Keith Urban & American Idol: A History (VIDEO)

Reported new American Idol judge Keith Urban is a long time fan of the show. Check out his ties to American Idol over the years through video clips and quotes, after the jump!

In addition to album sales in excess of 10 million in the US alone (and platinum certified albums in Canada and Australia), numerous #1 country hits (many of which he wrote or cowrote), 4 Grammy Awards for Best Male Country Vocal Performance, 7 CMA Awards including Entertainer Of The Year, 5 ACM Awards, and year after year of successful and critically acclaimed arena tours, Keith Urban brings a pretty rich history with American Idol to the judging table, ranging from his support of Idol alums to media comments about being a big fan of the show to writing a song that wound up on an Idol winner’s album. Let’s go to the video tape…

In 2008, Keith Urban hit the road on a co-headlining tour with Season 4 Idol winner Carrie Underwood called the Love, Pain, & The Whole Crazy Carnival Ride tour (combining the names of their albums at the time). Keith as the veteran headliner closed the show every night, and it was a cool gesture to give Carrie equal billing when she wouldn’t start headlining her own full formal arena tour until later that same year. During the tour, Keith brought Carrie out for a crackling duet of the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks duet “Stop Draggin My Heart Around.”

That year, Keith and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman were also watching American Idol. When Michael Johns was the surprise boot from his season (out in 8th place), he reported that Keith and Nicole reached out to him to say that they had been watching the show every week and he had been their favorite.

In April 2009, Keith and Nicole talked on the ACM red carpet about watching Idol and talked about Danny Gokey‘s strong voice and “kind eyes” (1:00 mark):

Keith would then sign on to perform at the Season 8 Idol finale the same year. In a press release previewing his performance on the Season 8 American Idol finale, Keith said:

I think this year in particular has been one of the best for ‘American Idol. There are — and were — some truly gifted vocalists. The Rat Pack episode was the best, across-the-board night of singing that I’ve ever seen on television. I guess what I love most about the show is watching the musical growth; to see them use the critique given and come back the next week and blow you away. That’s the magic of ‘Idol.’

As Season 8 fans may remember, Keith would perform his single “Kiss A Girl” with eventual winner Kris Allen at the finale:

Subsequently, Keith would invite Kris to open a bunch of concert dates that spring and summer and praised Kris in interviews. Not only that, he had Kris come out and duet with him during his own set!

In 2011, Keith pitched a song he had cowritten with Vernon Rust (and recorded while he was lead singer of a band called The Ranch) called “Walk In The Country” to Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. Scotty ended up including his version of that song on his debut album, and performing a shortened version of it at the 2011 CMA Awards.

Scotty isn’t the only Idol to cover a Keith Urban song. Kelly Clarkson did a beautiful version of Keith’s t5 hit “Tonight I Wanna Cry” while touring in Australia in 2010:

Danny Gokey covered Keith’s t3 hit “Raining On Sunday” in concert the same year:

Idol contestants have also covered his songs while on the show. Season 5’s Chris Daughtry and Ace Young both sang Keith songs during country week:

Season 6’s Phil Stacey covered Keith’s t5 hit “Where The Blacktop Ends,” while Chris Richardson covered “Tonight I Wanna Cry”:

Season 9’s Casey James covered Keith’s #1 hit “You’ll Think Of Me”:

All those things considered, and adding in his experience as a coach on The Voice: Australia (where he was often caught singing along to performances, regardless of song genre), Keith Urban sure seems like a great fit for American Idol, don’t you think?

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  • Guest

    wow this was a great read. awesome! thanks mj. 

  • Emmuzka

    If Idol absolutely had to have a country judge on the panel, I think that they couldn’t have better. Handsome, Australian, (hopefully) witty, seems to genuinely “get” and embrace the Idol concept, and (because he’s Australian?) will probably get a way with some actual critical commenting without being afraid on the behalf of his career. 

    If he can say *anything* besides “Beautiful!” or “yo, dog”, he is already better than his predecessors. 

  • sweetmm

    Its interesting if someone will interview him after AI season and ask him the difference between mentoring for The Voice Australia vs judging for American Idol.

