Kelly Clarkson Loses Her Beloved Dog, Joplin

Heartfelt condolences to Kelly Clarkson who lost her beloved dog, Joplin, yesterday. Reportedly, she let the news slip to fans at a Musicians on Call fundraising concert in Nashville last night.

Throughout the evening, Kelly hinted that something was wrong, but it wasn’t until she introduced her last song, “Stronger,” at which point she thanked the fans for lifting her spirits, that she shared the bad news that Joplin had died earlier that day. “Crap, I didn’t mean to mention it,” Kelly said, as she teared up.

The singer tweeted about her loss earlier today:

Early last month, Kelly tweeted about Joplin, a black poodle mix she adopted in 2011, calling him her “soulmate.”

Stay strong Kelly!

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  • fuzzywuzzy

    Aw, I really feel badly for Kelly. I know how it feels to lose a furry friend that you love.

  • Sharon S.

    I’m so sorry Kelly didn’t have more years with Joplin. We never have enough time with our beloved pets, but only a couple of years with a “soulmate” companion animal is devastating. My condolences to her.

  • windmills

    RIP Joplin. Hugs to Kelly and everybody else who loved him.

  • heartly

    Really sad news for her, they’ve been through a lot together in the short time that they got. Sometimes pets are just pets and sometimes you both get lucky and form a special bond with each other. Judging by some of the comments by her friends, this little dude was a special little guy. Anyway, someone recorded audio of most of the show last night and at about 29:50 is where she mentions it and got all choked up.

    Back at the beginning of last year, she wrote a letter to Kix Brooks for his “Live Like You Were Dying” segment on his American Country Countdown show detailing how this little guy got scared and ran off on New Years Eve when she was still living in TX. How she searched high and low for him and how she obviously ended up finding him. It was a humorous read, imo. (Wayback link to ACC)

    On a sidenote, at 10:20 of that audio she does a great version of Please Come Home for Christmas followed by Run Run Rudolph.

  • Niall

    Awful. Losing a pet is always sad.

    I’ve always enjoyed how many idols are animal lovers. Kris Allen and his Frenchie, Zorro. Carrie with her little dogs Ace and Penny. Blake Lewis and Sir Diddimus. Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young with their little doxie Rosie. Jordin Sparks and her 3 dogs. Etc, etc. And they all lovingly share cute instagram or twitter pictures of their pets. It’s sad to know one of them has passed away.

  • Max

    Sorry for her loss but glad she has a human by her. My first dog is dying at the age of 9 and its going to destroy me. I was told in Nov 2012 that he had 2 months to live by 2 different vets. Its now a year later and he’s still kicking. Had had moves forward and back; lots of expenses; special food and medications; and a pharmacy mistake that gave him 3x the dosage of one prescription for 3 months. All in all, he seems to have some fight. Never having been raised with pets, I never knew how connected one could become.

  • Miz

    So sorry for Kelly’s loss of her fur baby. It’s never easy.

  • iluvai

    That is so sad. Dogs are amazing little creatures. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats. I’m so sorry for her loss. Pets keep it real. :)

  • Kariann Hart

    Sorry for your loss, Max. Our black lab was trying to catch a Frisbee and ran into a telephone pole. He was completely paralyzed and had to be put down. He was 8 years old and so lovable. Sorry to hear about Kelly’s loss.