific performances by Kelly!  I love her new hairstyle with the bangs.  I thought that she looked fine, but agree that the stiletto heels made it hard for her to move around (I like “jumping” barefoot Kelly lol).

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really know much about Kelly Clarkson, have only started hearing and watching her stuff the last couple of months, but really like what I hear so far. Thought the vocals were great on here, and saw nothing wrong with her outfits. In fact its nice to see a ‘normal’ sized woman on tv. 

  • HaleysShindig

    Kelly has it going on. She could wear a Hefty bag and I wouldn’t care as long as she continues to blow away Gaga, Katy, Britney, et al away for being the best Pop vocalist. 

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why but the videos are not working… they cut off after 10 seconds… As for the outfits… I don’t care what she wears but her weight yo-yo’s and that dres might have fit a few weeks ago. She typically wears unflattering outfits and I have no idea why. She is a very attractive girl.

  • Anonymous

    Dang, there is a lot of people on that tiny stage with her. 9, 10 total? I hate that the backup singers even sing the verses of Stronger with her.  Love this song recorded, but it’s not my favorite live song. 

    It’s gonna smash though! 

  • Anonymous

    Kelly is a REAL woman, not some “tricked up” fake that we see all the time in the media with artificial hair, body, and persona.  I give her props for being true to who she is.  And besides, her voice speaks for itself.  I’ve never seen her put on a bad performance.  I’m looking forward to seeing her in March.  She’s actually coming close enough to my isolated location so I can take in her show.  :D

  • Kirsten

    I can’t watch the videos here, but I found a copy on youtube before SNL yanked it. I don’t know if it’s a product of how they made the youtube, but I was surprised to hear Kelly going sharp on the chorus of “Stronger”. Usually she’s totally reliable for hitting notes. I wonder if she might have had a cold or given too many interviews the last few days?

    Anyway, most people sound horrible on the SNL stage and she still sounded pretty awesome. It’s pointless to criticize Kelly’s outfits because we’ve all seen her look much worse and she’s reached a point where it’s not going to affect her career. People just ignore her outfits because it isn’t the kind of artist she is.

    I will say that I really liked her hair in Mr. Know It All and perfered that performance (more nuanced).

  • ronnie

    Stronger felt rushed so it lost some of the rhythm.  Those tight sleeveless dresses don’t look good on her.  If she would just cover her arms, which are a bit flabby, she would look so much better yet she seems to always have them on display.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly looked and sounded great. She is just always good.

  • Pam

    I agree with some of the comments here about “Stronger”.  I missed seeing both performances last night with the game running over by half an hour or so.  I don’t think I could have managed to stay awake that long.  Heh.  During the game last night when they took the backstage peek, it looked as if Barkley was getting a few winks before the show.  LOL

    Stronger was good, but it did seem a bit rushed.  MKIA was fab!  Loved it.  With Kelly being last night’s musical guest, Stronger got the nice promo during the game leading up to last night’s show that’s it’s been getting for most of the season.  Overall, I think she did pretty well.  I hope these performances show a nice sales boost for this album. 

    Thanks mj!

  • Anonymous

    Kelly’s a great girl, energetic performances, but I just don’t like her voice live – constricted and unpleasant to my ears here.  Two pre-teens listening didn’t like performances either – one said voice is “scratchy” – another said “trying too hard.”  However, I do like a few of her recordings where her lower voice is emphasized – fav is “If No One Will Listen.”

  • Anonymous

    I watched the videos expecting some kind of fashion disaster, but was pleasantly surprised. I thought Kelly looked fine in both outfits. If she wears something too flowing then she’ll just look even bigger imo. She is a very pretty woman and the outfits did not take away from that. Her voice sounded a little grating at times but overall she did a really good job.

  • Anonymous

    Thought she sounded great and I liked her outfits. 

