Jennifer Hudson Signs a Book Deal

E! News reports that Jennifer Hudson has signed a deal to publish a memoir about her dramatic weight loss.

The as-yet untitled book is expected to be released by Dutton next January.The memoir will detail Hudson’s “experience growing up in an environment where healthy living was not a priority,” as well as talk of her weight while competing on American Idol, according to statement from Dutton.

“Hudson wants to inspire anyone coping with weight issues, share some of her own best tips for losing and maintaining weight loss, fitting in exercise and keeping it fun,” the statement also reads.

Hudson, a celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers, went from a size 16 to a size 6. She told Oprah in February that she lost 80 lbs.

“It’s like a brand-new me,” Hudson told Oprah. “Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself.”

The New York Post had reported that Jennifer was having trouble selling her 1 million dollar book proposal because she refused to write about the 2008 murders of her mother, brother and nephew in Chicago.

Looks like she found a taker.

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  • Tess

    Another instant weight loss best-seller that will be there to inspire another generation of women who think that only someone who is a size four or smaller can aspire to any greatness. And if Jennifer is lucky this won’t ruin her career like so many diet and exercise and wonderful living books have done for more talented peeps before her. I hate, hate, hate these “true” memoirs….can’t the women just sing and act without relying on this type of trashy stuff to make money. She just slid down a few notches on the “I admire her” totem pole.

  • abbysee

    I do admire Jennifer for not wanting to sell the story of her family tragedy. But I really don’t give a crap about reading about her weight loss. I am sure many will enjoy it though. I just think she should have waited a bit, but striking while the iron is hot seems to be the best strategy moneywise for idols. And in the end, it’s all about the money.

  • katielynne

    Jennifer is no different from anybody else that loses that amount of weight, and I don’t even see it making a profit.

  • SpenserJ

    It’s really not that hard. Eat less crap and move more. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Is another how-to weight loss book really necessary?

    Jennifer is moving dangerously close to that path where she’ll be known for nothing more than “once I was fat, and now I’m not”.

  • pj

    Doesn’t sound like a diet book to me, per se. Wouldn’t that be in conflict with her deal with Weight Watchers?

    I won’t buy it, but I don’t see it as any different than any of the crappy memoirs Idols put out.

    Oh, and I used to work on the south side of Chicago. Food choices in those neighborhoods are severely limited. So even if you eat less, what you’re eating is still crap. If you don’t have a car to drive to a grocery store, you’re screwed. Whereas in other parts of the city, there are healthy grocery stores within walking distance. Many people in Chicago don’t drive.

    ETA: And yes, good for her not exploiting that particular personal tragedy.

  • GwendolynD

    Well, I sincerely hope that works out for her. I don’t particularly care about her weight – big or small – but it is her story, and believe it or not, she’s an inspiration to some people. And well…Weight Watchers is working for me. :) Good luck wth that.

    I deeply admire her refusal to take the family-tragedy route, though. She refuses to satiate the nosiness.

  • LaleyFan

    A book about weight loss seems really trite and stupid. No wonder she had trouble selling the idea before! No one cares about this shit! It’s not like she’s the first celeb to lose tons of weight. Why do we need an entire book on her experience? Frankly, the family tragedy would’ve been far more inspiring and interesting to read about in how she overcame it. She’s going down a lame road with this stupid weight loss book idea. Her WW commercials have oversaturated the market as is.

  • Grammie Kari

    If Jennifer will be talking about the emotional aspects of eating and trying to lose weight, it could benefit some women (possibly men). In doing so, she would have to touch ever so briefly on her family tragedy. It really depends what approach she will take. Will she talk about prayer? Will she explain how she handles stress? Will she explain any pressures Idol put upon her weight and image?

    If handled properly, it could be interesting.

  • koshka

    Jennifer was a huge favorite of mine and now she is quickly falling into the category of “Idol related peeps that just need to stop talking”.

  • BootStar

    Please. ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. Nobody cares anymore! News flash for Jennifer: Celebrities have been losing weight — and gaining it back, only to lose it all again (and again and again) — for generations. Find something else to talk about.