Kelly Clarkson Covers Sara Bareilles “Gravity” (VIDEO)

Whoa. Kelly Clarkson covered Sara Bareilles beautiful song “Gravity” and it is lush and gorgeous. The audience breaks out in spontaneous applause, her version is so breathtaking. Kelly gave singer/songwriter and The Sing Off judge some props, “I kind of cried in rehearsal!” confesses Kelly. “I think that’s such a pretty song.”

“I think she’s such a beautiful writer and a beautiful singer,” Kelly says of Sara, “I’m glad you all picked it. I’m such a fan.”

Sara returned the favor by tweeting out the link today, “Holy pipes, Batman! Kelly Clarkson sang Gravity. Woah. Gurrrl. Can. SANG. So cool!”

Kelly picks a fan-voted cover to perform every. It’s resulted in songs from Heart, Coldplay, Broadway, and more.

Fun Fact: Clay Aiken was in the audience to see his pal and old tour buddy (they shared a concert bill early in their careers) Kelly perform!

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  • randi

    holy crap…that girl can sing ANYTHING!!! amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Love that Kelly covered this song!  While I think she sang beautifully, I wish it was a little more slowed down like the way Sara sings it.  But…this is very gorgeous nonetheless!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Kelly’s versatility is very special.  :)

  • Sunny Mc

    Gah! So beautiful!!!! Can’t wait to see Kelly in concert!
    Anyone else think of the SYTYCD routine done to this song. One of my favorites,

  • Anonymous

    Really nice she has such great range.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song

  • Keyera Mullins

    Sara Bareilles is from my hometown! :) Love this song! Kelly never fails! Such an amazing talent!

  • Jenna

    It really is so awesome that Kelly is doing this. I know a lot of fans have been DYING to hear her cover this song for years.

    Sara had a nice tweet in response to it as well:

    Sara Bareilles

    Holy pipes, Batman! Kelly Clarkson sang Gravity. Woah. Gurrrl. Can. SANG. So cool!

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous song – Kelly does a great job.  Lean towards Sara’s version because of the poignancy in her voice which suits this song so well.
    Might recommend another beautiful version (which may actually be my favorite) – the track that Sara did (2003?) when she was at the University of CA/LA and sang with a group called “Awaken A Cappella.”  It’s on iTunes as well.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    With all of these covers that Kelly is performing, does she need to get these songs cleared like they do on Idol?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    With all of these covers that Kelly is performing, does she need to get these songs cleared like they do on Idol?

  • tomr

    Love Kelly but don’t like this.  She is having problems with the high notes.

  • Anonymous

    She totally slays me.  I just don’t even know what to say.  Mesmerizing.  Beautiful, stunning…….

  • wonderings

    It’s a beautiful song and Kelly seemed to find it genuinely moving to sing.  Even better, you could hear that emotion in her voice; so very pretty, and touching.

    I absolutely adore the fan requests, they’re such a treat.  It’s really amazing to see what Kelly and her band can come up with on short notice.

    And thank you North Carolina for actually remaining wonderfully silent and respectful for most of the song!  (Hate it when some loudmouth finds the need to woo-hoo or shout ‘I love you’ during a break in a song like this.)

  • RockiDreams

    She is just amazing.  My favorite female singer ever.  It seems like yesterday when she won AI and all my coworkers talked about how they cried with her when she won.  Not a single winner of that show has ever topped that.  She just continues to grow and show just how talented and wonderful she is.   

  • Valentin432

    No, as far as I know, you don’t need clearance to perform songs at a concert.

  • lover of divas

    LOVE HER!! Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill you) is #2 on the Hot 100 this week! Soo close to #1!!!!!!

  • Kariann Hart

    Kelly showed her range of talent and performed Sara’s song to almost perfection.  Great job!

  • Anonymous

    I love Kelly. I love Sara B. I love this song. I loved this :)

  • Anonymous

    Kelly has an amazing voice and tone and range. But what I think she does better than any singer out there is she tells a story. The song becomes a story and you become so attached emotionally. That’s is a gift. Even more than the amazing voice.

  • Kelly

    I agree with everything you said. Kelly’s voice is always filled with emotions, and that’s the quality that you often only hear from rock singers, not pop stars.

  • Christa Bailey

    Kelly almost brought me to tears at the end when she started to cry. She is my all time favorite singer. Kelly sings with more emotion than anyone. Her voice gives me chills.