  • Anonymous

    I thought Kelly put on 2 solid performances even though I too found her voice a bit strained at times.  The problem I have with her outfits is that they seem geared toward women much thinner.  She looks like she was stuffed into them and doesn’t look at all comfortable to me.  It’s as if she’s accepting that she needs to dress this way on primetime TV.  Maybe so.  I really don’t know.  There is a world of wiggle room (scuse the pun) between frumpy and sleeveless painted on dresses.  

    But even with all that, she still always manages to put on a good show.

  • Karen C

    I thought she did great. I think she did sound a bit strained, but it seemed to me the sound mix was off too, I thought the instruments were too loud or something. But it was great seeing her, I’ve liked her all these years, and now becoming more of a fan of hers.  

  • iani

     The problem I have with her outfits is that they seem geared toward
    women much thinner.  She looks like she was stuffed into them and
    doesn’t look at all comfortable to me.

    I think larger outfits might make her even bigger, especially for a short person(she seems a short one). I’m not really “crazy” about her fashion-choices last night but man, it looks like she has only muscle-mass, no sign of fat, flat belly, strong  arms, thighs, no sign of flabbiness at all and I think she likes to showcase her “smooth” assets. She was great overall last night, I like her voice!

  • Anonymous

    Kelly is gorgeous. She’s not a size 2 so there are always comments about her weight. I hate that this is always an issue. Her outfit choice was just fine too. I’m not sure what people would like her to wear. She has an amazing voice and it sounds strong as ever. My only complaint is that I’m just not a fan of WDKY. I really do not like the song.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen the videos but watched SNL on the west coast airing.  I thought Kelly sounded great and didn’t hear any pitch issues on my broadcast.

    I thought her outfits were fine & especially loved the sassy pony tail.

    I was really glad she sang both singles from the album. I’ve gotten to really love MKIA.

  • Anonymous

    she’s fab as usual. I like her outfits.
    Regarding the weight discussion, she would look better with 15-20lbs less. I’m not in favor of dieting since it just causes a yoyo situation (gain-loose-gain-loose..).  Just reduce dessert, carb, eat more fruits-vegetalbes and do exercise; it works wonder. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure she will heed your unsolicited advice.

  • Anonymous

    Her voice sounds fine to me, but the outfits were all wrong. A women who has gained a few pounds should never, ever wear a sleeveless, short, tight dress.

  • Incipit

    Heh. I like Kelly’s voice, always have – don’t like the majority of her songs…so, no comment on them. Good for her being asked to be on SNL three times – that’s pretty cool, IMO.

    However inconsequential – I love the picture mj used for this – with Kelly’s hair the same smooth butterscotch/amber as whatever she is wearing – Great color on her!

  • TylerWV

    I liked both performances although Stronger is not my fav.  I thought she looked good.  I admire that she doesnt give a fig what anyone thinks lol.

  • Ringo

    For those of us who like women, not skinny little girls, but real-sized women, we are not complaining about how Kelly looks.  Quite the opposite!  ;)  What I think is interesting is the recent trend of larger girls to accept themselves as confident, sexy and brash.  “Eff you, I am not going to hide in my room; I am not going to cover up in a mumu or a tent; Im going to wear it short and tight and sleeveless.” And gradually we will all give in to accept that it takes all kinds, and some like theirs fuller with real curves.

  • milwlovesadam

    Kelly looked and sounded great. Loved her bangs, loved Mr Know It All, and I liked both dresses. Kudos to her for showing her curves. She looks like almost every gal I know. Real. Not a Hollywood stick figure.

  • Anonymous

    i’m in the Kelly sounds strained camp.  the last few appearances have sounded like she’s at the beginning or end of a sore throat and when she goes up high on stronger, i’m anticipating a phlegm ball to coming flying out.  i’m really in need of a ballad from her. i do like her being present when shes on tv though…no sense of being in ‘bot mode with kelly.  whoever bought the same sleevless dress in different colors needs to get over it already!  It’s not dinner, it’s a TV appearance!  i noticed she even went sleevless on new years eve at blakes.  she’s become neurotic with the sleevless!!!  yet, she still makes me laugh-i ain’t mad at her.

