Jessica Sanchez To Shoot Glee Episodes in January

Here’s some scoop from American Idol runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, and her upcoming role on Glee from E News.

When Marc Malkin asked the American Idol runner up about the Finn (Cory Monteith) romance rumors at Saturday’s Carousel of Hope ball, she brushed them off. “Everybody thinks that, but I’m not even sure. That would be interesting.”

What is certain is that she’ll be in a “a couple” of episodes that will be shot in January and will air in the spring.

“We met up with Ryan Murphy,” the singer said. “I guess he found me interesting after that, and now I’m going to be on Glee. It’s amazing. It’s awesome.”

Boo that we’ll have to wait until spring to see Jessica on Glee. But we’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch her on the concert stage and promoting her upcoming CD.

As an aside, it’s hilarious to me that TV Line’s recent speculation on Jessica’s Glee character becoming Finn’s love interest has become a full blown rumor on the internet. It was nothing more than a super-lazy way to link to a previous “scoop.”

I mean SERIOUSLY? 16 year old Jessica will no doubt play a student–either at McKinley or at a rival high school, while Finn is set to become the temporary director of New Directions. I know Glee co-creator, Ryan Murphy has produced some questionable plot twists, but I can’t see him hooking up an underage student with a teacher’s aid–particularly when the actors in question are 16 and 30 years old in real life.

The internet really bugs me sometimes. Maybe I need to start making up stupid spec that makes no sense just for hits.

ETA: A correction. Jessica just turned 17. But still.

VIA E Online

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  • raya

    Jessica is actually 17 now, but same point.  It’s even funnier since some of these articles keep talking about how “hot” they would be together.  Um, ew?  

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

     January? OMG! I hope this means we get an album announcements soon. :)

  • Pretty Horsey

    Gross if it became true. I wouldn’t be able get over the real life age difference.

  • lovesickheroine

    It’s really possible that Jessica’s character will be a part of New Directions rival group, Vocal adrenaline since the Nationals or Regionals are always shown at the end of the season. Indeed, people are so gullible into believing Michael Ausiello’s stupid speculation

  • sheila g.

    Jessica’s character could play like having a crush on Finn but Finn not necessarily reciprocating the feeling.. Jessica said her album will be out end of the year so that makes december the furthest, shell have time to promote her cd and then concentrate on her glee guesting in january. i hope she can sing one of her songs on the show too…i really like to see jessica singing a Nicki minaj song like starships… jessica can kill the rapping part and that is something that i want people to see from her.. 

  • lovesickheroine

     Omg yes I would really like to hear Jessica sing Starships…

  • J

    Shhhhhhh. I would like this rumor to continue for a while longer, until Jessica’s episode! The comments it gets from Glee fans are hilarious.

  • Pretty Horsey

     They did Starships last season and they don’t usually repeat songs.

  • No Thanks

    This is what I’ve been suspecting.  They’ve already shot all the episodes that will air through November.  At best there will be 2 episodes in December and it doesn’t make sense to shove a new character in right before Christmas.

    I wonder if Interscope will wait to release Jessica’s album in the Spring.  There’s been a lack of news on that front in regards to a fall release.  And Jessica would definitely need to push a single to Top 40 before the album drops.  She can’t ride on an Idol coronation song like Phillip has been doing.

    She needs to be re-introduced to the public.  Glee could help with that.  Create a character that frames her in the genre she wants to be a part of – Rhythmic Pop/R&B.

    I’ve always wanted Jessica to cover this song:

  • lovesickheroine

     I’m really worried too. It seems Interscope is giving her a Pia Toscano treatment. They haven’t even released an album cover art. Seriously, i dunno what’s going on.

  • No Thanks

    I never said I was worried. 

    I just think the plan might be to coordinate her album release with her Glee appearance.

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

     She’s covered this song before. there’s a video somewhere on the internet of her and some pals doing a hilarious rendition of this song, as usual, her vocals were stellar, but they had this hilarious dance going on. Enjoy.

    I’d love to see her cover this now, either this song or Get me bodied.

  • No Thanks

     LOL..Well, I hope if/when Jessica does it the next time, she’ll exert considerable more effort than the 2 zombies behind her backing her up.

  • Claude Dee

    Jessica Sanchez covered it already! LOL

  • Claude Dee

    I really don’t care if she’s gonna be Finn’s love interest or a singer from the rival glee club. I just wanna watch her perform and outshine everyone. Hahaha.:)

  • Claude Dee

    FINN’s character is 18-19? years old in GLEE. So I don’t find Jessica-Finn love story disturbing. It’s just a TV show. 

  • ali_359921

     Reality VS Fantasy … It’s a TV Show but u can’t blame those people coz TV Shows make them so invested in the show … + That won’t happen .

  • Claude Dee

    If it won’t happen then I’m totally fine with it. I just wanna watch her perform and see a different side of her. That is all. 