  • Indigobunting

    Here’s a pretty good one:

    ACM red carpet- one minute mark-Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman talk about
    what a fan Keith is of American Idol and that their favorite is Danny Gokey:

  • elliegrll

    He’s a great choice.  But, I wonder if he’ll still be a fan of the show, after he gets to look behind the scenes, and see how AI actually works.  I don’t think that Ellen is as big of a fan as she was before she became a judge.

  • Sassycatz

    I don’t think that Ellen is as big of a fan as she was before she became a judge.

    He won’t have Simon Cowell sitting there being miserable and pulling down the whole panel. I can’t imagine the vibe of that season — which was almost toxic — didn’t play into whatever negative feelings she may have now. 

  • mzbet

    Ever since I read that he actually is going to be a judge (this better be for real lol), I have been wallowing in Keith videos. Love his music and he’s an absolutely fabulous performer. His shows are great! Being a Kris fan and a Kelly fan, I really enjoyed those videos along with all the others. Thanks to Windmills for gathering these up for us!

    ETA: I became a Keith Urban fan because of Kris. I’d never paid attention to him before. Now I’ve been to a couple of his shows and can’t wait for more :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Excellent recap of Keith’s interest in and connections with Idol over the years, windmills!

    “Keith Urban sure seems like a great fit for American Idol, don’t you think?”

    Yep. I can’t think of one negative to this choice.

  • fantoo1

    JLo says she is still a fan of the show, plus I think he knows how show business works with his experience on The Voice Australia.

  • CFIdolsfan

    Thanks for recap, mj.:-). Love Keith. Being a Phil Stacey and Danny Gokey fan, I am partial to “Where the Black Top Ends,” and remember that he and Nicole had said of Danny that he has “kind eyes.” As far as “Tonight I Wanna Cry,” Ace Young had covered that as well. I, too, think he would be great as a judge.

  • nyc57

    I’m so glad idol is getting a judge who genuinely loves the show and is not just doing it as a career boost.I know nothing about country music, but i love Keith’s personality and he’s very talented.I think he will be a terrific judge.I’m sure he’ll be respectful but honest and it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome.He’ll be a huge improvement over Steven Tyler.

  • lucysfave

     Yup, Nicole got Keith into watching “American Idol” and it was nice to see them single out Danny as their favorite.  With his “kind eyes”. 

    Keith has also told Danny he and his family recognized Danny’s single “MBDAAM” when it was playing at Nashville Shores (an area water park). 

    He seems to be a very generous man.  Very cool with his support of Kris.

  • tucker davis

    One of my favorite Keith stories is when some awards show(Grammys?) suddenly lost a performer just hours before going live (Chris Brown??) and asked Keith to fill in. He did and killed it! I don’t remember the details too well but remember thinking at the time that it must be nice to have that kind of talent. Really happy with this choice!

  • lucysfave

    Danny’s version of Keith’s “Raining on Sunday” is one of my faves.  I hope he puts it back into his concert sets.  Love it!

  • windmills

    Jeez, I’d completely spaced on Danny covering Raining On Sunday. Thanks for posting, I’ll add that now.

  • idolbeat

    Excited for Keith’s addition to the judges’ panel.

  • OfficeTen

    Wonderful videos!  Keith used to do a song on his tour coming from the back of the audience up the aisle to the stage.  Imagine all the female hands he had to wade through? lol  He also would give away a guitar to a fan.  I wonder if he still does that? 

  • girlygirltoo

    I’ve known about Keith for years but not being a country music fan, I didn’t really listen to any of his music until he dueted with Kris on Idol and then invited him to open for him on tour. I went to one of their shows and was blown away by what an amazing songwriter, musician and performer Keith is. 

    He also seems like a very nice, genuine guy. It’s been fun to see his support of many of the ex-Idols. And of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot and has that killer accent :)

  • buffyloverlori

    What a great write up and thanks for doing this windmills. I love how great Keith is in the way he loves Idol and is so good to Kris and of course all the other artists from Idol that he interacts with. I’ve always liked Keith but he become my favorite male country artist when I saw how supportive he is with Kris. I think he will be a very great judge if this is true, and his sexy as hell so that doesn’t hurt either. 

  • Eileen99

    Thanks for the extensive background, Windmills.  I hadn’t heard the Tom Petty cover Keith & Carrie did, but it’s a fun one. That’s a great song.

    I’m so excited about Keith becoming a judge. He brings so much musical knowledge & experience, I hope it translates into being an effective and thoughtful judge.  On paper, it looks great.

