Jessica Sanchez – “I Will Always Love You” – Live! With Kelly (VIDEO)

Jessica Sanchez kicks off her New York City tour with a stop at Live! With Kelly, where she sat down for an interview with Kelly, and co-host, Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies) and performed “I Will Always Love You” with Michael Orland on piano.

The American Idol runner-up talked about her Idol run, her life-long career as a singer and more. Watch her interview and performance below.

Joshua Ledet will appear on Live! tomorrow morning.


I Will Always Love You

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  • Anonymous

    So is she just completely giving up on her single-“Change Nothing”? 

  • Mizzee

     I LOVE Jessica Sanchez.

  • Tess

    Alrighty then…Whitney Houston 2.0.  Guess they are intending on marketing her as the next great balladeer…didn’t think she wanted to go in that direction.

  • Sowsyalite

    “Change Nothing” grew on me after listening to it several times especially the studio version. I do think it is difficult a song to pull off live like several pop songs.

  • Anonymous

    She sounded the best of anyone I have ever heard sing on that show (the accoustics are awful).  But I wish talk show hosts could refrain from complaining about how America voted; it ain’t their bidness.

  • Cory ??

    Such a star. 

  • Cory ??

     “Change Nothing” grew on me fast after I listened to the studio version. It’s a record I could really see climbing the Billboard Hot 100 or topping the pop charts. It wasn’t a great finale song, but it actually would be a great single to lead into an album. Jessica might have taken Jennifer’s advise and told them the single wasn’t her, and they might have just scraped it. I also think “I will Always Love You” was probably a request from Kelly.

  • Cory ??

    I don’t know what was so shocking about the best singer not winning American Idol, the last 5 years has been the same.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t be mad if “I will always love you” was put to rest.

  • Anonymous

    This girl is a star. She looks like a star… she sings like a star. As for Change nothing, I hope they ditch it. The song is just wrong for her, get her in the studio and release a new one during the summer. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I was disappointed that Jessica sang IWALY. She sang it very well, of course, but I don’t think that this kind of song promotes her as a post-Idol solo artist accurately.

  • Anonymous

    If I remember correctly, every single contestant that’s performed on this show this season has sung a ballad, so why should it be any different for Jessica?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Jessica!!!! sooooo good!!! :D

  • Anonymous

    Jessica sounded absolutely amazing!!!! She definitely looks like a star, dresses like a star (I want those heels) is poised in interviews especially for being such a young girl. I can’t wait to buy her first album. Please Jimmy get this girl some great material. Such a talent!

  • No Thanks

     Not true.  Every Idol going on these press tours usually do the slow song that can be sung to with just a piano or an acoustic guitar.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica is so sweet in the interview. She sounds great but I would have love if she sung something other than IWALY. That song is so overdone. 

  • Mika Viajera

    Another great performance from Jessica Sanchez! Though I was hoping she was given a chance to promote Change Nothing. 

  • Tess

    I have no problem with a slow song being sung….we will see what “slow” song Josh sings tomorrow.  I just think the song choice (by who ever made it) was pretty poor.  A nice sing to a great song with an awesome history…but it says nothing about who Jessica is but for me, it just shows that she is a very good mimic.  Where is Jessica and who is she?  When do we ever get to see that.

  • ohyeahitsme

    I’m glad the wannabe artist saved himself from embarrassment on national television.    Phillips “da vinci” Phillips tantananananan! Buahaha 

  • Anonymous

    As a Jessica fan, I am not worried at all about her future if the only real critique on her is she is a mimic of Whitney, Beyonce, JHUD. Sounds like great company to me. And she is 16? She amazes me. 

  • Axxxel

    Patience patience… Adam Lambert also sang Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” and Muse’s ” Starlight” and other covers several times on these promotours… and these songs  did not reflect his post Idol material either.

  • Alim A

    who is JESSICA SANCHEZ? a great singer who sounds like the artists she covers and even greater than them. when do you ever get to hear her own signature voice, wait it will come.

