Jennifer Hudson Salutes Whitney Houston - VIDEO

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Tonight, CBS aired a tribute to the late Whitney Houston featuring some of the biggest stars in music, including Usher, and Celine Dion.

Oscar winner, and American Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson donned an 80′s era wig and sparkly retro outfit to celebrate the legendary singer with a medley of her hits, including, “I’m Every Woman” and “Dance With Somebody.” Watch it below.

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  • Kariann Hart

    This was a very touching special.  Jennifer Hudson was terrific, although I do wish Jordin had appeared on the show.  My biggest complaint was much too frequent commercials.  Just a special reminder of what a great talent Whitney was.  My personal thoughts will always place her on MTV and in the three movies she made. 

  • Kitwana

    I was most impressed with Celine Dion’s performance of Greatest Love of All. It is depressing seeing Mariah at 42 and even Christina A at 31 not being able to, or struggling to hit the notes they used to hit with ease. However, at 44, Celine’s voice remains golden. Jennifer, Mariah and Christina should ask Celine for tips on preserving their voices into middle age.

  • aquayers

     I agree. Celine still got it!!! I’m still amazed at her vocal ability. Give me chills everytime I watch her performs.

  • Cherry

    Whitney has a voice that is very cool & pleasant to listen to. Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice but there’s something in Whitney’s voice that is soothing. It also reminds me of Jessica’s rendition of IWALY. In my opinion, she’s so close @ 16 yrs.old that’s fantastic!

  • Kitwana

    Cherry, if it wasn’t for Charice, I think Jessica would be a lot bigger and garner a lot more attention. Charice did the big voiced young teen vocalist years ago and while Jessica’s talent is undeniable, she does not have the novelty factor Charice enjoyed when she went on Oprah. Same with doing shows with David Foster. Definitely impressive for her to get this gig but again, Charice toured with Foster for years. The only new path Jessica seems to be taking from Charice is using a guest appearance in Glee to launch her CD. Oh wait hahaha.

  • Li Wright

    To Cherry:  If you remember what Clive said — he waited a lifetime for a voice like Whitney’s.  You can’t compare apples to oranges.

  • Li Wright

    Did anybody notice the black guy on camera with his arms folded when Jen danced by him?  Too funny….it was like he’s saying — how DARE you sing Whitney.

  • Kariann Hart

    Li, I thought that was a body guard because they are not allowed to move to the music.  Was that really Whitney’s brother?

  • Li Wright

    Yes, that’s her brother.  If you saw the Oprah special, he was there with Pat and Bobbi Kristina.  The story allegedly is that he was a singer, sang backup for Whitney and had as big a drug habit as she did.  Supposedly clean now.