Jodi Foster Comes Out (More or Less) At the Golden Globes (VIDEO)

Actress, Jodi Foster, easily gave the speech of the night at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards. She accepted the Cecil B. Demille Life Time Achievement award for having spent 47 of her 50 years in show business.

She began as a child actress in Disney films and eventually moved into adult roles as well as producing and directing.

Deeply private, she came out as a lesbian more or less by declaring, “I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago in the Stone Age.” Then gave an impassioned plea for privacy. “I’m not Honey Boo Boo.” she says. My reality show would be so boring.”

Her rambly and heartfelt speech was original and very, very moving.

Check it out below.

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  • Nathan Moon

    loved & respect so much to this talented amazing women…
    she is one of my favorite actress of all time beside Meryl Streep

  • Bug Menot

    I’d kill for her.

    Too soon?

  • B

    She is just such a class act – truly respect and admire her.

  • Klaine

    This is not news – its been widely known for ages…just like Queen Latifah who still wont acknowledge it.  cmon people youre already successful and beloved, i dont think coming out is a big deal.  YOu no longer have to appear on People covers and share this huge secret that is so brave of you.  Its intersting how more and more celebrities are coming out in nonchalant ways…tweeting about an upcoming wedding, or a short email that says it matter of factly…There are so many gays and wish more in the public eye would come out.  Id like to think that these men could still be an action hero or a romantic lead, or that an open lesbian could play Julia Roberts roles…Although Im not sure if thats true.  I didnt see Magic Mike but know that Matt Bomer is gay and I havent heard anything negative about him.. The other taboo area is professional sports.  Former athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB etc have come out AFTEr their careers…I have such mixed feelings about all of this.  So many stars like Ricky Martin come out after they are stars.  i respect people like Adam Lambert that are starting their careers like that and am glad that its not hurting them.  A major actor is a little different.  But times change…Ellen’s career fell off a cliff when she came out – it was s till a big deal those days and of course they crazies on the right thought shed convert little kids. Her sitcom got cancelled and she was person non-grata….and yet now as an openly married lesbian, she has one of themost successful daytime talk shows and is beloved by middle America.  So we’ll see.  I wish Jodi hadnt given such a convoluted speech or teased…just do it and be done…but she has even lived her life semi-openly in the public where on past awards show she has thanked her partner.  

    I sometimes wonder are there more gay people today – or is it just t hat more people are coming out and feeling comfortable with themselves and society has changed where they can be out and proud.  I think its the latter.  I couldnt imagine being openly gay – let alone thinking of things like marriage or adoption (which is still illegal a lot of places – as well as most states, you can still be fired for being gay and LGBT are denied many federal rights that cost t hem thousands of dollars in extra taxes – not to mention insurance/healthcare; social security benefits, inheritance etc)…I tried to commit suicide to get rid of this evil within me.  Dont know the point of all this except to say that these celebs can be role models as kids see that its ok and they can live full lives and be happy and do whatever they want.  Times are changing; sadly they wont change  enough to allow full equality in my life time…HOpefully the supreme court will rule that gay marriage has to be allowed everywhere…but they have so many far right loons who are stuck in the 1950s that I wouldnt bet on it.  It will hapen one day – we’ll have a gay president and a gay quarterback and a gay action hero — its just gonna take time.  And I hope the GOP doesnt continue the mistake theyve made over and over on these big issues where they end up on the wrong side of history.  More and more young people are fine with LGBT equality – they know gay people and realize theyre not evil scary monsters.  

  • abbysee

    She is fabulous, nuff said!

  • lovesickheroine

    Tbh when I first watched her speech live, I didn’t really paid attention to what her saying. I though she was drunk ’cause she’s been droning on for more than 5 mins. However, after watching her speech again here, it felt very moving and I had tears in my eyes. Her speech is indeed the highlight of the night.

  • Maya100

    But, didn’t she talk about being gay years ago in a magazine?  I think that’s what she meant – she already came out.  I thought.   Am I wrong?  

  • bridgette12

    Great speech, even though she was nervous and had so much she wanted to say, it was very touching. Have to give her props for doing it her way and on her own timetable.

  • quickjessie

    What a lovely, lovely tribute to her mother.  I hope it reached her.  

