Idols and More Rock the Vote (TWEETS!)

Skylar Laine: On the way to vote for my very first time! #proudtobeanamerican

Kimberley Locke: Rise and shine! It’s voting time!!!!! #fb

Trenyce: I am encouraging all of my American #Tbugs to be one of the building bricks of our country and exercise your

Nikko Smith: They tried to give me the run around at the polls today…..crazy!

Tim Urban: Voted! #proudamerican

Anwar Robinson:  Exercise YOUR RIGHT to be COUNTED. Voting is not a privilege, but so many people are denying themselves their rights and don’t even realize it. My voice WILL be heard!

Vonzel Soloman: Got confirmation my absentee ballot was received, Praise God! Thank you Lee County Supervisor of elections office for all of your help:)

Melinda Doolittle: We have two amazing opportunities to let our voices be heard! #1. Vote! #2. Pray! Promise me you’ll do both! Happy Election Day!

Bo Bice: They checked his I.D. Please go do UR part 4 our country!! Doesn’t matter who u vote 4. Just make ur vote count.

Chris Daughtry: Glad I voted early last week. I’m hearing the lines are CRAZY today! Either way, let your voice be heard!

Matt Giraud: So excited for today. SO excited. One of my fav holidays. :) Election Day! I remember every one. Haven’t been wrong yet..We’ll see! #votes.

Syesha Mercado:    Have u already voted?If u haven’t I encourage you to exercise your RIGHT to vote.We all have a VOICE in this election!Let it be heard & VOTE

Anthony Fedorov: VOTED! #TeamObama #Election2012 #4MoreYears #Forward

Justin Guarini: I just voted! It felt great…get out and vote if you haven’t already!!! #election2012 #rockthevote

Paris Bennett: “Damn right I Voted!!” *In my 2chainz voice*… Did you?


Brandon Rogers: Look. This is SERIOUS. Whoever it’s for, make sure you #VOTE today! If you don’t VOTE, YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN about the results.

Kelly Clarkson: Hey everybody please go and vote today!

Lisa Tucker: Barack the vote!!!

Jordin Sparks: I like this one better! Lol #IVOTEDTODAY (Didn’t break any of the AZ laws by posting my empty ballot. But I’ll just keep the new pic up. :D)

Carly Smithson: Pissed I can’t vote !

Jennifer Hudson: We vote, we win!!

Adam Lambert: Wham

Michael Lynche: #iVoted – Retweet – if you got one of these stickers today.

Leah Labelle: iVoted. did you?

Alex Trugman: Sunset in Ohio on Election Day.

Chris Richardson: Turned in my vote…5 minutes to spare… #rebel

Carrie Underwood: I’m glad I voted early! We’re on set today for the “Two Black Cadillacs” video! It’s going to be good…and has quite the twist!

Stefano Langone: it’s all about Ohio!!!!

Paul McDonald: I hope everyone voted today! You get free candy and cool stickers- #VOTE

Jon Peter Lewis: Watching election night coverage is like watching the news after an earthquake: no one knows anything, but you can’t tear yourself away.

LaToya London: I just VOTED!!

James Durbin: #rockthevote #smackdownyourvote 2012

Scotty McCreery: Yall make sure you get out there and vote! #USA #ivoted

It’s election day in America. I voted today! So did many of your favorite Idol, Voice, X Factor and Glee peeps. Here’s what they had to say about ROCKING THE VOTE on social media today.

Nigel Lythgoe: Please remember to VOTE today. I just hope AMERICA gets behind whoever wins. We need to work together so that the eventual winner is the USA

Melanie Amaro: Vote vote vote ! #letyourvoicebeheard

Marcus Canty: My Presidential Kicks! Go and look for them you won’t find them! #Election2012 #respectmyvote #TeamCanty

Demi Lovato: My first time voting!! Make sure to vote! Every vote counts. #Votolatino #USA

Blake Shelton: Wow!!! I cant believe how big The Voice has gotten… Every single news channel is talking about people voting!!!!