  • lucysfave

     Keith did do that in the concert I saw of his in Milwaukee last fall :)

    And he had a special guest of Eric Church.  What a treat!

  • Pippygirl

    He has been very supportive of Kris not only professionally but personally as well. i believe it was Keith who gave Kris the “two week” rule about not being separated from Katy for longer than two weeks. That advice could turn out to be a life changer for Kris.
    I think he will be an excellent judge if this rumor is true.

  • Miz

    Thanks, Windmills, for putting this together. I loved all the videos and special treat to rewatch the Keith and Kris Allen duets especially. 

     I’ll go on record as saying this is the best decision Idol has made if it is true. 

  • Jonins

    Oh, I think it was Daughtry who gave the “two week” rule to Kris, not Keith.

  • luvadamlambert

    Okay maybe I like him a *little* more now :)

    ETA: oh and thanks windmills this was great!!

  • Indigobunting

    He did at the concert I saw :)  It was one of the best concerts I’ve seen.  Never paid attention to Keith until Idol because I wasn’t a country fan- liked his duet with Kris and because of following Gokey (Keith mentioning him several times and co-country fans liking Keith) I started listening to his music and went to a concert.

    If you aren’t a country fan, you would still like most of his music-it is more pop/rock, IMO-and the concerts definitely are not very country, lol.

    Thanks for the Raining on Sunday vid Windmills-I forgot about that one.  Love that song, whether Danny or Keith sings it!  For any fans of Matt Reviere (Scotty M. current lead guitar) there is a very nice solo close up of Matt R. near the end of that video :)

    Keith and Idol=perfect partners.

  • BigNLiddle

    I love  this idea!!

    (PS, during the Keith/Carrie tour, they also sang Umbrella together…it was an awesome duet!)

  • vdawg

    Thanks Windmills for all of these great memories.  Also we cannot forget the Brad/Keith duet that Scotty and James did in S10, Start A Band.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks for posting…I wanted Brad, so having a hard time changing my mind…but definitely nothing negative to say about Keith.  I will definitely enjoy watching and listening to him…   :))

  • Pippygirl

    Oh, I think it was Daughtry who gave the “two week” rule to Kris, not Keith.

    Kris has never said and many think it was Daughtry, but I read an interview with Nicole Kidman where she mentioned that she and Keith had the “two week” rule, so I assumed the advice came from Keith.

  • supersonic

    One of my favorite Keith stories is when some awards show(Grammys?)
    suddenly lost a performer just hours before going live (Chris Brown??)
    and asked Keith to fill in. He did and killed it! I don’t remember the
    details too well but remember thinking at the time that it must be nice
    to have that kind of talent. Really happy with this choice!

    I remember that, too.  It was the Grammys and Chris Brown and Rihanna pulled out (and we all know why).  So, they got a bunch of different guys together to make a performance and Keith was one of the guys.  I remember watching Keith that entire performance.  And yes, he had just learned the song minutes before he hit the stage and killed it with his guitar playing and singing.  Wanya from Boyz II Men tried to out sing him, but Keith did not let that happen.

    I haven’t been excited about Idol in a while.  But if Keith truly is a new judge, I would finally have something to be excited about.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks for pointing that out about Matt R.  He really is a talented guitar player…Scotty’s lucky to have him and they seem to get along really great…enjoyed watching him.

  • tucker davis

    So glad Keith is getting lots of love here…thought there might be WGWG negative talk…he can flat-out kill on guitar! Guess he can honestly critique any wgwg that shows up.

  • JosieX

    So at last, they pull me into being interested in this AI judge thing!  The last two picks were a “meh” and a “blech” from me, so I am pleased to finally offer a “Wow! Keith Urban!”.  I enjoy his music and respect him as a person.  And for bonus points, he is so cute!

    Thanks for posting the video of Danny performing “Raining On Sunday”.  When I am in the mood to watch music videos, that one is often in the lineup, I love it.

  • steph6449

    That video with Nicole fangirling on Danny’s kind eyes is one of the funniest things I’ve seen along the way as a Danny fan, lol.

    Raining on Sunday was a really good song for Danny, but in recent times he’s dropped it from his set as he’s had more original material to fit in. Kind of a shame.

