Kelly Clarkson Joins Jewel On Rerecorded “Foolish Games” For Jewel’s Greatest Hits Album! (VIDEO)

Not only did Kelly Clarkson just release her own Greatest Hits: Chapter One album, she will be joining another pop superstar who has dipped her toes into the country market for a re-imagined version of a smash hit. Billboard reports that Jewel is set to release Greatest Hits on February 5 2013 with 1 or 2 original tracks and a couple rerecorded hits:

The 17-track set also features a pair of new duet recordings. She joins forces with Kelly Clarkson on a fresh rendition of “Foolish Games,” while the Pistol Annies join Jewel for another take on “You Were Meant For Me.”

“I just wanted to do some duets with some artists I really liked and some voices I like,” Jewel explains. “Kelly was amazing. She was a hoot to have in the studio. She had done ‘Foolish Games’ in several talent shows prior to ‘American Idol,’ so she really knew it. I’m such a fan of her voice and love what she added to the song. She was so effortless on it. It’s neat to hear it in her new light.

Check out a teaser video featuring Kelly in studio with Jewel and producer Dann Huff, who produced both of Kelly’s solo singles to country radio so far:

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  • Jenna

    Wow that’s awesome! I love Jewel! Can’t wait to hear what she and Kelly sound like together.

  • WestiesRule

    Looks like it’s going to be a really cool album

  • Axxxel

    “Foolish Games”…. gah, what a beautiful song…. Nice touch to ask the very first American Idol winner to contribute vocally to this song…

  • Van

    Can’t wait to hear it!!

  • briguyx

    Since Jewel’s hit songs off her first album were drastically different in their hit single versions, it would have been nice to get a Greatest Hits album that actually had those songs on them, rather than new re-recorded versions. Jewel is probably recording this for a new label rather than her original label Atlantic, giving her the chance to profit off the new versions.

  • Van

    The original versions will also be on the GH. Plus, the new versions.
    Tracklist via Entertainment Tonight:
    Who Will Save Your Soul
    You Were Meant For Me
    Foolish Games
    Down So Long
    Standing Still
    Break Me
    Good Day
    Stronger Woman
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Foolish Games – with Kelly Clarkson
    You Were Meant For Me – with the Pistol Annies

  • heartly

    I might be interpreting you wrong, but the two rerecorded songs will also appear in on the album as the single versions.  She confirmed it with this tweet earlier today:

    Jewel ?@jeweljk
    i did. just for you. “@MagnumArtero12: @jeweljk Please include the single versions of the hits since they’re harder to find”

    I’m uncertain if she’s still on Valory Music’s label (windmills, would you know?) but this Greatest Hits is coming out on Rhino.

    I said this in the headlines thread earlier, but I’m really looking forward to hearing this. This is such a beautiful song.

  • briguyx

    Happy to be corrected in this case, Van! Rhino is owned and distributed by  Warner Bros. Records and is the logical place for an archival release when the artist is no longer signed to the label. Now if only Rhino would put out Greatest Hits for Sheila E and The Time, I could call my collection complete!

  • Reflects On Life

    Jewel’s debut album is arguably my favorite album of the ’90s. Still incredibly listenable. 

    So interesting that for her two duets, Jewel chose reality-singing-competition talent (Kelly & Miranda).

  • GinaBallerina

    I looove “Foolish Games” and I cannot wait to hear this version!

    If I were a singer I wouldn’t want Kelly to duet on my song.  She will show up just about anyone. : P