Julianne Hough Negotiating a Deal to Judge DWTS (REPORT)

"Let's Be Cops" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

According to TMZ, Dancing with the Stars producers have made an offer to former pro, Julianne Hough, to become a 4th judge.

Both sides are currently in negotiations and are expected to make a deal.

The other three judges–Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba and Len Goodman–are set to return.

Julianne last danced as a pro in spring 2009, when she partnered with her then-boyfriend, country singer, Chuck Wicks. She made several appearances afterward, to dance with her brother, Derek Hough, and in performances to promote her movies, Footloose and Rock of Ages.

In 2013, Julianne filled in for Len Goodman on the panel, the first time a former pro sat in as judge.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy fans may be disappointed by the news. After the bad boy dancer finally won the mirror ball trophy, alongside Olympic ice dancer, Meryl Davis earlier this year, he announced he’d be leaving the show. However, he DID express interest in returning as a judge.¬†Maks sat on the panel as a guest judge during the fall 2013 season.

As Julianne’s commitment to the show will only entail a few hours a week, she’ll continue to persue acting opportunities.


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  • lollypop12

    She was way more tolerable when she was a professional dancer on the show. Julianne has guest judged a few times on the show and while she had some good technical criticisms, I could feel that the pros didn’t like her that much because she threw them under the bus for their ‘teaching’ (or lack thereof). Another issue is the fact that her brother is on the show and her judging will undoubtedly be biased.

    Julianne’s a pretty girl but ever since she left the show, I found her personality to be bitchy and bratty.

  • Nicki

    If the fourth judge has to be between Julianne or Maks, I think Julianne is the better pick. She’s more successful outside of the show, and she wasn’t afraid to criticize and had helpful critiques. Although Julianne has her brother Derek on the show, Maks’ judging will more likely be biased – he has his brother Val, his other “brother”/”dance studio partner” Tony, and two former romantic partners in Karina and Peta.

  • Bunny391848

    Well Idol basically got ruined when they added Kara as the 4th judge…Wonder how this will affect DWTS raitings

  • MissMyEm

    Oh please. That’s all the show needs. Julianne Hough. Good Lord. Probably be the end of my DWTS days if she’s a judge. Once a show I can tolerate barely tolerate her nasty comments to other pros.

  • LA944

    Four judges are too many. It’s too much talk. Len, Bruno & Carrie Ann have terrific chemistry. I don’t know why they would want to mess with it. Ratings are not going to improve. The show has been on a long time and the decline in ratings is normal. I understand that Len is thinking of working less in the states or retiring from the US version completely. So, if he takes some weeks off–have Julianne or Maks or others fill in during his absence.

    Maybe they want to groom her as Len’s replacement. I don’t know if she is the right one for that role.

  • MichaelG

    Eh, she should stick to being Ryan’s beard. She was grating and annoying as a judge. Whilst she was a good dancer, she just doesn’t have the gravitas to judge the other pros work, imo.

  • nystargate

    They don’t need a fourth judge. It works much better with 3. And if they HAVE to have a 4th, Julianne should not be it. I love her as a dancer, but hate her as a judge. She is very annoying.

  • supersonic

    Julianne wasn’t afraid to throw some criticism out there and she tried to give some tips to people. When Maks was guest judge, he really didn’t say anything except for the backhanded compliment he threw Derek’s way. Plus, Maks would come in there with an agenda since he won and Tony won that means it would be time for his brother to win.

    So, Julianne would be the better choice for a judge.

  • iluvai

    Maks would be an interesting judge! I think Julianne needs more experience.

  • Marko

    Lol. You are reading my mind. Kara was the fourth horsewomen of the Idol’s Apocalypse.

  • glennethph

    That’s like saying one is a lesser evil than the other. After all things are said, still evil. Are they that hard up that her brand of passive-aggressive bitchery is being considered?

  • glennethph

    Good for Maks. Leave on a high. You’ll never get anybody as great as Meryl so retire from DWTS as a champion. And if Julianne does become a judge, you’ll never hear the end of it.

  • Montavilla

    The Carrie-Len-Bruno combination is perfect. There’s no reason for a fourth judge, and it was only annoying when they had the guest judges. The only reason they should add a judge is to replace Len if he can’t be there. And then it needs to be someone as knowledgable and possibly as crotchety.

  • http://www.celebritybug.net Celebrity Bug

    People keep saying this and I’m confused as to why???

    Both Maks and Julianne have served as guest judges, and its easy to see why producers would rather hire Julianne than Maks. One actually spoke their opinions and the other seemed like he was too afraid to hurt his friends’ feelings by being honest.

  • MichaelG

    I agree with this opinion. Given the choice, Maks would be the more fair-handed judge, imo. Julianne isn’t very articulate at conveying her opinion…likely due to her inexperience, and I’d find Maks much more fun and entertaining. Though I hope they don’t add a 4th judge at all.

  • MichaelG

    It’s not easy for everyone to see this, including me. I found Julianne to be abrasive in her commentary and unspecific with regard to her direct criticism. Almost makes one wonder if she had an ax to grind.

  • http://www.celebritybug.net Celebrity Bug

    Ok, but what did Maks offer as a judge. He’s great to look at, but the answer is absolutely nothing. He was all fluff and dare I say it, BORING. I like judges that actually criticize and have an opinion (whether I agree or disagree with it), but I do not want my judges praising every single person that dances, which is what Maks did during his stint as guest judge.

    Like I initially said, it was like he was afraid to hurt his friends’ feelings.

  • bannanafish

    Both are too close to the other dancers (blood & friend wise) to be impartial judges. Both have been on the receiving end of criticism from the judges which leaves them with an agenda in delivering their own. Neither were particularly good when guest judging before. Four judges is one too many. Give them a pay raise and bring them back as dancers. All the format changes in the past couple of years smacks of desperation and is only driving away rather than bringing in viewers.