Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon Perform in Manilla

Jessica Sanchez performed at the Areneta Coliseum Thursday night (Feb 14) in Manila, Philippines for an extremely enthusiastic crowd.

It was a homecoming of sorts for the American Idol runner-up. Her mother’s family hails from the Southeast Asian country. And, she’s returning to the homeland after spending time there last fall performing a concert with her fellow season 11 Idols and taking part in various promotional opportunities.

American Idol alum, Colton Dixon was her opening act.

Jessica’s set list included: Can’t Take My Eyes off of You, Human Nature, Love on Top, Valerie, Someone Like You, Love the Way You Lie (with Colton), Ikaw, I Will Always Love you, Dance with My Father, Steal Away, And I Am Telling You, Nobdy’s Supposed to Be Here, Fairytale and Jump In.

Check out a few of the videos here. There’s more at Blujakalo

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Jessica opened the show with a Four Season’s cover by way of Lauren Hill.


Love the Way You Lie with Colton Dixon


Jessica performed a popular Filipino cover. The crowd went crazy!


Here is the song Jessica debuted last summer at the iHeartradio concert. The tune will appear on her upcoming album.

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  • raya

    From everything I’ve seen Jessica did a great job and got a great reception.  She is a vocal powerhouse for sure.  But it was clear to me when watching the videos that her voice was clearly shot and she was struggling by the end of the concert, which I blame on her management.  Don’t get me wrong in that it didn’t take away from her performances and I like her with the rasps and cracks in her voice, but I don’t know how anybody expected Jessica to be on top of her game vocally when her schedule has been a whirlwind of appearances, performances and endorsement related activities with no rest, or even vocal rest, in sight.  I get that they are trying to fit as much as possible into a short window of opportunity, and that she is making oodles of money from all of this, but from everything I saw they had her going from before dawn until late at night everyday leading up to the concert.  She was also singing at the Smart events.  I would hope in the future when planning these trips somebody will realize that it’s more important to have their star healthy than to run her into the ground.

  • Cherry

    Oh WOW! Jessica’s performance of “Ikaw” seems to be the best here. Duet with Colton was also very good. Lucky crowd!

  • ali_359921

    17 years old ,her first solo concert … No matter what , I think she will learn from this incredible experience …

    It wasn’t noted .. Ariel Sprague from last year was her back-up singer along with Blair Perkins ” YT Singer ” ..

    Loved  “Someone like you” , “Valerie”

  • No Thanks

     That’s the life of a professional singer though.  She will have to find ways to maintain her voice and keep it healthy while on the road.  I’m sure she has access to vocal coaches to give her tips.  I know Adam Lambert specifically hired a vocal coach for his last tour to help him keep his voice in shape.

  • raya

    Ariel Sprague tried out this year too.  They showed her last night being cut at the last stage after the solo round, though we never heard her open her mouth.  From what I understand Blair Perkins had tried out this year as well and also made it to Hollywood, but wasn’t shown.

  • raya

    I know that it’s the life of a singer to some extent.  But in the first, Jessica is still technically a minor so she should have people looking out for her well being.  Second, I’m not talking about a lot of downtime.  When people are on the road they juggle concerts, press, fans, appearances and etc., but there is usually a day off thrown in there every so many days to keep folks sane and presumably help them recover. 

  • Lion’s DENN

    Agree. The poor girl was simply overworked. Smart, for one, milked every penny out of her huge talent fee and the media interviews were all over the place. She was “allowed” to rest only on the morning of the concert itself, and by afternoon she was rehearsing at the venue. Still and all, she delivered like a pro and the near-capacity audience gave her three standing O’s.

  • No Thanks

     I guess, as a MINOR, she might have been overworked.  BUT, ask you’re Beyonce’s, Rihanna’s, Katy Perry’s, etc…  They work just as hard.  There will be periods where she will be wall to wall busy.  There will be periods of downtime.  There will also be periods where there are days off between work.

