Kelly Clarkson Covers Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” in Perth (VIDEO)

On the last day of Kelly Clarkson’s Australian tour in Perth today, she covered Carrie Underwood’s latest single “Blown Away”.

Earlier, Kelly tweeted Carrie, “@carrieunderwood girl I’m covering Blown Away tonight for my fan request song and it is my favorite! I love how dark it is! Very cool song!”

Cool by both artists, as Kelly put her own special, soulful spin on the dark tale of a twister that literally blows the evil out of a young girls life.

After, Kelly tweeted her new Aussie friends before heading back to the United States, “Thank you so much for such an awesome tour Australia! We’ll be back :) thank you to the fray and Sarah as well for an amazing tour!”

Watch below

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  • CB40

    Another winner from Kelly. Can’t wait for “Catch My Breath”!

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    I hope I dont upset anyone by saying this, but I loved Kelly’s Blown Away more than I do Carrie’s . And I absolutely love Carrie’s version. :)

  • Van

    She did awesome covers for the Australian shows. 
    Next up, Europe! That leg starts Oct. 10.

  • Chicagolaw

    Me too! But I really like Kelly, and I’m not much of a Carrie fan to begin with.

  • jlscott13

    As a fan of both, I just don’t like the arrangement. Something about it takes away the urgency found in the original.

    I’ll still w/ Carrie’s “Blown Away.” :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    One of the few covers by Kelly that I’m not fond of. It’s the song. Carrie and Kelly sing it really well, but I don’t like the song.

  • windmills

    I love that Kelly changes up so many of her covers. IMO this was a cover she needed a little more time to figure out. She’s definitely onto something with the groove they’ve given BA but, it doesn’t let her phrasing shine and convey the urgency and desperation of the lyrics. I’m sure she’d have hit the sweet spot if she’d had a few days to just work on that but, it’s already taking a lot of time and energy to work on a new cover per show and it’s really impressive how she and her band have been able to do that with such a wide variety of songs. Not every cover is going to work as well as the others, and she’s done plenty that have been incredible.

  • smiller2851

    Thanks for sharing this video, MJ.  Kelly sounds great. I must say that both Kelly and Carrie exemplify the very best about the original premise of AI–uber-talented and successful singers. Also, they have been around for quite a while and  continue to shine!  Love and respect to both ladies.     

  • abbysee

    I love Kelly singing anything, she’s one of my favorite singers, period. Not my favorite cover, the song sorta just sits there…..oh well. Next cover will be…..

  • Bob Hooka

    turned a dramatic song in to a snooze fest.

  • Brian Thurman

    I agree. I love Kelly, but this doesn’t come close to being as good as Carrie’s version. The arrangement isn’t that great either.

  • Joe

    Kelly dear DO NOT mess with the QUEEN.

  • windmills

    Kelly isn’t messing with anybody, let alone Kitty Wells, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, or Reba – all women who I’d consider QUEENS way before I’d consider anybody who’s come up in country music in the past 10 years. Carrie being a smart gal with a good head on her shoulders I’m pretty sure she’d agree with me.

    Honestly Kelly just covered a song she really digs. It’s a compliment to the writers and Carrie. Kelly was excited about it and tweeted Carrie beforehand with a compliment. It’s not even the 1st time Kelly complimented Carrie on Blown Away – she tweeted to Carrie about her Billboard performance back in May, leading to fun exchange that revealed they’d seen each other working out at the gym. Hopefully Carrie’ll see Kelly’s tweet and if she does then I’m sure she’ll return the compliment.

  • fed

    kelly’s version of carrie’s I know you won’t is ACES and better than the original, but this one suffers from a stripped down arrangement; doesn’t work for the type of song it is. vocals are still very good though.

  • Madred

    An improved version of one of Carrie’s most dreadful songs. 

  • DB987

    I too find the original more compelling and the song fits Carries range a little better(big surprise since she recorded it) This arrangement didn’t quite cut it but I think it was an interesting idea and perhaps as Windmills says with more time might have worked. 
    These are two very talented artist whos work is wonderful to listen to.

  • Keyera Mullins

    Kelly is great, but this song was meant for Carrie. I don’t think anyone can compare to Carrie with this one.

