Kellie Pickler “100 Proof” Track List and Song Credits

Kellie Pickler’s 3rd album, 100 Proof is set to be released on Jan 24th. The new set is produced by Frank Liddell (Miranda Lambert, Lee Ann Womack) and features six tunes co-written by Kellie.

Via IdolChatter, Songwriting credits: Windmills

See the track list with songwriter credits below.

  1. Where’s Tammy Wynette – Jimmy Ritchey, Don Poythress and Leslie Satcher
  2. Unlock That Honky Tonk – Leslie Satcher, Kellie Pickler
  3. Stop Cheatin’ On Me – Morgane Hayes, Chris Stapleton
  4. Long As I Never See You Again – Kellie Pickler, Dean Dillon, Dale Dodson
  5. Tough – Leslie Satcher
  6. Turn On The Radio And Dance – Leslie Satcher, Kellie Pickler
  7. Mother’s Day –  Kellie Pickler, Kyle Jacobs
  8. Rockaway (The Rockin’ Chair Song) – Barry Dean, Brent Cobb, Kellie Pickler
  9. Little House On The Highway – Rodney Clawson, Natalie Hemby see video below
  10. 100 Proof – Leslie Satcher, James Slater.
  11. The Letter (To Daddy) – Dale Dodson, Dean Dillon, Kellie Pickler

UPDATE: Check out video of Kellie performing Little House On The Highway at the NC State Fair on 10/23!

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  • windmills

    I’m glad they’re serious about getting Kellie’s album out on 1/24. I would’ve thought they would’ve announced the new single with this PR. I’m looking forward to hearing it. I like Rockaway and Little House On The Highway sounds promising.

  • Anonymous

    Her second album was one of my favorites. I don’t know why she didn’t do so well on Idol. I’ve watched a number of her Ellen performances and think Kellie is really talented. 

    Thanks for posting the news. 

  • Will Speer

    I was hoping for maybe 13 songs on this album, but 11 new songs is still great to me. There is one song that I was hoping would make the album, “I Wanna Be Married.” Kellie has been singing that one in concert for almost a year now and I thought for sure that meant she was putting it on the new album. Maybe it will be a bonus track on iTunes or somewhere.

  • Anonymous

     I don’t know why she didn’t do so well on Idol.

     Kellie acted and was treated like a joke contestant.  She was funny, at times, but she wasn’t a great singer, and she nor the show did her any favors (as far as helping her to get votes) with the way that she was presented.  On the bright side, her personality has gotten her a lot of opportunities, and helped her sell records, but as Windmills mentioned a while back, she’s more known for and accepted for her personality than her music.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone can watch Kellie’s audition video and see that she wasn’t treated like a joke contestant. You had to get a lot of votes to make the top 6 in the #1 highest rated season. She sang great on Idol, much better than the winner, and she got better after Idol. The best that season (Kellie and Chris) were voted off at #6 and #4 because 2 other fan bases cheated on the voting. Kellie and Chris made the best albums and last year Billboard ranked Kellie’s music #7 of all Idols:

    Personalities help sell records but not more than great vocals, songs, promotion, and radio airplay. Like it says above, Kellie co-wrote many of her tracks and she’s won songwriter awards. It takes more than personality to make 3 albums, get on the top tours and get standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry.

  • Indigobunting

    Never been a Kellie fan-she is just an ok singer for me, but I did hear from someone who was just at the Opry for her last performance there that she did a great job; sounded really good.

  • windmills

    Honestly Kellie WAS treated like a joke contestant on AI. Remember the calamari skit on the finale? I honestly wasn’t impressed by her on the show, thought she got voted off at the right time, but I’ve come to enjoy and respect her after the show. 

    Kellie hasn’t won songwriting awards. She did get one of those “most performed song” medals at the BMI Awards for Best Days Of Your Life but that’s basically for cowriting a song that got t10 radio play. JMO but Best Days Of Your Life isn’t very good even though it’s technically her biggest hit. I like cowrites like I Wonder much much better. Even Red High Heels was better.