Darren Criss: If not for the fate of the country, for yourself, or even for me- at least do it for the sticker. #ivoted

Dianna Agron: I want to see your sticker. Sounds a little naughty. #PROOF #SHOWMEWHOVOTEDTODAY

Harry Shum Jr.: After I voted, this grew on my forehead. #electionday

Naya Rivera: Whooo!!!

Amber Riley: it’s time to vote my fellow Americans! Do it!

Lea Michele: It’s Election Day! Be sure to go out and vote and make your voice heard! #GoVote

Note: Please keep the inevitable political conversation in this thread CIVIL. Don’t make me bust out the ban hammer! Please be polite and PLEASE don’t: Put words in peoples mouths, question motives, make sweeping generalizations about the other side. Thank you.

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  • Leandro

    LOL. Blake Shelton is the best!

  • julesb2183

    At least most of them are saying how important it is to vote, and not endorsing anyone specific. :)

  • iluvai

    I hope all the displaced people in NJ and NY (and elsewhere including displaced utility workers) had an opportunity to vote! Every vote matters!

  • iluvai

    The young new celebrity voters are so cute. My daughter’s boyfriend got to vote for the first time this election. I got to vote for the first time in 1982.  Just vote!!!

  • mileyfan123

    It’s official, Obama wins :)

  • Pippygirl

    Well I just got power back tonight after 8 days, as did most of my neighbors (though not all unfortunately). I was proud to see so many people voting tonight even with things still in turmoil. Hopefully President Obama and Congress can turn things around soon.

  • iluvai

    Hope.  :)

  • sweetmm

    4 more years of Barrack Obama; here’s hoping he delivers his promises :) Congratulations or Condolences to respective camps and do move forward for the betterment of all.

  • Whatiswrongwithus

    Obama!!! ;)

  • blackberryharvest

    Ugh. I guess this country will learn the hard way that we won’t get things done the next 4 years.

  • iluvai

    I wonder if it really matters who is president???  I share your sentiment.

  • Susan

    I saw Madonna in concert last week and she also just told everyone to go out and vote.  No trouble like she caused in New Orleans earlier in the week endorsing Obama.

  • Susan

    I think it matters most if any Supreme Court judge positions open up in the next 4 years.  Otherwise… not really, because it’s hard to get anything done given Congress is close to evenly split.

  • iluvai


  • HermeticallySealed

     Yep.  As much as people want to lay at a President’s feet, Congress is where much of the responsibility for passing laws sits.

  • bridgette12

    It does matter who the President  is, the last thing we need, is one that’s against women, gays and other minorities. I’m glad we elected someone who will protect the right of all our citizens and not a select few. Proud that Blacks, Hispanics, the youth and single women came out in force to make sure that their voice was heard and vote counted. 

  • ladymctech

    I like Nigel’s comment a lot. And Blake Shelton is one funny man.

  • MellyPer1692

    So happy with election results tonight. Proud of those states where marriage equality passed and hope for many many more.

  • springboard2

    Considering the US worldwide influence, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that America will vote the right way :)

  • Bug Menot

    I voted for Obama, and I’m an atheist, but I’m sick of people demonizing others because they’re white and adhere to their religious beliefs.

  • Danny Latham

    Now, if we can repeal DOMA(Defense of Marriage Act), that would open the doors for Federal marriage equality. It can be done, even with a GOP majority in the House. 

  • Taylor

    Adam Levine?@adamlevine That’s what happens when you fuck with Sesame Street.


  • girlygirltoo

    So excited that marriage equality won (or appears to be winning) in all 4 states where it was on the ballot. Good job, voters in those states!

  • James M.

    Might be a dumb question, but which 4 states were they? 

    And YES for those 4 states!

  • blackberryharvest

    I would have LOVED to see his reaction if his beloved Obama lost.

  • fantoo1

    Socialism…here we come. No president since FDR has won reelection with an unemployment rate of 7.1% or higher. Congrats.

  • TFLS

    I believe if you vote, you can bitch.  It earns you the right.  I voted, even though my mobility is limited.  I mailed mine in.  Not that it was easy, mind you.  My state’s one of those making voting harder.  But I managed (this time).  So I can cheer or complain.  If you don’t like any elections specific result…  It may not elicit the outcome you hoped for – but at least you stood up to be counted.  So bravo to all here who made the effort.  If you can vote for DWTS, you can vote for who will be president.  I only wish it were as easy! 