  • Axxxel

    Nice of her to acknowledge her ex-partner of 20 (!!) years… and the words for her mother.. sad but so touching … and her sons are adorable !

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I thought so too, so I guess that I didn’t think that her coming out last night was surprising. I didn’t understand the part of her speech about her mother until I read that she was suffering from dementia. I’ve always loved Jodie and think that she’s a tremendous talent, but much of her speech, while moving in parts, kind of confused me. I’m glad that MJ posted a video, because I appreciated her speech so much more on watching it again.

  • nyc57

    I just can’t believe Jodi Foster is 50.

  • YankeeFan08

    She’s amazing.  I have always loved her.

  • Ronnie D

    I like Jodi, but this got me thinking. Why did she have to come out in such an over the top manner? lol. Is coming out gay such a big deal anymore? Why the drama? Usually she is a private person, so it just strikes me odd she would do this. 

  • Maya100

    She didn’t.  She came out in print media years ago.  This wasn’t new information – I’m really confused as to why the media’s making such a big deal about that one statement, which wasn’t the point of the speech.

  • Sassycatz

    I think Foster is talented and I’ve always liked her, but I thought we knew she’s gay, so some of this rambling speech seemed odd to me — like we were coming in at the end of an argument she was having with someone. Heh. For someone who wants to keep things private, that speech was all about her private life. Oh, the irony!

  • Maya100

    It was the end of a conversation – it was about how she’s chosen to live her life to age 50 and how it’s so different now.  She didn’t have to broadcast her sexuality, but now, with so much reality tv, it seems like everyone is.  But, that’s not her, she said.

    Did I not see the same speech?  ;)  It was about privacy and trying to live your life as a celebrity and looking back on how it had gone over the last 47 years in the industry.

  • milwlovesadam

    Always have loved Jodi. She’s beautiful, sophisticated, highly intelligent, and a supreme actress. I have a feeling she is as private as she is because of the horrifying events involving the attempted assassination of Reagan.

    I was in college the same years she was ( different states ), and remember reading about how her privacy at school was very protected. 

    I thought her sexuality was always “known.” As if it’s anybody’s business. That being said, I’m always impressed with celebs who do come out, for their courage, but then wonder why they “need to.”

    I guess I agree with the “post gay” theory, can’t we all just be past this already? It shouldn’t matter. It’s just one aspect of a person.

    Oh. And Jodi has never looked better. 50? Did you see her skin? Her shoulders? Just beautiful. Gay Shmay. She should be a spokeswoman for how to be gorgeous at 50.

  • Pippygirl

    I’m curious if anyone here has an opinion on Jodi’s continued support and friendship for Mel Gibson? With all the anger directed toward Skylar Laine for the “company she keeps” at age 18, do people feel the same about 50 year old Jodie?
    Just for the record, I don’t have a problem with it.

  • DD

    People will herald Jodie as a hero for sticking up for her privacy, yet other celebrities are ridiculed for keeping it to themselves. Why didn’t you come out sooner, why did you lie about it? I recently saw an interview with Lance Bass on Ricki Lake where he talked about the fact that he had to keep it hidden for so long. He also went on about how it is no one’s business, and it is a personal decision for each individual. Why are there double standards??

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Jodie thanked Cydney Bernard at the 16th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast during her award acceptance speech back in 2007, so this was an oblique way of coming out:

    Jodie Foster gave a really moving and surprisingly candid speech when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Tuesday.Toward the end of her remarks, Jodie thanked those nearest and dearest to her. Among them was “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.”Since she has always been so intensely private, I was surprised at the public acknowledgment of who I presume is Cydney Bernard, the woman who is widely reported to be her life partner

    ETA: Apparently, Jodie and Cydney split back in 2009.

  • justmefornow

    Good point. I don’t care either. It’s not relevant to the point.
     Just like Jody’s speech wasn’t relevant to accepting a lifetime achievement award for her professional work. I don’t care about her private life, always knew she was gay, so what, I didn’t care then and I don’t now. She’s a great actress and this was about her body of work. But she came off appearing slightly drunk, rambling, and a bit ditsy.Not at all the Jody I’ve seen before and admired for her professionalism.JMO.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe she did it for people like me who live under a rock and had no real idea how her life was after “Silence of the Lambs”… I heard some faint rumours that she was gay but gave her the benefit of the doubt. So this speech felt like a closure to me and it was a good intro for me before she thanked her ex..