    This is what she signed up for.  She’s going to have to get used to it.  Lots of artists find healthy ways to deal with these schedules.  At least the smart ones do.

  • Cherry

    I know Jessica’s management is taking advantage of huge opportunities (while the iron is hot) but yeah seems like this week she’s overworked and could be under the weather too. Hopefully she can have PLENTY of rest after.

    “I will always love you” performance was pretty dramatic – Love it!

  • Jenny Williams

    I love how she had to do some improvisation on some of the songs because she couldn’t hit the notes she planned for. It was great seeing this side of Jessica. And that cover of “Ikaw” was lovely. I might have to use google translate to find out it’s meaning but it’s a beautiful song.

  • Lion’s DENN

    Yes, it is a big learning experience for her (and her mom who is supposed to be looking after her career as well). Then again, foreign acts who do concerts in Manila including Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, etc. don’t sing “live” at every outdoor promo activity for four straight days, apart from the TV guestings, media interviews and mall appearances. A seasoned pro would have fallen by the wayside and lost their voice on concert night. Luckily, Jessica’s voice didn’t fail her – despite the cracks and all.

  • J

    I love Jessica, and hope to watch her grow as a singer and performer in the coming years. Her voice moves me.

    Her first concert. Of course not everything is going to be perfect. I think the song list was overly ambitious. Way too many vocally difficult songs in a row to sing live. Maybe she was also overworked leading up to the show, or was suffering from a cold. I don’t really know until she says so. I didn’t really notice any problems until the second half of the concert, after IWALY.
    I hope she gets a vocal coach now, so she can learn some techniques on how to protect her voice, and not in 2 more years after damage is done. Maybe some physical training as well to be able to move around the stage more and not get tired. I know she already has a busy schedule though. She is doing all these things while still in high school!

    Her debut album songs will also help too I think, since there probably wont be many big belting ballads it should be easier on her voice.

  • raya

    I do think there is truth to that as well.  Mind you admittedly this is nitpicky in that I think Jessica did a great job overall and she will only continue to learn and get better.  But she took on a lot of really huge ballady songs all in a row and from a setlist standpoint that might have been ambitious. I also agree with everyone that Jessica should get a vocal coach to help keep her voice in optimal health, though I tend to think that for all of the idols.  They all need to learn how to protect their instruments.  You also bring up a good point that if Jessica’s album is the way she describes it should be younger fare, likely more dance-y kind of music that will likely not be so vocally taxing.

  • Donne Peda

    BillBoard Presents, Whitney Houston tribute. Jessica Sanchez singing “I’ll Always Love You”!

  • Donne Peda

    Other videos of Jessica & Colton…

  • Tommyo2000

    If I am on team Jessica “Ikaw” just became a staple of any future concert set list, and she should even record that for her album if she could get the rights to it … I never heard the song and dont know what it is about, but she sounds absolutely beautiful singing it … It had that diva love ballad feel that you expect to hear from Whitney, Celine, or Beyonce…  since its so unknown she could essentially make it her own song here.  It woulg go over well in concert to the teens and tweens, and could she could sing that to the older crowds she mixes with on these charity type functions …  I could see her doing that song on any of the talk shows here like Ellen, Jay GMA, etc … And I imagine they would all want her to do it because its so unique…

  • GA

    Flopped???   The crowd was screaming and standing up for her all night.  Jessica should be applauded for doing so well when she had lost her voice the night before. Lesser artists would have cancelled the show, but Jessica handled it like a true pro and sounded wonderful.  The cheering crowd agreed, even if day-after reviewers who never een went to the show say otherwise.

  • durbesque

    IKAW was wonderful…I don’t care what it means.  “Oh pretty baby” was awkward…not a girl’s song. 

  • Jenny Williams

    “Flopped” Haven’t seen that word thrown around anywhere, and I’ve looked at a bunch of reviews. Also, Concert was very well attended. Apparently Valentines day is a huge day for concerts in a manila and a bunch of local and international stars were having concerts over this V day period, and she had close to a sold out arena. All this without having a single/album out yet.

