Kellie Pickler Joining Dancing With The Stars (Report) (Spoilers)

Look who is joining the upcoming cast of Dancing with the Stars! American Idol season 5 alum, Kellie Pickler. More spoilers below: Via TMZ:

The two biggest reality shows on the planet are about to come together — TMZ has learned the identity of four of the contestants for this season of “Dancing With the Stars” … including the first ever former “American Idol” wannabe.

“DWTS” has not revealed their cast for the upcoming season yet … but sources close to the show tell TMZ that Kellie Picker — everyone’s favorite country bumpkin from season five of “Idol” — will be doing this season of “DWTS.”

In addition to Pickler, our sources say country star Wynonna Judd, “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe and 2012 Olympic gold medal winning gymnast Aly Raisman are among this year’s cast.

Not that TMZ condones gambling, but put $20 down on Raisman — three former Olympians have won the show in the past. You’re welcome.

A rep for the show tells TMZ, “We do not comment on casting rumors, but tune in to ‘GMA’ on Tuesday when we reveal the cast live!”

ETA: Baltimore Ravens wide receiver/kick return specialist, Jacoby Jones, was revealed as a cast member in a DWTS promo spot last during the Oscars Via EW

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  • hellomusicgirl

    Awww, Pickler! Love her.

    Honestly I’m surprised it has taken this long to get an Idol alum on DWTS. I’ve never seen Kellie dance so I don’t know her chances but wishing her much luck. Bet she’ll be hilarious on there.

  • Miss Chaos

    Kellie will be all kinds of awsome.  Shes so funny, and just wait till she and Len clash!  I like Sean from the Batchelor too, he is pretty cool.  But I wonder if Wynnona is true, are they going to cast 2 country stars?  Even tho Wy is a pretty cool lady. Kellie and Derek please, and no to Derek getting the Olympic girl. And keep Skeevie Mark far away from Kellie.  Sounds like it is setting up to be a good show.  Also a actor,actress for General Hospital???

  • mmb

    Pickler will be great on DWTS.  Funny and charming.

  • forwarddad

    I didn’t think Derek was coming back?

  • Niall

    Inspired casting! I didn’t vote for her during AI but I’ll make up for it now, I promise!

    I’d love to see other former AIers join the show now that Kellie has broken the barrier.

  • Miz

    It will be worth watching just to see Kellie. She is incredibly funny so the rehearsals are going to be awesome. 

  • Penny Wilson

    If this is true, it will be hilarious!  I love love Kellie.  Only better news would have been Taylor Hicks :)

  • calliebeckett

    I agree on betting on Aly Raisman. Athletes tend to very well on DWTS.

  • Stefan Wind

    Voting for Kellie all the way! I’m excited now. 

  • curly_yenta

    I think Taylor Hicks has expressed interest in DWTS, but he’s busy with his year contract with Caesar’s Ent through the end of the year.  Maybe in 2014, tho!

  • chillj

    Pickles being on Dancing WTS is the only thing in the world that could induce me to watch.  What fun!  I’ll be there!

  • chillj

    Pickles being on Dancing WTS is the only thing in the world that could induce me to watch.  What fun!  I’ll be there!

  • quickjessie

    TMZ is going to lose that bet.  I am voting for Kellie until my fingers bleed, on all 3 house phones and both computers.  I don’t even care how she dances.  I love this girl!

  • quickjessie

    TMZ is going to lose that bet.  I am voting for Kellie until my fingers bleed, on all 3 house phones and both computers.  I don’t even care how she dances.  I love this girl!

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t watch DWTS, but good for Kellie. She seems like someone who would have a lot of fun with this

  • No Thanks

    When I saw your tweet, Pickles was the first name that popped into my head.  I’m surprised she hasn’t done it already.

  • Lynn Di Resto

    Kellie Pickler will be so funny on DWTS. I hope she gets a descent dancer that will teach her how to dance. Sure hope it is not Mark. He is after every woman he dances with. Sure hope they pair her with Derek. Go Kellie!!!

  • John S

    Great choice, usually I have no idea who these “stars” on this show are. 

  • Li Wright

    I said years ago, Pickler BELONGS ON tv!

