Jennifer Lopez Admits She Probably Won’t Be Returning To American Idol

Jennifer Lopez admits to E News that she probably won’t be returning to American Idol as a judge for Season 13

On the red carpet at Thursday night’s 2013 amfAR gala in New York City, the singer-actress dished to E! News exclusively that despite all the chatter of her returning next season to the judge’s table on the suddenly ratings-challenged singing competition, chances are slim due to her various work commitments.

“It’s not looking that great because my year is getting booked up,” Lopez told us.

Work commitments. Right. It’s more like the new producer that was recently hired has no interest in bringing you back.

Via E Online

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  • Larc

    “It’s not looking that great because my year is getting booked up,” Lopez told us.

    Translation: I’m dying to get back on Idol, but I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing it.

  • madmike2276

    Good, I didn’t want her back anyway. “Booked up” with probably another collaboration with Pitbull…since those are her only singles that sell anymore. lol

  • Liteasy

    Yay – not great loss.

  • lkingcorn

    Best news about this show so far.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Exactly! lol

  • b_james

    In other words, “Nigel loved me but the new producers aren’t interested.”

    I know I’m crazy, but I actually wouldn’t mind her being back. She got a lot better in Season 11, in my opinion.

  • Larc

    She pulled up from F to D-? ;)

  • Amy Beth

    To paraphrase the old country song, when JLo’s phone doesn’t ring, it’s AI!

  • Erlie

    I like JLO and hope she comes back. But, perhaps she don’t need to, as she made more than enough ($ 250 mil estimated net worth in 2012 from music, tv/film, other businesses; clothing/perfume) to support her kids and herself.

  • milwlovesadam

    NOT coming back? Oooh. That gives me goosies.

  • yaddabing

    IDK, she doesn’t NEED to come back, unlike before. Yeah, her music career isn’t doing too hot (but that comes down to the generic RedOne music she chooses to keep putting out), but she has plenty of other projects that brings in money. She just became the COO of a cable network, has a couple of shows on cable tv now and she’s opening up her boutique cell phone stores with Verizon.

    If she did come back, it’s because she wants to. Not because her career needs it.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Don’t forget her line of clothing. I’m sure that JLo wanted to come back to promote all of her developing endeavors.

  • abbysee

    Jen is a smart business woman. She is a brand, before people were even talking about branding. One of her Verizon boutique stores is walking distance from my home near the new Barclay Center. I’m not ever gonna hate on her promoting herself, that’s just intelligence imho.

  • abbysee

    Yep, her clothing line was in Kohl’s….like her line and Jessica Simpson’s, they fit women with boobs and butts!

  • yaddabing

    It is a good platform for her promoting, but it seems that I see her everywhere as it seems, and I don’t even really pay attention (watch tv/read magazines/listen to radio/etc).

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Those commercials all cost $$$, whereas a judging stint on Idol would allow JLo to flog her clothing line and other projects while getting paid handsomely for all of that self-promotion and requiring nothing from her as a judge (except to spout the party line). As a businesswoman, it would be very advantageous for JLo to return as a judge on Idol.

  • Ari

    This is no surprise. Theres no reason for her to want to come back – except for an easy paycheck…and theres no reason for Idol to want her back – ratings already started falling and if they want a younger audience, a 40 something mother of 2 isnt the answer. Im waiting to see if Keith Urban stays or not – hes said he wants to…OR will they go with an all alumni panel although everything Ive heard from Fox directly seems to suggest thats more of a media creation. I could see JHud doing it though to show more of her personality, esp if she doesnt have any movies lined up and wants a boost for her recording career. She hasnt really had hit albums despite the Grammy. Whatever happened to her Winnie movie? It seems that was done a long long time ago and yet hasnt been released. Maybe if Mandela unfortunately passes, theyll try to rush it out to capitalize