    I think Brian Mansfield’s actually the one who’s said Kellie’s gotten by moreso on her personality than her music. What I’ve been saying is Kellie’s got a lot of good will in the industry and people believe she’s a star but they’re waiting on her to find the right songs. I think there’s a lot of reasons Tough didn’t work and 1 of them is it didn’t really fit Kellie’s brand of personality which is probably the comment elliegrll was referring to. She’s kind of been all over the place musically too, her 1st album was country/pop, then her 2nd one was very pop with only a little country. It’s annoying how the radio play hasn’t been there just at the time she’s found her right sound which is more traditional country. But I still believe the right song will turn that around for her.

  • chearts77

    I might actually buy this album.  From the songs I’ve heard, she sounds great.  I think she sounds much better doing traditional country.  I was never a fan of hers, but I like what I’m hearing on this album so far.  Stick to your roots, Kellie. I hope your days of “popping it up” are over.  

  • Anonymous

    Windmills, obviously Carrie is your favorite as you’ve shown in many posts. I do remember the calamari skit and loved it almost as much as I loved Kellie’s singing on the finale. The skit was just a fun thing to bring more entertainment value and ratings to the show. It did not show that Kellie was treated like a joke contestant at all, rather it showed that she also likes to “ham it up” as she said. Brad Paisley, Blake Shelton, Reba, and Dolly are other examples of this. Around that time it was leaked that writers were working on a FOX sitcom for Kellie and she had to turn it down because she did so well with her music and touring. Some guessed that the calamari skit was a test of sorts for the sitcom. Idol is a reality show so naturally they like to ham it up to make things less boring and monotonous. Anyone who can’t see this takes things way too seriously, has no sense of humor or is just biased towards their favorite Idol that didn’t get to sing and do skits. Carrie was shy on Idol but she has grown and done acting. Say what you will but Kellie’s sales increase every time she sings or radio plays her songs. This includes her Idol results show performances where she got some of the highest positive sales reactions of all the performers. Take a look for yourself:

    Kellie Pickler “Best Days of Your Life” live performanceHot 100 Reaction 50 (+53)Hot Digital Songs Reaction 34 (46,825 +257%)

    Many performers were not good and flopped so Idol should not have them perform and should have Kellie on every season, same as Carrie, and this is a great way to help sales.

    No matter where she left Idol, Kellie is more talented and has done better than everyone else from season 5 except maybe Chris but his music was promoted more and I’ve seen conflicting reports of his earnings being higher and lower than Kellie’s. One year Forbes quickly changed his numbers to make them higher. Kellie is also more successful in music than most of the winners and 2nd placers, so many are ranked lower on the Billboard list. It’s like Miranda leaving Nashville Star in 3rd place and she’s doing better than everyone else from that show. Hillary Scott tried out for Idol and didn’t even make it to the auditions and she’s doing well.

    Kellie won 3 ASCAP (not 1 BMI) awards for Red High Heels, I Wonder, and Best Days Of Your Life because she co-wrote those 3 hits. If she didn’t write them, she would not have received those awards, so I say they are songwriter awards. ASCAP is the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. Maybe technically they are songwriter and performance awards. Other writers have also won BMI or ASCAP awards for Kellie’s recordings because she did a great job of singing their songs and making them hits. Best Days Of Your Life isn’t my favorite song either but it’s great, sold platinum and deserved to be a bigger radio hit.

    Brian Mansfield gave Kellie’s albums high marks in his reviews so if he said anything about her being more known for her personality he contradicted himself. Kellie gained many of her fans and sales from country radio playing her songs and people just hearing them. As you know, she isn’t the only one who has experimented on different albums. Dolly, Carrie, Taylor and many others have kind of been all over the place musically too. Tough is a great song and the problem is that radio didn’t play it enough. I’ve seen songs that aren’t as good pass it on the chart. I think 100 Proof will have some better songs too.

  • Lynn Ridell

    One thing to keep in mind is that not every artist will be a Superstar or has to be a superstar for fans to appreciate them. Just enjoy who like and don’t worry so much about who is the best or not the best,etc.There is always going to be better singers or entertainers than others. That’s the way it is in all aspects of life. Just a thought which is more positive than the bickering back and forth.