  • Leah Hoffman

    Kelly is awesome. That’s all there is to it.

  • Niall

    It’s funny how people in the US pay lip service to the idea that women of all shapes and sizes should feel and act beautiful, not just the skinny minnies, but as soon as a woman like Kelly embraces that suddenly it’s a fashion police issue because she dared to wear a sleeveless top. People appreciate normal sized or slightly overweight women in theory only.

  • Anonymous

    The show got great ratings. I’m kind of surprised because I didn’t think the host was a big draw. I can’t figure out all the jargon but it looks like the show got the best rating for SNL in the past year.

  • Anonymous

    Cosign w/Niall. Well said.

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed seeing/hearing Kelly on SNL.  Tried to ignore the outfits.  I was surprised they didn’t have her in any skits.  I thought I had read there would be a spoof on TheVoice.
    She looked like she was having fun on the wrap up.
    Charles is looking good and I liked the wigs.   Thought he was funny.  Good combo to headline.

  • Susan

    I like Kelly, but her voice always kinda sounds strained to me when she sings live.

    Maybe we can get her on “What Not To Wear”?  There are ways to fit her figure that would be more flattering than skin tight.  Don’t ask me what they are… my shape is the opposite of hers lol.

  • Van

    As Kelly said she’s the pop star, she makes the rules. There’s already enough skinny girls that can barely sing in tone out there. I’ll take a normal, average person like Kelly or Adele who can actually sing over any of those other people any day. 

    SNL had it’s highest ratings in a year, her album and WDKY jumped over 20 spots on itunes, and she gained more than 4,000 followers on twitter. Proves that no one cares what she looks like (just shallow people). Great ratings, sold her music, and gained some new fans… that’s what it’s all about :)

  • stargazed

    Kelly is mad talented but her stylist is blind crazy.

  • Chris

    Why is it with the women, we automatically end up on “what did she wear” more than the singing?  American past time I guess, but I think Kelly goes sleeveless for comfort.  I have heard a lot of people say it gets hot on stage, especially with all the lights, if they jump around, etc..  Kelly has said she doesn’t care about the snipes so if sleeveless makes her comfortable, then so be it.

  • Anonymous

    High ratings because it was on right after News / NFL football, and Barkley / Kelly are good draws.

  • Anonymous

    I think Charles Barkley is a pretty big draw (especially for the SNL demographic), he’s hilarious.

    Anyway, Kelly sounded great! The clothes she chooses are rarely flattering (imo) but I think Kelly just doesn’t care.  Which is kinda cool.  Strangely, I liked her performance of MKIA the best; I LOVE the recorded version of Stronger.

  • electric_dog

    I haven’t watched SNL for years… but wow, Kelly is pretty fat again. She didn’t look so fat in the beginning of the era, I hope that she is OK.

  • Kariann Hart

    Kelly looks fine, but does need a new stylist.   She isn’t fat; she isn’t even chubby.  Her voice did sound strained on SNL.  Still a great entertainer.

  • buffynut2001

    I think she looked and sounded amazing! Yes, a few sharp notes on Stronger but still great! Loved both outfits but the black one was best!

  • Anonymous

    To me she looked and sounded terrific. I could care less about the dress size, it’s much more about energy and charisma for me.  She is a feisty woman, and I think that alone makes her a much better role model than one more lady on a perpetual diet to be a size 6 or whatever is considered acceptable for a pop star these days.

  • Susan

    Why is it with the women, we automatically end up on “what did she wear” more than the singing?

    Not just with women… There were plenty of comments after one of James’ performances about his white pants lol.

  • Anonymous

    Kelly could sing dressed in the proverbial potato sack, I agree, her voice is awesome however……   when she wears these tight clothes I find it very distracting from that fantastic voice.   Her arms flabbing and her rear end in the spotlight definitely takes something away from her performance.
    I agree – she needs a new stylist to advise her that showing flesh is not necessary.   I wish she would take a page from Adele regarding styling.