Josiah Leming – One Last Song – Music Video (Get at iTunes!)

Season 7 Idol alum, Josiah Leming has been keeping a low profile since he released his debut album Come on Kid with Warner Brothers. He subsequently parted ways with the major label and is now releasing music on his own.

His latest single is a mournful piano-driven ballad called “One Last Song”.   And, now I know what I’m going to have on repeat on my iPod today.

Download from iTunes:

Watch the “One Last Song” video below.

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  • dadriany

    He grow up…..

  • flicker

    This is one of my favorite Josiah songs. I actually like his own video better, banging out the song on a slightly out of tune piano in his mom’s basement. He had it up on his youtube channel the year that he was on Idol. It was raw Josiah.

  • Kylee

    I never understood his appeal.

  • suenigma

    Lovely song – slightly Oasis like. His vocals have come sooo far. Even his slightly affected British accent somehow fits now. My only quibble is that he has a slight lisp/ennunciation problem/sounds like he is eating a few words. If that makes sense. But like I said, this pales in comparison to the uniqueness of his voice and his beautiful songwriting.

    I still think he and Alex Lambert are two of the most unique talents AI has ever brought to light. Wish they had both stayed around a lot longer. Fortunately Josiah appears to be infinitely less douchey than Alex.

    ETA: How could I forget Megan, another true original.

  • cheese

    This was already on repeat on my iPod today anyway, but I hadn’t seen the video. This is still my favorite Josiah song, and I’m pretty sure I have everything he’s put out there. Beautiful song.

  • Junior

    This is so good! I think this is one of his best to date.

    His lyrics have always been so mature, even at the young age he started writing. It’s not surprising though. When you combine a gift like his, with the hard life he’s lived, you’re bound to get amazing results.

    eta: how can I get the message i’m posting too quickly? I’ve only made one post today.

  • jinxx315

    Almost sounds like a U2 track. Good for him on continuing to do what he loves!

  • Junior

    I’ve been watching some of his live youtube performances and i’ve been trying to figure out who he reminds me of…

    Paolo Nutini! His tone and pronunciation reminds me so much of Paolo! More New Shoes Paolo thann Sunny Side Up Paolo.

  • sue

    Josiah needs a good indie label to back him. This is one of my favorite Josiah songs. The boy can definitely write a good tune. I love his older version on youtube too.

  • larc

    Josiah’s not much of a singer, but he’s definitely no slouch at song writing.

  • deegeegd2

    I didn’t expect to, but I kinda like this. Very heartfelt delivery.

  • Falfor

    I like the song, they lyrics are sad though. Hope it makes him some money. Its very heartfelt.

  • pj

    I liked it, but…

    He needs a band. Not just guys backing him up, but talented peeps who can contribute to the overall sound. Right now he’s just a copy cat with a fake accent.

    I say that and I really, really like it. I just think if he had some talented musicians to bounce stuff off, it wouldn’t be so derivative.

  • Dlynne

    Thanks, MJ. Off to download it.

    He is a gifted songwriter. I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it, maybe three years ago, and really love this version.

    I just think if he had some talented musicians to bounce stuff off, it wouldn’t be so derivative.

    I beg to differ. I don’t find any of his music derivative. As far as working with talented musicians, he’s done that already and I think his own material is far better than anything those musicians, producers and label helped produce.