  • Axxxel

    If Obama lost, Adam Levine  would have tweeted : so long Big bird…

  • opalruby

    It’s great that voter participation keeps rising in America. In Australia it’s compulsory to vote in Federal, state and local government elections. If you don’t vote you pay a fine, unless you have never registered to vote before or have applied for a conscientious objector exemption.  Apparently there are only 19 countries with compulsory voting, and it really is the fairest way to do it, in my opinion.

    There are so many alternative methods of lodging a vote – pre-poll, postal, etc – for people who are working all day or away from their local area, that nobody can seriously claim that it is an imposition to be made to vote. Unless they want to make some kind of protest, I guess. Then they have to go to the trouble of turning up at a polling place and deliberately messing up their ballot paper so it doesn’t count.

    It sure saves a lot of money on encouragement to vote campaigns, and it makes sure that our politicians can’t ignore any sector of the community, since everyone votes no mattter what.

    There’s something inspiring about an election day, knowing that the democratic process is bigger than any  individual.

    OK I’ve said enough now ……

  • cherch

    Did her concert start on time? In LA and somewhere else she started 2 hrs late.

  • cherch
  • Axxxel

    Lots of free publicity for Sesame Street !!

  • cherch

    I tried to email you twice but no answer. Are u going to the Bali concert? Looks fabulous!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Glad to see that more and more people are participating in the democratic process. 

  • fuzzywuzzy
  • chillj

    Yeah, Maine!

  • Miz

    @KrisAllenI vote for this…. …I was glad that Kris stayed out of the political fray. (He has said in the past that he supported Obama in 2008) I don’t have a problem with celebrities being vocal about their political feelings. But sometimes they do more harm than good and ruin my enjoyment of their art.

  • DunnoTrump

    Which state should I move to: Colorado or Washington?

  • chillj

    I’m not fond of this as an issue:  the Koch brothers advertise on my PBS.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Donald Trump has a major meltdown on twitter over Obama winning.

    “Trump’s Twitter rant after Obama win: ‘We should march on Washington and stop this’”–election.html


  • raya

    I can only speak for NY and I will refrain from getting too political, but I do live in a beach town that was basically decimated from Sandy.  I’ll add that I am one of the lucky ones in that I don’t own property there, all of my belongings were unharmed and I have plenty of alternate safe places to stay.  I drove back yesterday to vote and I’m proud to say that the lines were quite long, despite the uncomfortable circumstances.  Way longer than I expected.  I don’t get the impression that Sandy really deterred people from voting, in fact I kind of think the recent events caused just the opposite. 

  • Montavilla

    I voted, even though my mobility is limited.  I mailed mine in.  Not that it was easy, mind you.  My state’s one of those making voting harder.  

    I’m sorry to hear that your state is trying to limit participation.  I’m proud of my state, Oregon, for enacting mail-in voting years ago.  You do have to pay for the postage, but there are many, many places you can hand in your ballot in the weeks leading up to the election.  This year, the post office was instructed to deliver all the ballots they received, even those with partial or no postage paid.  

    It’s encouraging to see other states adopting longer voting periods — I’ve always felt that limiting everyone to a single day of voting was wrong.  Especially since so many people work and either can’t afford, or aren’t allowed to take the time off to stand in line.  I really applaud the governors in New Jersey and New York for making allowances in their rules so their citizens could vote with the least amount of hardship possible.

  • girlygirltoo

    Maine, Maryland, Washington & Minnesota (the latter state voted AGAINST a proposition (or whatever it was tagged) that would have banned gay marriage)

  • Montavilla

    Which state should I move to: Colorado or Washington?

    Isn’t it nice to have a choice?

    I’m bummed we didn’t pass the measure to legalize marijuana in Oregon.  I don’t use it, but I hear it’s our largest cash crop.  It would be nice to control it legally.  The state could really use the revenue from taxing it.  And it would surely increase tourism!

