Kara DioGuardi – Judge on the Short Lived “The One”

Peeps have pointed out in comments that new American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi has experience! She was a judge on the short-lived reality show, “The One”. Fun Fact: Syesha Mercado was a contestant on this short lived reality/competition show that sorta/kinda patterned itself after American Idol.

I dug up some You Tubes of Kara on “The One”. Check them out after the Jump…

During a coaching session, Kara chews out the cast. Check out Syesha Mercado in one of the shots:

She critiques one of the contestants. She’s very encouraging to this particular contestant:

She and Mark Hudson write a song for a contestant. She’s pretty encouraging here, too.

She’s a little irritated with this dude. He is kind of a tool.

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  • CRB

    The guy in the second clip is Austin Carroll, he wrote the song Better Off Alone for Katharine McPhee’s album. It is my favorite song on her album.

  • Keel

    Well, at the very least, I’m encouraged by her comment, “No more hoochie mama; never again. Less breasts on all the girls.” Too bad Sy didn’t listen.

    Oh wait, then she may not have made Top 3. LOL

  • spritely

    I like her in those clips. Hell, she can string words into complete sentences that even make sense!! and she’s lively, and good looking, and she has a sense of humor. What could possibly go wrong? Heh.

    ETA: That last guy is SUCH a tool.

  • Layla

    I, for one, like her. I am so damn deadtired of the old dynamics among Pala, Simon and Paula. The show DOES need a young hip with it judge who hopefully has her finger on the pulse of the music industry of today. Sheà ¸s youmg, good looking, opinionated and speaks wells.

    I do hope adding her to the show will help breate in some LIFE! It is much needed. The same tired ass style of judging needs to be broken and shaken up again.

    All 3, Paula, Randy and Simon have become predictable. Perhaps Kara will inspire thhem to do some reall constructive judging.

  • skylight1219

    I think adding her as a 4th judge is a good thing. AT least she is coherent.

  • gingerly

    I think I’m going to like her. Intelligent, articulate, knowledgeable…yeah could be interesting.

  • bjames
  • bjames
  • BootStar

    Thanks for those clips, MJ! I like her style and she is talented. Still hate a lot of the stuff she’s written, but it’s clear she’s tailoring the music for the artist, and it’s hard to criticize her for that.

    I’ll tell you what really freaked me out in those clips, though: Seeing Mark Hudson for the first time in nearly 30 years ago! Yikes!!! I knew he was Kate Hudson’s dad, but I hadn’t laid eyes on him since I was in love with him when he was on that ridiculous “Hudson Brothers” show on CBS when i was a kid, where I and millions of other teens and ‘tweens learned what an emu was. He was the “funny one” and I was crazy about him, LOL! At least AI didn’t ask him to be a judge!

  • Dr. Tracey

    Thanks for the clips, Kara seems like she will be a great addition to the panel.
    Quite honestly all the mindless banter between Randy, Paula and Simon has become predictable and boring, I think this will be a change for the better.
    My only question is how the heck will they fit in a critique from a 4th judge? They hardly have time for 3 judges opinions some nights.