Jennifer Hudson “Let’s Stay Together” – The Commander In Chief Ball (VIDEO)

Kelly Clarkson represented the American Idol franchise at the Inauguration this afternoon, when she sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” after President Obama was sworn in.

The evening shift was taken over by Jennifer Hudson who performed a cover of Al Green’s classic love song “Let’s Stay Together” as President Obama led the First Lady Michele in the first dance at the Commander in Chief Ball in Washington Monday night.

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So romantic! Watch below

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  • B

    I wish Jennifer would just a sing in a more simple fashion – she always seems to put extra oomph into every segment of a song – grates on me a bit. She is a very good singer obviously – I just don’t like her style I guess – too bombastic.

  • suenigma

    Jennifer Hudson is a great technical vocalist, clearly, but subtlety is just not in her bag of tricks. It’s all just a little too much, for me – like B said, too bombastic. I can’t help but imagine what Melinda Doolittle would have done with the same song – the phrasing, the melody the highs, the lows. Sigh…

  • quickjessie

    Man, she just looks fantastic!  Holy moly, I give her huge credit for sticking to her lifestyle changes.

    And I loved her rendition of this song.  I love her voice.  I still think her performance of Let It Be during the Hope for Haiti concert is the best one I’ve ever heard.

  • tomr

    Love that Jennifer has her unique sound.  (Reminds me of Patti LaBelle) Wouldn’t want her to be something that she’s not.  She looks wonderful!  The military component is great!

  • Li Wright

    Jennifer is my inspiration.  She’s got good management, she stuck to her diet — how hard is that to do?  AND SHE’S RICH!    She sings the heck Out of a Song.  Would you believe there are some people on the internet who criticized the President for being so smoochy with his wife?  What’s with  people!  This is why the American public is rebelling against the establishment.

  • Axxxel

    Would you believe there are some people on the internet who criticized the President for being so smoochy with his wife?

    LOL… and if Obama was not smoochy, people would say that their marriage is in trouble .. The way Obama looked at his wife…dreamy sigh…
    And I like some bombast.. but then again, that is my personal taste…

  • Pippygirl

    I can’t stand Jennifer Hudson’s voice and this performance did nothing to change my mind. When watching Dreamgirls (which I enjoyed) I had to mute the tv during her big song. She beats every song into the ground until it’s begging for mercy.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I wish Jennifer would just a sing in a more simple fashion – she always seems to put extra oomph into every segment of a song – grates on me a bit. She is a very good singer obviously – I just don’t like her style I guess – too bombastic.”

    But, then she wouldn’t be JHud. lol I’m not a big fan of Jennifer’s either and her style is too “bombastic” for me as well, but she’s that kind of singer and lots of people enjoy her singing, so I have no problem with that. It really is a matter of musical taste IMO.

  • alonzo7

    No doubt Jennifer has a great voice-just a little too strident for me-I actually preferred Beyonce and of course Kelly but way to represent American Idol!!!

  • DaisyMagnolia

     But isn’t it great that we have so many different singers with a wide range of styles?  How dull would it be if everyone sang exactly the same way?  At least for me, it would be.

    Obviously, it’s a matter of preference.  Some days, I like the subtlety.  Other days, I enjoy the bombast.  How wonderful it is to have talented singers that cover whatever musical needs I have at any given time, Jennifer included.  Sometimes, it’s great to sit back and hear someone belt it to the rooftops.  She is who she is, and that’s pretty darn good!

  • bridgette12

    I thought, Kelly and Beyonce were good yesterday, but Jennifer, that song wasn’t right for her. I would have perfered a guy singing it with a softer voice. She’s one of those artist that have to be careful about overpowering a song. It was a okay performance. 

  • Sunny Mc

    Jennifer was great, and looked great too. My nine year old was watching with me and said, that’s the girl from Weight Watchers commercial. :)

  • Li Wright

    @ bridget — how did you feel when Tina Turner sang the song?  It was her biggest hit!

  • Tera2

    Thanks for posting that.  Jennifer was my favorite her season.   I heard her voice singing when I tuned in briefly, but didn’t see her or the whole thing.  She sounds good and sang it very well.   Jennifer and Kelly were both great at the president’s inauguration and delivered with with soul.

  • breakdown

    Horrible and screechy. Unfortunately the clip is shown often because of the First Couple dancing. Mute please!

  • Kenya Rogers

    Ummm what planet are you living on where Tina Turner’s biggest hit was “Let’s Stay Together”? Have you never heard of “What’s Love Got To Do With It” (arguably her biggest hit but CERTAINLY bigger for her than her rendition of “Lets Stay Together”)?

  • Kenya Rogers

    I am conflicted about J. Hud’s performance last night, I actually LOVED the way she arranged the song but I agree with most that her rendition was over-the-top and quite pitchy in areas. Wasn’t a horror show, but wasn’t all that great either.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    I wondered when she would show up- Obama likes Jennifer.  She looks fantastic, I’m amazed she has kept the weight off, it has to be hard.  

  • bridgette12

    I loved Tina Turner’s version. Unlike J-Hud, Tina’s voice was perfect for this song.

  • RockiDreams

    Good grief, she sounds like cat getting it’s tail stepped on.  Horrible.

  • Li Wright

    To everybody:  Jennifer is the President’s favorite Singer (they’re both from Chicago BTW).  Al Green couldn’t come to the Inaug. so JHud was called in at the LAST MINUTE!
    Give it a rest people.  Everybody’s finding something to pick at…JHUD, BEY, who sang the best, who dressed the First Lady….give it a rest!

  • Kariann Hart

    Jennifer didn’t do well at the first performance, but it seemed better on the second one.  I am juts proud that people recognize all the talent that has come out of American Idol.  What an honor for the fantastic Kelly Clarkson and the soulful Jennifer Hudson!

  • nyc57

    Does she ever tour?I am curious about how popular she really is?How many people would want to hear a whole concert,I wonder.I hated her singing on idol and was happy when she left and hate her singing even more now.I realize people have different taste.

  • Linda

     The word hate is a very strong word. This feeling of hate often is a feeling of a person that is evil. This young woman has given you no reason to hate her. So why would you say that and yes she is a very good performer her voice is very powerful you can hear every word. That is what makes difference with singers. Some people like vanilla ice cream some like chocolate. So if you don’t like a particular brand of ice cream there is no reason to Hate the other brand of ice cream.