Kellie Pickler at Mercedes Benz Fashion week, New York City

Kellie Pickler smooches designer Lela Rose’s doggie in the photo above.

Kellie attended Mercedes Benz Fashion week in New York City, and of course she had a different look for every event. Check out the photos, after the jump.

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  • abbysee

    I love Pickler. Once she learns how to wear her makeup she will be totally fierce. Her fashion sense is impeccable. Her makeup it just a bit OTT.

  • pj

    I love her, too. I think the makeup is just an expression of her personality. I don’t mind it at all.

    ETA: She does look a little tranny in the first pic, though.

  • primeminister

    I swear, there’s something wrong about her face. She just about looks 50, even though she’s not yet 25.

    The only picture that bares any resemblance to the Kellie on Idol is the 5th one. What happened?

  • t2

    Are we all sure that Kellie hasn’t had any work done on her face, because… well she just looks weird in some of those pictures. Um…what happened? She is bearing a striking resemblance to DeGarmo in some of those pics!!

  • ktkidwatcher

    Idol season 5 was about 3 or 4 years ago and she looks about 15 years older than she did on the show. Part of it is her short haircut (why won’t she just grow it out???) and of course the implants were a bad idea. It took away her small town girl image and made her look a little too much like Dolly Parton. Also, whoever is doing her make up should be fired. They choose terrible shades of lipsticks and are doing WAY too much eye makeup. I don’t know WHAT happened to her since Idol but I know for a fact that she would’ve been more successful if she had stuck to her small town girl image that she had at her audition on idol. Just look at Taylor Swift, she resembles the old Kellie. The new Kellie looks at least in her thirties. I would’ve never guessed she was 23.

    The first photo looks awful. I wouldn’t step out of the house looking like that. I would rather go with no makeup and an old tshirt. She looks terrible.


  • maracaibo

    Kellie looks weird.
    I think it is a combinaton of bad styling, bad makeup and she is way too thin now. Her head looks like a lollipop in the fourth pic. JMHO

    She could gain some pounds. That’s why she looks older. I miss the old wholesome Kellie from idol.

  • leome

    She looks so much older than she is. And the hair in the second picture scares me.

  • primeminister

    Compare NEW Kellie to OLD Kellie.

    It can’t just be make up…some surgery was definitely done to her eyes/eyelids.

  • JudyOhio

    I wouldn’t have known the first and third pictures were Kellie if we weren’t already told. She’s such a pretty girl, she doesn’t need that hard look that her makeup is giving her. Easily looks in her 30s. She looks skinnier in the last picture because of the shadows coming in on each side of the dress I think. The softer shades of her makeup in the last pic suit her better.

  • bjames

    something crazy is going on with her eyes and eyebrows. she looks at least 20 years older than she is. i thought she was gorgeous on idol…now her face is kind of scary.

  • abbysee

    I just think it’s bad make up. And as for her augmentation I think it’s a far cry from Dolly. I mean she barely looks like a c cup and that isn’t too much imho.

  • pj

    I hope Kellie continues to let her freak flag fly. ;-)

  • SallyinIllinois

    Are we all sure that Kellie hasnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t had any work done on her face, becauseà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ well she just looks weird in some of those pictures.

    All entertainers have “some” work done, especially the blonds for some reason. She seems to have lost her “perky” youngish look and I’m not sure I’m ok with that.

  • beachn

    She looks like Portia de Rossi.

  • jersey

    I’m with pj. And personally, I really love the blue dress.

  • SpenserJ

    Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m with pj. And personally, I really love the blue dress.

    Me too. I also think she looks fabulous in that second picture with the white dress.
    Her skin is flawless – I don’t see anything old about her.

  • TwigLA

    The only pic in which she looks vaguely like herself is in the blue dress. The theatrical makeup and hairstyles they have her in are absurd.

    Given all the costume changes, was she there to model designs or as a celebrity guest at events?

    She’s come a long way from tarantulas. Kellie, just say no.

  • Tess

    Small town girl hits big city lights. I think Kellie is (with purpose and intent..she is nobody’s fool) altering her image with every new outfit because whe is “presenting” herself to the world as Dolly Parton did. There are already so many “wholesome” country singers that Kellie is, obviously, using her face and body to seperate herself from the crowd. Non theatrical pictures of her, even present day, show the sweet youthful look (except for the gigonormous boobs) of her pre-celebrity days. As most entertainers do she is looking for the perfect hook that will bring the fans in. Give her a few years and wait to see which Kellie ends up surviving.

  • sciencefan

    I like her best in the photo with the light pink dress.

  • Nostradamas

    Does she always need to stand like she’s gotta’ go pee???

  • Trina

    Yeah lots of Hollywood starlets get plastic surgery done, but there’s good plastic surgery and bad. A good surgeon can make your appearance change but in a more natural subtle way. Kellie’s face looks almost frozen or plastic in some of these pictures. This one which is on Getty her face almost scares me a little.

  • Paula

    Her whole face looks changed to me and not for the better.

  • oceana

    Most of the pictures (except the last one) do look strange but I don’t think it means that she’s had surgery. The pictures seem stretched to make her and her face look long and thin. The makeup is overdone and not flattering. It’s a fashion show of some sort, and everything looks distorted. This is not how she always looks. Look at her in the last picture, without all the makeup, she looks more normal.

    I saw her on some show recently and she looked fine. Not weird at all. Her hair seems to be longer, I think maybe she is growing it out.

    I love Kellie but I agree that she often looks older than she should due to her makeup and style choices. This is regrettable (to me) and I wish she would just be young while she is young. But she has some other self-image or goals that take her in some different direction. I cut her slack because she didn’t have a good childhood. She had a lot of pain. I wish she would dress more like Taylor Swift, but apparently that’s not who she is inside or who she wants to be, that small town girl and age-appropriate. I think she’d be doing better than she is if her style choices weren’t so off-putting sometimes.

    Other times she does look cute and young. But they alternate with these times. Kellie Kellie Kellie. I love her though and her 2nd cd is really really nice. And the blue dress is great.

  • jpfan

    Wow, she looks pretty horrible in most of those pictures. There was a blurb in a Fashion week article that she had her own make-up artist with her 24/7 making sure she looked good. Which she doesn’t so she should fire them.

    I liked the “old” Kellie and I don’t think this new one is so hot. The new image isn’t doing much for her album sales either. Just saying.

    I also saw some pictures of Katharine McPhee at Fashion Week and she looked around 50 years old. I don’t get these young girls trying to look so old.
    And neither Kat or Kellie looked like they belonged at an event called “fashion week” either. Kellie’s clothes might be fashionable for a Barbie doll though.

  • TylerWV

    I am a huge kellie fan but these pics are scarey. Shes lost way tooo much weight, which is a lot of the problem with her face and her eyes looking so big and hollow. She is the short and sexy hair spokesperson now and I remember when Kat was for the big and sexy hair products, how bad she looked. Her hair was lank and greasy looking. I remember the posts on this board about how could kat go around looking like that with a hair prodcut endorsement. Im wondering if kellie isnt being styled by the same, not a clue stylist ???? I agree kellie needs to get rid of the “sexy ” look which makes her look desperate. Shes beautiful and sexy without trying so hard. Wheres her management when she makes these b addddddddddd choices????

  • pj

    Fashion Week is all about being OTT. You don’t see the clothes on the street. I don’t see how Kellie looks old. I’ve seen other pictures in the blogosphere that do her more justice.