    I’ll be interested to see how Keith is as a judge. It seems promising, and he should be less boring & mushy than I was concerned might be the case when the strong rumor seemed to be Brad P. Even if he does turn out to be mushy, at least it will be sugar-coated in a nice Australian accent, haha.

  • linsmile

    Snap.  Just a few hours ago I was utterly convinced that if Nicki Minaj was a judge I would never watch Idol again.  No way I could have predicted that Keith Urban might change my mind.  Especially since I’m not a country music fan (sorry Windmills).  Go figure.

    Count me in as someone who knows Keith because of Kris.  Since I don’t follow country music (at all) I would otherwise only know that Keith looks good and is married to Nicole.  But Kris’ onstage duets got me to looking further at Keith. 

    Keith is such a good musician – guitarist/writer/performer.  I will actually be interested in what he has to say as a judge.  And he’s such a fun, likeable guy – in an engaging way.  Yes, he does create the possibility that I will suffer through Nicki Minaj and try out an episode or two to see how it goes. 

    Thanks for this post, Windmills! 

  • roarpen

    There is just nothing not to like about Keith Urban. 

  • lovetheusa1776

    His hair could use a bit of soap.

  • overthetop1

    I love him. He’s great.

  • Pam

    It’s really cool going back into the AI time machine with these performances and the few extras with Keith and Kris.  I really loved those!  Seeing Keith’s appreciation of Idol contestants of the past and the show, I think he has the potential to be a great judge and it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty and of course the same can be said of Mr. James too.  ;)

    Thanks windmills!  :)

  • Van

    Also, this year Kelly, Ruben, and Keith performed at the McDonald’s convention is Florida. They all sang together along with Seal and David Foster. Pretty bad quality video but you can hear them singing “All You Need Is Love”

    Keith had posted a short video from backstage with Seal, Kelly, and David from that event too:

  • Wentworth1978

    For the first time since the Idol judge talks started, I got excited. Superb choice for an idol judge. Keith is such a great overall artist – great vocals, mad skills on the guitar, good songwriter, veteran performer with several successful tours. He seems to love Idol and is very generous to new artists. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute lol. I don’t think he’ll be brutal in his critiques like Simon, but I think his comments will be useful and will be more articulate that Randy’s “dawg” and Steven’s “beautiful”. lol

    How was he by the way during his The Voice Australia stint? Thanks!

  • chillj

    LOTS of people lurve their Keith Urban.  He would draw a whole new demographic to American Idol, because surely there are numbers of people who would tune in to see him.

  • Incipit

    All those things considered, and adding in his experience as a coach on The Voice: Australia (where he was often caught singing along to performances, regardless of song genre), Keith Urban sure seems like a great fit for American Idol, don’t you think?

    Yeah. Yeah, I do – I don’t care if he’s a country singer, which I don’t like country music, or whatever about crossover  – and I couldn’t name you one song of his. So what. That’s not what Idol is hiring him for, to sing. If they have country singers, I’m sure Keith is able to give them good advice – but he doesn’t appear to be limited to one genre. IMO, He may prove to be the most useful judge – which would be ironic – considering. 

    This is what convinced me that Idol may have finally hired a competent, articulate and musically knowledgable judge – his mention of the Rat Pack episode in Season 9  – which meant he appreciated and noticed the efforts of Harry Connick Jr. – the best mentor the show ever had – and also:

    I guess what I love most about the show is watching the musicalgrowth; to see them use the critique given and come back the next week and blow you away. That’s the magic of ‘Idol.’

    If he’s got actual critiques to give – that would be different enough – bring it on!
    I’d love to see the other judges try to match him for helpfulness and candor – instead of competing for catch phrases and mediocrity!!

  • heartly

    Keith would be an absolutely great fit for Idol.

    I hadn’t realized how many of his songs had been covered on the show or by Idol contestants after the show with or without him.  windmills, thanks for putting this all together.

  • snappp

    Wow, I learned something new. Now, even more so, I think Keith is the right person. I knew he cared about helping and mentoring, but I just didn’t know the extent. His heart is in the right place. If it wasn’t, he’d demand more money or leave. Thanks a lot, now you’re making me admire him even more. I don’t know his music, but I like him a lot by his words and actions. Good man.

    I’ve never seen him on The Voice (Aus), but hopefully what he has to say will be helpful to the contestants.

