Jessica Sanchez on the Set of “Tonight” Music Video (VIDEO) (She’ll Perform on Idol 3/21!)

UPDATE: A reporter from Access Hollywood tweeted that Jessica will perform “Tonight” with Ne-Yo on the American Idol results show on March 21

Those of us who got to hear the Jessica Sanchez single, “Tonight”–a collaboration with co-writer Ne-Yo-know that the tune is upbeat and clubby–a real departure from the emotional ballads she sang on Idol.

MTV visited Jessica on the “Tonight” music video set, and she shared a few details about her debut single:

‘Tonight’ is a song about people that are usually stressed out, everybody has problems and everything, and ‘Tonight’ is a song about going out that night and having the best night of your life,” Sanchez said. “So I’m just going to be walking through having a typical day, me being like ‘whatever,’ then I’m going to go to the club and be like ‘oh my gosh, it’s like the best night of my life.’ I’m just going to let go and just have fun. There’s going to be lots of dancing. It’s going to be hot.

MTV’s interview with Jessica features clips of the American Idol runner-up and Ne-Yo werking it out in a club:

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  • person104

    I honestly cannot wait another second for this!!!!!

  • No Thanks

    Good Lord! Just release the friggin’ song already! OY!

  • Tommyo2000

    Yeah, they have dragged this one out forever …

  • sheila g.

    JoAnne ‘JJ’ Cástillo @chateaujoanne

    JUST IN: @JessicaESanchez announced that she is performing Tonight on #idol on March 21st with Neyo via @ScottClinco#accesshollywood #yay!

  • sheila g.

    I can’t wait myself. Jessica will be performing on Idol on the 21st so i guess by then the single is already out. I hope lol

  • J SanchezFan Kaylo™

    I know. Excitement level = fever pitch

  • windmills

    I’m looking forward to this launch :) Good luck Jessica!

  • sheila g.

    I think “Tonight” will be available for download on March 21st. The same say she’ll perform on Idol.

  • tati83

    I just can’t wait!! SO excited for this!!! Jessica’s tweets are getting me hyped!!!

  • Aleshea Dominique

    Well, look at them hyping this release. I love it.

  • Tommyo2000

    Hope they perform the song live and not pre-recorded … I though that the pre-recorded taping of Free last year took all of the energy out of the song … and hopefully no birdcage…or other cheezy prop… :) …

  • Liteasy

    Since Ne-Yo is the popular one, he’ll get the credit for this. Isn’t Jessica good enough to have a single of her own for her first release?

  • No Thanks

    Vocally? Of course. But she’s still an unknown, unproven entity outside the Idol bubble. Ne-Yo is a well known hit maker. Someone who radio likes and plays regularly. Jessica (and all Idols for that matter) need ALL the help she can get in that area.

  • Cherry

    I’m not watching AI anymore but will tune in during her performance w/ Neo. Hopefully they’ll sing live which would be entertaining.

  • Cherry

    yeah makes me wonder why AI keeps on delaying it. I understand their vested interest & priority is always the winner of the show but why the heck they keep on delaying Jessica’s?! Signing a deal with AI is probably not a good idea unless you’re the winner…i donno…

  • Jake W.

    I’m ready for the release.

  • abbysee

    Can not wait! Glad to see the promo wheels running for Ms. Sanchez.

  • Jenny Williams

    haven’t been this excited about an Idol Alum’s release in a long long while

  • Jenny Williams

    And hope they accelerate the promo~~~ Want to see Jay everywhere. Hope her management is as smart as P2’s management, hunting for opportunities everywhere.

  • jdanton2

    So excited to see Jessica and Ne Yo perform this.

  • Anny_nanny

    It’s good news! I hope Jessica will have a good debut – I haven’t heard the song yet, waiting for the performance.

  • jdanton2

    Amazon has Jessica’s album listed for May 14th as opposed to HDD which has it listed for May 7th . so it would mean it would be the week after the Glee finale and week of the Idol finale.

  • ali_359921

    Jessica looks GorJess … Can’t wait …

  • J3$$!C@

    Im very worried for her. I heard the single and its not good. Very forgettable. Not even Ne-Yo will save it. The video will probably not save it. Hopefully the rest of the album is good, but sometimes your first impression may be your last and TONIGHT is not good single.

  • Lobilobi

    i hope the fact that Ne-yo is in the song does not ruin Jessica’s chance to have a name for herself in the music industry, i’m afraid that he’ll take the credit and if so it’ll ruin everything for Jessica
    maybe i’m wrong but that’s what i’m afraid of

  • J

    Wow she will be performing on AI in just a week. I didn’t expect the news to come this suddenly. I hope the AI performance comes off well.

    I can’t wait to see the official Tonight video. I imagine it will get A LOT of views!

  • J

    Jessica said on an interview today with Access Hollywood that the collab with Ne-Yo came about because he was a fan of hers when she was on AI, and wanted to work with her.

  • Reginald


  • Jenny Williams

    that’s amazing. Him approaching her and asked to do the collaboration with her.

  • lovesickheroine

    bloody fantastic! I can’t wait!

  • Anny_nanny

    I don’t think so. Who would not have received credit, Jessica is a young singer, she should go out from AI-bubble, she must get radio-plays.
    I wish her the acquisition of new fans and to retain those that already exists.

  • ali_359921

    Exactly + There’s no harm at all , in fact, Nowadays, to have a name 4 yourself in the music industry , you have to be “popular” at first …

  • Bev Hatley