  • MellyPer1692

    I voted for Obama, and I’m an atheist, but I’m sick of people demonizing others because they’re white and adhere to their religious beliefs.

    I have no problems with anyone adhering to their religious beliefs. I have a problem with them trying to make others adhere to THEIR religious beliefs.

  • Taylor

     I would have loved to see his reaction if his beloved Obama lost. 

         Luckily, we don’t have to! Yay!

    In the states of Colorado and Washington, they are starting on their designs for their “Spring Break 2013” t shirts!

  • julesb2183

    I am going to have to keep myself from screaming when people start complaining when they realizing that Obamacare isn’t actually free in January when it begins.

  • Axxxel

    Hhmmm already  spent too much money in 2012….
    I know the cheapest ticket includes a galadinner is almost  as expensive as one the expensive tickets of Sting who will perform in Jakarta this December.

    I know I am shallow but I prefer to stay in the same hotel as the concert. Then again, they say that if I want to stay in the same hotel I have to book for at least 5 nights (too long for me, and I have been to Bali before)…I once called the hotel and they said that there are hotels about 1 km from theirs..

    Are you going ?

  • blackberryharvest

    Luckily, we don’t have to! Yay!

    Luckily, he is going to find out how “great” Obama really is.

  • Taylor

    Yes, he is! From the results of the presidential race to the four states that voted for marriage equality, it’s a great day for America!

  • blackberryharvest

    I was being sarcastic, Obama isn’t great at all imo lol. And he may have been elected a 2nd term, but so was Bush…

  • Susan Burge

     People have no clue what will be affected by Obamacare rules. My dentist told me yesterday that the new tax on medical devices (3%) includes crowns, for example. And the new guidelines for doctors tell me Pap smears are only every 3 years, mammograms 2 years… Not a big improvement in my book.

  • Sassycatz
  • Brian Thurman

    He didnt his first 4 years, so why do you expect him to this time? 

  • Brian Thurman

    It is so sad to see someone who has been brainwashed by the media. Peole need to learn to think on there own instead of letting someone else do it for you. All I have heard on the news is how Mitt is against women. Try to come up with something original that hasnt been ran into the ground about a thousand times. 

  • Junior82165

    I know one thing.  My medical reimbursement account maximum has been lowered due to new healthcare legislation (Obamacare) which means I can no longer put away as much pretax money as I used to for medical care.

    THAT i’m not happy about.

  • Linda

    When I went for my checkup this year my doctor said for paps it’s now recommended every five years if you have a normal one the year before. Or maybe it was two years in a row. Either way it’s not good. That seems quite extreme to me.

  • Incipit

    Interesting set of statistics, Sassycatz.

    According to the pundits, the economy was the leading concern…but that seems to be not quite true across the board…as always, people have different sets of priorities, and look for the candidate who reflects their interests the most.

    Even if someone could show through his policies and his remarks or quotes that Romney cared about or understood women’s concerns, and I’ve never even ‘seen’ anyone make that highly unlikely claim, he couldn’t sell it. The stats show that that a great many women voters didn’t care about him, across the board…and voted accordingly. 

    So (((yeah))) for a participatory democracy.

    Ah well, there will be plenty of post mortems to come…future candidates can study up – see where Mitt went wrong. And then go off and make their own mistakes. Heh.

  • elliegrll

    I think that my definition of socialism is different.  Hopefully, those in power have learned that the name calling won’t get us anywhere. It’s not something that will appeal to voters who are open to voting for candidates, and not just blindly following a particular party.  

    I think the results also showed that after a while the labels need to be backed up with specific factual evidence, or else they won’t have an effect on most people.

  • elliegrll

    I don’t agree with making it mandatory for people to vote, but I do think that making it easier will lead to better elections.  I never understood why one party was interested in suppressing the vote instead of just going out and trying to sign up new voters, and recruiting more people to their party.

    Being able to vote on the weekends, allowing people to vote three to four weeks before election day, and coming up with a system where we wouldn’t have to worry about hanging chads or voting machines that don’t allow you to document your vote, would result in fairer elections that more people would participate in.