  • Tess

    I have always loved Jodi Foster, as an actor, a woman, a mom, and most importantly as a human being choosing to live her life her way.  She is the epitome of Hollywood glamour, always looking the part whenever she is out in public, a personal tribute to herself as a woman and to the profession she has always been respectful towards.

    I truly believe much of her “speech” was directed towards her boys…affirming that her choices were always made without regards to the pressures of a society that is often backwards in their beliefs, and that her choices were all about living her life with dignity, wit, and love.

    I also believe that in her honest, sincere, and highly intellectual way she was throwing out the gauntlet to the masses that that it really isn’t anybody’s business how you choose to conduct your personal life or who you choose to sleep with or how you go about having a family.  Stating the obvious, she made a point of pointing out that living her life was all she needed to affirm who she is…the media and the gossip mongers and everyone else who thinks they should be informed about everything about someone’s private life just because they are in the public eye just need to back off. 

    I, for one, am tired of people thinking they should know the truth about someone’s life choices.  As much as many gay advocates think it is a duty to declare who you are, my question is still: why?  Like anything else those who want to fly the banner should do so happily, those who are more private shouldn’t have to…the way they lead their lives should be all that is expected of them.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I thought her sexuality was always “known.” As if it’s anybody’s business. That being said, I’m always impressed with celebs who do come out, for their courage, but then wonder why they “need to.””

    I think that there are those in the LGBT community who feel that no one should be closeted mainly so that the public realizes the extent and diversity among the LGBT community, and that will help in eradicating the xenophobia that is still prevalent. I can see their POV, but I think that it can put undue pressure on those in the public eye.

  • Axxxel

    I remember Ryan Murphy’s speech when he accepted an award for Glee.. and he praised Chris Colfer because he dared to come out at a young age and also gave a jab at someone that he did not named but he said that” coming out at 40 when it doesn’t matter…

    Jane Lynch was standing behind him, but you could hear her say :” what’s that supposed to mean?”…

    Of course Ryan Murphy said:”I am kidding, but not really” but I had the feeling that he was hinting at Ricky Martin who just came out that time..

  • Axxxel

    Don’t worry, some people may not appreciate her friendship with Mr Gibson.

  • chillj

    Yeah, I had left the room just before she came on and I did not understand what she was trying to say.  At the time, I thought the speech was strange.

  • chillj

    I have always been impressed with Jodi’s support for Mel Gibson.  We always only receive the most superficial analyses of people and events.  I found what I heard from Mel Gibson himself horrifying, but my easy judgments were ameliorated by those who came out in support of him – and there were many, including Whoopi Goldberg.  Ultimately I decided Mel was  an ugly drunk, but a very complex man being judged by the basest part of himself.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I, for one, am tired of people thinking they should know the truth about someone’s life choices.  As much as many gay advocates think it is a duty to declare who you are, my question is still: why?  Like anything else those who want to fly the banner should do so happily, those who are more private shouldn’t have to…the way they lead their lives should be all that is expected of them.


    I would actually prefer we all go back to keeping our nose out of everyone’s business be it family, friends, neighbors or assorted celebrities. I would very much like to go to a Jodie film or a Mel film and enjoy the film without having to spend some time filtering out the gossip from my brain before the movie starts. I don’t CARE who Adam Lambert sleeps with – I just want to listen to his amazing voice. I also don’t much care about my sister’s post on Facebook about her daily activities nor the thousand some tweets my nephews send me about their personal views on…everything.

    We are being swamped with so much personal bs it’s rather hard to figure out what’s really important.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    On “The View”, Barbara Walters claims that Jodie didn’t say anything about coming out in her speech at the GG last night. I think that Barbara is losing it. lol

  • Holden17C

    Jodie Foster has hever hid the fact that she’s gay. She simply prefers to keep her personal life private. Still, you can’t blame all the guys out there who kept pretending that they never knew. This woman is so beautiful in so many ways.

  • Amy Beth

    I really couldn’t care less about Jodi Foster’s private life. I am one of those people who found her support for Mel Gibson offputting. There’s loyalty to your friends and then there’s being oblivious to their faults.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Still, you can’t blame all the guys out there who kept pretending that they never knew. This woman is so beautiful in so many ways.”

