In Jimmy Fallon’s office before taping Late Night, Christina Aguilera, Jimmy, and The Roots grabbed some office supplies and used them as instruments to perform The Voice coach’s new single, “Your Body.”

Well. Jimmy sure loves HIS body! Just watch. Pretty hilarious. Check out who played what below. That Xtina plays a pretty mean stapler.

Christina Aguilera – vocals, stapler
Jimmy Fallon – iPhone keypad
Questlove – coffee pots with pencil drumsticks
Tuba Gooding Jr. – Scotch tape
Frank Knuckles – Poland Spring water cooler jug
Captain Kirk – tissue box & elastic band guitar
James Poyser – spiral notebook (a.k.a. the “tear snare”)
Mark Kelley – keyboard washboard
Black Thought – paper clip shaker
Kamal Gray – scissors

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  • sweetmm

    If you have a great voice like Xtina; I guess you don’t need musical instruments/ studio to sound good :)

  • milwlovesadam

    Jimmy Fallon: Superstar. Love him so much. He’s been having a fun few days, hunh?

    Who’s that chick singing with him?


  • Leandro

    The way she sings, throaty, has made her voice weaker through the years, but it still impressively powerful. You can totally hear her over the intruments while when Carly Rae performed you barely could hear her.

  • No Thanks

    This is great!  Jimmy is just too clever!  And you can’t beat The Roots as a band.  Seriously, go see them live if you ever have a chance.  They can play ANYTHING – even hair metal – and nail it.

  • mtlfan2

    That was very fun! Xtina has such a great voice!!

  • Miz

    Very fun and good!

  • Celeste

    Brilliant!!!! Hand him an Emmy already, he deserve it…

  • supersonic

    Jimmy Fallon would be nothing without The Roots.  If he didn’t have them as his band, no one would care about his show.

  • Anita P. Barber

    They are SO creative!  First classroom instruments, then office supplies.  Next I hope to see yard tools.

  • roarpen

    That was awesome. Loved it.

  • Axxxel

    Now I want a duet with Christina and Adam Lambert while Cory Monteith (Finn in Glee) is drumming using brushes and other cosmetic tools..

    This is reminiscent of the audition video of Cory Monteith where he played drums on tupperware….

  • abbysee


  • Gwen

    Jimmy Fallon is SO much fun.

  • pj

    That was way fun!