  • Lexie

    I have no opinion whatsoever about “Change Nothing,” but I do feel it’s a bit of a shame that she didn’t perform a song that could get her sales.  Lauren and Scotty’s songs last year weren’t necessarily the best, but every one of these promotions got them sales…wish her the best:) 

  • EH

    Speaking of “national audience” did you watch American Idol on your local cable news station?  I caught it on primetime on Fox Network, huh. Weird.

    I refuse to listen to this Whitney song ever again (I never enjoyed anything that Whitney sang), but I liked the interview. 

  • ohyeahitsme

    Nope. It’s still on? Lmao. Just kidding. I mean post AI. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if they are not promoting change nothing because maybe they have a better single they are thinking of releasing that she can promote during the tour. I think jimmy is fully aware that it didnt go over well.

  • justmefornow

    Well I’ll say her clothes are much more age appropriate. The song? Shaky as always vibrato on the lower register, the rest was good.
     But nothing new……ZZZZZZZZZ.

  • Chris

    Yeah, doing IWALY again isn’t going to help her sales, everyone has already heard it by now.  ITunes and EP sales is now where the comparisons to other Idols start.  If she had a good single/coronation song vs. “Change Nothing”, she could have had a strong sales week.

  • Wally.

    I think she’ll sing ‘Stuttering’ on the next show :) She LOVES that song, haha.

  • Chris

    I am okay with marketing her as a balladeer, but it needs to be youthful.

    Selena’s “I Could Fall in love with You”, or Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love” were big ballads for young ladies.  Singing old Whitney Houston for the XX time just seems like a missed opportunity.

  • Tinawina

    Wow, she’s even tinier than Kelly Ripa. That woman is a wee little one.

    I don’t think it matters what people sing on these shows as long as they sound good doing it.

    Can’t wait for Joshua tomorrow!! **claps**

  • Anonymous

    wow. so. much. hate. on this thread.

    her voice is obviously well rested. while i wouldn’t have picked IWALY, i understand why they chose it. it translates well on piano. it’s also the song that skyrocketed her to frontrunner position.

  • Jepoy Ramos

    i wish she had sung a different song

  • Wes Parker

     “singer who sounds like the artists she covers and even greater than them”==mimic.

  • Wes Parker

    IWALY sounded best when Dolly Parton sang it, WAY b4 Whitney.

  • Goody

    Her Album entitled “Journey to the Finale” is available on iTunes.Songs there are studio version.

  • Goody

    Remember that she was in the contest not on her own world.When she sung non-popular song “Stuttering” she was hammered with criticism for SINGING SONGS NO ONE WAS FAMILIAR OF.They tweaked arrangements and she adjust her singing style so she “own” the song BUT DIDN’T WORK TO HER ADVANTAGE.

  • Anonymous

    ah yes! I have that one already (plus all her other studio recordings) I mean her first album with her own material :)

  • Zayn Malik

    Change Nothing is a VERY GOOD song. Only that the judges overreacted about it.

  • Anonymous

    why the heck did my comment get removed? i wasn’t even hating on jessica…

  • Jim

    Whitney dies, so what does Jessica do, steps on her signature song. Even Dolly recognized Whitney’s talent with IALY and had the grace to NOT sing her own creation out of respect for Whitney. At least wait until the mourning is over! 

  • Fenton Lee
  • Chris

    Once the song was panned so badly on national TV and the media, it was probably killed. I could be wrong, but she likely won’t sing it on tour, they will just pretend it never happened.

  • Anonymous

    First off let me say that I don’t hate Change nothing, I don’t think its THAT bad(compared to My destiny, This is my now, whatever taylor hicks song was)theres been worse …that being said I really wished she would sing Stuttering on her press tour..and I hope she sings it on tour. The problem is, I don’t think we will ever hear her sing that song live again. Its a shame because I think it is her best performance to date.

  • Anonymous

    Man, competition is over! People still find every fault in what Jessica does. Ill just wait for her to release her real single to see if I like it or not. Give the girl a break! She sounds great for singing on a morning show and she looks like a star!