  • ali_359921

    TBTH, I hate Glee BUT I love Jessica . I will watch her episodes only and that’s all . I just want The Album …

  • sjames08

    I think the one thing that everyone’s forgetting about is that Jessica can also play a college student. So she can end up being in NYADA as well. She does look older when she’s glam-ed up. Jlo always forget she’s just 16 when she was on the show.

  • Enough already!

    Really cannot abide Glee, but will watch at least an episode of Jessica.  

  • kaylietoo

    I don’t see any album from Jessica this year since she’s been in the Philippines so long and making appearances. When has she had time to in fact to do such an album.  Sounds like she’s getting the Pia treatment to me.

  • girlygirltoo

    I know some people might be creeped out, but it’s a time honored tradition to cast younger females opposite older males, sometimes much older, in romatic roles.

    I’m a classic film buff, and two of my favorite movies from the early 1940’s illustrate this perfectly. When Joan Leslie was 16 years old, she was cast as Gary Cooper’s wife in Sergeant York. Cooper was 40 years old.

    The next year, 17-year-old Joan played James Cagney’s wife in Yankee Doodle Dandy. Cagney was 41 years old at the time.

    Fred Astaire almost always had much younger leading ladies. Cary Grant and Clark Gable often had much younger leading ladies.

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Even if Jessica is cast as Finn’s romantic interest, I have a feeling that the producers will keep it pretty tame. 

  • raya

    According to Jessica, she’s recorded most of her album.  She was really only in the Philippines for a couple of weeks.  She was recording during tour and has pretty much been exclusively in LA working, minus a few days here and there, since being back in the US.  I don’t think any holdup in announcing a release date has a thing to do with her album not being ready in time.

    As for the Finn thing, I have less of a problem with Jessica’s real age and Cory’s real age so much as she looks super young and he looks his age IMO.  I’m sorry, but even heavily made up Jessica looks super young.  That’s not an insult, but visually she and Cory would just look off.  I realize that in real life Jessica is only one year short of college, but I think Ryan would have to be rather dim to cast Jessica as a college student when she so naturally looks like a high schooler.  Yes, actresses play older all the time, but only if they look the part.  By the same token actresses that look younger than their years are often asked to play teenagers for decades. 

    I’ve also said this before and probably sound like a broken record, but I don’t expect Jessica’s role at first to be too major.  If she proves she’s capable, then yes, perhaps she’ll wind up with a meaty role that will be expanded.  But I wouldn’t expect that off the bat.

  • Phillip and Jessica

    If Jessica could do her job on Glee very well, then she’s good to go. It doesn’t matter if she might be Finn’s new love interest or whatever as long as she could PULL IT OFF AMAZINGLY or if not then just being BELIEVABLE to her given role. Why set your minds to ignorant mode for things like that? It is acting, you are playing a role and all you have to do is do you your character WELL whether it is applicable to you in real life or not.

  • violet3

    Jessica is indeed 17. Her boyfriend is now 18. :) But it would be weird for her to be Finn’s love interest. I can’t see any chemistry either. 

  • raya

    Because not every person is right for every role.  That’s not being ignorant.  It’s up to Ryan Murphy to cast Jessica in a role that fits her, not to try and force fit her into a role.  Even experienced actors get miscast all the time and it has nothing to do with whether that role is applicable to them in real life or not.  Casting is nothing if not a visual medium.

  • kmd23

    I hope they keep Jessica longer on Glee than Charice was. Glee and the media made a big deal about Charice being on the show. They made it sound like Charice was going to be an ongoing character and she was just on for several episodes. I thought Charice was good on the show and what a voice.

  • lovesickheroine

    Ugh Perez Hilton adding more fuel to the fire. “Cory Monteith Leaves Lea Michele for Jessica Sanchez”

    Jessica’s appearance on glee is supposedly help her gain fans, not haters from finchel shippers

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    Typical Perez Hilton. He puts out a title like that just to get hits on his website. That man is so thirsty for attention, that it’s sad.

  • mjsbigblog

    The timing and the fact that she’ll be filming “a couple of episodes” to air in the spring leads me to believe Jessica will be the lead singer of a rival high school glee club competing in Regionals.  

    I’d bet money on that.

  • Cory ??

    Finn is annoying anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing him walk away from Glee completely. His character is just, annoying. GO JESSICA!

  • Jcasa12

    Her jump in video is kinda glee like with all the young people in it.

  • TackyZacky

     I heard that Charice’s stint in Glee was prematurely clipped due to its main star Lea Michele’s influence. Apparently, Lea felt uncomfortable having a character around whose voice was superior to hers.

    If this is true, I wouldn’t put it past Lea to intimidate Jessica and/or influence producers to make Jessica’s stay short.

  • Erlinda

    Love to see Jessica perform in Glee. Can’t wait.

  • rodolfochengcanepa

    Apparently Glee is looking with good eyes AI, this could be interesting not only 4 P2´s new album, but 4 the whole franchaise:

    Jason ?™ ?@JasontheGleekPhillip Phillips’ ‘Home’ is, reportedly, gonna be in episode 8 of #GLEE as part of a mashup! How exciting! #idol