Jacob Lusk Visits the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Jacob Lusk sat in with Rickey Minor and the Tonight Show band tonight–as eliminated Idol contestants have been doing on Friday nights. After a short interview with host Jay Leno, Jacob sang a few of the songs he performed on Idol as Tonight went in and out of commercial.

When Jay asked Jacob if he would have done anything different, Jacob said “Sing some different songs”.

Conicidently, Steven Tyler was there promoting his new book Does the Noise in My Head Bother You and had a few nice things to say about Jacob–but that’s a subject for another post (watch for that!)

Video after the JUMP…

jacob-tonight by mjsbigblog

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  • Kirsten

    Jacob seemed happier than he has been for a while on Idol. Sometimes, I think it is almost a bit of a relief to get eliminated. Of course, people want to win, but that show certainly takes an emotional toll (and leaves one exhausted).

  • cher

    Good for Jacob. Definitely he seems happier and relieved to be out of the pressure cooker. Those judges would drive anyone crazy. I wish him much success. He’s such a funny guy.

  • Grammie Kari

    What a great experience for Jacob. He sounded pretty good, too. Poor Stefano got gypped by not performing because it was Good Friday. Steven did say some kind words to him.

  • tinydance

    Did you notice the band played “YMCA” after Jacob left?

  • stwbcross

    Jacob does look happy and he sounds really good too. After this week’s elimination show everyone seems to be having a love in with Jimmy Iovine because of his critiques on the kids. But my take on it is that he was these kids mentor all of these weeks so if he knew what was wrong why didn’t he help them all during this time? This season’s top 10 group had a ton of potential but he’s not been able to help any of them grow. I hope Jacob finds someone to help him reach his full potential some day, he really does have a great voice.

  • Buffynut

    So nice to see Jacob in a relaxed environment, with awesome back-up singers and a great band! He was my favorite in Hollywood, then the caterwalling started and the strange personality! I hope Jay makes that call for him. :)

  • ri

    i was taken by surprise at how much i hated these performances. i know he has talent but in this setting, it just did not translate for me at all.

  • TwigLA

    Jacob has a good voice. He just does not know how to use it effectively. He’s all over the place on a full (or AI condensed) song.

    The songs he sang are good songs. I don’t think different songs would have helped him in any way.

  • Nina1

    What an improvement! Yes, American Idol does turn people into pumpkins. Very nice, Jacob!

  • movin2thabeet

    I think Jacob sounded great. Seems to me that he had a strained relationship with Jimmie and others on AI, and had a hard time navigating that. Well, I hope the experience opens doors for him, cause, after all, that was the point.

  • muzikghetto

    He seems a nice person with a good sense of humour. Best of luck, Jacob!