  • Anonymous

    The looked incredible, interview went well.  Handled the kudos like a pro, and sang the song very well.  Nothing else here to see….

  • halo9125

    Here is the thing with Jessica- we all agree she has a beautiful voice. BUT- without some pretty phenomenal material, where will she go? She sure as hell couldn’t save a clunker like “Change Nothing”. They would do her a favor and not release anything before they find some really good material.

    As far as this performance- yes, she sang it perfectly, but I really don’t want to hear something where I can actually predict IN MY HEAD the way the next note is going to sound before it even comes out of the singer’s mouth.

  • Willis Dunlow

    It is quite simple…THERE IS NO STOPPING this great voice! Bad song/good song…a NEW American star is born…she needs no one’s opinion to cement that. IT IS DONE!…Even people that never heard of her(or into IDOL) say in shock, “She didn’t win?—you got to be kidding! What?” …..It is just a matter of time before she will be a household name and it seems to be moving quite fast that journey to mass recognition!….AND I for one-AM THRILLED for her!….A WINNER is not decided by some votes-but by substance that will last!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You know, with all this talk about WGWG hurting AI’s reputation, I actually think that Jessica coming right off of Idol to sing IWALY, is actually more harmful.  Did she really add anything to the original?  Or to Jennifer Hudson’s incredible version?  No, she did not.  Does she do a mean karaoke version?  Sure, but really, so what?  We already have and had a Whitney, a Celine, a Jennifer.  I didn’t get a whiff of original artistry in that performance and to succeed in the music biz, she needs to have an original voice.  If she’s ok with playing corporate gigs, cruises, theme park gigs, then she’s right on target.  Otherwise, I don’t see it.

    Meanwhile, Idol did get a somewhat more original voice in P2.  Sure, he seemed to skate on DMB and Mumford & Sons tails, but there was at least more originality there.  I do wonder if those who think P2 is some kind of new voice, really are very familiar at all with Dave Matthews or Mumford & Sons.  If not, I hope they check their music out, because there is some great stuff to be heard.

    Sometimes, I’m not at all sure how much originality the producers nor the audience really want to see and hear.  I know that my interest in hearing interesting new music has led me away from Idol.  I used to look forward to hearing exciting new voices, but if they are just aspiring to walk in another’s shoes, I’m simply not interested.  I’d rather listen to the real thing.

  • Zarke

     Its the same for all singers anyway. Beyonce has a big fanbase but her latest album has NO no. 1 hit single. It still sold a lot, but not like previous albums. So, it is all about material always for all current musical stars and aspiring stars…

  • Zarke

    Hey, a lot of singers covered the song right after Whitney’s death. They say it was a tribui. Now, the AI girls only had their whitney theme a week after her death….so they didn’t jump it, they were required to sing whitney…

  • Aenimated

    The TV shows round that Jessica is doing is for Idol and not for her album release.  This is just to remind folks that after the IDOL TV Show there is an upcoming IDOL LIVE tour . And there will be kids like Jessica who can entertain you with their singing… that is all…bonus for Jessica is that she will be remembered as the that girl who has the big  voice… so when its time for her to promote her own album.. hopefully folks still remember her…  

  • Anonymous

     “Here is the thing with Jessica- we all agree she has a beautiful voice.
    BUT- without some pretty phenomenal material, where will she go?”

    This is certainly true. But I’m wondering about whom it’s *not* true. I really really haven’t heard many people in my life who can actually save a meh song. And that goes double for a meh song that they’ve only known about for a few days and that has to be sung on live national tv in a version that’s two minutes long. Bad and meh songs sink singers more surely than anything else. There’s a reason why some of the same songs get covered over and over and over and over again. Good songs are rarer than good singers.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    She should have done a different song. She has lovely, technically proficient vocals…but doing material ala’ Whitney et al., will only reinforce the belief that she is an astute and well trained mimic. She needs some good original material (or to perform some songs that are not quite so popular, not so quintessentially Whitney or Beyonce, etc.

  • Vinny Romeo

    Thank god she isn’t singing change nothing.  she shouldnt even sing it on tour… hopefully she doesn’t