  • Van

    So nice to see Kelly’s opening acts tweet her nice things about touring with her and her crew :)

    @thefray:twitter Last show with @kelly_clarkson was tonight. Gonna miss her, band and crew. She’s a true talent surrounded by great people. #muchlove -BW
    @Sarah_DeBono:twitter AMAZING TOUR with @Kelly_Clarkson & @TheFray and of course @Zak__Mason We have had such an awesome time, much love xxx
    Also, not really related to the BA cover, but Pink did an interview recently and she talked about singing reality shows, being asked to be a judge, and that she loves Kelly. I agree with what she said about contestants.

    Here’s the interview:

  • mtlfan2

    Kelly did a very good job but I prefer a lot more Carrie singing this song

  • jlscott13


  • http://MJO judes

    I went with my daughter to Kelly’s show in Sydney & both my daughter & I didn’t know the fan choice of song she sang even though she said it was one of her favourites.Sometimes they work & sometimes they don’t as Kelly herself said on stage .They don’t have much time to practise the arrangement of the song- & I think that shows here in Carries song. Kudos to her & her band for making the shows interesting though & allowing fans to have a choice.

  • wonderings

    I can’t see in the video – was there a fan?  Oh Kelly.  This song requires a big ass hair-tangling fan, at least towards the end. 

  • wonderings

    Hmmm, well I’d choose Kelly’s version; I just love her vocal tone & innate expressiveness and am admittedly biased.  :)  Don’t dig Kelly on the “Blown Aways” (I miss the clean sustained notes & prefer CU there) but she sounds great on the verse and I love the rawness at the end.  I’m also not very familiar with Carrie’s live version.

    I do remember seeing Carrie perform this on American Idol (probably the first major performance of Blown Away?) and…it didn’t live up to my expectations of Underwoodlian vocal awesomeness & consistency.  Went back and watched and she was struggling on the low parts and a couple of other places too.

    I do love seeing past Idols communicating with each other; I see the covers as an honor & form of respect.  When will they duet together?  Surely there has to be a shoutout of some sort at the CMAs? 

  • FinalFantasy13

    Nope not feeling it.. the arrangment just didn’t work for me.. 

    I saw carrie kill this song (in a good way)and look hot while doing it at the cma fest not to long ago.. Gonna have to stick with her on this one, but it’s her song so..

  • Goodvibes27

    Disclosure: I am much more of a Kelly fan than a Carrie fan, so I had never heard this song. I watched Kelly’s cover first, and then sought out a live version by Carrie immediately after. Truthfully, there is not much difference in the two. Carrie’s version doesn’t blow away Kelly’s version or vice versa.  Just two great singers with two different styles. I am glad Kelly’s cover brought my attention to the song because I really like it.

  • windmills

    Carrie’s live version of Blown Away at the Bridgestone Arena 9/23

    Live at CMA Fest back in June (TV cap)

    Live at the Opry back in May (TV quality sound)

    The American Idol performance of the song wasn’t Carrie’s best and she knew it. It’s actually by far the worst performance of the song I’ve seen Carrie do, with the above performances being just a sampling of much better ones.

  • vdawg

    Did not care for it at all. 

  • sweetmm

    I don’t listen to Carrie at all; so this is the first time I heard the song.  Hence I can’t make any comparison, the only comment I can make, as usual Kelly sounds great!!!

  • RustySax

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a Kelly/Carrie tour?  Both now have enough of their own material that a two-hour show could easily be staged.  No fancy sets and/or costume changes.  No opening act(s).  Just come out together and sing.  Kelly sing Kelly, Kelly sing Carrie, Carrie sing Carrie, Carrie sing Kelly, each sing a verse and harmonize on the chorus.  Choose some covers both are fond of.  Both sing backup for each other.  Since they’re both pretty devout ladies, close the show with HGTA in harmony.  Pure awsomeness!!

    Please, Narvel. . . make it happen!!

  • Truthisagun

    I love Kelly’s take on the song. Her interpretation made me much more attentive to the song’s story and as usual her vocals are to die for.

  • remulack

    Great job Kelly! Too bad the comments had to be disabled. There was some pretty awful stuff said about Kelly by Carrie’s fans. That is crazy if you ask me.

  • Cherry Lillyfield

    I thought it was a nice nod to Carrie- she wasn’t trying to out-do her.  LOL.  I like Carrie’s version.  I think slowing the song down exposes some of the weakness of the song, which it is a bit repetitive and there is not much variance in the melody- though don’t get me wrong, I love the song.  But Carrie has much better songs.

  • julesb2183

    Kelly actually sounds more country than Carrie in this version.