  • Beaugard Stevens

    This is interesting.  The producers once said that the contestants on Idol were always trying to get on the show but they were not going to consider Idol contestants- so her being their first pick to do so is an honor indeed- I love her, I hope she makes it far.  I think the audience will root for her- she has a great personality.

  • Bobbi

    Kellie will definitely make the show much more fun. It is also a great way to reintroduce herself to the public. Sure hope this is true!

  • Tom22

    She is a special type of performer. She always has something funny and good natured do say and makes you feel good watching her (beyond the oogling of the guys) 

    She’s teally very suited for Variety shows,  and idol and DWTS are far more aptly called variety shows than reality shows… the contest is just a scaffold for banter between celebreties, and singing and dancing performances.  No campy skits but some of the host stuff and filmed snippets are selected for humor and border on skits.

  • potatorocks

    Darn it Kellie.  I hate this show and really don’t want to watch it. But I like…maybe.

  • heartly

    Noo, dangit Kellie! I don’t want to watch this show!  I feel like I have to now just to see her and her infectious personality.

  • milwlovesadam

    Oh, now this will be hilarity every week. Kellie is just so funny. I love her on Ellen. And Aly is pretty cute too.

    There must be some other Idols who would be good on this. How about Michael Johns? So handsome.

  • Stavros

    Whatf Paula Abdul came back to guest judge and Kellie was still on the show…Deja vu!

  • Caro3278sweet

    She’s teally very suited for Variety shows

    ITA. She would be so good as a Carol Burnett (ok aging myself LOL). But she really would. And it’s about time some kind of show like that comes back. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Kellie is hilarious! Her appearances on Ellen are always a hoot and so entertaining. I particularly loved this appearance where she gets to meet Clint Eastwood:


  • tomr

    Never have watched DWTS but I will now…LOVE Kellie!!!  She always looks great but, more importantly, her heart is in the right place.  Hope she is paired with someone equally as attractive.

  • curly_yenta

    I’ve always thought Kellie’s calling is for a comedic acting role, far more than she is a singer.  Singing just isn’t her strength.  She could and probably will be very entertaining prancing around the dance floor. lol

  • dy

    I love Kellie and I love DWTS so this is great news to me!

  • too-cool-for-school

    Yay! She will be fun. If Tristan MacManus is returning, I hope they are paired together.

  • John S

    I love her voice, it reminds me of old school country.

  • Connie D

    I was wondering what was going on… her tour schedule is really thin, so this explains it.

    I lost interest in DWTS some years back, but I’m definitely going to watch and vote for Kellie. She is such a doll.

  • macfae

    Not a fan of DWTS but will have to tune in for Kellie..I love her personality.. There is no doubt, she will bring the FUN.   I watched the Olympics women’s gymnastics and like Aly.  Wynona is cool and could be interesting.  
    Good grief I can’t believe I’ve gotten sucked into another competition show. I need to get a life     lol

  • Sharron Gail Taylor

    this makes me happy that kellie is going to be on dwts if this true. I love kellie’s voice too. and she is super funny. I’m A big fan of Country music so if it is kellie or Wynonna I’ll be happy. She will make everybody laugh.  and I Will vote for her.
    she will bring on the fun. I Have been a fan of DWTS ever since it started in 2002. 

  • buffynut2001

    I will definitely be watching for Kellie!

  • windmills

    I love this for Kellie. She’ll be all over the media promoting, and it’ll be a great way to expose not only her personality but her new music. She’s on an indie and airplay has been a struggle for her last few singles anyway but now, country radio will have a way tougher time ignoring her. She’s going to surprise people with her dancing skills too, I bet. I’m really looking forward to this. 

    It’s funny because her name’s been floated for this before but now, the timing is perfect. 


    I hope Kellie does super good on DWTS. I can’t wait to see her. It should be a blast. And the best part is that Canada can vote on this show. Yea Kellie!!!!!

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Okay…they really need to change the title from “Dancing With the STARS” to “Dancing With the Has-beens and Lesser-known B-listers”. The “stars” are less and less bright with each passing season.

  • Eileen99

    I love DWTS in all its cheesy glory, Kellie will be fantastic on this. She’s got just the right personality to be really popular with voters.

    I can hardly wait!

  • pj

    I might have to tune in. Go girl!