Kelly Clarkson – Perfect – Alanis Morrisette Cover

Kelly Clarkson performed a benefit concert in Sudbury, Ontario Canada last night.

Apparently, the video nazis were out in full force, because right in the middle of this beautiful cover of Alanis Morrisette’s “Perfect” a security guy forced the videographer to turn their camera off. Bummer.

But what we do have here is gorgeous. Hopefully some other folks were able to nab some good video.

  • sagi

    Goosebumps! Her singing voice is so beautiful :’)

  • falafel

    Amazing. Her voice is probably my favorite of all the people that have come out of Idol over the years. She’s one of the few artists whose every song I will listen to regardless of genre or tempo or any other factor.

  • linsmile

    Thanks for posting this mj. Kelly sounds superb. Amazing. And that song – the song itself is amazing. I would love to hear Kelly sing it thru to the end – but it’s sure worth the time even just to hear half.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Wow! Kelly sounds better than ever on this song. Still my favorite Idol alum. Thanks, MJ! :)

  • movin2thabeet

    Gorgeous indeed. Thanks MJ for posting this. Even in its partial state, it is perfect.

  • explorer

    No matter what she’s singing, Kelly is always such a pleasure to listen to.

    Best voice in pop for this past decade.

    *gaga and Katy Perry fans to the left please.. :)

  • maria4hitz