Kelly Clarkson Films Appearance On New CBS Show With Sarah Michelle Gellar & Robin Williams!

Kelly Clarkson’s super busy 2013 continues, with the original recipe Idol spending yesterday shooting scenes with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams for a new CBS show called The Crazy Ones! Robin Williams tweeted out the featured picture with the message

It’s a wrap. #thecrazyones

And according to actor Seth Austin’s tweet, it’s a singing appearance for Kelly!

Spent the afternoon listening to/watching Kelly Clarkson sing on the set of ‘The Crazy Ones.’ #shestherealdeal

Entertainment Weekly describes The Crazy Ones as “a single-cam comedy about a father (Williams) and daughter who run an advertising agency together.” According to TV Line, the show is a David E. Kelley production (Ally McBeal) and Jason Winer (Modern Family) directed the pilot.

So when will this show air? Stay tuned for May upfronts where CBS will reveal its fall and mid-season lineups. With top-end, buzzy acting talent like Gellar and Williams featured, it seems like The Crazy Ones should be a lock to be ordered to series.

Of course, Kelly’s next TV appearance comes tonight, where she debuts new pop single “People Like Us” on the show that introduced her to a national and even international audience, American Idol!

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  • EvenMoreron

    CBS ordered a lot of pilots for such few places in its schedule. I hope this one makes it!

  • kcfan

    I hope CBS picks it up too. I love Robin and SMG.

  • Jake W.

    Wow, Sarah isn’t aging well.

  • Jake W.

    Wow, Sarah isn’t aging well.

  • standtotheright

    She looked stunning on Ringer. This may just be a bad photo.

  • standtotheright

    I’m not much of a sitcom person, but I’ve been a sucker for ad agency humor for a long time, so this sounds like it could be fun. And Clarkson is always a good time.

  • chris99x

    Ehh, I’d say it’s the pic. Kelly and Sarah are both much better looking than they are in this pic.

  • wonderings

    The staff involved sound great, so I’m optimistic that this will see the light and make it to broadcast tv!

    I’m very curious to see how Kelly will be worked into a comedy about an ad agency. I would be very amused if she ends up singing jingles or is called upon to modify one of her famous songs to include an obnoxious/funny product placement.

    And of course, she should sing the theme song too. ;)

  • ellen8

    I hope they give Kelly a chance to do some comedic acting. She was great when she did SNL years ago, I thought then she could do comedy – such a natural. Remember the blind girl skit from SNL?? She was great and hilarious.

  • Jason Gorny

    She was also funny in Blake Shelton’s Christmas Special! lol

  • Christa Bailey

    I cannot wait to see Kelly on this show. I live for every Kelly Clarkson performance!!!! She was so freaking fantastic tonight on Idol. Wow. Superstar!!