Kellie Pickler – New Single Coming Soon, Promises to Keep it Country

Kellie Pickler may have parted ways with major label, Sony Nashville, but that does not mean the American Idol season 5 alum won’t be bringing her fans new music soon. And don’t worry, in a recent Facebook post, she assures fans she’ll be sticking to her country roots:

To everyone who asked about new music -> I am working religiously on this new album. It will not be too much longer before I am ready to share the first single with y’all. There is NO other place I wanna be than country radio so I want to make sure this next album is RIGHT, not RUSHED.
But don’t y’all worry…I’m “keepin’ it country”. ;-)

XO, Pickler

Go Kellie! Her love of traditional country pretty much sealed her fate with Sony Nashville. I admire the fact that the country singer knows who she is as an artist and refuses to stray in order to keep some suits happy. Looking forward to that new album. Take all the time you need, Kellie.

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  • Lexie O’Neill

    Looking forward to it!

  • mtthew

    good for her. i tend to lean toward listening to the more contemporary pop country “thing” but i admire and respect an artist who knows who they are and sticks to it. her last album was great.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Too bad she is continuing with traditional country. I prefer her first two albums.

  • mchcat

    I didn’t care for her music until the last album which I bought – I am looking forward to her new music

  • tomr

    Love everything about her!  She’s funny, great looking, sings well, and, most importantly, has a great heart.  I’ll be waiting patiently for but definitely buying any new music that she does.  Go Kellie!!!!

  • Caro3278sweet

    Her love of traditional country pretty much sealed her fate with Sony Nashville. 

    Pretty much sealed her fate with country radio too, sad to say. While i admire Kellie’s stand, I think this means her music will be for her current fans and not for radio. Which limits her. 

    In music.

    I have always thought, and feel this more and more, that Kellie’s real strength is her comedic skills, her sparkling personality that just shines on shows like Ellen et. al. That’s where I think she will end up. Her voice is just okay. Her “entertaining” skills are amazing.

  • Kariann Hart

    What did Nigel say?  Most friendly or best personality is Kellie Pickler.  Being involved in th USO makes me rspect her even more.  What a sweetie!

  • quickjessie

    I love this girl.  While I liked her first two albums and have great disdain for old-time country, her last album is my personal favorite by a mile.  It might be called traditional country by some but for me it is just a collection of good songs sung by a voice I like.  She deserves a long successful career.

  • Indigobunting

    Different strengths for different entertainers…..some are vocalists, some songwriters, some geetar players and some are personalities.  It is a rare entertainer that has the whole package.

    I also think Kellie is a personality and would best succeed in a sitcom, etc.
    I bought 100 Proof single and like it, but her voice/vocal skills have never appealed to me,whether she’s singing country pop or traditional country. I wish her much luck though, she seems like a great person and a tough cookie.