Kellie Pickler On Wearing a Wig “Heck NO, I’m gonna rock this sh*t!” (PHOTO)

When a fan asked Kellie Pickler via twitter yesterday, whether she’d be donning a wig for her upcoming concert  the country singer tweeted “To everyone who messaged me asking if I was gonna wear a wig @ my show 2nite->(excuse my language) But heck NO, I’m gonna rock this shit! ;)”

She had joked earlier with her fans, “So excited about my show tomorrow in Montpelier, OH! Hope people don’t mistake me for @CHRIS_Daughtry LOL! #RockinTheBaldLook ;)”

Kellie’s adventure in baldness began earlier this week when she shaved her head in solidarity with a friend who was about to embark on chemotherapy for breast cancer.

After Kellie tweeted the photo above, she responded to a troll who was giving her a hard time, “I’d rather “look ridiculous” than be heartless. #GrowUp :( RT @WakaFlockaaaaa: @kelliepickler you look completely ridiculous.”

At which point, fellow country singer, John Rich, who can’t seem to avoid a twitter fray, stuck up for our gal, “@kelliepickler:Dear Bob:U SUCK!”

It’s hard, but don’t feed the trolls Kellie!

If you are interested in Kellie’s efforts to promote breast cancer awareness, check out this new twitter account,  “Summer & I started a breast cancer awareness twitter page & we’d love for y’all to follow!!! Please follow–> @BaldBeauties & RT! ;)”

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  • TheGreatXL

    Nor does she need a wig. I honestly hope she keeps her hair short. Those cheek bones are too good to be covered up with long hair. She looks so gorgeous right now.

  • chillj

    Pickler looks terrific without hair.  Wish I did; I’d get rid of it.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Hope people don’t mistake me for @CHRIS_Daughtry LOL!

    She’s so funny. Love Pickler!

  • Heidijoy

    I Love Kellie and her ? and spunk!!!

  • abbysee

    Ive always loved Kellie, and year after year she proves I was right. She is a wonderful woman! She looks gorgeous!

  • standtotheright

    She is hilarious.

  • callmecrazy

    I heart her so much!  o/

  • NoCalGirl

    You tell him Kellie! You totally ROCK!

  • dcglam

    It’s funny, but during Kellie’s stint on American Idol I really didn’t take her seriously.   Since then, my feelings have had a complete turnabout.   I absolutely love and adore her sweet and sassy attitude, enormous heart, and of course huge talent.   You go, girl!!!

  • JosieX

    I actually think she looks prettier in that photo than I have ever seen her before. She is a lot more than just “another blonde country chick”, and I don’t mean just looks.  I wish her all the best with her career and I hope her friend has a swift recovery.

  • tomr

    She exemplifies what a true friend really is.  LOVE her!

  • Leandro

    Not only she’s doing a sweet thing helping her friend but she was incredibly lucky to look MUCH better without the hair. lol

  • pj

    I didn’t like her on the show either.  Boy was I wrong.  Go Kellie.  Rock that shit!

  • Katie’s Uvula

    I always thought she was a ditz especially during her season when she said she didn’t know who Stevie Wonder was and when he walked in she cried. But obviously she’s grown since then and I’m glad she’s supporting a great cause. And can I say she looks G O R G E O U S without hair. All other women out there need to know that hair is just an accessory like a necklace or earrings. You can look just as gorgeous if not MORE without it. 

  • Miz

    When Kellie first tweeted about doing this, I cried. I lost 3 very close girlfriends to cancer. I have another who is going through her second bout after beating it once – she developed blood cancer from the chemo to treat uterine cancer. I lost my brother 2 years ago and my Dad 25 years ago. My closest brother in law is living on borrowed time with blood cancer also – 3 blood transfusions a week is all that is keeping him alive.

    Thank you, Kellie, for shaving your head and standing up to cancer.