    I think that this addresses why some in the LGBT community feel that it’s important for others to be openly gay, so that the extent and diversity of the LGBT community is revealed, beyond stereotypes.

  • Taylor

    There’s always the option of not having a facebook or twitter account or of adjusting your settings so you don’t get tweets or updates from anyone or even everyone. That’s what I do, so that I don’t get every facebook update from everyone on my friend’s list. There is also the option of avoiding sites and tv shows that are geared towards sharing information about celebrities.

    The reason why we know about who gay celebrities are dating is the same reason we know about the people that straight people are dating, it’s a natural occurence in life. Celebrities date others, marry, and have children. If the entertainment media are going to report on the straight celebrities, they are going to report on the ones who are gay. If you watch media shows or read these media sites, these are the types of stories you will see and the type of information that is shared.

  • Taylor

    I also thought Jodi was already out and it appears that she was. What’s the story with her mom? That was the part that had her tearing up and had several in the audience doing the same.

  • Reflects On Life

    What was up with the cameras focusing on Jodi’s sons and not on Jodi’s ex when Jodi was giving her loving tribute to her ex (“ex-partner in love” etc)?  Jodi was looking right at her ex when she was making those comments, so clearly the ex was sitting right next to the sons.  Usually when a hetero famous-person thanks their spouse, there is a brief camera shot of the spouse in the audience (see speeches of anne hathaway & DDL).  They don’t obfuscate the spouse by zeroing on the kids instead (assuming the kids are there). Some sort of closeting is still going on, either at Jodi’s request or despite it.

    The idea of a “coming out” speech seems so last-century.  I saw George Will say recently something like “to the younger generation, being gay is like being left-handed”.  It feels like a double standard that homosexuals have to “come out” but heteros don’t have to.  I long for the day when no one has to “come out”, and instead people simply show up places with their partners.

    But for the time being, when depressed and suicidal teens need role models to help them validate their own lives, it helps when people in the public forum sacrifice some privacy for the greater good.  For this I admire Ellen’s approach a heck of a lot more than the Jodie “haven’t I sacrificed enough for the public?” attitude.  IMO “coming out” should be about those teens, not about you.  OTOH the John Hinckley Jr incident so early in life might have resulted in a lifelong need for privacy and safety, above and beyond what other celebs might fear.

    ITA with others here that she’s got some serious IQ going on, as well as some fabulous genetics (no obvious signs of surgical enhancements, yet looks like her kids’ older sister).  Also, those sons of hers look like twins despite the obvious age gap.  Makes me curious to see a pic of their dad – they must be his spitting image.

  • DragonFly

    “…. Jody’s speech wasn’t relevant to accepting a lifetime achievement award for her professional work.”  

    The award is a total honor to the tv/movies she has “stood out” for over the years–recognition for outstanding acting.

    “But she came off appearing slightly drunk, rambling, and a bit ditsy.”

    Imo some in the audience appeared puzzled about where this was all going also.  Clever & entertaining re. the movie business it wasn’t.  Her re. to family there & “to Mom” was well rec’d. & nice ending.  And yes, the secrets of keeping yourself looking young have served her well.

  • HermeticallySealed

    It has always been a case that any celebrities/public officials’ lives have been public consumption, even before magazines and radio. The only thing that is different now is the means with which such views are accessed. It’s just human nature.

  • Farquar

    Let me get this straight. Jodie Foster, an internationally famous actress forever goes on live TV at a big Hollywood awards show being beamed around the world and during a tribute to HER in a speech about HER in front of arguably the planets most famous people, rants about HER privacy?


  • standtotheright

    It’s just human nature.

    Yes, expressive fantasy lives and schadenfreude are generally considered part of human nature. That doesn’t mean that we should just say “oh, that’s so awesome” and never limit our capacity to consume “media itmes” that feed those impulses.

  • Eilonwy

    It has always been a case that any celebrities/public officials’ lives have been public consumption, even before magazines and radio. The only thing that is different now is the means with which such views are accessed. It’s just human nature.