  • Susan Burge

     My doctor is in an HMO, which might have some bearing on any difference from what you were told by yours. I’ve also been told that mammograms are only being advised for women between 50 & 74, which concerns me because my family tends to live a long time. One great aunt had breast cancer at age 80 and lived several more years (one of her cousins lived to be 102!). Don’t think it’s a good idea to stop screening at 74.

  • elliegrll

    Try to come up with something original that hasnt been ran into the ground about a thousand times.

    Like the phrase liberal media, especially in light of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.  Or, saying that those who don’t think the same way that you do, or who aren’t concerned about the same things that you are, don’t think for themselves?  The fact is that we all vote for the things and the people who we think will benefit us.  After Mitt Romney’s 47% comment, it’s hard to say that people’s fears about him were unwarranted.   That was a real situation, not one where the candidate was using filters.  Some people may have been concerned about his changing attitudes on important issues, or his inability to give specifics about his economic plan.  And I’m sure that others were afraid that he was surrounding  himself with too many people from the Bush era, birthers, and tea party people.  

    These are concrete concerns.  They might not mean anything to you, but they do to other people. And they are a lot more specific and policy related than name calling or blaming everything on the media.

  • elliegrll

    According to this.
    Mammograms  screenings every 1 to 2 years for women over 40.  These are part of the the preventative services that must be covered with no cost-sharing in plan years starting on or after August 1, 2012

    That website is a good source for anyone who wants to research the affordable care act.

  • iluvai

    ha ha, so wow. You got a lot of likes on that response. :) Holy smokes! I totally agree with you and I’m in one of the categories you stated. I guess I rubbed you wrong… lol… I just meant that America is America and when it comes right down to it, I love the USA. I don’t care who is the president, I love the USA.  Good Grief!!! I’m so in favor of moving on past the election. It is small beans to the people suffering on the East Coast and people in need everywhere!!!

  • iluvai

    It’s a no brainer.  :)

  • Susan Burge

     I’m only saying what my doctors are telling me. I’m turning 65 shortly and am already on Medicare due to disability, and I can tell you from experience that all I’ve gotten from Medicare is extra paperwork and 1 no-copay doctor visit a year (my HMO already covers labs & mammograms without copays), for a grand savings of $15/yr. For this I pay roughly $80/mo more than without Medicare (paying for Medicare B and getting approx $13/mo discount on group premium). This is a “benefit” I’d love to be able to refuse.

  • durbesque

    The globalist agenda plows ahead, no matter who reads the speeches and signs the bills.

  • iluvai

    Doesn’t sound good.

  • http://MJO judes

    As an Australian I’ve never understood your voting being on a Tuesday [ours is a Saturday]. What was the origin of this ? I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to line up & then go to work or wherever. I’m happy to change my mind if there’s a good reason. 

  • Taylor

    Holding elections on Tuesdays goes back to the horse and buggy days. Because that mode of travel was so slow, it took a long time for farmers to get to the polls, and they didn’t want to travel on the Sabbath, so Monday was out because they’d have to start out the day before. Saturday would also be out since that would involve returning from voting on Sunday. Wednesday was market day, so farmers didn’t want to vote on that day. Finally it was decided that Tuesday would be the most convenient day for everyone. Many people think it’s time we changed that tradition–and of course, with early voting and mail-in ballots, it has changed to a great degree.

  • elliegrll

    Since you feel that the law will have a big or even negative effect on your life, I would think that it would be a good idea to take time to read it, so that you will know how it can either help or hurt you.  The whole thing, as well as a cliff’s notes version is available online.  

    Just referencing your mammogram comment, it would seem like what your doctor said isn’t true.  From my understanding part of the whole point of the program is providing Preventative Services, so it wouldn’t make any sense to change the rules about how often or when women get mammograms.  This really isn’t about making sure that everyone has health care, it’s about lessening the burden on the federal government, which pays millions of dollars a year to care for those who aren’t covered.

  • http://MJO judes

    Thank you Taylor for the explanation about Tuesday voting.The original idea does make sense but is way past making sense these days. I’m glad they are making it easier for people to vote .