Katharine McPhee No Longer Seeing Married Michael Morris?

After Katharine McPhee was caught looking so comfy-cozy in photos with the very married Smash director, Michael Morris, a “source” tells PEOPLE Magazine that they are no longer seeing each other.

…A McPhee source tells PEOPLE, “Katharine is no longer seeing Michael – at least for now.”

In fact, the actress’ marriage to Nick Cokas, her husband since 2009, is still in a state of limbo. Despite the fact that McPhee and Cokas have been separated for months, “Katharine still has no plans to move forward with divorce at the moment, though they are not living together,” adds the source.

The source, coming from Katharine’s camp, says, “This is an incredibly hard time for Katharine.”

Nice try at damage control there, Kat. It’s more likely that the two have decided to keep their affair behind closed doors rather than flaunt it out in the open like dumbasses.

Morris’s wife, Mary McCormack, who appeared to be completely blindsided when photos of the pair canoodling on broad daylight surfaced, is keeping her focus on her 3 daughters Lillian, 2, Rose, 6½, and Margaret, 9.

“Mary is a strong woman,” a second source tells PEOPLE. “Her dedication to her children will remain her focus and gift.”

Via People Magazine

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  • suenigma

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. I hope their respective spouses do not take them back if their affair is indeed over. They are both asshats, although he is the bigger asshats (3 kids under 9 – jeezus).

  • BluSky

    “The source, coming from Katharine’s camp, says, “This is an incredibly hard time for Katharine.””

    Yeah, usually hard times come only when someone gets caught… Before then, people prefer to ignore the fact that they themselves give hard times to other people

  • pj

    The only people deserving any sympathy are Mary and her children. I hope she doesn’t take Morris back.

    As for Kat, this frees her up for the casting couch…

  • Happyhexer

    Kat may have no plans to move forward with divorce, but that doesn’t mean her hubby won’t. Morris has three young daughters, one only two-years-old. Kat and Morris are both married, they both stepped out on their spouses, and they are both equally to blame. I feel most sorry for the littlest victims, the children.

  • usedtobelucy

    “This is an incredibly hard time for [several innocent people because of a needless, childish, hurtful situation that] Katharine [collaborated with her dumbass lover to create].”

    There. Fixed it for ya, “Mcphee source.”

  • breakdown

    I am so sick of hearing that this is a difficult time for Kat!