  • whoisthatwoman

    Loved watching Keith with Kris.  #win

  • opalruby

    I know this is a minor point, but Keith Urban was talking about Season 8, not 9 (it wasn’t called Rat Pack but featured the same kind of music – Big Band maybe?). I remember it as the only time Danny sounded quite good, and of course Kris, Allison and Adam were each awesome in their own way. On the contrary, on Rat Pack night in Season 9 no mentor could make Casey James sound anything better than wretched without his guitar.

    Anyway, back to the point. I’ve never seen any of the singing shows currently on Australian TV but Urban does seem to be articulate enough to give constructive criticism and I get the feeling he won’t stand for being a blatant mouthpiece for the producers. It’s been hard the last couple of years to keep watching when my feelings for the judges have wavered between indifference and contempt. 

  • Incipit

    It’s all good, opalruby – I didn’t actually watch either season – just saw a few videos here – the point was – Keith Urban did…and has an opinion on mentoring, and on what useful judging consists of – that people get critiques they can use to improve. 

    With that mindset, he’s already on the way towards being a judge that’s finally worth listening to.


  • mtlfan2

    i know KU because of Kris. Went to one of his show to see Kris, and I enjoyed his show even though i’m not a big fan of his music.
    Thanks mj for the recap, that’s interesting :)

  • Blou38

    In choosing an honest judge there’s a fine line between being really interested in helping the contestants and being there to promote their own career.  We’ve certainly seen too much of the latter.  Keith doesn’t need a boost in his career as he’s already at the top.  Hope the other choices are for the right reasons.  The focus shouldn’t be on the judges table.  We don’t need a “cutsie” judge who wants the spotlight. Keith Urban looks like a good choice. 

  • durbesque

    That’s the best I’ve seen Kris since the Show.  It points up the obvious…he needs good songs.  He had great songs on the Show & Tour, but his writing is just not good enough to sustain a career. 

  • Liti Veikoso

    thanks Windmills for all the info & videos about Keith urban i for one will really be happy if he actually becomes an AI judge watched him on Voice Aus and he was really good with the contestants,articulate with his critics and was even singing along to songs from other genres convinced me he would make a really good judge for AI …..another + in watching AI please keep Randy despite his famous you’re in to win i personally think he was always genuine and spot on with his critics lolz

  • elliegrll

    At this point, whether or not his writing is strong enough to sustain  a career really isn’t an issue, since Kris has only had one solo writing credit on his two albums.  All of the songs on the first album, except one, were written with people who have won or been nominated for multiple Grammy awards for both their songwriting and producing.  They are also people who have multiple hit songs under their belt, including Joe King, Toby Gad, Eg White, and Nasri among others.

    The one release from the second album was co-written by people who have written multiple hit songs, and won at least one Grammy. This meme has never made any sense.

  • Ratna12

    Thanks Windmills

    I went to see Carrie Underwood opened for Keith in 2008 without really knowing who he was. I only knew that he was country and married to Nicole.
    I was planning to just watch him until his duet with Carrie, but of course stayed until the end because he was great. I did not realize that, that was considered “country”, I don’t think he is what I consider “country”. Of course, I don’t consider Carrie as “real country” either, and that is why I’m kind of a fan of hers.
    And, yes, I watched more Keith’s videos because of Kris.
    Keith whipping his hair in Jack n Diane video is sexy. :)

  • judes

    Thanks Windmills for posting these videos.

    I am reposting here- I’ll  believe the news of Keith being a judge when I actually hear it from Keith’s own lips. He would be great. I watched The voice Australia & snappps – he was a wonderful mentor to his group & a good judge- he had a lot of great things to say to his group about performances & also how to get the best interpretation out of a song to suit their own style. [ His top person- Darryn Percival- came in 2nd & was a Big band performer – he actually went to my children’s High school & later taught singing there]
    Maybe he can change the Idol atmosphere of not getting too close to the idols.I think after mentoring he would get frustrated not being able to be within arms length of them.

    So I think he would be an excellent judge – but am reserving any excitement for when Keith has actually confirmed this.

  • ZsusK

    I agree, Judes. I’m really hoping for Keith. But, I want to hear it from him rather than “sources.”  :) 

    Meanwhile, excellent post, Windmills! I love seeing the a star’s influence on Idol and the Idols. 

