Idols Gone Country-9/13/12 Edition

We’re back with Idols Gone Country, with the latest from Kristy Lee Cook, Bucky Covington, Skylar Laine, Lauren Alaina, Josh Gracin., and Bo Bice!

Lauren Alaina has started writing for her 2nd album. Yesterday, songwriter Shane Stevens tweeted

@Lauren_alaina me and @carybarlowe had a blast 2day You’re the real deal!Great writer!So impressed with your talent and spirit #catchingfire

Shane Stevens and Cary Barlowe cowrote Lady Antebellum’s #1 country hit “American Honey” and Carrie Underwood’s “Do You Think About Me” with Hillary Lindsey.

Bucky Covington has been making the rounds promoting his new album Good Guys which was released Tuesday. Check out video of his performances of “Mexicoma” and his single “Drinkin Side Of Country” on the Nick & Artie Show:
“Drinkin Side Of Country”

Skylar Laine has been writing and recording demos since the end of the season, with the support of 19 Management. Her collaborators have included Hillary Lindsey, Luke Laird, Chris Tompkins, Anne Preven, Chris DeStefano and Jeremy Stover. Skylar tweeted about a month ago that she was in studio recording a song she had recorded with Jeremy Stover, whom she has talked about being excited to work with because he is her idol Justin Moore‘s producer. We now have a title for that Skylar Laine/Jeremy Stover cowrite: it’s called “Nothin’ Grows In The Shade”.

Josh Gracin debuted a new song that he had written via Twitter called “Think It Over.” He tweeted

Couldn’t make you wait “Think It Over” #writing really think this is my best yet. Very stripped.

Bo Bice tweeted

A little birdie told me they’re using a Bo Bice song in this sound track…He might even B @ the premier????Get On & Ride

The Last Ounce Of Courage premiere is tonight at the Carmike Thoroughbred Theater in Franklin, Tennessee.

Here is Bo performing “Get On And Ride” at the 2010 CMA Fest:

Kristy Lee Cook premiered the studio version of her new single “Airborne Ranger Infantry” on her hometown country station KUPL Portland. “Airborne Ranger Infantry” is Kristy Lee Cook’s 1st single for Broken Bow Records which is also the label home to her executive producer, country superstar Jason Aldean. Kristy cowrote the song with Michael Logen and Luke Walker based on poems her father had written while serving in the US military. Kristy has already shot the video for the song.

Check out Kristy’s interview on KUPL New Country Portland and the premiere of her single:

KUPL Bing Lounge performance of “Airborne Ranger Infantry”

via dlmraider

BONUS VID: Check out Kristy performing an acoustic version of an album track she didn’t cowrite called “I Don’t Care” (hear the full band version of the song here)

Also check out this LQ vid of Kristy’s Q&A with the Spokane Coyote Country audience via ChrisFranks. In it she alludes to an awkward history with country star Jake Owen, who came up because he played the Spokane County Interstate Fair on 9/11. It’s not clear what she is referring to, but Jake did join her for an episode of Goin Country in 2010, during which he split his forehead open while “sighting a rifle.” Kristy did mention a “Jake” when calling some exes out on blast during this recent performance of her t30 single “Fifteen Minutes Of Shame”. Hmmmm. But, she does have nice things to say about Jake and especially his new wife in this Spokane interview.

Got country Idol news that hasn’t already been covered in this post or on this blog? Feel free to post in comments, and I’ll add relevant material to this post.

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  • Chris

    They all sound busy, and good to hear Lauren working on album #2. My guess, more grown up but not enough to chase away her younger zebra print wearing fans. I would expect with Keith as a judge, we will get more strong country singers into the mix. But will he be a Blake and support post show?

  • DoesMonaKnow

    What is it about blonde country singers and guys named Jake? :) 

    I’m surprised the label stuck with the Airborne Ranger Infantry title…it’s a mouthful.

  • DB987

    Saw a tweet from Skylar that she was in LA recording a couple of rough track I wondered why she went there to do that unless she was meeting with idol mangement. 
    Glad for the positive tweet from Shane Stevans about Laurens talent and writing abilities.  I might take from the tweet he wasn’t sure if she was legit which is the battle she and Scotty face in the industry  so good for her and nice of him to say it.

  • John S

    A tweet just posted by Aaron Kelly(remember him?)

      Aaron Kelly ?@aaronkellyai09 A door was opened today. And now things are really going to start taking off. I’ll keep you guys posted :)

    Maybe it means a record deal.

  • Sharon

    So excited to hear that Lauren is writing for her second album. She is a talented young lady and with her being older she will be able to record more adult songs Of course since she is a Christian , she will still keep her values intact.

  • Keyera Mullins

    #CatchingFire??? Wonder if that’s the name of a song or her new album!? :)

  • DB987

    I thought perhaps  the title to the  song they worked on that day as well.

  • BonnieDee

    So glad Lauren’s working on her second album!  Now that she’s about to turn 18, she can do a little bit more with the subject matter.  She had one co write on her first album.  I expect she will have a lot more on her second one.  

  • underpressure90

    Lauren will turn 18 next month, being a young adult in country music will be a challenge for her but I believe her transition with regards to her music will be great.She has grown so much since leaving Idol more than a year ago and it’s evident in her live performances and interviews.I’m all excited about album#2.

    I hope Aaron Kellys’ surprise is a record label, I wish that badly for him.

  • steph6449

    Music-wise, Danny is reputed to be doing a lot of songwriting and has said he is in talks with labels. Virtually no specifics leaking out, take that as one may. He also appears to be reconfiguring a full band which hopefully will bode well for more touring next year if not sooner.

    In a couple of other areas, he and Kris Allen and Jamar Rogers are doing a cruise together in February to raise support for Sophia’s Heart (Danny’s non-profit) programs at the SH Nashville transitional facility. Mj posted that here, or info is available at

    Danny was also in Las Vegas last week, doing a special performance at the Hard Rock Cafe and promoting his eyewear line. The expo media guy interviewed him while he was doing his m&g sessions –

  • Keyera Mullins

    True! :)

  • Mike M

    Thanks windmills for the great recap as always. I’m probably one of the few here that actually likes Kristy Lee Cook, though it’s hard to tell sometimes. I know folks have a lot of harmless fun with the Idol jinx thing and a lot of those folks might actually like her and want her to do well.

    I have to be honest, though. I don’t find anything special or outstanding about her voice. It’s good, not great. I admire her tenacity. She has managed to keep her career alive and now has a powerful ally in label mate and executive producer Jason Aldean. I just wish they had found a better single to start this era. I understand the sentiment of the song and realize it’s of particular importance to Kristy Lee, but I just don’t see it being a break-out hit for her.

    P.S. I’m almost always at odds with country radio when it comes to what is good. With that in mind, maybe the song will be a big hit. I honestly am pulling for her.

    #CatchingFire??? Wonder if that’s the name of a song or her new album!? :)

    Interesting. That never even occurred to me. I just thought it was a statement that Lauren is ‘catching fire’ in her career. You’re probably right, though. Probably the name of the song. I’m sure they haven’t even considered an album name yet.