Jennifer Hudson - CBS Morning Show Profile

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The CBS Early Show caught up with the extremely busy and newly-svelte Jennifer Hudson. The segment aired this morning.

Jennifer, a  Weight Watchers spokesperson (you knew that–her ads are all over TV) has lost around 80 lbs on the program.

That’s not all–Jennifer wrapped up filming on her next movie, the bio-pic Winnie, and over Christmas in Chicago she honored her late nephew Julian by involving herself in a Toys for Tots program.

According to CBS, Jennifer’s new album will drop in February. She’s collaborating with a slew of all-stars including Alicia Keys.

Watch the interview after the JUMP…

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  • bridgette12

    I like Jennifer, but some reason, I’m getting a little tired of seeing her.

  • windmills

    Her album’s dropping next month? Maybe they meant her single because I find it hard to believe they’d just put out her album without releasing a single ahead of time.

  • abbysee

    I like Jennifer, but some reason, I’m getting a little tired of seeing her.

    It’s those god awful commercials!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It’s nice to see JHud doing so well personally as well as professionally. I think that she has a good chance, someday, of having all 4 major entertainment awards: Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy.

  • Tess

    I am never in favor of a celebrity doing “weight” type commercials and endorcing a weight loss program or product. Jennifer’s association with weight watchers has kind of diminished her in my eyes. Most of the peeps that choose to endorse these products are people looking for a comeback…not usually someone who is an up and coming Artist. Don’t get me wrong…I am thrilled for her weightloss but the commercials and her spokesmanship has put to much emphasis on everything but her obvious talent.

    By the way, what is happening with the Winny movie. Has it garnered a release date yet. After watching the full length trailer several months ago I don’t think I’ll waste my money seeing the movie. I have a feeling this movie may never make it to the big screen, though.

    Has Jennifer been cast in anything else, yet?

  • luvadamlambert

    Does anyone know how tall she is, and what she weighed before? Thanks!

  • dreyraglin

    Jennifer is about 5’10

    @TESS I really don’t understand your logic of how her doing these commercials is diminishing her talent at all. Artist endorse a lot of things not because she is looking for a comeback.

    As for Winnie a release date is due this year they are premiering the film at film festivals next month. I believe with movies like this it takes time for release. Also that trailer was a unofficial trailer for the move that was not authentically released by the producers.

  • DeanDigger1

    I’m just glad the interview showed more convincing footage from Winnie. I know the “trailer” was some leaked hack-job but it still didn’t show too much promise. There was real emotion and ability in the few seconds of the film they showed during the interview which has me excited again.

    My JHud love is waining a bit because I still think she has a problem reigning in her voice, live. Now on record they mix her perfectly but sometimes listening to her during a live performance is more than my ears can take. But I wish her all the best and do look forward to her new album!

  • bridget

    Unfortunately, I totally get what Tess is saying. She’s risking being known first and foremost as the Weight Watchers spokesperson. It just doesn’t, for whatever reason, have the cache that hawking perfume or clothes or something more . . . glamorous does. It’s like doing an infomercial – I keep thinking – dang, girl, you’re better than that. She’s a huge talent (and I mean that in a good way)!

  • Suzanne

    Lynn Redgrave still got an awesome supporting role in Shine after she spoke for Weightwatchers for years.

    Good for Jennifer. She dropped 80 pounds and is banking a mint for her retirement.

    My guess: Before 220; now 140 (if she’s 5’10″)

  • luvadamlambert

    Thanks dreyraglin and Suzanne! :)