  • pj

    Hell to the yes!

  • MayaMyers

    Now they just need to get the DREADFUL Nicki Minaj off of the panel!

  • ZsusK

    No. I like Nicki on the panel. She’s one of the best female rappers out there and is interesting and fearless. Let’s give everyone a little something here! :) Keith fills a massive quota: eye candy, WGWG, singer/songwriter, country musician, lives in Nashville so has ties to the south, awesome accent, movie-star wife. I think there’s room for a few other options.

  • durbesque

    How is it not an issue?  It’s the only issue.  Kris has to dig deep and find his true expression in words and music. 

    If he had brought brilliant ideas to the table, they would have been used in the songs.  He can’t depend on the hitmakers and Grammy winners to bring their A game to his cause.  Some writers have one hit their whole lives.  Even if one of them has a great idea, he would likely peddle it to somebody higher on the food chain.   

  • Happyhexer

    Trust me Lexie, Danny’s fans are very sorry to see Matt Reviere leave.  He is an incredibly talented guitarist, and the man has a great voice to boot.  (He sang lead on a song at a couple of Danny concerts.)  Plus, Matt R. and his wife are very sweet.  Matt R. had good chemistry with Danny, and it looks like he has the same with Scotty.  Did you notice how much camera time Matt R. got when Scotty performed on Idol with his band?  Scotty is very lucky to have Matt R. in his band, and Matt R. is also very lucky to be playing for such a nice, down-to-earth, successful artist like Scotty.  :-D

  • Happyhexer

    BTW, Windmills, meant to thank you for putting together this lovely thread about Keith Urban and his Idol connections.  (Late as always in posting.)  An especially big thank you for including Danny’s cover of “Raining on Sunday.”  Among the covers that Danny includes in his set along with his own music, that song is hands-down my favorite.  Great song by Radney Foster.  And Matt Reviere (now with Scotty McCreery) would just shred his guitar on the guitar solo.

  • Happyhexer

    I think Keith will make a great judge because he seems to genuinely care about the contestants.  I think he will be fair, but also honest and constructive in his criticism.  He likely will point out where the contestants need to improve and will encourage them to do so.  As a result, we might see more week-to-week growth from the contestants.

    I think Mariah also may give constructive criticism, although I am less sure about how she will frame it.

    BTW, my impression is that although Keith is laidback, he is no pushover.  I think he will refuse to engage if there is diva-ish behavior by other judges, and will simply concentrate on giving his own remarks.  I also think that, by concentrating on being a consummate professional as a judge, Keith might have some influence on the rest of the judges panel.  Or at the very least, they will end up looking ridiculous by comparison (if they don’t focus on real judging).


  • elliegrll

    He can have an effect on the rest of the panel, but I want them all to have their own personalities and opinions.  I don’t know why Nigel and company thought it was a good idea to show the judges always agreeing on everything, especially when the talent wasn’t that great.

  • elliegrll

    How is it not an issue?  It’s the only issue.  Kris has to dig deep and find his true expression in words and music.

    It’s not an issue, because just like your concern over Kris playing on cruise ships, it’s not based on actual facts.  Ignoring the fact that Kris has only officially released one song that he had a hand in co-writing and none that he wrote by himself, writing with other people is a collaborative effort, so saying that the songs show that Kris isn’t a good writer, would be the same as saying that these Grammy winning/nominated and hit producing co-writers aren’t good writers either.

  • Happyhexer

    I don’t disagree with you, elliegrll.  It isn’t especially interesting when the judges all say the same thing, and it doesn’t provide the contestants with a variety of views.  Sometimes a judge may say something different — or even say the same thing in a different way — that may spark an idea in a contestant.  I never meant to suggest that I wanted the judges to be cookie-cutters of each other.  I do, however, want them to JUDGE.  And I think if Keith focuses on judging, he may prod the others to do so as well — assuming that they don’t all do that from the get-go in the first place.  We really won’t have any idea of how the judges will do in an Idol setting until we see them in action.  E.g., how many people originally thought that Steven Tyler was going to replace Simon as the “mean” judge? 

  • Valentin432

    I would add to all this fantastic work that Keith has mentioned Daughtry September as one of his favorite songs and said to a contestant on the Voice Australia that his voice reminded him of Chris.