    If an indie film called Sellebrity (sometimes rendered as $ellebrity) plays in your region, it’s worth checking out. It’s a documentary on the economics of the celebrity photograph industry (including paparazzi), and it does a pretty good job of documenting that the dynamics of celebrity “exposure” have changed in the past decade or two. Since it vastly underplays the role of social media IMO, the movie also demonstrates that there’s a lot more to it than just easier access.

    The money paparazzi make by snapping celeb candids is astonishing, as are the economics of publishing said photos.

    My favorite part is where Jennifer Aniston calls bullshit on the paparazzi claim that celeb careers would be over if they didn’t have photographers and gossip rags in their space constantly. She aptly points out that the people who get the paparazzi attention already have massive and effective planned, consensual PR initiatives going.

    That, and if I ever see paparazzi running red lights while chasing celebs in Scottsdale (where many hang out), I’m calling in the plates to the police. Whatever the merits of chasing celebs, it does not trump my right as a citizen to have safely drivable streets.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I found it odd and rambling and if you didn’t already know she was gay, you wouldn’t even know what she was going on about.  She has no problem eloquently talking against rape on the Oscar stage, she has no problem defending Mel Gibson and his horrible anti-semitic and homophobia rants, but she can’t just seem to come out and say she’s gay.

  • potatorocks

    It made me sad because even after she talked about Sydney, her boys, and friends for a lifetime—she was so very lonely.
     The whole thing left me worried I guess.

  • Taylor

    Just like Jody’s speech wasn’t relevant to accepting a lifetime achievement award for her professional work. I don’t care about her private life, always knew she was gay, so what, I didn’t care then and I don’t now. She’s a great actress and this was about her body of work.

    It was Jodi’s award and her acceptance speech. It was about whatever she wanted it to be about in the time that they alloted her.

    I don’t care about Hugh Jackman’s wife, but he goes on and on about her during his acceptance speeches. He even brought her up on stage at the last Tony awards. Ben Affleck thanked his wife and kids. Award winners often times give quite lengthy tributes to their significant others or to their parents during their time on the stage.  

    We hear about wives, husbands, partners, kids, parents, deceased parents and siblings during almost every acceptance speech on every award’s show. We hear about everyone else’s private life, why can’t we hear about Jodi’s private life?

  • justmefornow

    I agree anyone can say anything they want in an acceptance speach. Like I said, I don’t care about her private life or Hugh Jackman’s private life either for that matter.

    I do, however, believe if you ramble on in a drunken like manner about private life facts or any other facts, people will comment on it.

  • ohreli

    Heartfelt yet, but it was so damned prefabricated.  She obviously rehearsed this to the “t”….but it didnt belong on an awards show.  Her confessionals belonged to one-and-ones with her close friends and family, her cryptic references to an obviously difficult relationship with her mother belonged on the psychiatrist’s couch, and her over-rehearsed quips belonged on a stand up comedy stage!   Because it was so rehearsed and word-perfect, it didnt sound spontaneous and from the heart, and came off as a long stand-up comic monologue!  This made the sum of the parts especially awkward, because no one was really sure what was going on up there. You had one-liner after one-liner, and no one laughing.  Awkward.  A few statements buried in there were from the heart, yes, but they were buried.  It would have been better if she had just spoke spontaneously, and let her heart do not only the feeling, but also the speaking.   Then, it might have been a thousand times more moving. 

  • breakdown

    I actually think less of Jodi today than I did yesterday. I’ve always known she was gay and that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is that I think as one of the Hollywood elite she has always been treated well by the press. So I don’t understand her beef. She said she put it out there for 47 years. Well, common folks put it out there for that long in professions that don’t give the fame and fortune she has earned. She should be grateful, not bitter.

  • Erlinda

    In Hollywood with paparazzi around I don’t think any celebrity has a private life.

    But, through all this, I think Jodie remain a respectable actress in Hollywood. She has won numerous awards, and a good mother to her children. I also think she is one of the most beautiful woman and talented actress in the entertainment industry.

  • quickjessie

     She doesn’t have a “difficult” relationship with her mother.  She has been her mother’s caregiver during the long, difficult journey through Alzheimer’s.  And if you haven’t had to take that journey with a loved one, you can’t possibly imagine how horrible it is. 

    She was hoping, by stressing it three times, that her mother’s brain would take hold of her message – “I love you”. 