  • Jenny Williams

     I 100% agree with this idea. That song moved me even though I don’t know the meaning.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Ovation Productions @ovationprod
    I posted 42 photos on Facebook in the album “Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon Mall Tour”

  • Lion’s DENN

    Ikaw’s literal translation is You. It is essentially a love song (often sung at weddings) with the first two lines speaking about ‘you’ being a gift from God and the answer to (one’s) prayer. The Tagalog lyrics are very poetic, and it was written in the 80s by one of the Philippines’ most beloved and prolific composers. Although covered until now by many singers both male and female, Jessica has apparently breathed new life to the song by singing it at her concert. The late George Canseco, Ikaw’s composer, must be happily stirring in his grave. :)

  • Jake W.

    Loved them all. I wish she would have been able to do some of the songs she did at the concert on the show.

  • TackyZacky

    Someone twitted this. Am impressed Jessica was able to fill this arena despite about a dozen other Valentine concerts by local artists…

    Even more impressed that she kept her composure in the midst of flawed vocals due to lack of rest and won the hearts of the audience. Kudos to her!

  • renzy24

    Congrats Jessica!

  • renzy24

    Another great picture!

  • ali_359921

     Esp , Valerie …

  • Jenny Williams

     Yeah , I don’t know if we’ll ever get the exact attendance figure, but all we know is the number is something north of 13,000. Even without any external factors, that’s very impressive for a new artist. When you add factors like numerous competing concerts (most with Cheaper tickets than hers) and the fact that she neither has an album nor a single out yet, it becomes even more impressive. The Philippines loves Jessica. Hope she can use her support base from there to launch a successful international career.

  • Jenny Williams

    Especially ‘Love On Top’ . Just imagine how different things might have been had she performed ‘Love On Top’, rather than the outdated and overused “I have Nothing”. She may not have won, but it would have definitely helped.

  • Kariann Hart

    I am so happy to be hearing all the music Jessica performed and the wonderful reception she received.  She has the total package, and I wish her continued success on this journey!

  • ali_359921

    Can somebody here enlighten us about the ticket’s prices coz I only know that they were somehow expensive ?

  • Georgie Gil

    Almost the same as AI Live! tour’s. Her Filipino fans really love her; they still went to her concert despite the very expensive tickets.

  • Donne Peda

    Ticket Prices:
    PATRON VIP (PT 101&103 rows A-N) – P10,560 ($260)
    PATRON (PT 101&103 rows O-P) (PT 104-115) – P8,980 ($220)
    LOWER BOX VIP (LB 200 & 201) – P6,865 ($168)
    LOWER BOX REGULAR (LB202&215) – P5,810 ($143)
    UPPER BOX A (UA) – P3,910 ($96)
    UPPER BOX B (UB) – P2,855 ($70)
    GENERAL ADMISSIONS (GA) – P795 ($20)

    1 USD = 40.63 PHP


  • JustJFnoK

    PATRON VIP  – P10,560 ($264)

    PATRON  – P8,980 ($224.50)

    LOWER BOX VIP  – P6,865 ($171)

    LOWER BOX REGULAR  – P5,810 ($145)

    UPPER BOX A  – P3,910 ($97)

    UPPER BOX B  – P2,855 ($72)

    GENERAL ADMISSIONS (GA) – P795 ($20)

  • ali_359921

     Thanks … They really love her ..

  • Lion’s DENN

    The tickets to Jessica’s concert were pegged in the range of 795 ($20) for general admission (the rafters) to 10560 ($265) for patron seats. The next least expensive seats were priced at almost $75. On the other hand, tickets to the  big concert at another same-capacity arena by four established local concert artists, had their lowest at $13 and highest at $160. Over at the ballroom of a 5-star hotel, John Ford Coley played retro music, plus a slew of other shows by local performers at different venues across Metro Manila. And the following night, Paramore performed – also targeting the Valentine market.