  • ohreli

    Hi Quickjessie—I didnt know what the story was with the mother (although I was a caregiver once for an Alzheimer’s patient), and I certainly dont mean to diminish Jody’s struggle or pain.   And I didnt mind Jody repeating “I love you” three times….but I didnt know why she was referring to her mom as a very distant figure.   It makes more sense now knowing the mom has alzheimer’s .   But when she said to her mom “Mom, I know you’re inside those blue eyes somewhere,”and “There are so many things you wont understand” —since it also sounded as scripted as the rest of the speech, I didnt really feel she was speaking to her mom.  More than speaking to her mom, she was really speaking to the audience, and telling us how hard it is to not know what or even if your loved one comprehends you .  Again, I feel for anyone who loses a loved one to alzheimer, and all of this might have moved me, if she hadn’t scripted it so exactly with the bizaare stew of both seemingly well-rehearsed rapid fire quips and precisely-worded “personal” messages.  It felt a bit like a Neil Simon tragi-comedy….

  • ptslittlecomment

    And Foster has thanked Sydney and their kids before in her acceptance speeches. The fact that she acknowledged her was not an issue. I also loved the fact that she played around with the “I have a confession to make” as she was hounded for years to publically out herself.
    My issue was that her speech was sorely in need of an editor. She lost focus several times by her rambling. It was almost as the chip on her shoulder was making her was to jump off the verbal cliff so to speak.
    Had she been able to make her points without driving them into the ground or killed them with humor more (in all things except her comments to her mom) I think the overall impact of her speech would have been more effective.
    This is just my opinion of course, but it seemed tp be the overall concensus of the group I watched with last night which was actors and techies, both gay and straight.

  • Kariann Hart

    I felt the same way when Jodi made the comment about being lonely.  Seems I remember some publicity recently regarding her sexuality.  I didn’t know she was gay, so I just thought she was addressing the guessing game.  May she have continued success!

  • Axxxel

    I wonder what you would do if you would receive a life -time award and you have to give a speech afterwards..Would you be able to speak off the cuff, in a spontanous way and without preparation ? If you can, I salute you, but  I know I cannot do that.. I would say too many eh… eh… eh…and mumble and stumble over my words… So I better write down a nice, eloquent written speech that may sound less spontaneous but is neccesary for someone like me who cannot think on my feet in the moment when adrenaline is running high…

    Without the preparation of a speech, I would maybe do the same as Hillary Swank (who forgot to thank her (now ex) husband when she received an oscar) and forget to thank some of my love ones and closest friends and colleages. I think someone poked fun at that Hillary Swank incident in the latest Golden Globes 2013 by thanking Hillary’s ex -husband in her speech.

  • Axxxel

    since it also sounded as scripted as the rest of the speech, I didnt really feel she was speaking to her mom…

    Just because it sounds scripted and prepared, does it mean that it is less sincere ?

    Maybe this does not really relate to the subject… but ever wondered whether a man wants to propose to his girlfriend to marry him…should he do it spontanously and just blurt it out  ?Or  should he write down the romantic proposal speech and rehearse it ? It all depends on the man.. how he can handle his nerves and how quick he can think on his feet. It does not mean that a prepared proposal is less sincere…

  • Axxxel

    Then again, everyone was formally dressed but the whole occasion is actually a dinner so it is not as formal as e.g. the Oscars.. so it does not have to be too much of a well structured speech… keep that for even more formal or business occasions.

  • Axxxel

    Heartfelt yet, but it was so damned prefabricated.

    That is what I also felt when I heard the acceptance speech of Chris Colfer (Glee) in 2011. But I did not care less… it was a succinct and strong speech and so teenage and entertaining. And it is all about entertainment.

  • ohreli

    Axxxel, I just imagined a man proposing to his girlfriend with a scripted 7-minute speech full of rehearsed one-liners.  No matter how sincere he is, it is not going to sound as sincere as whatever comes out spontaneously, even if it is not as clever or word-perfect.   Likewise, I am not questioning Jody’s sincerity.  Since everyone is commenting on her speech, I was likewise commenting on her speech.  I really, really, really dont recommend to any potential marriage proposers to write a long speech….. lol…okay a poem, maybe, but not a speech.